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Fudan MBA Program Ranks 33rd in the Financial Times' Top 100 Global MBA Programs 2/9/2020

The Fudan MBA Program continues to climb in the rankings for the 7th consecutive year.To get more news about top mba colleges in China, you can visit official website.

On January 27, 2020, the Financial Times (FT) released the Global MBA Ranking 2020, in which, the Fudan MBA Program came in 33rd among the global programs, sixth in the Asia Pacific Region and first among the Business Schools in Chinese Mainland Universities.
The Fudan MBA Program was awarded the top rankings for several key criteria; taking the second place in terms of Salary Percentage Increase, while ranking sixth for Career Progress. For four criteria - Salary Today, International Course Experience, Alumni Recommend and FT Research - the program was considered the best among business schools in mainland China.

The program's position among FT's top 100 MBA programs has consistently improved, after being placed in the top global rankings for several consecutive years. This achievement is due to the steadfast, ongoing improvements of the Fudan MBA Program, the focus on practical learning and the program's overall globalization.

Notably, in the Executive MBA Ranking 2019 released by the FT on November 18, 2019, the School of Management at Fudan University saw three of its EMBA programs – the Washington University-Fudan University EMBA Program, the BI Norwegian Business School-Fudan University MBA Program and the University of Hong Kong-Fudan University IMBA Programme - among the Top 50 EMBA Programs. Among the three ranked programs, the one that came in highest claimed the number 7th place.
Curriculum reform and innovation is a permanent topic of the Fudan MBA Program. The forward-looking stance adopted by the program's managers has led to the creation and maintenance of a curriculum that stands out due to its innovation, its ability to adjust and adapt to the changing higher education landscape and the evolving needs of the employers that look to the program as a source for new talent. Students involved in the programs are able to acquire a holistic trove of knowledge and management skill sets.

The program's curriculum widens the number of compulsory courses while deepening the content of the elective courses, assuring that students acquire the knowledge needed to fulfill the kind of high-level management roles that will be on offer upon graduation. In 2015, the program introduced six established majors: finance, marketing, innovative transformation, e-commerce and big data, industrial analysis and investment management, business decision-making and leadership. Each include a series of elective courses categorized according to level of difficulty: entry level, advanced and comprehensive practice.

In addition to the continuous upgrading of the content of the six elective courses, the program now includes a series of unique courses on "humanities classics" to round out the skill sets of the MBA students and satisfy their growing demand for careers that are intellectually and emotionally stimulating and satisfying.The program again revised and upgraded its online capabilities, further optimizing the design of the curriculum, as well as the presentation, platforms and systems, in a move that further enhance the student experience.
The Fudan MBA Program has always stressed its development as an international offering, and pioneered a model focused on diversified and multi-channel international communications, providing the students with rich international learning and communication opportunities through a combination long-term, mid-term and short-term international communication curriculums.

During the process of worldwide economic integration, the program has always deepened communication and cooperation with the world's top business schools, further stimulating its vitality and arming the students with the tools that will allow them to stand out in a fiercely competitive market.

As one of China's first international MBA program, the program has, from the beginning, teamed up with the MIT Sloan School of Management, and has deepened the cooperation over the years. Besides MIT, the program offers a series of short-term overseas courses from the world's top business schools, including Yale University, London Business School and Tel Aviv University.

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