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8/10/2018 - The adhesive need to completely cool andset before you do anything

  Is your school facing budget cuts this year?Is the yearbook on the chopping block? If so, don't worry because youcan Metal spinning product still put out the yearbook and save money by binding it yourselfwith a thermal binding machine. Here is how you do it: Haveyour students design the yearbook. Tell them to remember to use the"rule of thirds" when laying out the book. This helps promote abalanced design. Also, colors and fonts should be chosen carefully sothat everything looks great. Printthe yearbook out on high-quality paper. It's easier to bind documentsthat contain regular bond paper as opposed to glossy stock. If you dochoose to use glossy stock, you will want to staple each yearbookbefore binding it.

If you skip this step, there is a high probabilitythat the pages will eventually fall out of the books. Selectsome thermal binding cases for your yearbooks. If you want to use casesthat have been foil imprinted and/or have window cut in them, you willwant to order the cases well ahead of time. (A few months will probablysuffice. Although you might want to give yourself extra time to preventany disasters from occurring.) Make sure that the cases can easily bindall of the pages of the document. If the case is too large or toosmall, pages will fall out of the yearbook at some point. Turnon your thermal binding machine and let it warm up.

Place a yearbook ineach one of the binding cases and make sure that the pages are flush.All of the pages need to come into contact with the adhesive in thecase's spine. Once your machinehas warmed up, place the yearbook in the feed opening with the spinefacing down. Depending on the length of your yearbook and the size ofyour machine, you may be able to bind more than one book at time. Ifyou can do this, you will save a lot of time and finish the job faster. Yourthermal binding machine will probably beep when it has finished bindingyour yearbook. When this happens, remove the yearbook from the deviceand move it to a cooling rack.

The adhesive need to completely cool andset before you do anything else with the book. Repeat the process in order to bind your other yearbooks. Turn on the binding machine when you are done so it won't overheat. Onething you might want to consider if you choose to bind your ownyearbooks is to have more than one thermal binding machine at hand.This will speed up the process since more than one person will bebinding. Granted, you will need to put out some extra money for anothermachine, but you'll recoup it by not needing to send your books out forbinding by a third party. It's easy to bind your own yearbook and it can definitely be cost-effective. Give it a try. Good luck and happy binding!

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28/9/2018 - If you want adurable coil binding machine

If you want to partake in this document finishing Metal spun method,you should take a look at the Akiles iCoil 41+. Here's a detailed lookat its strengths - and weaknesses. Check them out to discover if thisis the machine for you. Strengths: The iCoil's is abinding machine that uses coils with a 4:1 pitch. These bindingsupplies come in a terrific array of colors so you'll be able to findone that's just right for your particular document. And if you're notsure which size coil is right for your document, you can use thismachine's coil selector to find the right one. Thisdevice can punch up to 15 sheets of paper at a time, which is a prettyterrific amount. Best of all, the iCoil's punching mechanism isvertical so your sheets will be perfectly aligned every time you punchthem.

There's also a side margin control so that the holes will beevenly centered. In addition to paper, this device can punch materialssuch as PVC. One of the great things aboutthe iCoil is that it comes with an electric coil inserter which reallyhelps speed up the binding process. The inserter is controlled by afoot pedal so you'll be able to keep your hands free and thus, havemore control over how your document turns out. TheiCoil is easy to use thanks in part to its ergonomic handle. Even whenyour preparing a lot of documents, your joints won't get too tired soyou'll be able to stay productive. Akilesalways makes durable machines and they've done so again with thisproduct. This device has high-quality parts and a metal chassis soyou'll be able to get years of use out of it.

Even the punching diesare first-rate since they're made out of harden steel. If you want adurable coil binding machine, this product would definitely be aterrific choice. Although the iCoil has some terrific special features, it's still priced affordably. It's also backed by a one-year warranty. Weaknesses: This device'spunching capacity isn't going to be sufficient if you tend to work witha lot of lengthy documents. That makes this machine better for officesin which binding occur on an occasional basis. Overall, the Akiles iCoil 41+ is a first-rate spiral bindingmachine and would be ideal for work environments that need such adevice for occasional use.

It has a decent punching capacity (unlessyou need to punch a lot of sheets in a short period of time) and thecoil selector makes it easy to find the right supplies for yourdocuments. The electric inserter is a very welcome feature as is theergonomic handle. Best of all, this device is totally durable so you'llbe able to count on it for a long time. If all of this sounds good toyou be sure to take a look at the iCoil today and consider purchasingit for your workplace.

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