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Raymond mill is ever one classic powder grinding machine in the past. And most of modern mill are from it and MTM series milling machine is the most successful one.

How much do you know about the price of construction waste mobile crushing station?9/4/2020
How much is the Construction Waste Crusher? How much do you know the price? If you want to understand the equipment quotation, you must first understand its value? Due to the lack of effective supervision and source classification, construction waste is seriously confusing and construction waste is mixed, resulting in a substantial increase in processing costs and construction waste treatment plants being passive, which is a huge bottleneck for the development of enterprises. Many investment companies are shouting "don't make money", you need to be cautious before the price trap. What can the materials that have been crushed by the construction waste mobile crushing station do? 1. After crushing brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials, it can be used for sanding, mortar, plastering mortar and concrete cushion; after crushing fine concrete, it can be mixed with standard sand to form fine mortar. It is used for wall plastering, roof mortar leveling, masonry mortar, paving bricks, etc. 2. The crushed bricks are used as aggregate of building board after crushing. The manufactured partition board not only has high quality and light strength, but also has low sound insulation and small expansion coefficient, which greatly reduces the cost. Made of wooden boards. 3. After the crushed concrete block material is crushed, it can be used as aggregate in cast-in-place concrete or prefabricated components and used in non-load-bearing parts of buildings. This not only saves construction funds, but also does not reduce the structural strength. 4. Recyclable bricks that can be produced include partition bricks, combination bricks, pavement bricks, permeable bricks, thermal insulation bricks, grass bricks, sound insulation boards, etc., with more than 100 types, and their performance indicators meet or exceed the country. Related standards. What benefits can the construction waste mobile crushing station bring to society? Recycling construction waste-to achieve the recycling, reduction and harmless economic, social and ecological benefits of construction waste 1. Processing renewable products using renewable raw materials will obtain government tax support and considerable economic benefits. 2. Save landfill cost and a lot of landfill to reduce environmental pollution 3. According to the sustainable development strategy, reduce the exploitation of natural sand and gravel, protect natural resources and human living environment
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How to reduce the main shaft heat of Raymond Mill?7/4/2020
The most important accessory in Raymond Mill is the main shaft, which is the main core component of the equipment, so it attracts the attention of users. So, today I will introduce to you about the problem of Raymond mill main shaft heating, how to reduce the problem of heat? 1. The user wants to reduce the heat of the main shaft of the Raymond mill, and should avoid the intermediate transmission link by feeding. For example, belts, gears and other components can shorten the length of the transmission chain when in use, so that the main shaft of the motor is directly used to shorten the length of the transmission chain. 2. When the user uses the Raymond mill to grind the powder, the grease should be added to the main shaft regularly to prevent the parts from rusting. Because when the Raymond mill is working, in addition to the friction between the material and the main shaft, there is also friction resistance in the part where the parts are combined. The main role of lubricating oil is to reduce the friction between components. Therefore, when the lubricating oil is insufficient, the degree of friction of the main shaft will increase, so that the temperature rises, resulting in thermal deformation. 3. When the main shaft of the Raymond mill is hot, its own applicable lubricating oil will rise. When lubricated with oil mist, it will be reduced to 8 degrees, and the grease will be reduced by 16 degrees. As the value increases, the cooling effect is more obvious. Lubrication technology can be effectively applied to the main shaft of Raymond mill, and can achieve better results. The above is the problem about the heat of the main shaft of the Raymond mill. During the production process, the user encounters this problem and can effectively solve it.
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