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 Rapid reduction of the abdomen proud flesh method 4: scrapping rapid thin stomach

Posté le 13/6/2018 à 11:17 - poster un commentaire

  Proud flesh is specially reduced by scraping. Using scraping to reduce the fat on the stomach, it can promote the peristalsis of the intestine and the digestion and absorption of the stomach, which is very helpful for our digestion and defecation. Reduce the belly fat by scrapping, so that the fluctuation of the meridians, such not only belly will shrink the form is beautiful, the most main is qi and blood flow, up and down the legs will feel burden eased, joints are also of great benefit to us.   Eat less at dinner   If the dinner eats too much, can bring about intestines and stomach is indigestible, because this causes adipose accumulation to go up in the belly, accumulate over the day and over the course of a month naturally can grow redundant proud flesh. So, in addition to a light dinner, the bride-to-be should try to eat as little as possible, and dinner is best served before 7 o 'clock. If you don't feel very hungry, it's recommended that you eat 40% full, or drink another cup of yogurt to help your intestines digest.   Rapid reduction of the abdomen proud flesh method 6: waist - twisting exercise   Twist waist motion to reduce weight, the method of practice can be in the middle of the night, even at the time of watching TV can also use ads free time move, first stood up, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, then stressful began to twist around five minutes, insist every day, ensure that can help get rid of excess fat, restore flat stomach.   Method 7: sit-ups   Practicing sit-ups every day is a good way to lower your waistline and lower your abdominal proud flesh. But the bride mm people must pay attention to control the rhythm, avoid to do too many times at the beginning, not after very easy fatigue tired, still can bring about muscle soreness, had better be to increase times slowly. At the same time, it is important to note that the area that controls hair strength is the waist, not the legs or arms.   Eight ways to lose proud flesh quickly: drink plenty of water   Wake up every day, drink a cup of plain boiled water, weak honey water or water with cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, put the garbage in the body, the metabolites eduction body outside, effective minus the belly fat. On average, a normal person consumes 2000-2500ml of water every day, so the body should be replenished in time. But also do not drink too much water continuously in a short period of time, because of infiltration, dilution of the blood, resulting in the concentration of oxygen and nutrients in the blood decreased. Also, try not to drink carbonated or sugary drinks.   Read more at:lilac bridesmaid dresses uk | blush pink bridesmaid dresses
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