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Founder of Mitsubishi22/2/2017
Toyota, both in Japan and the global region, its sales performance we all see, "there must be a road car Toyota" This sentence is confirming the powerful Toyota. So, we think that the Japanese first to build their own passenger cars will not be Toyota it? Although Toyota is Japan's largest car factory, but not from his hand. At the end of the 19th century, the founder of Mitsubishi, Iwasaki Yutaro, rented the Nagasaki Shipbuilding Bureau from the Japanese government and named it Nagasaki Shipyard and later renamed Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. As the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has been working with the military, so the Japanese military in the early 20th century will be the task of manufacturing passenger cars by Mitsubishi. The military task by the Kobe branch is responsible for, but unfortunately a shipyard without experience, really unable to start, then Mitsubishi introduced the Italian FIAT TIPO 3, based on the beginning of the Japanese to build the first ride Car-MITSUBISHI MODEL A. Although there is a real FIAT TIPO 3 in front of, but after all, we are in the novice stage, many parts are only by hand to build. Spent two years, this by the Japanese personally build the domestic passenger car MODEL A finally launched in 1919. This is a four-door five, front rear drive design of the car, equipped with a 2.8L inline four-cylinder engine, although the displacement of 2.8, but the maximum power is only 26kW, the maximum speed of 97km / h.
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Dress up short spring22/2/2017
GLA this car, although Mercedes-Benz positioning of this model is called SUV directly, but by virtue of the compact car wheelbase and cross-border coupe rear, if the body down, certainly do not have a flavor. The following chart to modify the KW competitive twist shock GLA45AMG is a very good demonstration. Extreme version of the GLA45AMG change KW shock, cross-border coupe courier attitude. But the KW, but the manufacturers ah, a set of hanging down small 20,000, expensive, and usually take the street is certainly very Britain. With the "flower fist embroidered legs" plan comfort priority, rational tossing principle, the younger brother only pay one-tenth of the cost, choose a both can reduce the body and take into account the daily driving comfort of the compromise - Short spring. The protagonist of this - eibach prokit. Both comfortable and also reduce the body. At the same time, if the original if the original shock absorber does not meet my further toss requirements, you can start bilstein B8 shock absorber, combined called B12 shock absorber assembly. Is also a perfect match for this set of short springs for further upgrades.
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