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20/8/2018 - What should the bride pay special attention to on her wedding day
If you want to get your best shot on the day of your wedding shoot, take a look at the smiley faces. What should the bride pay special attention to on her wedding day 1. When the girl turns her head back, please turn her body slightly. It is better not to keep still and only turn her head. Look in the mirror and see if that's the way it is. 2. Pat rockhopper, pay attention to the hat, don't be slanting, because photos will be obvious. (take pictures on the same day you can remind photography assistant, help to see if there are any problems) is especially arranged rockhopper more should pay attention to when the last set of, everyone is a little bit tired at this moment, I'm afraid spirit will some distractions, notice a little slanting hat band. In the end, it may lead to the failure of many phoenix-topped films, which is a pity. 3. Try not to get too close to the phoenix crown when doing actions, because the hat of the phoenix crown is bigger, and "fight" when it is too close. If there is an approach, ask the photographer to help you see if the two hats are fighting. 4. If the phoenix crown wants to shoot back and forth, don't be afraid of trouble when changing the hat, but change the fake cushion on the head to LG, otherwise LG will suffer a lot and have a big print on the head after shooting. If you're feeling awkward while listening to an assistant or photographer pose, don't do it because it's not natural to do so. Say it whenever you feel uncomfortable. Try to make your own pose as much as possible, because it will feel more natural when you take a picture. Read more at: bridesmaid dresses australia | cheap wedding dresses melbourne

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18/8/2018 - How to wear a wedding dress with tights to create the perfect body
After putting on the wedding dress, each new couple wishes to show their most perfect side, hoping that they are beautiful. That should choose proper marriage gauze to want to choose even one can match the tights of marriage gauze even. So how does a wedding dress go with a tights? What should I pay attention to? Color and cloth Nude (near the east of the skin color) is the best color, because the color close to our skin color, after wearing 朿 garment into a stealth effect, on the fabric cloth should choose light body of clothes, some love beautiful woman would choose the use of gel and do bundle of clothes, but should choose pattern is relatively calm of the gel, so even evening wear light color or a book cloth won't have a problem type 朿 clothes now. Cup a Such as chest relatively thin woman, should choose cotton CUP, CUP with incremental thickness roundy plump look like this will put the chest rise the effect of CUP, at the same time to pay attention to whether or not the appearance of the CUP type is too flat (which can look from the side of the CUP type), such as the CUP is too flat to watch put on a wedding dress or evening after affects the chest a curvaceous, don't you want to do with the raising of the CUP. The back of the If wear the marriage gauze of halter or evening outfit, should choose tights to be cut in the wing position more inclined and ring position (open close position) almost arrive lumbar position, this kind of clipping tights is big go up to suit to bare back outfit, the rubber of wing position has sticky meat function more can prevent tights slide down or walk. The waist position and abdomen should be selected in the armpit to the waist the tight clothing with the position of glue bone steel bone, so that the waist will look more curved, if there is a little belly belly should choose the tight clothing that grows to the bottom of the belly, so can collect the little belly belly. Read more at: bridesmaid dresses | wedding dresses melbourne

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