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16/7/2018 - Even though your business may be completely Internet based

  moving walk Even though your business may be completely Internet based, there are still numerous times when you need to give your elevator pitch (elevator speech), or your 30-second commercial that explains what you do and how you do it. It's called an elevator pitch because it's generally something you could tell someone in an elevator between floors in response to the person's inquiry about what you do. Whether you're a guest on a teleclass, hosting a teleclass, being interviewed for a radio talk show, creating a podcast, talking to prospective clients on the phone, striking up a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store, or simply writing web copy for your website or blog, you need a clear, concise way to explain your business to others.

  I've seen savvy service business owners take this concept to new levels as follows: --using their elevator pitches as audio introductions on their websites; --printing their elevator speech on their business cards; --creating a flash movie with audio, graphics and animations that they copy to CDs to send to prospective clients or post on video sites like YouTube; and --creating a TwitPitch where they're asked to condense their elevator pitch to Twitter's 140 character maximum to respond to a request for proposal.

  So, even if you don't attend face-to-face networking meetings, which has traditionally been the most commonplace use of an elevator speech, having a ready-made elevator pitch at your disposal continues to be an important marketing tool that you need to continuously sharpen.

  I have a simple template that I use with my clients to build their elevator pitches. By completing the following sentences you can create your own elevator speech that will provide a crystal clear answer to what you do.

  1. You know how some (the customer you are aiming at)...

  2. Experience (the problem)...

  3. Which means that (the outcome of the problem)...

  4. Well I do/can do is (your job/product/service)...

  5. Which means that (the solution)...

  6. The benefit of which is (the outcome of the solution)...

  7. Would you like to know more?

  As an example, here is the elevator speech that I recently helped one of my coaching clients design for her Virtual Assistant practice:

  You know how some personal and professional coaches do a wonderful job with coaching but feel completely overwhelmed with all the day-to-day administrative details involved in running their businesses...which means that they try to do it all alone and let opportunities and follow-up contacts fall through the cracks, involve themselves in tasks that prevent them from going out and finding new clients, and dig themselves deeper and deeper into a never ending to-do list. Well, what I do is take over all the administrative headaches that coaches want to get rid of and don't like to do....which means that I am expertly managing all the day-to-day business operational details from my home office as an independent contractor...the benefit of which is my clients get more energy from working fewer hours, more clients, greater profits, more balanced lives and more passion for their work. Would you like to know more?

  Practice makes perfect, so create several versions of your elevator pitch until you find just the right combination that flows effortlessly from your lips, without any stuttering or stammering. A well-crafted 30-second elevator speech is a beautiful tool to have, and you never know where you may get the opportunity to use it!

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9/7/2018 - It has been found that children can absorb radio waves

freight elevator There are various advantages of mobile phones. The growth of cell phone usage has increased drastically since the last decade, and it is estimated that mobile phones will cross 5 billion in 2010. With their number increasing at a tremendous rate and with the threat of 'cell phone addiction', there are certainly several disadvantages of cell phones as well.Few Advantages of Mobile PhonesSince the year 1991, the number of mobile phone users all across the globe has risen drastically. This sharp increase has been mostly observed in developing Asian countries like China and India, that have surpassed the US in the number of mobile phone consumers. Certainly, there are several advantages of mobile phones that has helped in the cell phone success by leaps and bounds.

However, there are some disadvantages of cell phone as well that can't be ignored. I'll talk about both facets of cell phone usage further..Ease to Express YourselfBy allowing instant access to anybody across the globe, mobile phones have changed the landscape of communication. Not only globally, cell phones are important in day to day life. You want to talk to someone at home, a friend or your spouse, just give a call! You forget something important at home and now you need it in your office. Give a call at home! So on and so forth...cell phones are a necessity. Aren't they?More than Communication, EntertainmentLove listening to music? Or playing video games? Or watching movies? Do all you wish, by purchasing some affordable mobile phones.

Entertainment, especially when you're traveling or getting bored, was never so easy. Nowadays, you can even browse Internet on your cell phones. Cell phone manufacturers cater to the needs of every mobile user, with the upgradation of latest features and technology. There are so many applications and features in mobile phones that people hardly have time to learn all of them!More SafetyAlthough, having cell phones is not a guarantee for safety, it certainly can be helpful for you in emergency situations. Keeping cell phones in your car while traveling is one of the topmost personal safety tips. In case of any accidents or unexpected events, you can inform someone, who can rush to your rescue. Similarly, cell phones can be helpful to old and disabled people.

Although, lifts in offices and residential buildings come with phone extension and alarm buttons, cell phones are anytime better to call for help, in case of elevator failure. Similarly, there can be many more instances in daily life, where mobile phones are a necessity.Few Disadvantages of Mobile PhonesNot all are positive about mobile phones. There are some demerits of mobile phones that are discussed below.Health EffectsElectromagnetic radiation from cell phones may cause health problems. Rigorous studies are being carried out to know about the negative effects of cell phones.

Sleep deprivation, stress and brain problems have been linked to overuse of cell phones, and are considered as the possible effects of cell phone radiation. Some studies have reported that cell phone usage can trigger male infertility symptoms. But nothing has been proved yet, though we can lessen mobile use to some extent.Children SufferChildren have been found to have some worrisome effects of mobile phone usage. Since they have weaker immune system, thinner skin and developing nervous system, waves generated from mobile phones can harm their body cells.

It has been found that children can absorb radio waves to a far greater extent than adults.Legal IssuesMobile phones come with cameras and hence this has led to hundreds of thousands of cases pending in courts about privacy problems. There have been instances in the past, in countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, where a ban was imposed on camera phones, making it a strict rule to sell only those cell phones that come with an appreciable click sound! Moreover, crime rate has also increased with miscreants like robbers and terrorists pursuing their nefarious schemes through mobile phones.

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