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Raymond mill is ever one classic powder grinding machine in the past. And most of modern mill are from it and MTM series milling machine is the most successful one.

Several factors that drive the instability of the Raymond mill22/3/2019
Firstly, the nature of the material will affect the output of the Raymond Mill. The greater the hardness of the material, the greater the rolling pressure generated by the grinding roller on the grinding ring, and the more serious the wear of the equipment, so the production of the equipment The smaller the capacity, the lower the finished product output. Also, when the humidity of the material is too large, it is easy to produce fine powder adhesion during the grinding and milling process, reducing the production efficiency of the Raymond mill, causing equipment blockage at the air duct, analyzer, and discharge port, and the yield of the finished product. The design requirements cannot be met. When using the Raymond mill for fine powder production, there are certain requirements for the fineness of the finished product. When the fineness of the finished product is finer, the Raymond mill is required to carry out the production work for a long time, so the production efficiency of the equipment is low, the production capacity is small, and the output of the finished product is affected to some extent. The Raymond mill achieves the fine powder production of the material by the grinding roller on the grinding ring. Therefore, the better the quality of the grinding roller and the grinding ring as the wearing parts, if the grinding roller rings are severe after a short time of use. Wear and tear, the material can not achieve sufficient grinding effect. The efficiency improvement of Raymond Mill will become an important part of saving resources and energy. Today's mining machinery mill industry has passed the advantage of low labor force, conforming to the international low carbon development trend, and the rapid development of the industrial milling industry market. As well as the country's increased demand for energy conservation, environmental protection and consumption reduction, the Raymond mill will affect the output of the equipment if it is used improperly.
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Raymond mill operation and adjustment22/3/2019
SBM Raymond Machine Factory has focused on Raymond Mill for more than 20 years and summed up a series of experiences. After Raymond Mill has been operated and adjusted, the work efficiency has increased dramatically. Below we will share the method with SBM: Raymond mills generally do not adjust during normal work. Raymond mills that have just started work, or Raymond mills that have just been repaired need to be adjusted. When adjusting the Raymond mill, find out the control details of the wind main delivery system. The work should adjust the rotation speed of the rotary vane analyzer according to the requirements of the powder. In order to ensure the stability of the particle size of the Raymond mill and ensure the work efficiency of the Raymond mill, it should always keep enough raw materials in the mainframe. The feeder feeds evenly. When the Raymond mill needs to stop, first stop the work of the feeder and close the rack insert. After the raw materials left by the main machine are ground and blown, the main machine work is stopped, the blower is stopped, the blower is stopped, and the bag is dusted. Device. The Raymond Mill checks the tightening of the connecting screws of the main unit before starting. The connecting bolts in the grinding roller device must not be loosened to prevent the Raymond mill from causing accidents during work. Check the connection between the blade and the blade holder. Check the transmission parts of each auxiliary machine, the connection screws, the lubrication parts of each lubrication part, and the feeder starts to automatically feed the inside of the main machine. After the above preparatory work is completed, the speed governor and the analysis machine are first started. After the governor is operating normally, the required Raymond mill granularity is adjusted, and the degree of the dial pointer is determined according to the degree of the dial pointer, and the small blower is started and the dust remover is not installed. Start the blower, start the main machine, start the feeder, and adjust the appropriate amount of feed. At this point, the Raymond mill starts working normally.
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