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Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money Crowns

6/8/2018 - Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money Crowns Barbz get the opportunity

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money With the help of Nicki Minaj’s new mobile game Nicki Minaj: The Empire you can have your own Eminem victory moment circa 8 Mile (minus mom’s spaghetti and all that other gross stuff). The game developed by the same company behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood allows players to build their rap empire all while cultivating some IRL rhyming skills.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money Crowns Barbz get the opportunity to personalize their in-game likeness with some classic old-school Nicki looks — think two-toned hair with blunt bangs a peek-a-boo pink bra and big gold hoops. I built my little avatar with blunt chop (the haircut I’ve never been ~bold~ enough to try) and an all-black number because is there really any other color?

Chat mode allows you to hop into various Nicki-themed chat rooms (Anaconda room anyone?!) where you can chitchat with other players. A suggested conversation topic: your devotion to all things Nicki. Raps mode allows users to write record and share their own raps with the possibility that Nicki will hear and be completely dazzled by your song (more on this later).

The fruit of your hard work in these two modes come together in story mode where your character has a singular goal: becoming the next Nicki Minaj. When you enter story mode you find yourself on stage literally living the dream that is performing alongside Nicki and her backup dancers. Emphasis on literally — it turns out this is just a dream ... at least for now! Here I am jamming out

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Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money Crowns

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Nicki Minaj: The Empire Money Crowns Barbz get the opportunity


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