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15/1/2019 - You get a piece of paper on it with lines that you have to fill in

  "So, what do you do?"Does this question make you cringe because you have to speak your 30-second introduction? Perhaps you're uncomfortable with it because it's just "not quite right"---and it doesn't capture Interlock fabric the magic of what you really do to help others. Or, maybe you're wondering if it sounds canned, corny, and over-rehearsed. That's a real turn-off, for you and the other person, isn't it?One thing I know for sure is we've all been through the exercise of writing our 30-second introductions multiple times.

Typically, you get a piece of paper on it with lines that you have to fill in, and voila, you have your 30-second introduction! Maybe it's time to revisit the old "30-second", update it, and breathe new life into it so you can attract more business!Would you like some tips about how you can energize and emotionalize your 30-second introduction, or "30-second sound byte".

Great! Here's how...The FormulaAs human beings, we respond to people, topics, and things that stimulate our emotions, so it is crucial, if you want to be "heard", that your 30-second sound byte stimulates emotions. If you fail to stimulate an emotional interest or response, people simply won't listen to you. Here is the 5-part, sure-fire formula to get the emotional response you want from others to generate interest in YOU!1. Don't label yourself (I am a mortgage broker...I am a Web designer...).

2. Identify "What" you are really selling (benefits and value).

3. Use strong verbs, such as create, design, and teach. (NEVER use adjectives.)

4. Use numbers to "dollarize" and quantify what you do.

5. Relate these numbers to Money, Love, or Health. Let's get into some more detail about each of the 5 components of the formula...1. Don't label yourself.As of this moment, stop labeling by saying, "I am a graphics artist", or "I am a marketing consultant". As soon as you say something like that, people try to place you somewhere in their minds, because the brain is a HUGE filing cabinet!

For example, if you say, "I'm a mortgage broker", usually the first thing the other person will think is, "I've already got one, and I don't need one". Oh, and you're selling promotional products? "Got some, don't need any more." If you label yourself, you instantly close the other person's receptiveness to you, because they think they don't need you. Give yourself a greater chance of being heard by keeping the other person's mental filing cabinet open.2. Identify "What" you are really selling (benefits and value).You're not just a mortgage broker, marketing consultant, or a massage therapist. The key in this step is to identify what it is that you are truly selling.

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11/1/2019 - It is one of many first impressions healthcare providers

  While most people might believe that a lab coat is just a lab coat,anyone who wears one for at least part of their workday can tell youthat there are four main characteristic which determine a superiormen’s lab coat from one’s that merely make the passing grade. Fabric,fit, function and style all must be paramount in its design for it tobe considered superior coat. When it comes to what makes up your coat, 100% high denier cotton isthe Rolls-Royce of lab coat fabric. High denier cotton makes the coatmore comfortable to wear, makes it more durable, and with the correctthickness it doesn’t allow the shirt underneath to show through thecoat. In addition, cotton lab coats don’t pill and turn the unpleasantshade of yellowish-gray like most cotton/ploy blends do. Ultimately,100% cotton lab coats are more durable, more comfortable and lookbetter longer than the other, cheaper fabrics.

Unfortunately, most lab coats are not designed for comfort. Most labcoats are cut like boxes or doll clothing, which leads to anuncomfortable fit for most men and women. These uncomfortable lab coatscan also lead to fatigue of the neck as pockets filled withstethoscopes, prescription pads and other medical necessitiescontinuously pull on the neck. A properly fitted men’s or women’s labcoat disperses the weight of the garment and its contents over theentire shoulder’s and not just the back of the neck making the lab coatmore comfortable. Function is an important aspect of any work coat, but for a lab coat itis paramount. In a lab coat utility equals function.

Superior lab coatsshould have four or more pockets, as well as feature a soil and staintreatment and should give the wearer a full range of motion withoutcompromising coverage. Lab coat pockets should be large enough to holdall the necessities depending on the medical environment. Soil andstain protection is a must to repel organic fluids and release groundin strains like ring around the collar. And, most importantly, the labcoat should allow a full range of motion without compromisingprotection. When it comes to the style of a lab coat remember: lab coats are notsimply a utilitarian item.

It is one of many first impressions healthcare providers make to their patients. Superior quality men’s lab coatsare designed more like fine men’s clothing rather than the homogeneoussquare lab coat. Stylish lab coats present a professional image intoday’s healthcare environment. It is important to look for all four ofthese components when shopping for superior quality men’s lab coats. Ifyou skimp on even one of the components both you, and your patients,will realize it almost immediately.

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