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Panda Microwave – Broadband RF & Microwave Components

27/4/2017 - 6.75-7.25 GHz Band Pass Filter

Posté sur band pass filter
Model : BPF06750725-S

50 Ohm SMA-Female Band Pass Filter From 6.75-7.25 GHz Rated at 5 Watts;
6.75-7.25 GHz, SMA-Female Band Pass Filter;
Low Insertion Loss 1.5dB;
High Rejection;
Operating Temperature: -40 to +70℃

Frequency Range | GHz : 6.75-7.25
Impedance | Ω : 50
Bandwidth | MHz : 500
Insertion Loss | dB Max. : 1.5
Ripple | dB Max. : 4
Return Loss | dB Min. : 13.98
Power Handing | W Max. : 5
Rejection | dB Min. : 30@1-6.5GHz; 30@7.5-10GHz
Ouput Connector : SMA-Female
CW Power Max. : 5W
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19/4/2017 - CTS Launches High-Performance Low Pass Filters for Wireless Infrastructure

Posté sur Low-pass filter
CTS Corporation has launched the RLF (Rooftop Low-pass Filter) family of products to offer compact, high performance low-pass filters (LPFs) for use in small-cell base stations or other radio frequency (RF) wireless infrastructure applications. This line of ceramic filters expands CTS’ product portfolio for telecommunications applications and complements our latest innovations in band-pass filter and duplexer technologies.

An LPF is a 2-port RF filter used in an RF signal path to pass a range of frequencies below a specified frequency and to suppress (attenuate) the frequencies above the high-side of a given range. Most commonly, these LPFs will be used in combination with a duplexer or band pass filter for high-frequency suppression to meet either co-location requirements for a second band locating at high frequencies, or to meet government/industry regulations for high frequency emissions. The RLF can be used in a standalone environment, but is an excellent companion to CTS’s Clearplex band-pass filter and duplexer products.

CTS Corporation is both an advanced ceramics manufacturer and component designer. This vertically integrated structure allows for great flexibility in the design and manufacture of ceramic filter solutions. As a result, CTS produces high quality standard and custom solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.
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11/4/2017 - Marmon-Herrington® Launches Variable Power Divider (VPD)

Posté sur power divider
Marmon-Herrington announces the release of a new variable power divider (VPD) that eliminates the need for an auxiliary diesel engine in applications where a second power source has traditionally been required. By dividing the truck's diesel engine into propulsion power and auxiliary power, the Marmon-Herrington VPD reduces operating costs, maintenance, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for fleet managers while providing meaningful driver-friendly benefits to equipment operators. The technology is produced in Louisville, KY at Marmon-Herrington's Magisterial Drive location and is part of the Marmon-Herrington HydroMech® family of products for class 6 through 8 trucks.

"A hydrostatic variator is fundamental to this patented technology," says Nathan Webster, Marmon-Herrington Engineering Manager. "Because the VPD allows the engine and auxiliary device to run independently of each other, customers benefit immensely from the elimination of the second engine. The VPD is capable of running the auxiliary device up to and above full engine RPM while also allowing the driver to vary the vehicle speed as normal. This saves time, money, and complexity."

"The HydroMechVPD™ is specifically designed as a single-engine solution to save fleets money and simplify operation," says Rick Blair, President of Marmon-Herrington OEM Division. "We expect customers to see additional benefits through reduced weight and improved packaging. The entire HydroMech brand is built around technology that delivers the quality and reliability Marmon-Herrington is known for, while creating exceptional end-user value," Blair concluded.

Marmon-Herrington is currently focusing on key opportunities within aircraft rescue & firefighting (ARFF), street sweeping, agriculture, defense, and other markets that can benefit from this innovative technology.

The VPD will be on display during ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas. The Marmon-Herrington booth is located in South Hall 4, booth number S84030.
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5/4/2017 - 627th Airmen identifies vehicle issue and saves AF $68k

Posté sur power divider
According to Micromain Corporation, doing preventative maintenance on your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to save money in the long run.

Maintenance Airmen from the 627th Logistic Readiness Squadron learned first-hand just how important performing preventative maintenance really is.

“The 627th Civil Engineer Squadron fire fighters were out working and noticed a couple issues with their fire truck,” said Nicholas Deleon, 627th LRS Heavy mobile equipment mechanic leader. “So they brought the fire truck to us to figure out what the issues were.”

Airman 1st Class Justyn Zangwill, 627th LRS fire truck and refuel maintenance journeyman said when they were testing the truck, they noticed the fire truck wasn’t driving and pumping water at the same time like it was designed to.

“We noticed a couple issues with the truck when we tested it in the compound,” said Zangwill.

Once the Airmen isolated the problem, they had to remove the engine and the power divider assembly, to locate seven broken bolts and a broken spring inside the directional coupler.

“We’ve been told by an outside corporation that the engine with the power divider is something they don’t use anymore, but it can break every five years,” said Zangwill. “One was replaced before I got here, so it was matter of time before it needed to be fixed again.”

Zangwill said the power divider and the directional coupler is a very important piece to the fire truck.

“The directional coupler, compress everything together when you engage the pumps, but the torsion reduces the shock on the springs,” said Zangwill. “The power divider [pump and roll], will engage the pump, so you are able to drive forward while pumping out water or foam. If you engage the pumps and the truck automatically starts trying to take off, that means there’s a problem. Which in this case was the broken bolts and springs we found.”

Because of the quick response and knowledge of the small three person fire truck maintenance shop, the Airmen saved the Air Force thousands of dollars.

