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22/11/2017 - Almost every strength athlete is familiar

Almost every strength athlete is familiar with the dilemma: should I train properly' and therefore use a weight that is nothing special? Or should I go for the more impressive weights, Trenbolone Hexah  which means I can't make full reps? Choose the first option, advise sports scientists at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. This way you'll build more strength in the long run.

The researchers published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research the results of an experiment they did with 40 males in their twenties. Ten men in the control group did nothing for ten weeks; thirty men trained their biceps twice a week on a sitting curl machine.

Fifteen of the thirty men trained their biceps with a weight at which they could make full reps [FULL]. The figure below shows what Full ROM means.

The other fifteen men [PART] trained their biceps by doing only a Partial ROM. The men in the PART group trained with 10 kg heavier weights than the men in the FULL group did.

At the end of the ten weeks the maximal strength of the FULL group had increased by 26 percent. The increase in the PART group was only 16 percent. The researchers could not detect an effect on muscle mass. There was no difference in the increase in muscle thickness [MT] between the two groups.

The researchers speculate that if you train your muscles with full reps they recruit' more muscle fibres for this, and therefore the training effect is greater. Another possibility is that full reps lead to better circulation of blood in the muscle, and therefore also to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Effect of range of Clostebol Acetate Raws motion on muscle strength and thickness.

Although most nutritional supplements are ineffective, this is not the case with turmeric.

Many high quality studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain.

1. Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color.

It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.

Recently, science has started to back up what the Indians have known for a long time it really does contain compounds with medicinal properties.

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14/11/2017 - Methyltrienolone (Metribolone) Powders

The researchers got the students to cycle, against increasing resistance, both before and after the sleep deprivation period. The researchers then recorded the intensity at which the students' muscles switched over to anaerobic respiration, whereby the body converts glucose into energy faster, but more lactic acid is released than the body can eliminate. This point is known as the anaerobic threshold. You can only keep up this intensity of exercise for a very limited amount of time.


The left-hand figure below shows that sleep deprivation slightly reduced the intensity (measured as oxygen consumption) with which the students reached the anaerobic threshold, and Methyltrienolone (Metribolone) Powders that this reduction was absent in the students that took extra magnesium. The right-hand figure below shows that the students reached their anaerobic threshold more quickly when deprived of sleep, but also that this was not the case in the students that had taken extra magnesium.

A shortage of sleep reduced oxygen uptake a little, and it also reduced the length of time that the students were able to perform at their maximum intensity. Once again, these effects were absent in the students that had taken extra magnesium.

A possible explanation for this is shown above. Magnesium supplementation boosted the subjects' noradrenalin concentration. The researchers suspect that the effects would have been even more pronounced if the subjects had been given higher doses.


The research was financed by the Japanese government.

Efficacy of oral magnesium administration on decreased exercise tolerance in a state of chronic sleep deprivation.

We have previously reported that chronic sleep deprivation causes a deficiency of intracellular magnesium (Mg) and decreased exercise tolerance. The aim of this study was to clarify whether oral administration of Mg could be effective in restoring the exercise tolerance that is decreased by chronic sleep deprivation. A bicycle ergometer cardiopulmonary exercise test was performed by 16 healthy volunteers (mean age 21.9 years). They were divided into 2 groups: 8 received doses of 100 mg of Mg orally per day for 1 month (Mg group) and the remaining 8 received no Mg and served as the control group. The study conditions were designed as follows: (1) the usual state (good sleep); and (2) the sleep-deprived state (sleeping time up to 60% less than the usual state for 1 month). The ratio of intracellular Mg content of the sleep-deprived state to the usual sleep state was significantly higher in the Mg group (p<0.05) than the untreated control group. There was no difference between the sleep-deprived state and the usual state with regard to anaerobic threshold and peak oxygen uptake in the Mg group, whereas both of these decreased in the sleep-deprived state in the control group. These results indicate that decreased exercise tolerance observed in the sleep-deprived state could be improved by oral Mg administration.

A new slimming supplement has become available recently in online stores and we, the ignoramus compilers of this free webzine, freely admit we are very excited about it. The stuff is called beta-aminoisobutyric acid [beta-AIBA for short], and it works in a different way to all other substances you find in weight-loss supplements.

The chemical structure of beta-AIBA is shown below. It's a simple compound, made in the body by muscle cells, which synthesise it from valine and thymine. More of it is made when the muscles are active. So researchers regard beta-AIBA as a myokines, and suspect that it plays a role in some of the positive effects of physical exercise.

Antaeus Labs [] have marketed beta-AIBA as a slimming supplement. This supplements manufacturer sells the stuff in powder form. If you are considering using beta-AIBA it's best to start with a dose of 500 mg per day, advises [ May 19, 2015] That's an eighth of a teaspoon.

In 2014 researchers at Harvard University published the results of an animal study in Cell Metabolism which reveal how beta-AIBA works. The figure below MGF (mechano growth factor) 2mg shows summary of that study.

Beta-AIBA is released by the muscles and then stimulates fat burning in the liver and in fat cells. This is made possible because beta-AIBA transforms white fat cells into fat cells that resemble brown fat cells. The researchers call these white fat cells that have been transformed by beta-AIBA beige fat cells'.

White fat cells are the class
ic fat cells; all they are capable of doing is storing fat. Brown fat cells are fat cells that can convert the fat they have stored into heat. Adults have few brown fat cells left, but the number can be increased by exposure to factors such as cold and some substances that imitate the effects of adrenalin.

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