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The new GTC4Lusso T is elegant13/4/2017
Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari) once said: our world to Zhen masterpiece, will always be the next Ferrari. Like Feng Shaofeng, in the acting career, continue to challenge the breakthrough self, recently won the Hundred Flowers Award winner; private, love racing he is the horse horse brand owners and loyal fans. The dedication of the cause of hard work, the pursuit of the ultimate speed and the extraordinary experience of the sports car enthusiastic, so Feng Shaofeng and Ferrari brand committed to the spirit of innovation coincide, also made the interaction between the two sides ripe fit Bmw E36 Shocks and Struts, complement each other. Whether it is in the slippery Jiangnan Lane Lane, or ride in the tall buildings of the Lujiazui stands, or gallop in the lights on the Bund, GTC4Lusso T extraordinary full road conditions are perfectly managed to meet the frequent shuttle in the streets of the extraordinary people for sports driving experience , Versatility and excellent daily driving quality of the ultimate pursuit, but also to this racing journey is full of the ultimate fun. The new GTC4Lusso T will be elegant fit E36 Shock Absorbers, spacious and luxurious interior perfect combination of originality of the two cockpit design to make practical space to enhance, to ensure the best comfort and maximum availability at the same time, to create a special luxury horse driving atmosphere. The spacious back room offers a richer set of space to meet the daily commute and travel vacation requirements. After the shooting during the hearty test drive, Feng Shaofeng conceal the love of this sports car fit BMW 325 Coilovers, he said, "GTC4Lusso T and the previous Ferrari are not the same, not only beautiful appearance, tail sexy, interior is to achieve a sublimation, especially Is a four - door design, spacious space for driving experience is very comfortable.
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Ford Foley Happiness Edition13/4/2017
As a Changan Ford's tailored for the Chinese family, with world-class quality of the "new model car" - 2017 Ford Ford on March 27 listed. The model continues the Ford Ford's stylish appearance, comfortable ride space, first-class vehicle quality, excellent fuel economy and reliable safety performance of the five major product advantages, of which 2017 Ford Fukushi happiness version for the first time equipped with new 8-inch digital high-definition capacitive touch screen, with custom 3D navigation, reversing images and support a variety of audio and video media playback formats and many other features to meet the needs of modern consumer travel needs for consumers to bring more convenient and better Family car fit BMW E46 Adjustable Coilovers life experience. 2017 Ford Ford Happy Edition for the first time equipped with a new 8-inch digital high-definition capacitive touch screen, providing multimedia entertainment navigation system so that consumers enjoy mobile travel fun. The system is equipped with 8-inch capacitive touch screen, with 1024 * 600 HD resolution, the operation is more sensitive, more fluid, more rapid, true color graphical user interface, intuitive and convenient, anti-glare design fit BMW E36 Coil Struts, through the Ford engineering team to verify, Set the product standards, bringing quality visual experience. 2017 Ford Ford continued to carry the advanced 1.5-liter dual-stand-alone camshaft variable timing engine and 6-speed tiptronic transmission of high-power combination, so that its 100 km minimum fuel consumption is only 6.5L. And 83kW maximum power and 142Nm peak torque, easy to meet the daily travel and long-distance travel power demand. In addition, Ford Ford is also equipped with a battery management system fit BMW E36 Spring Struts and intelligent renewable charging system and other energy-saving technologies, effectively further reduce fuel consumption.
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