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 Korean style wedding photography techniques to create a fresh and beautiful wedding photos

Posté le 22/6/2018 à 11:28 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

There are various styles of wedding photos, and the most popular among young new couples nowadays is the Korean style wedding photos. Korean wedding photos have a fresh and romantic plot that is close to life. So what are the techniques for taking such refreshing and beautiful Korean style wedding photos? How can you easily create a perfect Korean wedding photo? New people come and see.   Skills of shooting Korean style wedding photos 1. Setting of background   Life scenes, the atmosphere of happiness and warmth is the key of the photographer to express, as a result, today's filming choose life background or copy more digital background, background color is more bright beautiful, some of the classic style of photographers will choose gradient and pattern of simple but elegant wallpaper or tie-dyed cloth as a background, brown, brown, lilac is right optional background color.   Skills of shooting Korean style wedding photos 2. Photography lighting skills   Korean style wedding photos on the lighting is more complex, for the use of light and the verve of the characterization is also particularly exquisite, the dimensional feeling of stereo feeling and pictures to emphasize character modelling more commonly used lamp lighting, this way of lighting can also increase the brightness of the facial and clear outline of the outline of figure it out.   The skill that shoots Korea style marriage gauze 3, tonal choice   The style of Korean wedding photos is characterized by romance and freehand brushwork. The photos will make the viewer feel the extension of emotion and the pleasant aesthetic feeling from the picture. Photo images of the tone, therefore, are often divided into high and low profile both: high profile picture in general is given priority to with white, extending photos hero's warm emotions, low profile picture is given priority to with coffee, extending photos hero quiet love.   Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses | peach bridesmaid dresses

The painting method of Chinese style bridal makeup makes classical elegant bride

Posté le 20/6/2018 à 10:47 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

Along with the popularity of the wind restoring ancient ways, Chinese style bridal makeup is also deeply loved, you can discover Chinese style bridal makeup suits Chinese female more actually, can show Chinese female gentle beauty and grace more. Below small make up to recommend a Chinese style bridal makeup, and attach the picture diagram of bridal makeup.   Chinese style bridal makeup painting the first step: bottom makeup   In this Chinese style bridal makeup in the first step, we first use BB cream as the bottom makeup, to brighten the skin. Apply BB cream evenly to your face to make your skin look more even and natural.   The painting method of Chinese style bridal makeup the 2nd step: draw eye makeup   1. Apply pink eye shadow to cover the eyelids;   2. Then apply brown eye shadow to the lower right corner of the eye tail;   3. Use dark brown eye shadow in the upper right corner of the eye, and deepen the dizziness in the tail and eyelashes;   4. Finally, fill the eyelash gap with the black eyeliner.   The left eye procedure is the same as having an eye   Because beautiful eye makeup concerns the fineness of the whole makeup look, the detailed diagram is carried out in the figure above. You can follow the steps shown in the picture.   Chinese style bridal makeup painting method step 3: draw eyeliner   When drawing eyeliner, want to notice not appropriate too strong, eye ministry line should maintain at the same time thin, fluent.   Chinese style bride makeup painting step 4: mascara   Although such as wear false eyelashes is very popular today, but the effect of wear out are not so natural, so here recommend use eyelash creams, gently brush, make eyelash more natural, very pretty.   Step 5: sweep the blush and apply lipstick   The last step is to sweep the apple muscle on the face on cheek red, besmear lipstick again next, whole attention is natural, need not be exaggerated too can.   A few simple steps, elegant and beautiful Chinese bridal makeup so complete!   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | plus size bridesmaid dresses
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