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20/8/2018 - Cruise ship vacations are a great way to travel

  clean elevator Cruise ship vacations are a great way to travel, relax and visit exotic lands. Every cruise I take I learn something new that makes my next trip more enjoyable. Here are 10 secrets that will make all your cruise ship vacations memorable.

  1. Most cruise lines offer special discounts for past guests, police officers and firefighters, military personnel (active duty, retired, and sometimes even veterans with as little as 2 years service), senior citizens, airline employees and more. I had already been on several cruises before I found out I was eligible for a military discount. Don't rely on your travel agent to point it out. In fact, it was a fellow passenger who gave me this hot tip. You can find this information on the cruiseline's website, but it might take a little digging. (Hint: start at FAQ or search for 'special cruise pricing.') It's worth the effort -- the military discount I received applied to both me and my wife and was very generous.

  2. When you're booking your cruise, you may be able to choose where you want your cabin -- toward the front of the ship, the rear or the middle; upper decks or lower. Generally, the higher the deck, the more expensive the cabin. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your location:

  ~ being close to the elevators might be convenient, but it can also be noisy. This is especially true of service elevators.

  ~ avoid being under the disco or gym because you'll hear people partying late into the night or working out early in the morning.

  ~ the front and rear of the ship can be noisy from anchors and propellers.

  3. The elevators get crowded, especially at mealtimes and when getting off the ship in port. I always push both call buttons and get on whichever elevator gets there first. Even if I have to go the opposite direction, I found it's still faster than waiting in the lobby for the right elevator.

  4. To save closet space in your cabin, slide your suitcases under the bed after unpacking. You won't need them until it's time to disembark.

  5. If you attend any of the shopping and excursion orientations, sit up front. They frequently throw free stuff out into the audience to build excitement.

  6. Some cruise ships have a cruise director's TV show to keep guests informed about the ship's activities. Call or write in with comments or questions and you'll likely win a free bottle of champagne or other gift. Cruise directors love guests who participate.

  7. Bring a small flashlight or plug in night light. The cabins get very dark, especially inside cabins.

  8. There's always plenty of food on a cruise ship, but try not to overdo it. Set food goals. If you have a big breakfast, have a light lunch. Maybe the next day do the opposite. Try to balance what you eat in terms of carbs, proteins, sweets, etc.

  9. Instead of waiting in the buffet line for breakfast and hoping you'll find a table, eat breakfast in the dining room. It's hardly ever crowded and you'll get some great choices for breakfast that you probably won't see on the buffet line.

  10. Pack a travellers first aid kit with sun block, aspirin, bandaids, ointment, and be sure to include insect repellent. On a recent cruise we toured a zoo in the jungles of Belize, and the insects were overwhelming! My wife came back covered in bug bites. While cruise ships have a medical doctor on board, there's a charge to see the doc... it can be pretty expensive for treatment of minor mishaps.

  These 10 simple tips will make your cruise ship vacations more enjoyable. Each time you cruise and pick up new tips, jot them down so you'll remember them when it's time for your next cruise.

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13/8/2018 - MRL elevator Expect surveillance cameras in upscale places

  MRL elevator Expect surveillance cameras in upscale places and in sleazy neighborhoods where there's a lot of human traffic; you either love them or hate them.

  Sneaky Surveillance Cameras: Love Them?

  They are everywhere. So if you think you're safe inside an elevator forget it. There are surveillance cameras in those innocent-looking lifts. No smooching and making faces or dancing to Beyonce's rocking in your MP3 while on your way to the 18th floor. Somebody is rolling all over the floor watching wacko you. Well, you never know so be on guard and behave wherever you are and save those antics for later when you are with friends. But if you're trapped in an elevator, these cameras can spot you instantly.

  Surveillance cameras are both a bane and a boon. These are supposed to deter crimes and yet they invade everybody's privacy. The boss wants to snoop, storekeepers want to check on you, and airport security has their radar on you. You can't get away with anything if you're caught on these nosey cameras. Yet for all their unpleasant purposes, these cameras can save your day and your life.

  The next time you step out of the door, be on guard. Those cameras are everywhere ready to take you on. Instead of looking over your shoulder or peering into the top of streetlights, stay cool and get used to the idea you're on camera. That entails remembering Emily Post's Ps and Qs.

  Public and Private Transport

  Surveillance cameras are flooding public and private transport systems. Buses, trains, planes, taxis, boats and ferries are loaded with these cameras. These may be mounted on obvious places or hidden from the public eye. So be on your best behavior.

  Parking Lots

  Surveillance goes to parking lots. The presence of cameras in these areas can deter car-napping and kidnapping and the more cameras around, the better. Those trying to take off in the car after snitching some stuff from the convenience have hell to pay later because these cameras can get their car's plate numbers!

  MacDonald's Drive-Ins

  Everything you say and do when you make an order at the drive-in is recorded. If a MacDonald staff has reason to complain about you, they are armed with the digital recording fed by their surveillance cameras. The MacDonald people may gleefully post the video on YouTube, what a crying shame!


  So you thought you'd get away with those nuisance cameras at the park. Not so fast. These cameras are there for keep an eye on vandals. Unless you have reason to fear those cameras, get away from parks!

  Church and Schools

  In places of worship and on the hallowed halls of academe, the tireless eyes of hidden or mounted cameras keep on recording the slightest motion; hence, the best of your behavior should be on show.

  Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants

  Do not take the bait when these establishments assure you there are no hidden cameras in the john or in the powder room. These places need these cameras to deter vandalism or catch vandals.

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