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Have you ever try the steam clean


steam clean sounds really worthy to try

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amazing eco-friendly microfiber mops clean

. This is the ideal way to be a smart consumer and contribute to reducing eco-footprint as well as achieving monetary This amazing eco-friendly microfiber mops clean better and produces less environmental waste than throw-away style floor sweepers.Seiso has launched its exclusive range of eco-friendly microfiber mop systems that not only ensure a greener and cleaner home environment, but also help save money in the long run ( It is also a wise investment as one can re-use the mop for a long time, thus saving money in the long run. Seiso is an emerging company that believes in providing transparency and value to its customers which includes being honest about its process and how it impacts the environment at large.

Apart from these, the mops uphold the following features: - Traps Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair (and doesn't let go) - Cleans Better, Saves Money, Better for the Earth - Machine washable cleaning pads - Strong and durable - Fast and efficient - Pet hair gripping View Explainer Video: https://youtu. Since Seiso believes that the tools used in one’s daily routine should be suitably functional and highly durable, all the products of this brand are made from high quality parts including aluminum alloy and superior quality, non-recycled moulded parts.

Each Seiso product is manufactured under strict QA and employment standards in the partner facility of the company located in Taiwan. The eco-friendly microfiber mop has been created with the vision of making the world a greener and improving peoples cleaning habits. Seiso’s mop styles include the Seiso Extendable Handle Microfiber Mop System and the Seiso Spray Style Microfiber Mop System, both using machine washable microfiber pads which save money (as opposed to disposable throw away cleaning sheet systems) . Also, with these mops one no longer has to worry about pet hair strewn all over the floor. The idea behind Seiso brand is inspired by the 5S methodology of sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain

Posted: 04:29, 5/12/2018
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