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* cotton with spandex knitting fabric

make it have very good property of moisture

Then, let us see what on earth the benefits of women wearing silk scarves are.When it comes to the silk, it is a kind of textile, which is made from cocoon fiber, synthetic fiber, artificial fiber or filament.In other words, the ancient Silk Road just paves the way for modern silk scarf for women. In the meantime, the concise bowknot made from silk scarf can give people a sense of capability and stability as well as maturity in the business occasion. You will be elegant, graceful and noble in that kind of match. First of all, it has perfect sense of comfort and excellent hand feel. Besides, the tie methods of silk scarf is also various.Besides, the silk scarf also has good function of embellishing women’s necks, especially which are too short or fat. Just because of its perfect functions, they decide the silk can be used to make something that has good function of embellishment and healthcare.Until now, are you attracted by silk scarf? I personally think a silk scarf is a must for every single woman.Then, as the embellishment, the silk scarf owns powerful function. The reason why people call it . Silk Road is because the goods traded along this channel were mainly silks. Are you tired of monotonous clothes arrangement? If you do, then, a silk scarf can help you a lot. For example, if you are going to take part in formal evening party, then, you can turn to a long silk scarf and warp it around your shoulders optionally.In the first inherits all my mentioned good functions of silk, which is good to protect women’s delicate skin. Then, the silk scarf comes into being.Exquisite embellishment and versatility roles are another two bright spots. The versatility here means the silk scarf can be used to decorate neck, hair, hip and even waist. The silk scarves in different types, styles and colors as well as tie ways make the clothes arrangement become more various. Compared with other fabrics, the silk has a lot of good functions.Have you ever heard something of the so-called Silk Road? In fact, it was an important trade channel of ancient China, which still plays vital role even in our modern world. At the same time, fibroin fibers that constitute silk contain a lot of hydrophilic components like amido and amidogen, which make it have very good property of moisture releasability and absorption. In the ancient times, it mainly means the mulberry silk. Different silk scarves match different suits can receive perfect and sound visual effect. What is more, the silk also has the function of sound absorption, dust absorption and heat resistance as well as cotton with spandex knitting fabric anti-ultraviolet rays.

Posté: 03:20, 11/10/2018
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women use cosmetics and lotions

Many theories had been advance as to why man began to wear clothing; as protection from evil spirits; as part of religious ceremonies; to satisfy the ego; to attract the opposite sex; to alleviate the sense of shame; as a mean of tribal identification signifying friend or enemy; as a physical protection from weather, insects and disease; and to indicate possession or allegiance. However, records testify to a use of materials, colors, and other details characteristics of other civilization. Decorative design satisfies an elemental human need as indicated by the widespread use of paint on the body before cloth was known. Primitive man painted his body as part of his toilet just a modern women use cosmetics and lotions.To many students of primitive cultures, distinction between utility and artistry in manner of dress can be overdrawn. Fragments of cloth and leather, as well as statues, vases, paintings, and ornaments, testify to the advance culture enjoyed by the peoples living centuries before the birth of Christ. Motifs were worked on leather of furor stamped on barks or fibers.”.Clothing as worn by men and women for social and business activities is distinguished from uniforms worn by soldiers, ceremonial robes worn by church and official dignitaries, and costume devised for pageant and theatricals. Archeologist unearthing treasure in golden masks, elaborately wrought jewelry, and intricate textiles have established the fact that prehistoric craftsman have employed a degree of polyester with spandex print skill unrivaled in some instances by method in this century.The study of costume history present vital clues to the nature of culture, philosophy, and commerce of other ancient people. As person of various cultural and religious backgrounds mingled after wars and migration, the particular style of clothing common to each where blended in a new pattern. No distinct division can be made between the use of ornamentation such as painting, tattooing, suspending articles on or about the body, and trough clothing of fur, textile or leather. Textile fibers and dyestuff were among the first goods used in commerce between countries; ancient Tyre was noted for the manufacture of purple dyes from the shell of the murex (a mollusk). Eisenhower in World War II that was adopted by the civilians as the “Eisenhower Jacket. Frequently an article originally designed as part of a uniform is adopted for general wear, as the trench coat that became a favorite raincoat after World War I, and the battle jacket worn by General Dwight D.

Posté: 03:24, 20/9/2018
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