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// Special fire retardant fabric - fire retardant fabric

We have a very goal of performance among our athletes

A vision shared by general market trends firm Jupiter Research, which anticipates a rise in smart garments by 2020, with a market anticipated to reach $ 7 million as well as approaching $ 30 million inside 2022. Marty McFly's automated lace-up sneakers - renamed Surroundings Mag- make fantasies for generations.. Pertaining to Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director on the Première Vision show in Paris and initiator of any 900 m2 space -Wearable Lab- entirely focused.


"We have a very goal of performance among our athletes, but we are also conscious of the added value of these technologies in watching tv, " says Fabian Sautier. Technical performances largely borne by field of sport. smart people help preserve our own abilities and promote performance.


A dream materialized in 2016 by Nike with a couple of sneakers whose lacing is activated by sensors located for the heel. ". The sport puts the body in extreme condition and is particularly sometimes practiced in flame retardant curtain fabric harsh climate.


No wonder Marion, the 25-year-old top-level athlete, believes that "it pays that sport is the major player as well as the initiator of the most specialised textiles. Historically, the primary intelligent garment, born in 1933, was also a fencing outfit manufactured from threads to count the factors. "

» Fin = We have a very goal of performance among our athletes

Please turn the model to a weak cycle intended for washing

The copper ammonio tencel cloth is definitely mixed with wood pulp, water and solvent amine oxide mainly characterized by conifers, heated to complete dissolution, would not produce any derivatives and chemical reactions during dissolution, and is actually directly spun after impurity removal and its molecular structure. 


Please turn the model to a weak cycle intended for washing. It is just a simple carbohydrate.. If the description of office assistant ammonia menthol cloth is composed with warm water hand rinse, please wash according to the actual instructions; 


The copper ammonia twill cloth washing method is roughly similar to the washing method of different similar raw materials; If it is pure copper and ammonia silk cloth, it can be safely washed that has a washing machine; If it can be mixed with other raw materials, it must be cleaned in line with the precautions on the brand; to prevent staining when cleanup, should be separated from the actual dyeing clothes, detergents and softeners using neutral.  Truck driver ammonia Tencel fabric please?


Brass ammonia air silk cloth washing, I believe we are not unfamiliar copper ammonia Tencel towel, it belongs to 100% 100 % pure natural materials, coupled with green manufacturing processes, so that fabric duct the life-style to protect the natural environment-based, fully meet the needs of contemporary consumers, And green.

» Fin = Please turn the model to a weak cycle intended for washing