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Fuji is a professional elevator and escalator manufacturer in China.

How often Does the Glass Elevator be Maintained16/11/2018

If you want to buy a glass elevator, you will hesitate because you don't know how much maintenance it needs. We fully understand your fears because traditionally elevators are highly maintenance machines. But in fact, you will be happy to know that the glass elevator requires almost no maintenance! What is the reason? Escalator Company Fuji can explain it to you.

Traditional elevator maintenance

Traditional cable drives or hydraulic elevators have many moving parts. If one of these components wears out, the entire system gets into trouble. In addition to keeping all of these moving parts, you must constantly check the lubricants and lubricants to help keep the machine running smoothly. All in all, elevator repairs need to be done at least once a year.

Glass elevators

Glass elevators operate in a completely different way than conventional elevators. The glass lifter is driven by a pneumatic or vacuum motor. Pneumatic or vacuum lifts use changes in air pressure to move the cab. The vacuum seal is mounted on the ceiling of the elevator car. Ascending, the turbine at the top removes air from the area above the cab and raises it. A steel brake secures it to the platform on the desired platform. In order to descend, the turbine is briefly opened to disengage the cab and brakes. Then turn off the turbine and let the cab slowly descend. Therefore, no cables, pulleys, gearboxes, counterweights or lubricants are required. Therefore, the glass lifter can be kept once a year.

The cable-driven glass elevator enhances the mobility of your home, making it available on all floors. Its stylish, glamorous design, glass elevator can complement any home décor.

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Elevator Supplier Explains Energy-Saving Hardware12/11/2018

Elevator Supplier have improved the hardware of many elevators, and these improvements have made elevators more energy efficient. The main energy-saving hardware of the elevator is as follows:

Regenerative drive

Elevators are typically powered by power (powered); however, when the elevator is operating under heavy vehicle loads or light vehicle loads (regeneration operations), the tractor acts as a generator. While the power generated during operation of the tractor is typically lost as heat, the regenerative converter transmits power back to the distribution transformer and feeds it with the power from the power source to the grid in the building. The system provides up to 35% energy savings compared to the same type of elevator without a regenerative converter. (Reduce carbon dioxide emissions: 1400 kg / year) In addition, the regenerative converter has the effect of reducing harmonic current.

Permanent magnet motor traction machine

The lap joint that overlaps in the permanent magnet motor of the traction motor has a flexible joint. The core can be like a hinge, allowing the coil to be wound more densely around the core, improving motor efficiency and compactness. Producing high-density magnetic fields can reduce energy and resource use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, we have adopted a 2:1 (single pack) rope system that reduces the load on the tractor and further reduces the size of the tractor.

Manufacturers are now more focused on improving energy use in other systems, such as cab lighting, fans, doors, brakes and elevator controls. They use high efficiency LED lights in the cab panel, overhead and floor indicators. They include door drive motors that can enter standby mode or can be effectively restored from power when not in use. These motors also support variable door opening and closing times and consider their energy usage in the overall control strategy.

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