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The most collectable ten pieces of jerseys,Cheap NBA jerseys for sale13/7/2018

1, keep one man purple gold in the year From the beginning of 96 years to the present success, Kobe has devoted nearly 20 years of youth to the Lakers. Perhaps in the near future, Zijin 24 will also hang on staples, but the legend of Fei Xia will be sung by fans forever. This purple gold shirt will not only carry the honor of Kobe, but also the Lakers' 16 champions and a series of retired Cheap NBA Jerseys. Most fans have not experienced the popularity of show time, so the No. 24 war jacket has more significance for today's Lakers fans. As the greatest point guard and even the greatest player after Jordan, Kobe's Purple Gold robe is worth preserving forever. 2. Read the youth red and white rocket The ability to press Jordan to the top of the black and Red Bulls is only the rocket's red and white jersey. Although the team's achievements are far from the same as Jordan's bulls, the team, the shirt, has this incomparable position in the hearts of Chinese fans. This rocket, two times to China to participate in the NBA International Series, numerous Chinese fans witnessed the glory of the shirt on the scene, and in the streets and alleys can see all kinds of fans wearing rocket shirts. The rocket's simple Jersey has such a high position in China because it is the first love of a generation. 3, the dark red holy coat of the God of the ball Michael Jordan's position in basketball does not need to be emphasized. He is the God of the first generation of basketball fans in China. The angry ox's head, the black and red shirt, the tongue of the great God's excitement, these people seem to return to the 90s ruled by Jordan. This situation is still very exciting now. But Jordan has said goodbye to the basketball for many years, after the retirement of Jordan life is more colorful, he bought the Sherlock Hornets team, the first player to become the boss of the background. Then, will you see the real God in this red bull shirt? 4. Burning white flame The Miami heat, which has only been built for more than twenty years, has won the championship for the three time. As early as 06, shark O'neal and young flash man defeated the calf in the finals, and for the first time, he felt the taste of the champion. After several years of submission, James and Bosh airborne Miami, they and Wade made up of the 03 gold three giants to become the League of all the enemy, in 12, 13 years to complete the championship. But there are a lot of fans in China who have two idol heroes, especially when junior middle school students were enthusiastic about it. But as James left the team, Wade and Bosh were injured, the heat was early on, but the blaze of white shirt, still in the hearts of the students in the heart of the students! 5, star glorified Silver From 99 years to now, the Sanantonio Spurs with Duncan as the core have won five championships. Over the years, no matter how the other team members have changed, the Spurs based on GDP are as stable as their silver black shirts. The team in this small city is getting more and more popular and has more and more details. 6, the ancient unchanging army soul green shirt Green is the Celtic's everlasting main color. In the 60s of last century, the NBA was covered by the horror of green, and the yellow green war, which runs through this 80s, is regarded as a classic. But with the unexpected death of Bias and Lewis, the green army began to go into a low ebb. It wasn't until the 08 year that the three giants of Pearce, Garnett and Ray Allen formed the Obrien cup again after 22 years. For the next two years, the green Celts of the three giants were a strong East team, but they had never been able to go to the top for a variety of reasons, but the soldiers in green clothes had become a classic of the times. 7, the answer to the Philadelphia hacker Can you remember the scene that the man in the black shirt repeatedly killed the 76 people in a black shirt? 76 people are being pursued by countless Chinese fans, just because of one of Iverson. The character of the answer and his classic crossover made him an idol of countless fans. He beat the incomparable Lakers in the finals of 01 years, and the shot across Tai Lun Lu was regarded as the classic classic. And the black robe he was wearing was also lucky to become a classic footnote. 8, Emperor bathed blood knight red robe The red tone of this shirt is as bold as James, and the C in front of the chest symbolizes the sharp sword in the knight's hand. The little emperor also wore this jersey for two MVP. At that time, the little emperors were in the ascendant, and the ruling power on the court was like that of the emperor. However, it is such a valiant team that never killed the East, and because of the smaller cities like the city's Cleveland, the classic Knights robes only rank in the eighth place. 9, the king of the crown glamorous purple Chris Webb, white chocolate, Divac, Peja... Only from these names can we know that the king's tone is gorgeous at the beginning of this century. Like the sun, there are thousands of crowding in the world, who are the only fans to challenge the Lakers. Even in the present stadium, you can see people wearing purple 55 or 4 Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys. Although not able to win the championship, but the colorful king of a purple wind, floating in the hearts of countless fans. 10, the sun is beautiful in the sun The small ball bombardment of the sun was once popular in the world. Nash also led the team to the top of the Western Conference on two regular occasions and reelected MVP. No one could have imagined that under the leadership of DAntoni, this offensive team could have made such a record. NBA has an old saying that offense wins the regular season and defense wins the championship. MSN has never been able to win the championship, but the blue, orange trimmed sunshirt is like the sun shining in the hearts of the fans. The warm Feinikesi, the Phoenix who bathed in fire, and the sun that did not fall that year.
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