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Buying an e-bike? Here’s what you need to look for23/11/2022
Buying an e-bike? Here’s what you need to look for More than two-thirds of Britons have started or are considering cycling to work to cut travel costs, according to research from the employee benefits company Blackhawk. Could an e-bike be a solution?To get more news about ebike for sale, you can visit official website.
Decide on the main use E-bikes power you along with the help of a motor paired with a battery – you still use pedal power but with a motorised boost to take the strain and help you up hills. But, crucially, you do still need to pedal.
“Owning an e-bike isn’t cheating,” Tom Burnett, an assistant buyer for e-bikes and adult bikes at Halfords, says. “That’s one of the biggest myths we hear. You’ll only receive assistance while you’re actively pedalling, so you’ll still be working.”
There is a wide range, with big differences in terms of the distances they can cover before needing a recharge, charging time for batteries and the weight.
The first point to consider is what you plan to use the e-bike for, says Adrian Warren, the director of Cyclescheme at Blackhawk and the chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance. “Whether it’s commuting to work or the trip into town to do the shopping or taking the children to school.”
Next, think about what your most frequent journeys entail. How hilly? How far? Ranges on e-bikes start at about 10 miles through to 80 – the longer the range, the less frequently you need to charge your battery.Consider, too, the type of storage you have – whether at home or at work. “All of these things will start to influence the type of e-bike that would be relevant to you,” Warren says. “A city bike or trekking bike, a mountain bike, or maybe an e-cargo bike where you can – you can stick two kids in the front, or quite a lot of shopping.”
E-Bikes Direct has an entry-level mountain bike at £680, while top-quality models can cost anywhere from £2,500.
There is a big difference in quality and comfort. “It’s like comparing a Fiesta to a Ferrari,” Warren says. “They do the same thing but they’re not comparable.”The upfront cost of a quality e-bike is considerable – although many dealers offer payment plans to spread the payments. Once it is yours, running costs are relatively low. “They are similar to that of a standard bike, aside from charging.
“It might be that servicing is slightly more frequent due to riding the e-bike farther, and at an average higher speed, therefore entailing more wear and tear,” Warren says. “Batteries obviously vary but a full charge will cost between 5p and 10p depending on your tariff. To put this into context, a washing machine cycle costs about 30p, or a toaster 2.5p.” Push, pull or pedal? There are three main positions for motors: the rear, front, and middle on the crank where the pedals are.
Entry-level bikes tend to have rear or front motors, while the crank position is very often found on higher-end bikes, and prices usually start at about £2,000.You will get better mileage with a centre motor, because, when you’re riding, you’re not being dragged along, or pushed along, by the motor in the same way,” Paul Power, a co-owner of the Dutch Bike Shop in Littlehampton, says. “It’s a more efficient way of cycling.”
The position of the motor makes a big difference to how it rides, says David Clark, a sales manager at E-Bikes Direct in Hastings: “The crank drive is within the actual pedal arms. It works with the pressure that you put on the pedals, so it’s a more natural feel. But it’s not within everyone’s budget.”
Cyclescheme’s Warren says: “If possible, try the bike out first. I always recommend a test ride. And I challenge anyone to not come back with a smile on their face.”
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