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A modern foreign exchange market should be like riding a bike23/7/2020
The biggest problem is for a new trader getting overwhelmed understanding and learning the foreign exchange market.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  By representing the market differently, I came up with bank one and bank two concepts. Bank 1 goes up when you are buying and bank two selling.
  Understanding commitments that replace the trend in modern technical analysis, these are commitments, my whole objective was to figure out where the responsibility would start to place or take a position.
I'm sitting watching the market on my computer while I'm piggybacking, the largest transactions in the world. Because when you take on that mindset and do it with repetition, you thought manifest that into existence.
  You don't look at the foreign exchange market, neither being a speculator, retail trader, or commitment trader. I created this way of trading, this infrastructure, this Model, and this concept. To represent the modern foreign exchange markets.
  And it does an excellent job of that. Because I've taken over the years and I perfected it. You got your different phases, test phase, usually before the commitment starts. You've reached your commitment levels,central-bank involvement, the rejection points, got your commitment range, and the continuation phase. These boils down into a perspective that a brand-new trader can understand.
  We have replaced candlesticks and bars with liquidity gauges that have liquidity force being the body of the indicator. The market consists of millions and millions of traders, such as Speculators, retail traders, institutional traders, hedge funds, money managers, CTAs, and particular interest traders all over the world. We get a clear understanding of the market by taken a circle and dividing it half, calling one-half bank one and the other half bank two.
  What did this eliminate in my mind? That there are better traders out there than me. Because I was not looking at the market anymore and asking my self if this is a zero-sum game? And how is it against me? But when you take on this mindset that there's somebody better than me out there. I got on the wrong side of the Trade most of the time.
  It happened to me, for years and years, I would sit down at my computer in my office and go through the same thing. I would see a candlestick pattern or candlestick formation that was close textbook according to my manual, or a price action trading course it something different you start saying to yourself what the heck is it doing?
  The question is, why did I understand what it was doing? Because I discovered that there are a lot of different environments that it can go through this foreign-exchange market has a lot of different moods and does a lot of other things the biggest problem was I needed to figure out how to isolate that.Without a shoe-string, he stumbles into trading. Twaine is passionate about forex exchange markets and has been trading since 2003. Self-taught, describes the forex exchange market as a roller coaster ride.
  He has achieved proficiency in the implementation of successful marketing and financial strategies. Since 2003, he is working on developing forex trading strategies through various elements, such as an algorithm, programming, AI and machine learning, Nero network, and reinforcement learning, etc.
  Other than forex trading, Twaine has worked in different fields like construction engineer, Journeyman Boilermaker. He has acquired many qualifications like associates degree in Legal, NLP certified practitioner hypothesis, and certified coach, which promotes him to be a multi-facet.
  In October 1998, he held the authority of mandates representation by the mandated authority. Represented a certified trader on his behalf, including but not limited to the screening of any documents and correspondence as pertains to the initiation of various business ventures as certified trader shall be involved with IE investments.

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