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• 18/12/2014 - Changing a lavatory faucet

You find a leak or you simply want to change a tap for a mixer, here are our tips to disassemble your faucet and then back on:   Difficulty: 2/5 (1/5 being very easy) Time: 45 minutes     The steps for removing a faucet: Before changing a tap, then turn off the general water Empty the water pipes by opening the tap and meanwhile there is no more water in the pipes. Be careful to empty the two pipes for hot and cold water Mark the cold water pipe with tape or pencil Disconnect both hoses at the water inlet pipe, using two spanners Unscrew the stem of the plug Gently unscrew the faucet or fixing nuts located reparation fuite d'eau paris 17at the bottom of the sink, using the wrench. Warning, the valve is no longer fixed and may fall. Remove the valve Clean the site of the old faucet The steps to install a new faucet: Prepare the new valve by screwing the two hoses by hand and then with the wrench to tighten Screw / threaded rods, tighten with a screwdriver Set up the reparation fuite d'eau paris 15tap on the sink Under the sink, install the retaining plate with the seal, the latter placed between the plate and the sink Tighten the nuts loosely completely Placing the valve in the desired position Completely screw the nuts using the wrench Connect the hoses to the supply pipes, careful to connect the flexible matching cold with cold water supply Tighten with two spanners Install the new stem and plug set Turn on the general water Check that there are no leaks The tools to change a tap: A tap of your choice Two flexible (usually supplied with the valve) A seal (usually supplied with the valve) A holding plate (usually supplied with the valve) A plug rod (usually supplied with the valve) A set of spanners A wrench or tube screwdriver

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• 18/12/2014 - Change the seal of a garden tap

Your garden faucet leaks, here are our tips to change the seals or valves: Category: Plumbing Difficulty: 1/5 (1/5 being very easy) Duration: 15 minutes presentation: First of all, here is some information, a garden / outdoor faucet consists of two parts, the valve body, which is connected to the water circuit and the head is the part that is turned to open or close the water.reparation fuite d'eau paris 18 There are three main sources of leaks: bricolagepourlesnuls-tap-two-parts At the joint located at the connection point with the water circuit, At the joint between the valve head and the valve At the valve located at the end of the faucet head.       The steps to change the seal of the garden tap: Identify the source of the leak First of all, turn off the water, as close as possible to your garden tap, at worst cut the main power tap, located next to the water meter Emptying the pipe until no more water For a leak between the valve and the water supply pipe, unscrew the valve using a spanner (do not use excessive force on the supply hose), replace the seal and screw tightening well For a leak at the head, unscrew the head (do not use excessive force on the supply pipe), using a wrench, then replace the seal by tightening screw For continuous flow of water, even when you tighten up the valve, unscrew the head (careful not to overdo the intake hose), change the valve (full or punctured depending tap) and screw by tightening Slowly open the water supply, ensuring that the leak is fixed The tools needed: A set of spanners A fiber gasket or valve, pay attention there are several sizes, we recommend that you disassemble the faucet first time to identify the source of the leak and sealing to replace

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• 18/12/2014 - Choose plumber fittings paris

Looking to change your faucet or install a new one, here is some information to help you decide:   DIY Category: Plumbing Difficulty: 1/5 (1/5 being very easy)     Whether to sink, sink or tub, faucets is one of the important elements to bring you comfort and aesthetics. Faucet types: There are three main types of valves available: The mixer: The mixer, a classic, is composed of two valves, one for hot and one for cold, and as the name suggests a mixer. So you going to set the desired temperature using the two taps. The mixer is a robust, very affordable, but the temperature setting can be quite tedious ... The flow control also requires two taps, which implies a temperature creep and reparation fuite d'eau paris 19... The mixer: The mixer is a more advanced version of the mixer, only one setting (left / right) of the lever to adjust the temperature, so a simpler and more rapid adjustment and especially need to disrupt the tap to turn it off, simply lower the lever ... To control the flow, again nothing very complicated with the lever. The thermostatic: Continuing the mixing valve, the thermostatic valve allows you to adjust more easily and quickly the temperature, it is equipped with two levers, one for temperature (graduated) and the other for flow, some are even equipped a safety to not exceed a certain temperature, ideal for avoid burning. How to choose: As you can see, the choice is wide valves, the first criterion of choice is comfort and above where you want to install, for example, a thermostatic valve is ideal for shower, a sink for against a bathroom mixer tap will be more than enough. Finally for a retro decor mixer will be for you:-)

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• 28/11/2014 - Plumber troubleshooting cheap on paris

