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Advantages of swing check valves22/5/2019
swing type check valve structure length is short, its structure length is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4~1/8 small volume, light weight, its weight is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4~1/20 disc closed quickly, water hammer pressure is small, horizontal or vertical pipeline can be used, easy installation. Gate valve flow channel unobstructed, fluid resistance small action sensitive, sealed performance is good disc trip short and close the valve impact small compact structure, simple, modelling is beautiful and long service life, high reliability, using built-in rocker arm swing structure, all the opening and closing of the valve is mounted on the body, not through the body, in addition to the flange parts with sealing gasket and seal ring, the whole not funnelled outside, put an end to the valve leakage.
swing type check valve rocker arm and disc joint adopt spherical connection structure, so that the disc in the 360 degree range has a certain degree of freedom, with appropriate trace position compensation. Suitable for cleaning medium, not for medium containing solid particles and larger viscosity. Swing check valve can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea and other media. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power and other pipelines. Safe and reliable in the process of work, high use value, bring strong use effect, meet the use of different environments and different areas. Check valves are reasonably priced and safe to use.

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