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conical screw and barrel

21/8/2019 - Twist and lift and the stopper injection molding barrel

It's a simple solution to what could be a big problem. The water prevents sewer and other gases from coming up through the drain.Go back to the tub.Attached to the curved hook will be more hair and gunk.Clearing the DrainFirst remove the strainer with a screwdriver. You've tried those drain cleaners at the supermarket, but they don't seem to make a dent in the problem. The trap is a curved part of the drain that holds water. Before that, here's a home remedy idea using a household item to try.Now for the not so fun part. You think you'll need to call in one of the plumbers in Colma. They're a good thing to have around the house. Twist and lift and the stopper injection molding barrel should come right out. Then test the drain by filling the tub with a little water.

If you're a germaphobe or just don't like the slimy feeling of things, invest in some latex gloves.With the strainer out of the way, set the screws in a place they will not roll on the floor and get lost. Then rinse of the gunk residue that is still on the strainer and stopper in the bathroom sink. You'll need them later.Do it Yourself Drain CleaningPosted by petersimpson on June 17th, 2019Standing in a bathtub taking a shower and the drain isn't draining fast enough is just not fun! No one like to stand in the ankle deep water. If the drain cleaner doesn't speed up the draining, then call one of the plumbers in Colma. You may need to scrape or scrub it away. Then slide the hanger down the drain until you hit the trap. Soap scum, hair, and other unmentionables get pass through or get caught in the strainer. The drain is partially clogged. The strainer will be slimy to the touch. Sometimes drains get so clogged the drain cleaner cannot penetrate through the clog. You'll want the hook about ½ inch in diameter so it will be easy to maneuver inside the drain.

With the latex gloves on your hands remove the slimy gunk around the strainer and stopper. Then fill the tub again with a little water and see if it drains faster.Next move the hanger around, pushing and pulling, and then pull out the hanger.. That's what plugs the drain. Now, remove the stopper. Clean off the hanger and go at it again and again and again. The problem is not hard to diagnosis.From here you can use a drain cleaner. Place the gunk in a plastic trash bag. It may take a little pushing for the hanger to bend through the trap. Did it drain faster? If not, continue to push the hanger down inside the drain and twist and pull out. Keep pushing the hanger down inside the drain. Take a metal wire hanger (the kind you get at the dry cleaner) and with pliers bend one end in the shape of a fish hook.

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