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A back drive god car will fall, Lexus GS will be discontinued?17/10/2017
Due to the high cost of lead the price is too high, Lexus GS models sales bleak, the Russian market cash GS has been discontinued. Not only Russia, foreign media reports, Lexus has plans to stop the development of the next generation of GS models, will soon be fully discontinued. Lexus GS and ES are medium and large cars, body size is very close. The H Beam Connecting Rods positioning and adjustment of the two have a more obvious difference, the most fundamental difference is that ES is a pre-front layout, tend to home / business, GS for the front drive, was given a stronger sporty. However, the current GS in the domestic price of 45.97.99 million yuan; much higher than the price of ES298-49.8 million. In terms of sales, Lexus GS sold only 1,228 units in January-August fit GT2871 Turbo this year. Lexus has plans to stop developing next-generation GS models.
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2.7 trillion "reason" Tesla will not become a car giant17/10/2017
Masco has invested heavily in the past two quarters, and now the Model 3 installation line has not yet been completed, and after this year's annual performance review, Tesla has fired hundreds of employees. Tesla did not announce the number of employees fired, but San Jose Mercury reported that the estimated number of employees to be fired between 400 and 700 people. Tesla's production has lagged far behind the established plan, and Freemant's H Beam Connecting Rods employees have to manually assemble cars. With Musk launched a series of embarrassing products and plans, Bloomberg lists a number of reasons to remind us that Tesla will never become a global auto giant. So far, the US government's generous subsidy to electric cars has pushed Tesla's sales, which has made it impossible for investors to think that Tesla will become a well-paid company someday. Morgan Stanley is expected in 2040, the world will have 52.6 million Tesla cars, but unfortunately, the subsidy policy is not enough to support Tesla to achieve this goal. The construction of charging stations and other necessary infrastructure will require an astonishing $ 2.7 trillion, most of which may need to be allocated by the government. Morgan Stanley said the issue needed to be tackled by cross-regional and sectoral private and public funds. Morgan Stanley strategists added that unless the infrastructure is in place, any car company or government's radical goals can not be achieved. As we have mentioned many times, the electric car industry has basically Connecting Rods been a unique huge subsidy. In China, electric vehicles are actively promoted to a certain extent to solve environmental pollution problems, the Government to develop fit BMW E46 Coilovers for sale a strong strategy to force consumers to choose electric vehicles. In Shanghai, tens of thousands of people monthly license plate auction, and the purchase of electric vehicles will be free license plate. Bloomberg reported that Morgan Stanley is expected in 2040 to become the world's largest electric car market, accounting for about one-third of global infrastructure spending. But during the administration of Trump, the United States is unlikely to long-term subsidies for electric vehicles. Masque's ambition turns into reality that will be difficult.
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