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Beauty review: a hair cut by celebrity stylist Rossano Ferretti

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My bucket list mostly contains items that involve travel and money, or require several stars to be aligned. One such item is to get my hair cut by a celebrity stylist. I have long been enthralled by the idea of giving my hair over to someone trusted by the world's elite, to see its potential and bring out my inner rock chick, whom I keep hidden under a shield of straight, shoulder-length dark hair and a heavy fringe.

Thanks to cosmic intervention, I had the opportunity to meet Rossano Ferretti at the opening of his hair spa in Abu Dhabi, his second in the UAE, as well as a personal consultation and cut with him. Located in a villa on Al Karamah Street, the chic venue is done up in wood and warm-grey tones, and includes a coffee shop. The lighting is bright without feeling harsh, and the furniture and display cases of hair products and nail varnish seem more like artwork organic to the decor. The salon offers a range of treatments including nail care, waxing, threading, facials and massages.

The opening of Ferretti’s 22nd hair spa is the latest chapter in a career that spans decades and that put him in the international spotlight due to the innovative technique he developed with his sister, Lorenza, called The Method, which takes into consideration the intrinsic nature of each person’s hair, based on elements such as its texture and fall, to bring out its natural beauty. To that end, Ferretti’s patented scissors take off just 18 per cent of the hair and produce the so-called Invisible haircut, which is bespoke to each client, and doesn’t replicate styles, trends or a picture you find on Pinterest.

For a stylist who generally charges Dh4,500 a cut, and whose clients include the Duchess of Cambridge and Angelina Jolie, Ferretti’s big smile and warm “ciao!” make me feel at ease and as important as one of his regular A-listers. I feel even more special when he tells me that he only cuts hair at launch events, preferring to spend his time training his "Method directors" to do the same at his salons around the world and for all types of hair.

“What is your hair dream?” he asks me, as he runs his hands around my head, inspecting my hair by lifting it and letting it fall, and getting to know what he has to work with. I tell him I am open to his ideas, but that I have recently grown my hair out and would be happy to keep the length. He agrees and says: “I’ll give you some volume and movement. You can’t get that with this,” gesturing to my straight tresses.

Using long, fluid strokes, Ferretti begins slicing through my hair, creating layers from sharp angles. I am immediately reminded of what Michelangelo said about every stone having a statue inside it, and that it is the job of the sculptor to chip away at the superfluous stone. With each broad shear, I feel that inner rock chick begin to appear and my own facial features become brighter and more pronounced. Soon, I am no longer hiding under my armour.

Following a blow-dry by a stylist using Ferretti’s signature products, my look is complete and I feel more like myself than I have since relying on trends, and then giving up and letting my hair grow out. “You are now one of few women in the whole world with this Method cut,” he says, when I thank him for the experience. Already convinced that I will keep up with my new look, I ask Ferretti when he'll be back in Abu Dhabi. He assures me that his stylists in the capital, as in all of his hair spas, have the same standards and vision as he does and will be able to help me maintain my style.

Bucket list item checked. Now to see the aurora borealis from an ice hotel.Read more at:wedding dresses melbourne | SheinDressAU

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Crown Of Beauty

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Nothing beats your natural beauty, especially when you flaunt your gorgeous natural hair. Yes, some of us call it our stately mane, while others say it's the royal crown, our African Princess' head. Whatever you call it, it's our gift from nature. Our natural hair is a treasure we must all value and work to maintain. It's no secret that some of us struggle to properly take care of our hair. So, today, Joni Williams, a hair guru from Hair Skin Love Jamaica, will take us up to par with how to treat our crown.


Of course, we all have different hair types. But, whatever type it is, with all certainty you must approach haircare from an informed position. This will greatly help you.

"Knowing your hair type means that you can finally manage it properly and work with it instead of against it. People often waste thousands of dollars trying to find the right product because they simply don't understand what their hair needs. Understand your hair so you and your bank account can have an understanding as well," Williams advises.

Now, you can move on to start the treating the hair accurately.

"The first thing you need to do is find your porosity, which is how easily your hair absorbs and retains water. This will guide you on which products to get and what regimen to use," Williams recommends.

Products with alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum or sulphate are your arch-nemeses when it comes to taking care of your hair. According to Williams, these will only bear dry hair and scalp. Instead, aim for natural products.

"The closer the products are to 100 per cent natural, the better they are for you. So, look for ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and aloe vera," Williams said.


We're Jamaicans, which means a lot us are adventurous and will opt to 'try a ting' with our hair. Williams, however, warns against experimenting with your hair, as it often causes hair loss. This doesn't mean you can't try something new. It only means that before you do anything to your hair, you must seek professional guidance.

Shredding, split ends and breakage are some hair tortures we have encountered at some point in our life. And for some of us, it happens quite too often. The truth is, these are all inevitable and it makes no sense you squeal about it. Instead, why not learn how to combat them?

"You must trim the damaged sections of hair immediately. You cannot repair shredded hair, split ends or knots. For the long term, research best practices for your specific hair type and go to hairdressers who understand hair and the science of taking care of it. These things aren't taught in beauty school, hairdressers have to research it for themselves," Williams explains.


Having healthy hair requires due diligence. It doesn't happen merely through products that suit your hair or overnight. It involves having a healthy body, a balanced diet, exercising and being stress-free.

So, as you go on embracing and enjoying your hair, always remember to avoid excessive styling and applying heat to the hair.

And as Williams puts it, "Treat your hair at least once per week, sleep on silk or satin pillow case to reduce breakage, drink more water, take your omega-3s, and eat more plant-based protein than animal-based." Your hair will thank you.Read more at:lace wedding dresses | vintage wedding dresses

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