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Test Alfa - Romeo Guilia22/3/2017
"I tested this Alfa-Romeo Guilia in the UK, and I had some experience in addition to speeding performance and track performance." First of all, I had to praise the car, which was a remarkable four The car, especially the straight - line push, is impressive, but I do not think it 's a luxury car. "Alfa - Romeo Guilia car is too crowded, it makes me think of the Jaguar XE. Although the cabin design sense is strong, but the center console and steering wheel button is really a bit cheaper, I think this price The car at least looks and feels like having a German style fit 240sx s14 coilovers. "So this car to attract me and other colleagues is not configured, but the performance of the vehicle itself. To know, Alfa - Romeo Guilia QV New York lap than the Ferrari 430 Scuderia ah! And now even the BMW are predicting forward Production of the era, Alfa - Romeo can so insist on simple, pure control of the car, alone it is rare. "In my opinion, this is a" balanced. "Although the interior design fit 240SX coilovers for sale and interior space is unsatisfactory, Guilia is more interesting than Mercedes-Benz, more precise than BMW's control, and if I have £ 60,000 Car budget, simply can not afford to buy C63 and M3, so it is more Alfa some of the more. World famous car magazine RoadandTrack on the alpha - Romeo Guilia so evaluation: "Fiat Chrysler did not plan to produce compact or medium-sized four-door sedans in 2017. Dodge and Chrysler 200 were eventually given up, leaving enough market space for its brand Alfa-Romeo fit best s14 coilovers to know that Alfa from In 1995 did not seriously produced a four - door sports car.
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Alpha-Romeo Guilia performance22/3/2017
"In terms of appearance or performance, Alpha - Romeo Guilia enough to attract the eye, but for its German competitors, there is still a certain gap, the gap from the market choice to buy the price level of consumers are often business Use, it is clear that the choice of a radical radical Alpha is not a sensible thing, but also for car rental companies, such a special, not very hedge of the car is also difficult to become the object of choice for the Alpha - Romeo The awareness and recognition is far less close to the BBA. "Alfa - Romeo Guilia's interior at first glance fit BMW E36 Camber Plates is very beautiful, but compared with the Audi is still slightly worse texture.Although the design is given new ideas, but the details are far from enough. , The size is far less than the same level of opponents in the control information display are Guilia short board, this is undoubtedly the German people know more about buying the price of the car consumers need anything. "For me Guilia is a bright spot for the car fit s14 silva shocks for sale, but not enough attractive to let me pocket to buy it.Perhaps because of the high fuel consumption, perhaps because it is not friendly interior design, Perhaps because of the unsatisfactory hedge rate, anyway, there is always so uncertain that I will not choose it. "Top Gear editor from the perspective of market positioning on the talk about Alfa - Romeo Guilia fit nissan 200sx s14 coilovers market prospects. Although the overseas car market and the domestic auto market has many different, but there are some values are convergence, so it is for the domestic consumers to provide a certain reference.
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