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5/9/2017 - Upgrade Windows 7 Starter to something better

The Windows 7 Starter edition is the cheapest, least-powerful version of Windows 7. It was never sold retail, and is only available pre-installed on inexpensive, low-power netbooks.

But here's the funny thing: Starter isn't significantly faster than other editions of 32-bit Windows 7.

To justify the low price, Microsoft removed a lot of features that can be found in other Windows 7 editions. It lacks Aero Glass (which has since been discontinued in Windows 8), multiple monitor support, and Windows Media Center. And if you don't like the desktop background (what used to be called wallpaper), you're out of luck. You can't change it.

If you want to rotate the screen in Windows, first you must be a Windows system user and have activated it. If you need you can check to find windows product key online with the lowest price.

If you upgrade to another 32-bit edition of Windows 7 (the 64-bit ones won't work), you're unlikely to see any performance hit. PC World Lab tests from 2009 showed no significant difference. (The tests were for this article, although Starter results didn't end up in the final copy.) The Lab ran its WorldBench tests on the same PC running Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium. Starter won, but in a statistical dead heat of 31 to 30. You'd need a stopwatch and quick reflexes to notice that difference.

If you do the upgrade and notice a performance hit, turn off Aero. It's the likely culprit.

You might also consider upgrading to Windows 8 (again, 32-bit). It might actually improve performance. But run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant before you put down any money. It will tell you if your hardware is compatible.

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14/8/2017 - the device will roll back to the previous build

We encourage you to visit the Windows Server Insiders space on the Microsoft Tech Communities forum to collaborate, share and learn from experts.

Local vs remote management: Some command-line tools and PowerShell modules may not be available for use locally on a Server Core installation. To remotely manage Server Core by using the full set of GUI tools, command-line tools, and PowerShell modules, use Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10, available for download from the preceding link. If a user attempts to update to the latest OS build on a device that has .NET Framework 3.5 installed, the update may fail because of a side-by-side (SXS) assembly missing error (0x80073701), and the device will roll back to the previous build. To work around this issue, uninstall .NET Framework 3.5, perform the OS update, and then reinstall .NET Framework 3.5. (The last step is optional if the user does not have apps that are dependent on .NET Framework 3.5.) Some devices using a common 64-bit chip architecture may not be able to update to the latest OS build because of an unexpected error (E_UNEXPECTED, error code 0x8000FFFF). An app may become unresponsive because of an application hang end task error (0xCFFFFFFF) in the Windows firewall API library (FirewallAPI.dll), which occurs when the library is blocked on an advanced local procedure call (ALPC) while attempting to diagnose a connection failure and retrieve information during network isolation. Cluster Sets: A couple of key functionalities to enable end-to-end testing of Cluster Sets scenarios are not present in this build, so defer all evaluation of this scenario to a future build. Bugcheck during volume creation: A stop error may occur during volume creation in a cluster. The recommended workaround is, after restarting the computer, to delete the volume and try creation again. Bugcheck during volume repair: A stop error may occur during volume repair in a cluster. The recommended workaround is to restart the computer. No corruption or data loss is expected. AEP is not supported in this build. Clone support for Hyper-V isolated containers does not work, this can be disabled temporarily and will be fixed in subsequent Insider Preview builds. See the Insider section on for more details

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