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Thinking about getting eyelash extensions? 15/11/2019
Remember when selecting the right mascara used to be a big decision?For some people, maybe it still is. For others, now they just leave their eyelashes to the professionals.

And if you opt to get lash extensions applied by a pro, you don’t even have to wear mascara. Well, some people still do, but you're really not supposed to. And it's unnecessary. With lash extensions, it’s a whole new world out there, makeup and beauty lovers!top eyelash vendors

Eyelashes have definitely been gaining popularity these past few years. It seems as if every time you open Instagram, there’s an influencer or celebrity sporting some luscious, thick, voluminous lashes that miiiight not have been in place a few weeks ago. Some of these looks would make Bambi himself, the original lash icon, insanely jealous -- if fictionalized cartoon deer could feel such an emotion, that is.

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So it only makes sense that more and more lash artists seem to be popping up, too, to meet this relatively new demand. It generally costs about $150 for a full set to be applied, and then around the $45 to $60 mark for fills, which are similar to how you might get fills at a nail salon.

It's the wearer's responsibility to keep up with maintaining the look -- for aesthetic reasons and to keep the natural lashes healthy. But if you know what to do, it's pretty low-maintenance.

By the way, those price estimates listed above are incredibly general. Some lash artists might charge closer to the $100 mark for a first set, and some might be more in the $200 range. The same goes with fills, and the price also depends on what kind of lashes the person is requesting. Some artists offer classics, volumes, mega-volumes, mixed sets or some combination of those options.

But getting back to the basics, these lashes are on trend, and they can really take someone’s look to the next level. People can still wear other eye makeup, such as eyeliner or eye shadow, but they find they might not need to: the eyelash extensions do so much for your overall look, it’s almost overkill to go any further. Editor’s note: Can confirm!

So, what’s it like to get lashes?

Well, before we get into all of that, let’s just square away one quick note: We’re not talking about buying a pack at the drugstore and applying them ourselves. That’s a bit different, and those aren't considered professional lash extensions, so we’ll touch on that in a bit.

When you get your first set of lashes put on by a pro, you'll sit with this person -- well, you’re lying, and the artist is sitting -- for at least an hour, or often two hours, as they work in close contact with your eye, applying each individual lash.

Needless to say, this is why you’ll want to pick a lash artist who’s comfortable in this role, who has experience and expertise. A popular misconception is that lash extensions are bad for your natural lashes. But that’s not the case if they’re applied properly by the right person with the right training.

When done correctly, application doesn’t hurt. Really, nothing should ever hurt! Fills are less of a time commitment than the original application, and oftentimes, the wearer can just zone out for a bit and wake up glamorous.

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6 Best false eyelash sets according to pro makeup artists15/11/2019
6 Best false eyelash sets according to pro makeup artists: Are you aspiring to be a makeup artist but don’t have the certificates? Fear not, we will still provide lash discount to self-taught MUAs. We stock fabulous lashes here at, so let us look after you with our MUA discount. We do wholesale too!wholesale eyelash

Have you noticed, wherever you turn everyone is wearing false lashes? Gone are the days of brows on fleek and in comes lashes on fleek. Accentuate your eyes with the best false lashes voted by makeup artists. Whatever lash style you prefer, your makeup artist should have an idea which look to give you to accentuate your eyes (you can thank your MUA later).

If you’ve read this far then you’d want to know which lashes makeup artists go to right. Well, here’s the top 6 best false eyelash sets according to professional makeup artists.

Ardell have become leaders in the false eyelash market. The lashes are expertly handcrafted by professional makeup artists and are well known across the globe. The band is thin and lightweight making them super comfortable to wear all day, every day.

One of the original lash lines, Red Cherry have become ever so popular with celebrity makeup artists, even beauty bloggers are raving about them. Again, inexpensive and perfect for those who want the natural look.

practical and extremely affordable. Lightweight with an almost invisible band, these are not to be missed.Peaches & Cream are well known for their makeup, as well as their highly pigmented glitters and lashes. Their most popular lash used on clients is No.8 – full and fluffy with lots of length. Perfect for a big night out with the galdem.

Started from the bottom now we’re here. Doll Beauty lashes are every girls dream. Pink in packaging and worn by Towie’s finest, Geordie Shore and Cardi B. Their lashes have a thick band, and are definitely worth the extra cost!

Ladies who prefer to look glammed up will opt for KoKo lashes, and they are worth the investment if you’re a false lashes lover. Wispy and fluffy, and can be used up to 20 times if looked after correctly.Salon System provides an extensive range of lashes, from individuals, accents, to voluminous, and even their own lash adhesive. They have everything you need and offer great value for money.

Master the art of applying false eyelashes by watching our quick guide on how to apply false eyelashes. If you’re new to the lash game you may find our ultimate guide to false eyelashes helpful. It offers information on how to select a suitable fit and style for your eye shape to how to apply, remove and look after your lashes.

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