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conical screw and barrel

13/8/2019 - Its soft impact resistance

Seaside practical commercial floor. In recent years, it is used as a substrate for the production of laminate flooring and the like. In high density, small-diameter timber is playing ground plus glue pressed under heat and pressure, as the now common, and our standards on height board several times lower than the international standard, so in our MDF use quality to be improved.Environmental quality wood decking, also known as fiberboard, is a wood, trees and other objects on the technology after immersion in water after hot milling, paving, hot pressing, is a wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, applied urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive man-made sheet steel.

Because of its soft impact resistance, high strength, even after a good pressing density can easily re-processing, in a foreign country is a good material for making furniture, but the disadvantage is that the water is poor. It is also good packaging material. But the MDF surface smooth, fine materials, stable performance, solid edge, easy to shape, to avoid rot, infestation and other problems in the flexural strength and impact strength, superior to particleboard and decorative sheet excellent in surface , than the appearance of solid wood furniture is better than a chip.MDF.MDF features: Although MDF moisture resistance poor nail holding power, if loosening screws tightened, and then easily fixed.

Corrosion-resistant water proofMDF bimetallic screw barrel Uses: mainly used for laminate flooring, doors, walls, furniture equivalents, MDF in home improvement is mainly used for the surface treatment of contaminated process; now generally are used in furniture MDF, HDF because density is too high, it is easy to crack, so there is no way to do furniture. HDF are generally used for indoor and outdoor decoration, office and household furniture, stereo, vehicle interiors, but also can be used as a computer room antistatic flooring, wall panels, security doors, wall paneling, partitions and other production material.

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