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companies and more than any previous
Municipal decision: to be more active in encouraging enterprises in Shengzhou going out to seize the market!Last year, March 3, Shengzhou Shengzhou-governmental organizations, more than 10 apparel companies participated in the 2009 Poland (Poznan) International Professional Textile Exhibition, the three-day event a total of 900 exhibitors from 25 countries , to be 13,000 customers, including wholesalers, importers, chain stores offices, retailers, designers.Exhibited a rainbow of foreign tradeExports in the whole of the industrial economy in Shengzhou City, has a pivotal position.ranking Shaoxing City first, which is higher than the province's export growth rate 22. How to start rebuilding the confidence of entrepreneurs? How in the crisis to seek survival and development of the Road? This year, the government and enterprises deeply than ever to understand the market is the lifeblood of the truth. The face of a shortage of orders, most enterprise managers are tight, and then single-handedly single-scale business operators running around all day helplessly in front of a few old clients, usually used to take a single second-hand small and medium enterprises is even more immersive the abyss, as if the night do not see the light. This is a string of exciting to explore behind the figures, the author after in-depth interviews, and finally look to the export Shengzhou warming footprint. Has been in a double-digit growth in foreign trade, because international markets shrink, the first quarter of 2009 fell by 25%.Since last year, the city's products are exported to 142 countries and regions, an increase over the previous year, the new 12.According to statistics, last year the municipal government has organized more than 150 enterprises to participate in the Polish international professional textile and garment exhibition, the Cairo International Fair, New York, Chinese textile and apparel trade fair, the Canton Fair, China Fair, Consumer Goods Fair and other trade fairs at home and abroad 20 times , the number of participating companies and more than any previous year.Going out to take in a crisis strategy for the city's exports to lay a solid foundation for exports in the new year, drew the sky on a brilliant rainbow.3%, exports increased by 34. from the original order to the current initiative to try to steal out of order, and gradually formed a not afraid of no orders, is not afraid to go out of business philosophy. However, the market began in 2008 that the financial crisis, Shengzhou City's foreign trade enterprises is undoubtedly a blow.In order to encourage enterprises to expand their markets out of the enthusiasm, the municipal government to actively go out to the participating companies to give policy support to domestic and overseas exhibiting enterprises have been awarded a full or a substantial part of the booth support. Shengzhou grand exhibition to look for business partners to negotiate trade and built a platform for the Shengzhou companies received orders for first-hand, but also broadened the horizons of entrepreneurs and more enterprises to go the whole year extension market, a good start? In a crisis has become the lifeline for businesses Screwing Fittings Manufacturers looking for the municipal government of the important issue, expand the market, Paul orders, anti-government-related risk has become a main line of work functions.This year in January, Shengzhou imports and exports grew 58. Have been supporting, but also received the orders, tasted the sweetness of a large number of SMEs in the market out of the initiative to find a marked increase in passive, etc.4 percent..7 percentage points higher than the national.
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textile and garment enterprises to develop
From January to May, there were more than 30,000 textile and apparel trade enterprises, which export oriented enterprises 22 701 home based business imports 18 244, in this huge business groups, the proportion of state owned enterprises has been reduced to less than half, three enterprises export growth of 25. dollars, up 24.S.S.. dollars, up 25. According to the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce statistics, 1 5 months, a major textile and apparel exports in the way of trade, import and export of general trade of the fastest growing, an increase of respectively Export trade was. View from the level of exports, the export amount of 5.2% export growth of private enterprises, export share of 36%, respectively, and 20%, comparatively speaking, only the state owned enterprises to achieve export growth of 14. Information analysis, according to NPD Group, the Iraq war, consumers in the clothing and footwear expenditure increased sharply, 5,6, China PPR Fittings Suppliers 7 months, U.73% (Hong Kong ranked second from last month rose to No.33 billion U.2%, of which exports 6. dollars rapidly, up by 25. dollars, up 7.7%.S.Of course, the textile industry is still facing the export environment is still offers many, this is something we must address. New York based Baisha credit consultants. Berna rdSands analysis of the economic analyst Hastings pointed out that if the garment factory was forced to withdraw from production to Asia, the move to Central and South America, the labor costs will rise, delivery will be delayed not a good idea. As the cotton, oil and other raw material prices rise, so that downstream manufacturers operating cost has increased, profit margins shrink, export costs; with the freedom of trade to speed up the integration process, international trade protectionism, trade barriers is an impact on China's textile The main obstacle to export clothing and so on.S.S. consumers plan to clothing spending 14% more than usual, expect this demand will will continue for some time, it export of textiles and garments in China to provide a broader market; Asia's rapid economic development of the textiles and clothing has increased demand. dollars, up 8.2%, of which exports 6. Japan's current high tech textile, home textile consumption accounts for one third of Asia, South Korean high tech textile consumption also exceeded the world average, China as the world's largest textile producer and exporter, export competition, the potential is obvious.1%, especially fur garments and leather clothing fastest growing. January to May on China's textile export limits to export growth than non limits areas, limiting the region's exports 6.215 billion U.92%, accounting for foreign trade import and export value of 10. Textile and apparel trade surplus from January to May 2, 1. And 5 months old textile and apparel exports of view, there are several features of concern. dollars, up 