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The new Sagitar show outstanding performance18/1/2017
Last season's Jixi race is the FAW - Volkswagen Sagitar championship team for the first time in the ice rally, the new Sagitar car performance is undoubtedly the majority of fans impressed. This year, the new Jetta once again face the challenges of ice and snow, but also once again with excellent performance and success. Since last season, Longyou station debut, the new Jetta has experienced Longyou, Wuyi, Jixi, Dengfeng, Zhangye fit benz w220 front air shocks, Dazhai and Nongan seven races, through a vast river north and south, also defeated the Gravel road, hot Gobi, snow and ice and so the limits of the test. The new Sagitar's record, but also reflects the FAW - Volkswagen products excellent quality and strong motor gene. Of course, the market response has also proved that consumers of FAW - Volkswagen products recognition. Published from the beginning of 2016 annual sales statistics show that the FAW - Volkswagen brand sales reached 1.135 million Volkswagen fit benz w220 front air strut, an increase of 17.3%. Jetta, Bora, MAGOTAN, CC is also a market leader in the segment; and the new cross-border station wagon.... C-TREK Wei Ling, listed less than two months sales reached 6172, has become the activation of China's wagon market potential of heavy models. Today, the FAW - Volkswagen Corps is leading the CRC race towards a higher level of development, and FAW - Volkswagen VW brand fit benz s class air shocks has become the quality and performance on behalf of the Chinese market. We have reason to believe that in the stadium and the market double harvest FAW - Volkswagen will go further in the new journey.
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Golf chariots lead the audience18/1/2017
The competition for the FAW - Volkswagen's two teams, it can be described as "home game." Before the game, FAW - Volkswagen goal has been very clear, for the championship trophy determined to win. To this end, from the beginning of the New Year period, FAW - Volkswagen Army came to Changchun Tianmaohu winter training, so that riders and cars can enter the state early, so as to track the excellent performance has laid a good foundation. In the first day of the race, participating teams in the Pacific pool on the first stage fit benz w220 front air suspension- about 2.2 km of the super short-track competition. Atkinson driving the seventh generation of golf chariot, at the beginning to show an overwhelming strength to 1 minute 59 seconds 96 results lead the audience, usher in the China Rally Championship (CRC) Changchun station on the first day of a good start. It is worth mentioning that, in all the contestants, he is the only one in 2 minutes to complete the super short-track driver. "The short corner of the curve set very well, convergence is great fit s class w220 front air suspension, the leap in the bridge is very interesting.This game is our home team and the season ending of the war, so our goal is very clear is back to champion , "Atkinson said after the game. In 15 days of the four stages of the game, FAW - Volkswagen team performed even better fit benz s class air suspension, Atkinson continued to lead, Linde Wei rose to third in the audience, Chen Dean is also among the domestic drivers in the top spear, to further consolidate the team Of the dominant position. 16, the day before the fierce competition caused by changes in the ice road conditions, the difficulty of the game the last day has increased. Nevertheless, the golf chariot is still unrivaled powerful, three drivers will keep the lead to the end of the game.
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