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When you get an order from your customer for a new color masterbatch, if you have no experience, you need to research the approx. formulation first. So actually, the most important thing is you have a good color blending engineer.

Before we start the formulation, we should know the application of color masterbatch, like injection machine using or blowing machine using. Because of that the requirement of pigment dispersibility and moisture, blowing machine > injection machine, especial for high pigment filling masterbatch.

As we know, the color masterbatch is made by Carrier(PE) + Pigment (red color) + Additives (dispersant, lubricant, anti-UV etc.) + Filler material (sometimes). So the most important thing is confirming the color matching and how many percents of pigment we will use.
Masterbatch production can choose the corresponding carrier according to the customer's needs and application fields. The carrier material must be strictly guaranteed to have sufficient blending properties with the plastic material to be colored. Moreover, it is most reasonable that the carrier needs to be 30 degrees or lower than the heated melting point of the raw material. If the carrier does not blend with the plastic, the plastic will be peeled off after the coloring process is formed, or the performance of the product will be degraded. However, the carrier is too good and the melting point is too high, which will cause the product to have streaks, color mixing, and other adverse reactions that affect the appearance of the product, which are unqualified carriers.master batch formula

When you confirmed the color number is the same as the requirement of the product, we also need to confirm the percentage of pigment you will add to make the color masterbatch. This need to confirm the color masterbatch addition ratio during making the product.

The basis of determining the proportion of color masterbatch is to obtain satisfactory coloring effect. As long as the product has a uniform color and no stripes and spots, it can be recognized. The usage ratio of masterbatch can be selected as follows: 1:100, unless the mixing of equipment is very good, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of uneven pigment dispersion, generally do not recommend customers to use this ratio. However, due to price pressures, some customers especially want to use this proportion of masterbatches, for the sake of customers, but also more to produce such a low proportion of concentrated masterbatches, and pigment dispersion can generally meet the requirements. 1:50 for coloring requirements of general plastic products, PE, PP Color Masterbatch more use this ratio. 1:33-1:25 is used for coloring demanding PO products, low coloring requirements or general ABS products. 1:20 for advanced plastic products, including PO, ABS, can be widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes. More than 1:20 is generally used for the coloring of high-grade cosmetic containers, and is mainly used for small injection molding machines.

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