31..S.8%; processing trade increased by 1 3.According to statistics, from January to May this year, the industry completed 356.SARS in the country's most rampant, because of exports in China's textile industry the proportion of large number of textile and garment export market performance gives cause for concern: the domestic market demand, prices fall; part of the China Foreign cancel the normal business travel orders from abroad greatly reduced, in some areas there was even a part of the foreign non compliance, withdrawals, especially for the affected areas of the business, such as Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangdong exports last year fell 10% .Funded, private enterprises outstanding. dollars, up by 21.04 billion U. China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce official told reporters that, in the textile and garment export surplus, driven from January to May this year, the National favorable balance of goods, total trade has been expanded to 2. Moreover, the garment unit also showed growth, including weaving, knitting and garment export unit price rose by 2. The reasons are that: the pattern of China's major export markets has not changed.453 billion U. dollars of U. dollars, up 26.S.466 billion U.05 billion U.61 percent. dollars, accounting for the total textile and apparel exports 51.S.77%, accounting for 3. In which the amount of textiles imported 5..1%, while May is the most serious period of SARS, but from the same month of the textile and apparel trade data shows that the effect is not prominent.29 billion yuan industrial output value (excluding the textile machinery manufacturing industry, 90 years of constant price), textile and garment export value 33.78%. dollars, up growth of 31.S.SARS outbreak in most of May, import and export of textiles and garments in China remains considerable growth. Clothing Export Growth in price rise.357 billion U.1%, textile and apparel trade in China export still plays an important role. dollars, an increase of 32.S.To press time, the latest statistics from customs show that in the first half textile exports 12. On the amount of the three major exporting countries and regions, a total of 14.S.405 billion U.164 billion U. As the main force of the national export earnings, I believe there will be textile and garment enterprises more exciting performance.557 billion U. The total value of textile and clothing imports 5.The fastest growing import and export of general trade. dollars, which stimulate domestic consumption has played an important role.597 billion U. Apparel exports 17.S. An increase of 18%, industry wide performance is still worth noting. dollars, up 25. dollars, up 28.2%, import 1.45 billion U.6% share of imports increased by 8%, accounting for 89.189 billion U.4%, and footwear exports 6.Seasonal restrictions on textile and garment industry has a feature of the ship often one or two seasons in advance, because the process of trade, SARS impact to lag, industry analysis, this lag may appear later in July, but the textile industry's competitiveness will not be too greatly.71%. Speed up the restructuring, accelerate product upgrades and accelerate market segments, accelerate development speed, speed up the development of information technology to accelerate brand development and so on textile and apparel enterprises is still major work to do.93 percentage points.74%, non regional export restrictions 20.S.2% and 36. dollars.S. . dollars, up by 11.2% share.35 billion U. Although the SARS epidemic, when part of the outer one or revocation or loss to the Pakistan, India, Vietnam and other countries, but textile and apparel from China Chamber of Commerce statistics, the most regular order still has not changed direction.S. dollars, up 11.61%. exports, an increase of 39.S.S.S.24%.S.51%, indicating considerable competitiveness.58%, of which textile exports 10.215 billion U.SARS outbreak in most of May, China's textile and apparel imports and exports continued to maintain a significant growth momentum, according to customs statistics, the month, the national textile and garment import and export volume reached 74 billion U. dollars, up 8. dollars, up 32. According to customs statistics, the month, the national textile and garment import and export volume reached 74 billion U.952 billion U.62%.5%, apparel exports 21.41 billion U.3%.5%, 85.View from the national and regional rankings, 1 May exports were China, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States.9%.848 billion U.19 percent, the national foreign trade export value accounted for 17. dollars, up 26.If you change the supply channels of foreign importers, will damage their own interests, they will be dealt with cautiously; China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce official said, China is a major exporter of textiles and garments, the supply situation is not because of this incident SARS easily changed; international economic slow recovery also beneficial to the market pull.17%; clothing imports amounted to 502 million U.4% and 3.05 billion U.S.37 billion U.15 percent year on year respectively and 244. China Textile Industry Association, Du said, each of textiles increased by one percentage point of economic growth, economic growth is 1.1%, accounting for 32.68%.. Before May of this year garment exports reached 17. dollars, up 12.S.35 billion U.2%, import 1. dollars, up 33.S.Commodity development space significantly. dollars, up 38. the face of flutter back blurred the export market, many industry is firmly convinced that, SARS is only an occasional temporary factors, does not change the long form textile industry competitive, the textile industry from January to May of this year's performance confirmed that.5 1%; the amount of 3.79 percent. 1); Japan's export value of Textile and apparel exports 27. In particular, I have the CIS, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, the export hit a record high, on the basis of growth in the last year, from January to May this year, the increase in more than 50%, China's textile and garment enterprises to develop the international market, the growing capacity of enhanced. From January to May, exports in the apparel and clothing accessories, the socks, gloves, underwear and other commodities heat frequently, including underwear and socks the first 5 months of the export volume of apparel and clothing accessories exports ranked third and fifth, the total exports volume increased 447. According to authoritative analysis, by 2005, Asia will replace North America and Europe, the world of high technology textiles, home textiles, nonwovens's largest consumer market.S.102 billion U.88% of total import value of foreign trade.
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