“I estimated that this project would have cost us close to $70,000 if we would have contracted it out,” said Deleon. “The closest company we found that does this project was in Canada and we would have had to ship the entire vehicle and pay for parts and labor.”

The Airmen provided a solution that took three weeks and only cost the Air Force $2,000 in parts.

Zangwill said he was glad that the maintenance shop was able to find the problem and fix it.

“Everybody knows that one of the Air Force missions is moving people and cargo,” said Deleon. “The planes aren’t allowed to take off unless there are aircraft fire trucks on the flightline ready, in case of an emergency. If we weren’t here to fix the fire trucks, then the planes couldn’t take off and complete their mission.”
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20/3/2017 - 0.3-26.5 GHz 2 way Power Divider

Model : PD003265-2S

50 Ohm 2-Way SMA-Female Power Divider From 0.3 to 26.5 GHz Rated at 20 Watts
26.5 GHz, SMA-Female Power Divider;
Insertion Loss 3.8dB;
Isolation 16dB;
Operating Temperature -55 to +105℃.

Frequency Range | GHz : 0.3-26.5
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input VSWR | Max. : 1.6
Output VSWR | Max. : 1.6
Insertion Loss | dB Max. : 3.8
Amplitude Balance | dB Max. : ±0.4
Phase Balance | deg Max. : ±5
Isolator | dB Min. : 16
CW Power | W Max. : 20
Peak Power | KW Max. : 3
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9/3/2017 - 7.75-8.55 GHz 2 way Power Divider

Posté sur power divider
Model : PD077085-2S

50 Ohm 2-Way SMA-Female Power Divider From 7.75 to 8.55 GHz Rated at 10 Watts
8.55 GHz, SMA-Female Power Divider;
Insertion Loss 0.4dB;
Isolation 25dB;
Operating Temperature -40 to +70℃.

Frequency Range | GHz : 7.75 – 8.55
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input VSWR | Max. : 1.2
Output VSWR | Max. : 1.2
Insertion Loss | dB Max. : 0.4
Amplitude Balance | dB Max. : ±0.2
Phase Balance | deg Max. : ±2
Isolator | dB Min. : 25
CW Power | W Max. : 10
Peak Power | KW Max. : 1
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3/3/2017 - 1-3.5 GHz 2-way Power Divider

Posté sur power divider
Model : PD010035-2S

50 Ohm 2-Way SMA-Female Power Divider From 1 to 3.5 GHz Rated at 20 Watts
3.5 GHz, SMA-Female Power Divider;
Insertion Loss 0.5dB;
Isolation 20dB;
Operating Temperature -40 to +70℃.

Frequency Range | GHz : 1-3.5
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input VSWR | Max. : 1.3
Output VSWR | Max. : 1.2
Insertion Loss | dB Max. : 0.5
Amplitude Balance | dB Max. : 0.6
Phase Balance | deg Max. : 4
Isolator | dB Min. : 20
CW Power | W Max. : 20
Peak Power | KW Max. : 0.5
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27/2/2017 - 17.4 GHz 2.92mm-Female DRO

Posté sur DRO
Model : DROI17400-1492

50 Ohm 17.4GHz 2.92mm-Female dielectric resonator oscillator Rated at +14dBm
17.4GHz, 2.92mm-Female DRO;
Output Power +14 dBm;
Phase Noise -70@10KHz dBc/Hz;
Operating Temperature -40 to +70℃.

Outprt Freq. | GHz : 17.4
Impedance | Ω : 50
Output Power | dBm Min. : 14
Temp. Drift | MHz Max. : /
Phase Noise | dBc/Hz Max. : 70@10KHz
Har. Supperssion | dBc Min : /
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13/2/2017 - 7.05-10 GHz 10dBm Low Noise Amplifier

Model : LA070100-G50P10

50 Ohm 10dBm SMA-Female Low Noise Amplifier From 7.05-10 GHz Rated at Gain 50dB
10 GHz, SMA-Female Low Noise Amplifier;
Low noise figure 2.5dB;
Output Power 10dBm;
Operating Temperature -55 to +85℃.

Frequency Range | GHz : 7.05-10
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input Power | dBm Max. : 20
Gain | dB Min. : 50
Gain Fla. | dB Max. : ±1.5
NF. dB | Max. : 2.5
Input / output VSWR | Max. : 1.8 / 1.8
IP3 | dBm Min. : /
Output Power | dBm Min. : 10@P-1dB
Power Supply | V /mA Type. : +12 / TBD
Ouput Connector : SMA-Female
CW Power Max. : 10dBm
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6/2/2017 - 0.5-6 GHz 3dBm Low Noise Amplifier

Model: LA005060-G18P03

50 Ohm 3dBm SMA-Female Low Noise Amplifier From 0.5-6 GHz Rated at Gain 18dB
6 GHz, SMA-Female Low Noise Amplifier;
Low noise figure 3dB;
Output Power 3dBm;
Operating Temperature -55 to +85℃.

Frequency Range | GHz : 0.5-6
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input Power | dBm Max. : 20
Gain | dB Min. : 18
Gain Fla. | dB Max. : 1.5
NF. dB | Max. : 3
Input / output VSWR | Max. : 2 / 2
IP3 | dBm Min. : 15
Output Power | dBm Min. : 3@P-1dB
Power Supply | V /mA Type. : +12 / 150
Ouput Connector : SMA-Female
CW Power Max. : 5dBm
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