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How Long Does a Battery Last on An Electric Bike?23/11/2022
How Long Does a Battery Last on An Electric Bike? A single e-bike battery can be charged thousands of times before a rider needs to replace it, with each charge taking riders ~100 to 120 km on a standard electric bike.To get more news about how long do ebike battery last, you can visit official website. Here’s a quick look at the different types of electric bike batteries, as well as some suggestions for extending your battery’s life. Why charge cycles are important for e-bikes The battery life of an electric bike’s battery depends on the number of times its been charged (with each charge known as a “charge cycle”). When the battery is drained from 100% to 0%, that counts as one charge cycle. Going through these cycles slowly deteriorates the battery, and shortens how long it lasts before needing to be charged again. Should you charge your electric bike battery often? You should generally charge your electric bike’s battery when whenever it reaches the 30-60% charge range. Some people mistakenly think that not using your battery much can make it last longer. In reality, not using your battery does more harm than good. The battery of your electric bike and other battery-powered devices tend to discharge even when they’re not being used. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as self-discharging. Excessive self-discharging can also render irreparable damage to your e-bike’s battery, so you want to make sure you actively use it. Types of electric bike batteries The lifespan and performance of an electric bike battery also depend on the type of battery being used. There are three broad classes of batteries used for electric bicycles: 1. Lithium-ion batteries Lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used battery for electric bikes. They can survive upwards of 1000 charge cycles in a lifespan. Moreover, the new Lithium Phosphate battery has proven to be more durable and safer to use than other types of batteries. 2. Nickel batteries Nickel batteries have similar power to lithium-ion batteries but tend to self-discharge at a faster rate. They can withstand about 500 charge cycles before dipping in performance. 3. Lead batteries Lead batteries are the oldest type of battery used for e-bikes. If you buy a new e-bike, its battery will almost certainly not be a lead one. Lead batteries have a charge-cycle threshold of just 300 charges and are heavier than their lithium-ion counterpart. Also note that your electric bike’s battery life is tied to the quality of its materials and the company that manufactured it. Many times, even a lead battery from a good and reputed manufacturer lasts longer than a substandard lithium battery.
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