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Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory (the former Zhuji Nonferrous Metallurgical Machinery Complex Factory) is a legal enterprise registered in People's Republic of China. The factory is in the south of Yangtze Rive Delta, the most important economic key zone in China. Located in the hometown of Xishi of the ancient Kingdom of Yue in the city of Zhuji, Zhejiang province, it is about 70 kilometers from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province and 30 minutes by car to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Zhejiang -Jiangxi Railway runs through this area and Hangzhou -Jinhua-Quzhou express way sets three gateways in Zhuji with a very convenient transportation.

How to Optimize the Efficiency of Thickening Equipment17/10/2018

Large storage tanks, known as Thickening Equipment, are used to separate fine suspended mineral particles from process water, produce a clarified water flow from the top of the concentrator overflow, and produce thick sludge that precipitates solids (underflow) from the bottom. Once mined from the ground, the mined ore is subjected to a series of complex steps to be converted to the purest state and ready for use.

A key step in most ore refining operations is the physical separation of process water from useful extracts or tailings. There are several reasons to optimize this process:

Thickeners are used in many mineral refining processes, including alumina, gold, nickel, ore and coal washing. In fact, most minerals are solid-liquid separated in thickeners at some point during processing.

The main components of the concentrating device are the concentrating tank and the squeegee. The slurry is fed to the concentration tank through a feeding device. The ore in the slurry is precipitated by its own gravity before the flocculant is used. At this stage, the concentration efficiency of the concentrator is low and the floor space is large. After the flocculant is produced, by adding a flocculating agent to the slurry, the ore particles form larger particles under the action of the flocculating agent, thereby increasing the sedimentation speed and improving the concentration efficiency.

Accurate measurement of the influx of thickeners is critical to ensure the recycling of process water. Basically, the feed flow can be controlled according to the high definition of the overflow. The greater the outflow, the faster the feed rate and the greater the optimum concentrator output. This further increases processing efficiency and reduces cost compared to semi-batch operation.

Most mining process operators believe that one of their main challenges is to accurately and reliably monitor the bed and bed quality of their concentrators, which, combined with other key process parameters, optimizes the efficiency of the concentrator.

For more information, you can click Classifying Equipment

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Use Thickening Tank to Treat Sewage10/10/2018

Ore can be processed by Thickening Equipment, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of subsequent processing. Click here for more information:Use Thickening Tank

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