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17/2/2017 - Police in safety vest search a person in Bad Hall

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In Bad Hall, the forces police in safety vest late on Wednesday stood by a search operation for a missing person resident in use. A 72-year-old with dementia residents of a senior citizens apartment building was apparently since Tuesday noon.


"When the investigation until the evening of 23 November 2016 was not successful, a search operation was launched," reported the police. Ten search dogs, two Man trailer, two fire departments and the police in reflective clothing were in the search operation. Shortly the man was found in the area of a wooded slope.


"As a firefighter with the Hands the area, flashed briefly something on. In the lookup they found the missing persons sitting on a tree ajar. He was wearing a reflective vest, which had reflected the spotlight. The man was slightly hypothermic, but otherwise unharmed. Due to his illness he could not provide information where he had been staying, "said the police on.

The 72 year old was supplied by the emergency services.

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