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17/8/2017 - How to prepare for your trip with safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

Are you leaving for the first time on a long journey? You do not know how to prepare safety equipment? What to pack? How to check the car? We will help you to safely reach your holiday destination.


Before you start thinking about holiday madness, you should properly prepare your car for a long journey. Because of the security of you and your passengers' safety, it is important not to ignore some basic issues.


First and foremost, you should examine the technical condition of the car. It is not as difficult as it may seem. It is advisable to check and, if necessary, make up the consumables, as well as inspect the braking system and suspension. Also, do not forget about the proper lighting settings. When you pack your car to the roof, the lights can hurt other drivers. Finally, check the tire condition and tire pressure.


More and more people are forgetting to check the validity of the insurance and the registration review, which can end up with an unpleasant surprise and a loss of part of the holiday budget. When traveling abroad, you also need to familiarize yourself with the obligatory car accessories (triangle, reflective vest, etc.) required in the country to which we are going and in all we will be traveling. Some countries also require you to take out special insurance - do not forget about it!


Dangerous luggage

Technical condition of the car checked, all the necessary papers have been sorted - time to pack! Many people have no idea how to lay luggage inside a vehicle. This is a big mistake. Incorrectly placed luggage can be deadly in case of sudden braking or collision. Even with a suitably large trunk it is important to seriously consider the arrangement of suitcases. With the right organization, you will not only save more space, but you will also be safe.


How do you pack your bags? First of all, limit the number of things in the car cabin. Any unsecured item in the event of a sudden event can become dangerous, so it is important to follow the principle that the luggage space is in the trunk. This also applies to the shelves separating the cab from the boot - absolutely no lightweight items can be placed here. Start packing the heaviest bags and suitcases by placing them on the bottom, as close as possible to the front of the boot. When packing, you can also use the storage compartments beneath the floor of the boot to save space and further reduce the center of gravity of the car.


The next luggage is laid on the principle of "pyramid:" the base forms the largest and heaviest suitcases, and on the next floors is getting lighter packages. You need to take this into account when packing, so that in the largest bags put things you need only in place and in small items that may come in handy during the trip. Then the luggage containing the things you need can be placed on the top of the pyramid so you have easy access to it. The most necessary things that need to be in the cabin must be secured with safety belts, handles, head restraints, or under the seat.


Proper packaging of luggage is not enough. It is important that the driver is rested and rested so that he can easily concentrate on the road. Even if the place you go to is not foreign to you and the route is well known, you should trust navigation. Especially during the holiday season it may be necessary (due to traffic and numerous repairs and related detours).


When the car is properly prepared and well planned for breaks, the trip will be safe and not too tiring. Just remember to hurry and be careful on the road. Then nothing will break the holiday rest.

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16/8/2017 - Running caps with reflective tape are not disposable

Posté sur reflective tape

Did you notice? Winter this year is not what it used to be. Frosty days like saffron. Just like an opportunity to try to keep your ears free from Running. Not only need the safety vest but need you keep warm with safety.


Every experienced runner knows that the heat from the body escapes mainly by the hands and the head. That is why you need to cover these vulnerable parts. The hands are first on the wound, but the head also needs proper care - a warm hat, a headband, a scarf, a hood or a ski helmet ... Perhaps you will not feel that important, but you know that your head and head are escaping from the body Up to 40 percent heat? And that is not quite negligible, what do you think?


That's why investing a few hundred into a good running cap will definitely pay off. The test piece from Adidas is available in stores for 479 crowns. The three-striped sign in the emblem boasts that you will have your head warm and cool in the cap. All this thanks to a miracle in the form of a cloth, which also drains moisture from the skin.


Adidas bet on 100% polyester and reflective material, which is the most popular fiber in the textile industry. It is flexible and stable in shape; it is not tangled and holds its shape. All this is true of the tested cap. The manufacturer has made a pleasant micro flee on the inside, thanks to which the hat warmer also pleasantly fewer runners.


Thanks to the flexible and wide cuff, the cap is the way you need it. Adidas says one size fits all types of heads. It's hard to say, I had more running jogs during my testing, but I was sitting well. There is no problem in this regard. It was quite a refinement compared to the previous fleece cap, which slid off the head and had to be permanently modified. On the other hand, I did not remember until the moment I had taken off after the overdue.


