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Everything You Need to Know About CO2 Laser Cutting Machines26/9/2022
Everything You Need to Know About CO2 Laser Cutting Machines As the digital world opens up doors for people to start their own businesses, laser cutting machines are one way people can turn their passion projects into viable businesses. Although CO2 laser cutting machines have been around since the 1970s, they’ve largely been the reserve of huge industrial companies. Nowadays, pretty much anyone can buy this equipment, learn how to use it and produce marketable merchandise, art or crafts products.Get more news about Co2 Laser Cutting Machine,you can vist our website! At Thunder Laser USA, we offer laser cutting machines of the highest quality at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a route to start working for yourself, laser engraving or cutting could be just the answer. You don’t need previous experience, and you don’t even need to be able to draw by hand. Read on to find out more about carbon dioxide laser cutters and how to use them. What Is Laser Cutting? Laser cutting is simply the process of using a laser beam to cut through the surface of a material. You might do this for a number of reasons, including finishing, trimming, engraving or cutting any complex shape that a drill or manual tool might struggle with. It’s possible to cut a broad range of materials using a laser, which we’ll explore in more detail later on in this article. A precise and focused laser beam runs through the surface of the material you’re engraving or cutting, resulting in a smooth, clean finish. The machine starts off by piercing a hole at the edge of the design, and then the beam runs up and along the pathway programmed into the laser cutter. The laser works because it melts away the material it runs across, so it is actually a laser melting machine as opposed to a laser cutting machine! As such, it can cut anything from delicate materials like cloth to tough gemstones like diamonds. The laser cutting process is accurate and offers full control over the finish, letting you create cuts and engravings that are as tiny or huge as necessary. The History of the CO2 Laser Cutter Western Electric created the first production laser in 1965, using the precise method to punch holes into diamond dies. In 1967, a German scientist developed a nozzle laser cutter that used a CO2 laser beam and oxygen-assist gas to cut a 1mm steel sheet. With the race to develop this technology well and truly on, Boeing got involved a few years later and conceptualized that these machines could be used to cut materials like ceramic and titanium. A modern CO2 laser cutting system was first introduced in 1975. By the 1980s, industrial entrepreneurs saw the opportunity for making serious money with engraving. Nowadays, any plucky individual or group of ambitious people can buy a laser cutting machine and start their own artisan engraving company.
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