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AISLE SAY Bride savaged by her own MUM who called her lace plunging wedding gown ‘immodest’8/10/2019
A Reddit user uploaded a selfie in her dream lace dress that she had picked out for her ceremony, but revealed her mum made her wear a top under the gown on the big day.

The upset bride shared: “I had absolutely no problem with this beautiful wedding dress I picked. And I thought maybe, just maybe, my mom would relax a little and support me.

“But no. She called me. Freaking out. Telling me that she can't believe I would wear something like that.eisenge

“She said it's immodest and she is so disappointed. And if I don't wear something under it (so that no one can tell I'm no longer wearing my garments) then she will not print ANY photos from the wedding to have in her home. What. The. Hell.”

The bride said she bought a “stupid little shirt” to fit under the lace which covered a “good amount” of cleavage, after being sick at the fighting.She added of the selfie: “And here I am, one week after the wedding...feeling so sad. Looking at my gorgeous wedding photos and regretting not fighting for what I wanted.”

The bride said that in every shot, the shirt underneath is “pulled up high, not lined up with the lace at all, covering way too much...and sticking out all awkward.”

The woman shared: “Right before the ceremony she grabbed the shirt that was perfectly placed and I had used a fabric adhesive to hold thing into place...and she pulled it up because it was showing too much cleavage.”People have taken to the comments to share their thoughts on bride’s dilemma, and many slammed the mum for ruining the day.

One person wrote: “Omg. I'm so so so sorry! I'm so angry at your mother!”

Another Reddit user shared: “Recreate the wedding photos and make a wonderful day of it while you're at it. You will have photos you cherish as the years go by.”

And one wrote: “I'm sorry your mother acted like that towards you. Let her know that she ruined the most important day of your life.”

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