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Raymond mill is ever one classic powder grinding machine in the past. And most of modern mill are from it and MTM series milling machine is the most successful one.

What are the main points of Raymond mill assembly?14/10/2019
Raymond mills require assembly because they have many components, so Raymond mill manufacturers often need to send technicians to the site to guide installation and commissioning. There are many places to note in this process. Otherwise, it is not suitable for installing the machine, or it is caused by one or other problems during the installation of the machine. Therefore, it is important to ensure this in order to assemble the Raymond mill in place. It is often necessary to pay attention to the fact that the connection of the pipe must be completely sealed. When making the basis, the dimensional verification must be strict and the dimensions may not be correct when the host is installed. In addition, when testing the Raymond mill, you must first leave the machine idle for about 10 minutes, then tighten the internal screws and start adding materials for grinding. Hardening of the ground is a very important task, especially for the mainframe that needs to be pitted. This position should not be underestimated. This is because this part is related to the normal operation and service life of the main engine. Intensive work must be done in the right place. Raymond mills above 3216 are usually equipped with reducers. Some customers want to place the reducer on the ground. It may be relatively easy to fix, but it also has some hidden dangers, namely where the machine is. The height is relatively high and it is cumbersome to operate. This base is strong, otherwise there is a danger of collapse. After all, Raymond machines weigh more than ten tons. What are the main features of the Raymond mill? If you need to use a twin-shaft crusher when shredding materials, then we must know the characteristics of the equipment, what are its main features? It must consist of two relatively rotating axes. In addition, the size of the intermediate shearing knife is a size that can be selected according to the material properties of the different materials. If the material of the chopped material is relatively hard. Then we should choose the knife to be slightly thicker and slightly larger in diameter so that it may be more durable when in use. Of the many different types of shredders, the relatively stable and durable shredder is of course biaxial.
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Application of vertical roller mill Grinder12/10/2019
The whole system of vertical roller mill is mainly composed of main mill, analyzer, dust remover, pipeline conveying device and main motor. The fineness of the finished product is even, the screening rate is high, and the three-dimensional structure is strong. The main machine is mainly composed of frame, air inlet volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, housing and motor. The fineness of the vertical roller mill is even in the process of grinding, the screening rate is 99%, the main engine transmission adopts closed gear box and pulley, Smooth transmission, safe and reliable operation, The electrical system is controlled centrally, The grinding workshop can be completely unmanned, And maintenance is also very convenient, vertical roller mill as a whole presents three-dimensional structure, occupies a small area, sets of strong performance, from the bulk material finished powder independent of a production system, the important parts are made of high-quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, the machine has high wear-resistant performance, safe and reliable operation. Before starting the mill, all the access doors shall be checked for tightness, and the mill shall be checked for conformity with the feed grain size, so as to adjust the rotation speed of the analyzer to meet the requirement of near finished grain size. After starting the mill, the vertical roller mill shall be started in the order of grinding, and the vertical roller mill shall be shut down in the following order when stopping the mill: 1. Close the feeder first and stop feeding; 2, stop that host after about one minute; 3. Stop the blower after blowing off the residual powder; 4. Shut down the analyzer afterwards. Vertical roller mill can not be refueled at will during normal operation. It is necessary to ensure production safety. If abnormal noise occurs in any part of the mill or the load increases suddenly, stop the mill immediately for inspection and troubleshooting so as to avoid major accidents. When starting the mill again, the residual materials in the mill must be taken out, otherwise the starting current will be too large and affect the start-up.
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