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7 Sewing Habits Which Can Lead You to Trouble

If you are a seamstress then you must have a few habits which are absolutely not good for the profession and you may need to quit it as soon as you can. We all do few things to make the work easier as well as faster but these things can lead us towards the trouble too. If a few sewing habits which are bad are getting into your nerves then this is the right time to bid goodbye to them.

Here I am compiling all the habits you may do when you are sewing but they are not good for the project and mess things for you.

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  1. Untested Technique:

Beginners are always excited to start any project regarding their work just to show the skills and talent. Before you try anything, make sure itís tested and proved technique. You may vandalize the whole project just to try the shortcut to make work easier. The shortcut isnít the answer you are looking for, but itís one of the scariest and riskiest things you can attempt.

Untested techniques can always lead you to the trouble and it wonít be solved even after the number of alterations and several tricks. If this is your habit to always use a new technique then have some extra stuff and try on that material before applying to the project.

  1. Measuring:

If you think you can actually cut the fabric without measuring because you have such a good guess game then you are doing the biggest mistake of your life. Always measure twice before cutting the fabric. If you are a beginner then never trust your guess but always make sure whatever you are trying to stitch is according to the measurement and there must be no reason why you have to alter it later.

  1. Cleaning:

No matter how long or short your assignment is, itís essential to clean the sewing machine after you are done with the work. People who are lazy donít clean the machine due to which the efficiency and durability get decreased. If you have a good entry-level sewing machine then the procedure of cleaning it is quite simple. Check more guides with this link and you will be able to maintain the life of the machine.

Always clean your sewing machine and do oiling from time to time. It can catch fire if you are not going to clean it due to the garbage in the machine and how itís affecting the quality of every stitch.

  1. Sewing Scissors:

Never use your sewing tools on anything else. If you have several scissors for the cutting reason then use them for cutting the fabric only. Donít use them for other purposes as it will make the blades dull and can affect the appearance of the apparel. Make sure your tools are sharp at the time of working and has no stain over it because a small stain can ruin the cutting as well as the texture of the clothes.

Sewing is a quite sensitive thing and a small mistake can change the shape as well as can exert the pressure in the middle of the fabric. Protect sewing tools from using them on everything in your home.

  1. Bad Sewing Postures:

There are certain rules for everything you do. Same goes for the sewing, there are few postures which you should apply at the time of sewing otherwise you will end up hurting yourself or will destroy your project. You will feel the worst pain in your back when you are not sitting properly on the chair at the time of sewing and due to the wrong posture, the work will more be like a headache to you.

To enjoy your work and to focus, itís necessary to keep your body in proper posture. Make sure the sewing machine you are using is not asking for the extra effort. Best sewing machine for beginners making clothes will work perfectly for you because you donít have to go through several complications in handling and it will be easy to use, for a further guide about sewing machines you can watch this†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_gr1YZBGk for the best sewing machine for beginners.

  1. Ironing:

Ironing is one of the hardest tasks because it requires lots of time as well as effort. Do you know that the quality of the stitching can be much amazing if you will spend some time ironing the seams properly? The bad habit seamstress usually adopt is to leave the ironing or to do ironing as a formality.

At the time of ironing on the seams, you need to press it properly and it will do wonders for your project. You can see the beauty and elegance in the stitching and definitely you are going to get addicted to the ironing then. This one habit of leaving ironing can make you lazier as well as you will not be able to do justice with your work.

  1. Check the Stash:

If you are addicted to shopping then you will always buy new things without checking whether itís still in the home or not? Same goes for the sewing workspace. Before you spend money on the things which are not required, check the stash at the workplace. Check what threads you want, what kind of needles you required and how many fabrics you need.

There is no use in spending the extra amount on the things you donít need. This is the bad habit people often get into and they start stocking supplies which are not so wise decision. Keep things in limited quantity which you can use later.


We all have bad habits but life is about overcoming them instead of getting addicted to them. As a seamstress, one should always try to improve the work as well as habits which may cause you loss or trouble. If you are a beginner and you donít want to spend so much on several things then save your money by choosing the best affordable sewing machine for beginners. Get a guide about the best sewing machine for beginners†to work wisely.