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air jet loom Manufacturers

• 25/3/2020 - This system uses industrial control computer

For example, the roving frame uses warp knitting machine conversion speed regulation to remove the cone gear transmission mechanism, thereby overcoming the problem of inaccurate slipping and speed change of the cone gear transmission belt. Is a high-quality, high-level equipment. The circuit structure is simple and the reliability is high. Makes the spun roll shape good.I. In order to facilitate the high-speed unwinding of the next process

. The movement of each mechanism is controlled according to the production process curve, thereby simplifying the mechanism. In this way, the circuit is simple and reliable, but the speed regulation accuracy is low, and the low speed performance is not ideal. 2. It has excellent low speed characteristics. A total of 5 inverters, 2 servo controllers, and sensors such as pressure, temperature, and moisture regain were used. It has good process adaptability and reduces head breaks. More suitable for speed regulation of printing and dyeing machinery. In addition, knitting machines, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber machinery, and printing and dyeing machinery also use AC frequency converters in large quantities. Including card opener, card, sliver, comber, draw frame, roving frame, spinning frame and Luo Jian machine.

As for the spinning frame, because the forming cam in the forming mechanism is removed by using a frequency conversion governor, the phenomenon that the peach bottom is stopped and the peach top is shocked due to the forming cam is overcome.. Reduce power consumption and reduce costs Textile factories cannot do without air-conditioning equipment. Forms a step-by-step control system. III. (1) Application of SY3200 on FA491 high-speed suspension roving machine

This system uses industrial control computer, PLC and inverter from Japan to control 4 motors, which rotate the spindle, roller, tube and dragon bar respectively, and remove the cone gear shifting device, The molding device and the like simplify the mechanism. Second, the application of AC frequency conversion technology Inverter-controlled textile machinery motors mainly use three-phase induction AC asynchronous motors.1%. 4. Speed ​​regulation accuracy can reach 0. The sizing tank, the sizing tank and the drying cylinder are driven by an AC variable frequency motor, while the weaving shaft and the towing roller are driven by an AC servo variable frequency motor.

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• 18/3/2020 - The damage to the yarn is very small especially suitable

There are three reed wire manufacturer of cross winding: traditional slot winding (arbitrary winding), constant winding ratio precision winding, and NC layered winding. In addition to taking measures to ensure a relatively constant yarn winding line speed, this solution additionally designs a tension decreasing adjustment device and adopts a tension adjusting lever controlled by a stepper motor. In addition to adopting a differential electronic cam algorithm to eliminate hard-edge technology, this solution also creatively implements the control algorithm of the minimum commutation arc length of the yarn guide, making full use of the high-speed computing capability of the DSP digital signal processor, and real-time calculation and correction.

The winding machine has a tension control link for the yarn, especially the processing tension of the yarn used for the package dyeing.; Real-time working parameters have power-down protection functions, such as winding length, winding diameter, etc . Therefore, the demand for the loose precision winding machine is increasing. As the traverse motor is reversing, no matter how fast, there will be hard edges due to reversing acceleration and deceleration.

The tension motors use a common step Into the motor. The winding and overfeed motors also use specially designed and customized high-speed brushless DC motors. At present, this type of loose winder in foreign countries has completely adopted a fully digital winding structure based on electronic gears and electronic cams, that is, a single spindle is independently driven; a separate motor is used for winding, traverse guide, yarn overfeed, and tension compensation. At the same time, the motor control algorithm of the BWS servo driver is also designed in terms of high dynamic response. Control, the motion relationship between the various motors can be described by parameter settings, and flexibly respond to the needs of various characteristics of the yarn winding process; the traverse guide uses a 'yarn guide', commonly known as 'rabbit head' ,

The damage to the yarn is very small, especially suitable for the winding of high-grade yarn-dyed yarns; in addition, because each motor has no direct transmission connection on the machine, supplemented with high-speed precision motion control software algorithms, it can easily achieve high-speed precision Cross winding, the winding speed is much faster than the mechanical loose winder, which greatly improves the winding efficiency. Special motor drive control system for brushless motor speed control and yarn tension control strategy.

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air jet loom Manufacturers


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