If you need a plumber heating in near paris with you? If you notice any plumbing problems (water leaks, toilet leaks, drain pipe, clogged sink, clogged toilet, water damage, repair hot water tank, replacing a faucet or bathtub, changing flush, sanitary or toilet facility ....), if you want to repair or maintain your furnace or boiler? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our company has professional plumbers Heating artisans, skilled and experts in the field of plumbing and heating. Upon receipt of your appeal, our plumber comes to you urgently to diagnose your problem and find a solution to your needs. Our plumbers use sophisticated tools with high-tech equipment to get a good result.   Our heating engineers plumbers advise you in achieving your plumbing projects and perform carefully all your plumbing and heating work (repair all types and brands (oil, gas, chilly visseman, electric) in boilers). To meet the expectations of our customers, our company ensures you a quality service, efficient work, reliable and neat, emergency surgery, professional plumbers, skilled and qualified in the area, availability, 7/7 and 24 hours / 24 even on weekends and holidays, cheap and competitive rates with a free, no obligation quote. Our plumber heating offers excellent value for money as we properly study our prices before setting in order to meet your budget and requirements. If you have questions about our services or if you need a quote, you can contact us at any momentsur our site. We are always on the same service on holidays and weekends.

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• 6/10/2014 - Débouchage Canalisations Paris

Drain pipe and pipe disgorging 75 Our company is among the best specialists in the field of drain pipe and pipe Disgorging in Paris 75, our interventions are quick and efficient with our equipment is a specialist in high-tech equipment drain pipe, our plumbers are expert craftsmen experts in drain pipe and pipe Disgorging, they just come at the hour of your call, because we know that the clogged pipe in paris can cause trouble and worries for our customers and can put them in an uncomfortable situation and uncomfortable, in case you want to benefit from our excellent benefits unblocking drains and pipe disgorging contact us on our call standard, we are available on 75 different municipalities of Paris and all the different departments entire island of France. please learn more here With our company you guarantee the best service drain pipe and pipe Disgorging with the best prices and in a timely manner, our specialists technicians paris drain pipe to work continuously day and night every day and even every hour on weekends because we know that you will need our excellent benefits unblocking drains and pipe Disgorging at any time of the day, we are always ready to step in and help you find effective solutions in a timely manner with all your troubles and problems of clogged pipe 75 in Paris.
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• 6/10/2014 - plombier Paris : le champion de la recherche de fuite

La fuite non détectée est un fléau pour n’importe quel habitat , local ou autre car l’eau fragilise toutes les sortes de mur ,plafond,sol…Il est très important de ne pas être prédestinateur , c’est à dire de reporter les travaux ou tout simplement la recherche de fuite.Nombre de gens ne savent pas que votre assurance habitation vous rembourse la recherche de fuite dans le cas d’un dégât des eaux. En premier lieu si la fuite n’est pas visible à l’oeil nu ,appeler un plombier paris pour qu’il la recherche lui même avec ses outils.Une fois sur place le plombier va se fier au bruit et aux endroits ou l’eau a attaqué pour ainsi dire.En effet si la fuite est encastré il faut regarder le sens de coulé en fonction du bruit et différentes traces que l’eau a laissé sur son passage. Si la fuite n’est toujours pas détectée manuellement, plombier paris utilisera une petite caméra miniature relié à un très grand fil dans le but de pouvoir aller loin dans les canalisations. plombier paris fera sûrement un petit trou dans le mur à l’endroit ou il soupçonne la fuite de s’écouler.Il fera passer délicatement la caméra et observera sur son écran quand il est nécessaire de s’arrêter.

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• 18/3/2014 - Artisan plombier pas cher paris

With over ten years of experience plumbers artisans cheap paris we act committed within an hour after your call. The plumber urgent work in Paris is to ensure the installation or troubleshooting of any medical equipment. To offer you a quality service each artisan circulating on all districts of Paris with its own truck which contains its modern equipment of high quality in order to solve all kinds of problems and meet your demands. Our plumber is available at your assistance for the repair and maintenance of your plumbing in Paris. We also work for the total renovation of your plumbing if you obtained or changed your home is for a good sink installation poses sink water heaters and flush that lasts long and does not require a lot of operation troubleshooting or repair. reparation fuite d'eau paris 14Maintenance regularly also ensures a long life of your sanitary devices our professional craftsmen are capable of this kind of intervention without forgetting their experiences in changing gaskets and repair of water leaks. These services are available with a simple call to act quickly and contact a plumber Cheap emergency. We are a professional company specializing in the field of unblocking drains in Paris that is always ready to intervene at your home or at your workplace to help you out for all types of bleeding problems, we are specialist in paris drain pipe , reparation fuite d'eau paris 13déboucheur our craftsmen are skilled and experienced technicians in the field of cleaning and unclogging and offer you the best service in unclogging paris pipeline, we're offering all our knowledge and our many years of experience in the field of drain in case of problems with your pipes, because we know that blocked drains do not expect and can cause serious trouble and put our clients in uncomfortable situations, so we must act quickly and in the best to repair your pipes and end all your troubles in the plumbing field
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