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MTFE lashed back but we need to let the evidence talk21/3/2023
MTFE lashed back but we need to let the evidence talk WikiFX has deemed MTFE a scam broker after conducting thorough reviews from various dimensions in terms of the validity of its license and business operations while considering the overwhelming negative customer reviews. WikiFX has received a lot of exposure from the casualties, which makes us wonder if this broker is reliable in terms of the validity of its business operations and regulatory status. MTFE‘s low credibility has been confirmed by the continuous negative feedback from the casualties. However, MTFE does not like the public airing of its dirty laundry. In conjunction with WikiFX’s warning, MTFE accused WikiFX of blackmailing brokers. We know retaliating is common human behavior. But is it really reasonable? Search "MTFE" on for more specific information about this broker. 1. 2.WikiFX Scoring Criteria WikiFX gives brokers a score from 0 to 10. The higher the score, the more reliable the broker is. Because different regions or countries have different levels of regulatory strictness, the score of the same broker might be slightly different in other regions or countries. For details, please consult WikiFX customer service. The WikiFX score of forex brokers is dynamic, meaning one broker may not have an invariable score forever. A low-rating broker can get a high score in the future as long as it promotes itself in a full round. And a highly ranked broker can also have a low score in the future if it does not behave well. WikiFX does not manipulate the score. It all depended on the broker’s own performance. Brokers are rated based on a variety of factors, including regulatory status and customer feedback.  The Scoring Criteria of Brokers on WikiFX License index: reliability and value of licenses Regulatory index: license regulatory strength Business index: enterprise stability and operational capability Software index: trading platform, instruments, etc Risk Management index: the degree of asset security 3.Let the Evidence Talk. Recently, we received a lot of exposure related to MTFE. WikiFX immediately contacted the casualties and tried to find the truth. You can check these two articles below for the specific cases that traders reported to us. The most common issue raised by traders about MTFE is the rejection of withdrawal requests. Many traders told WikiFX that they deposited money with this broker but failed to withdraw it. Besides, some people have accused MTFE of offering fake signals, causing heavy losses to the traders. WikiFX has more evidence about MTFE scam behavior to show in the future. So please stay tuned! Below is part of the victim’s proof and chat with the MTFE customer service. we have already covered this evidence in the articles. 4.Exposures About MTFE On WikiFX, exposure consists of feedback from traders. Brokers with a poor track record can be investigated using Exposure. WikiFX’s exposure function helps you get feedback from other traders and reminds you of the risks. As of March 15, 2023, WikiFX had received 26 complaints from investors against MTFE within 3 months. 5.Conclusion Actions speak louder than words. If MTFE is a solid and reliable broker, it should allow traders to withdraw as soon as possible. The most important thing to do to solve the problem is to ensure that traders can successfully withdraw their hard-earned money. We also call on more investors to report MTFE fraud to WikiFX and provide real evidence.
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