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• 3/7/2020 - Oudemansiella mucida

Therapeutic effects

The medication has only one therapeutic effect, that is, antibacterial, since it has a detrimental effect on a wide range of different pathogenic microbes that cause infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary and respiratory system, subcutaneous tissue, as well as osteomyelitis, peritonitis and sepsis. Thus, the medicine destroys bacteria that provoke infections of these organs and, accordingly, they cure infectious and inflammatory diseases.

As indicated by the instructions for use with the Augmentin suspension (400 mg), the presence of clavulanic acid in the drug makes it highly effective, as it allows you to expand the spectrum of exposure to amoxicillin and makes it effective against bacteria that, when isolated, use this antibiotic, are resistant.

The instruction and dosage of the Augmentin 400 suspension for children and adults must be strictly observed.

Analogues of the drug

If during the administration of the drug a child has an allergy or other adverse reactions of the body, then Augmentin is replaced by its analogues: Amoxiclav, Femoklav, Solyutab, Ekoklav.

Before using these drugs, you must read the instructions for their use.

Augmentin should be used as directed by your doctor, cheap augmentin online. For any adverse events, discontinue use. Suspensions can be replaced with appropriate analogues if necessary..

Spa treatment of pyelonephritis

Sanatorium-resort treatment of patients with chronic pyelonephritis is carried out in Truskavets, Zheleznovodsk, Jermuk, Sairme, etc. It should be remembered that only strictly acceptance treatment of patients with chronic pyelonephritis in the hospital, clinic and at the resort gives good results. In this regard, patients with chronic pyelonephritis in the latent phase of inflammation should continue antibiotic treatment in the spa according to the scheme recommended by the attending physician who has been monitoring the patient for a long time.

In addition, one of the main rules in the treatment of this disease is regular intake of "renal" herbs.

The treatment of pyelonephritis during pregnancy can be found in the article: Pyelonephritis and pregnancy >>

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