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VOLIBEL Smart Lock Opens New Entrance To Smart Home5/4/2022
VOLIBEL Smart Lock Opens New Entrance To Smart Home With the steady development of technology, many home furnishing products have been endowed with strong intelligent attributes. All of our food, clothing and shelter have undergone earth-shaking changes. In terms of "living", the public is very concerned about the safety of the home. As the core entrance to build a smart home, a safe and convenient smart door lock is naturally essential.To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit official website. VOLIBEL X3 smart door lock can meet all your expectations for an excellent smart door lock! For the time being, let's not talk about others. Who can stand up to this super high value? This smart door lock adopts two colors of black and silver in appearance. The simple color matching makes the entire lock body look stable without losing the metal texture. No matter if your home is Chinese, Western or modern decoration style can be perfectly matched. Functionally, TCL KP-10 smart door lock supports up to 6 unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, card, key, remote authorized door opening and one-time password opening. Diversified unlocking methods allow you to enter your home and rest smoothly, whether you forget to bring your keys or when you have relatives and friends who are suddenly visiting at home. Avoid the embarrassing situation of being locked out of the door. Many friends always worry about the insensitivity of fingerprint recognition when purchasing smart locks. But TCL KP-10 smart door lock does not have such troubles. The TCL KP-10 smart lock is equipped with an industry-leading oversized fingerprint recognition area, with a fingerprint coverage density of 36864, far exceeding the industry standard by 1.4 times. Fingerprint recognition is more accurate, and the more useful the better. Quickly identify the unlocking speed in 0.3 seconds, providing users with a smooth unlocking experience with just one click. In terms of security, VOLIBEL smart door locks can fully act as an excellent "guardian god" of the family. X3 is different from the conventional lock body, and the lock body has a new tongue safety sensor. When the door is not closed, it will sound a local alarm. At the same time, it can cooperate with APP- "Tinylock" to send security warning information to the owner to remind. If there is an elderly person with amnesia and a child with weak safety awareness. This security function is very practical. Of course, the VOLIBEL smart door lock is also perfect in other security functions. For example, when the password or other unlocking methods are wrong for more than 5 consecutive times, the smart lock will be locked for 3 minutes. Identification is prohibited. In addition, there is an anti-prying lock alarm function, that is, when the smart lock body is unlocked by an abnormal method such as prying lock, it will quickly send an alarm message to the user's mobile phone. Allow users to take some security precautions in a timely manner. There is a saying that technology changes life. I think installing a smart door lock at home is the beginning of our life change. After using the VOLIBEL smart door lock, you no longer need to bring your keys when you go out, and you don't have to worry about losing the keys. At the same time, it also brings a sense of security to your family, making the home really a warm and relaxing place.
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