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What should be paid attention to in autumn wedding photo shoot?

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Autumn is the golden season for farmers to harvest, and the golden time for each couple to get married. The temperature is right, the weather is cool, and if you want to take wedding photos in the cool autumn, you should pay attention to the following items. The bride should not drink too much water and eat spicy food the night before, so as to avoid the swelling of the eyes the next day and keep the mood happy. The groom should fix the beard and nose hair, the underwear should not choose the color, the dark color is good. Try on a dress to match the skin tone of the bride and groom, for example, the bronzed skin can be paired with a pure white dress, and the yellow skin can be paired with powder green or pink orange. Small brides can wear high-waisted, veiling gowns. The long body can choose to highlight the two arms of the dress, in addition to lace to highlight the collarbone underwear. Plump brides can opt for a straight line dress, which makes them look a little slimmer. Read more at: cheap bridesmaid dresses melbourne | bridesmaid dress sydney

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The interpretation of the meaning of pink wedding dress

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Pink is related to love and romance. It is a fashionable color. Pink represents gentleness, which is mostly loved by women. Pink wedding dresses are not only elegant and dreamy, but also represent the sweetness of love and the future. However, pink wedding dresses are rarely worn because they are said to be pink. Married. It is understood that there is indeed a saying in the West that wearing a white wedding dress represents the first marriage and the pink wedding dress represents the meaning of remarriage. However, this is only more sophisticated in foreign countries. In China, there is no taboo in this respect. However, some folks in our country may have caused misunderstandings. From the implied meaning represented by the pink alone, the pink wedding dress still gives the new people a good wish, is a happy, romantic endorsement. Xiao Bian believes that what kind of style or color of wedding dress should be according to their own preferences! Do not be too careful. If you are too concerned about other people's ideas and ignore your feelings, you will be very tired and may regret your wedding. As long as you like, what kind of color will be a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness! Pink wedding on behalf of what? Read Xiaobian's relevant introduction, presumably everyone has been clear to heart! Wedding is a major event in life, in order not to leave any regrets, if you have a soft spot for pink wedding, then Put aside worldly prejudices and follow your own wishes. A beautiful pink wedding dress absolutely makes your wedding beautiful and romantic. Read more at: bridal dresses sydney | cheap wedding dresses brisbane

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