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25/1/2019 - Would you look for a fine jewelry store or a fine
 Would you look for a fine jewelry store or a fine online jewelry store where the each jewelry piece are clearly marked to show price and quality, a store offering a sale o diamonds, a store where you might be able to bargain for a lower price, or even a store offering of a packet of diamonds at a wholesale price?  For that matter, do you know what the four Cs of diamonds are?These are only a few questions about jewelry that are answered at The Jewelry Hut.?An evening Emerald, for example, is not an Emerald but any green stone of Emerald color.?All Karat gold jewelry in the United States and some other countries has to be marked to show its quality, according to law.  The term "Karat" refers to the amount of gold used in proportion to another metal or metals.?Another term for costume jewelry is fashion jewelry, and it can be the better buy for high fashion designs that you may tire of or may go out of fashion in a year or two.?Certain gems and types of jewelry require special care in cleaning and should not be stored together or in the same way, since may become scratched or lose their luster or color.?In buying fine jewelry, there are few, if any, bargains: You get what you pay for.  Clarity, color, cut, and carat size are the four Cs of diamonds, determining the quality and cost of any diamond.How to buy jewelry is only the beginning of what you need to know about jewelry.When you buy a car, you buy the one you like and can afford.  The purchase is emotional as much as it is practical, since cars in some way are extensions of ourselves.  In addition, you know what you are buying, especially if you buying a well known brand luxury car.  There may be features, in other cars that resemble or imitate the best of the best, but the genuine article is usually unmistakable.  You know what to look for, what to expect, about what you are going to pay, and even where to go buy the car.Fine furs have more of a mystique than the average car and they may seem more risky to buy.

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10/12/2018 - Every one of our storage facilities are monitored by digital

Every student looks forward to their holidays. It's a time when you can momentarily switch off from learning (and partying!), visit family and friends and the opportunity to really cleanse your mind of demanding academic life.What requires your attention, however, before embarking on your journey home, are the contents of your house. Naturally you can't feasibly carry all of your worldly possessions on your back ' you wouldn't even make it on the train anyway ' and equally you'd be reluctant to leave everything unattended for weeks on end. Plus, imagine what state your furniture and kitchen appliances would be in after perpetual partying by your beloved housemates?Easistore Storage Solutions actually enjoy helping students with their storage issues, mainly because we want you to relax during your time off, but we also offer affordable prices to make the process even more stress-free. But, cufflink box before we get to the storage stage, we wanted to impart some tips on what you should ask yourself when considering making that transition.

How much stuff do I have?This may be an obvious question, but you'll be surprised how easy it is to underestimate how much you actually own. The best thing to do is start organising items into specific groups, for example, appliances, dry foods, clothes, etc, to visualise everything. You can then determine how much, but more importantly, which items have the most value or are fragile.What will I put it all in?Once you've worked out how much you have you can then decide what will need to be placed in either cardboard boxes, bags or more robust containers. We provide a variety of plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, jumbo utility bags and even a queen mattress bag!How will I get it to storage?If you can't rely on family or friends to collect your belongings, you can use one of our vans completely free of charge. And, when you arrive at one of our storage facilities, our friendly team will be waiting to help you unload and store.How long can I need to store it for?Often you're not exactly sure how long you need to store your possessions for, but don't panic, we offer short and long term solutions for students.

Will my possessions be safe?Absolutely. Every one of our storage facilities are monitored by digital CCTV, 24/7 heat and smoke sensitive alarm systems, as well as regulated ventilation. We even provide specialist Comprehensive Storage Insurance as well as swipe card entry, so you'll certainly sleep well at night.How much will it cost me?Our renowned Price Match Guarantee means that we are adamant about not getting beaten on price. If you find a lower quotation, bring it to us and we'll promise to beat it!See how our safe, reliable and affordable Student Storage can make your move just that little bit easier ' and cheaper! We help hundreds of students each year, so we know how to meet your requirements, as well as your budget.

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