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• 6/8/2019 - Make a habit of accessorizing your baby girl's party dress

  It's every parents dream to see her baby girl dressed like a little princess. That priceless, magical moment is what parents strive for. And again most parents wouldn't mind seeing their little princess being the centre of attention everywhere they go. There is an increasing demand for party wear dresses for baby girls, so this literally means you can get this clothing Wholesale French Terry Fabrics Conpamy in every boutique or kids wear shop in India. But unique and designer party dresses for infants are only limited to few shops. Where can one get authentic party wear designer dresses for baby girls in India? There are quite a number of boutiques and shops both online and offline that offer exclusive kids wear collection. Online boutique like Vintage Desi offer an expansive range of kids wear from different top designers like Maya Nocon, Siddartha Tytler, Gaurav Gupta and Gauri & Nainika. Are these designer kids dress comfortable to wear?

Yes, absolutely. Designers use eco-friendly fabrics not only to protect your child's health but also to make them feel comfortable. Infants have sensitive skin hence designers are extra cautious on the type of fabrics they use. The only use high quality fabrics to ensure your baby girl does not suffer from skin rashes or irritations.Which one is suitable for kids? Cotton or PolyesterParty wear dresses for baby girls or kids clothing in general should have a higher percentage of cotton. Cotton is soft & tender, and clothing that are cotton superior ensures your little princess comfort and breathability. How should one dress their baby girl?When it comes to dressing your baby girl, think outside the box. Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

Make a habit of accessorizing your baby girl's party dress; this will give any of their outfits an incredible and fashionable look. If you don't know how to accessorize kindly learn and perfect it for your little princess sake.Nothing is more elegant, beautiful, and gorgeous than exquisite finesse of Indian party wear dresses for baby girls. The clothing uniqueness designates unparalleled contemporary style as well as quality fabrics. India's unique and diverse culture greatly influenced its clothing industry.

Do you know any other country apart from India that has the perfect and unique piece of clothing? Okay, stop torturing yourself by thinking too hard; and yes there is another country, Nigeria. But let's not go there, that's another article for another day.It is fascinating how Indian baby girls today are dressed. The unique blend of Western and Indian style adds certain flair to the outfits. Parents have come of age and they dress their kids with the trending fashion. Visit any wedding, birthday party or special occasion in India and see for yourself how kids fashion industry has evolved.

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• 15/7/2019 - Cotton fabric is usually found in three basic weaves which have their own optimal use

  The textile industry is one of the industries which can never be overlooked. With the introduction of new fabrics, this industry caters to the needs of everyone. Therefore, you can see various types of fabrics that are being used to make different types of objects other than apparels.If you talk about fabrics, then, cotton fabric is the one that plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Single Jersey Fabric Suppliers Usually blended with a synthetic fabric, cotton fabric is used to make many things which include bedding, clothing, curtains, even carpets and a lot more.Since, cotton gets shrunk when washed or heated and tends to bleed after its first wash, therefore various types of cotton fabrics were developed. They were to be introduced, so that the cotton fabrics can become more user friendly.Cotton fabric can also be referred as cotton duck, Duck Fabric or simply duck.

Cotton fabric is usually found in three basic weaves which have their own optimal use. The three basic weaves are plain, satin and twill.Plain Cotton: As the name suggests, this weave is the purest form in which one fiber can be tangled with other ones forming a smooth pattern. Depending on the fabric which is being used, the weave can loosen or tighten.Satin Weave: This is a soft yet tight weave in which the weft and warp twist to the same side. Therefore, one side remains shiny, whereas, another remains flat and smooth.Twill Cotton: Being a strong and sturdy form of cotton, twill cotton can be used to make more diagonal patterns. This is also thicker in nature, thus, it can be used to make either tight or loose patterns accordingly.Each of the above mentioned weaves can be used to make different types of fabrics. It is so because each of them consist of some unique properties.

Therefore, it is very important to determine the differences among them, so that, one can end up buying what he wished to get.No doubt, cotton duck is easy to find these days, however, there are several things which need to be kept in mind. Fortunately, like other fabrics, cotton fabric is easy to identify even if it is not tagged.Some excellent features of cotton duck are given below:Due to its comparatively smooth surface, this fabric is not prone to tearing.When it comes to resisting the wind, then, it ranks at number two after leather.Up to some extent, it can be treated as a burn-resistant.It feels more comfortable after its first wash.So, these are its some features which make cotton duck suitable to make furniture, apparels and other objects.

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