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AC row heats up at the Games17/8/2018

CHINA’S badminton head coach Li Yongbo has claimed that the South Koreans manipulated the air-conditioning system at the Gyeyang Gymnasium during their men’s team final loss to the hosts late on Tuesday.To get more china badminton news, you can visit shine news official website.

China lost 2-3 to South Korea, missing out on the title for the third straight time. But Li blamed the cooling system at the venue for the loss and hinted at unfair play.

“We did not lose because of technique or tactics, but due to some man-made reasons. The South Koreans deliberately controlled the wind blow in the stadium and took advantage of it.

“When we played with tailwind, the wind was very strong, but when the wind was behind them, they shut down the air conditioning. Before the Games opened, they had been training in this stadium for 15 days, so they are more familiar with the stadium than us,” he told reporters after the match.

Li was surprised that world No. 2 and world champion Chen Long could only manage 5 points in the first set against seventh-ranked Son Wan-ho of South Korea. He said the wind direction greatly affected Chen’s performance.

“The air conditioning was too strong in the first set. It was hard for him to play from the baseline which is his strong point. In the second set, the wind was gone, but it was back in the third set again,” he alleged. “This is Asian Games, but if it was the world championships or Thomas-Uber cups, the BWF (Badminton World Federation) wouldn’t have allowed this to happen.”

Chen Long also said that the air conditioning was a factor. “I was actually trying to play safe because of the strong wind over the court, obviously he (Son) was more adaptive to it.”

Japanese coach Keita Masuda was equally miffed after his side’s 2-3 loss to South Korea in the quarterfinals.

“The wind in this stadium is very strange, always supporting the hosts. Every time we change sides, the wind seems to change sides as well.

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AAMA launches entrepreneur training program in Suzhou17/8/2018

Organized by Asia America Multi-Technology Association (AAMA) and SIP Administrative Committee, AAMA Cradle Plan Suzhou Class cum Smart Technology Acceleration Camp kicked off at SIP Business Development Service Center on Aug 11, aiming to help local young startup founders and their enterprises seek a fast growth.To get more suzhou news, you can visit shine news official website.

AAMA, a non-profit technology association originated in Silicon Valley in 1979 as Asian American Manufacturers Association and founded in Beijing in 2004, has been dedicated to accelerating ideas and best-in-class collaboration that can lead to successful business ventures in Silicon Valley and the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the fact that AAMA has hosted a variety of training camps, forums and promotions for the purpose in Suzhou, it is the first time that it brings to the city the Cradle Plan, an entrepreneur training program consisting of one-on-one tutorship, lectures and group activities to help the participants enhance their entrepreneurial abilities.

The first day saw a series of interviews. In four groups, 44 business founders from Suzhou and its surrounding areas respectively gave a 20-min presentation on their projects to several AAMA business mentors who are great achievers in the fields of science and technology, business and finance. Then they exchanged opinions with the mentors and received advice from them. After comprehensive evaluation, 18 of the interviewees gained the entry to the Cradle Plan.

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