I appreciated the classic shape of the hat, the bright black color, the reflexive details in the front and the back, the elegant three strips around the cushion ... Well, I admit - for the wilder running types it's a rather settled piece of clothing, however the main thing is that it does what it has. To bring more variety to your runs, you can buy pink socks.


From my point of view, running the Running cap is ideal especially in frosts or temperatures around zero. At plus values ​​on the thermometer, it's still better to reach for some lighter hat. That's why I had three stripes on my head in the current winter less than I imagined myself. Well, this kind of summer seems to me somewhat unfortunate. We can protest against lack of frost, we can disagree with it, but that's probably all we can do with it.


However, running caps with reflective tape are not disposable things, so if you get cold this winter or leave your frosty arsenal next year, I'll be ready.

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15/8/2017 - A person wears functional reflective clothing

In the winter there is not bad weather, but bad clothes. And it is up to each of us to choose functional clothing for sports or work, and we will feel comfortable in times of great convenience, or we prefer clothing from ordinary reflective materials, in which we quickly become drowsy and easier to cool.


"The human body is constantly sweating, even in moments without physical exercise, sleeping or in a cold environment. By this so-called involuntary perspiration we evaporate during the day 0.2 - 0.5 liters of water, which enters our laundry as steam. If a person wears functional reflective clothing, then the moisture penetrates from the laundry to the upper layer of clothing, or passes to the outside where it evaporates, "explains Panty of Moira.


Ideal sportswear can keep people warm and in extreme frost, irresistibly irrespective of the intensity and length of the rain, and can drain moisture out of the sweat, so you can keep you dry even in more demanding activities. Functional clothing effectively communicates with the skin - it can drain moisture while keeping heat. In bad weather it will be appreciated by athletes, but also ordinary people for walks or any outdoor activities (snow clearance, etc.)


Another advantage of this outfit is that it is directly attached to the body, allowing for a better movement. Moreover, special seams do not rub against the skin and provide smell control and microbial proliferation. Some products with reflective element have two uses: they warm up in the winter, and when turned inwards, they perfectly drain sweat from the body. So they can be used in all weathers.

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14/8/2017 - The development of metallic space reflective fabric

NASA is striving to develop technologies that can help humanity in exploring the universe in the future. For deep space travel, astronauts and their ships will have to recall. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which falls under NASA, is working on many projects that will be useful in space. Folding robot from JPL


Should help collect samples on Mars and special robotic tools

They should deal with extreme temperature conditions in the cold months. JPL also introduced its latest project, which is based on 3D printing technology. NASA scientists are working on the development of metallic space reflective fabrics.


This special fabric can cope with the conditions that need to be computed in the universe. It is solid, folding, reflective and also highly heat resistant. Due to its features, it could be used in the future to create astronaut suits or to produce various shields or spacecraft isolation.


A team of scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is led by engineer Raul, who has moved around a variety of materials and materials, and his mother has been a fashion designer. However, JPL's 3D printed cloth would instead be used to dress astronauts while traveling in space. This special cosmic cloth can be widespread when exploring the universe. The material consists of small metal jointed squares and individual pieces have not been folded together. Thanks to 3D printing technology, the reflective material could be made straightforward.


Raul even did not design the production process as a 3D print, but as a 4D print. He justifies his statement by making it possible to print both the geometry and the function of these materials. He also declares that his team is doing mass production of functions. The cosmic substance currently has four functions, its thermal resistance property is important. The material, together with the ability to reflect light, makes the material suitable for use in space. The practical thing is that the material can be modified and composed differently, so it can easily be adapted for a variety of applications.


This material, due to its resilience, would be specifically used to isolate spacecraft on ice or extreme temperatures. Spacecraft when passing through space would again be protected from meteorites with this material.

For NASA, multifunctional material could mean a reduction in spending. The final phase of this project involves the production of special material directly in space, so astronauts could be less dependent on Earth. The plan also allows astronauts to recycle old reflective element and transform them into new structures using 3D printing. This should solve the problem of lack of resources in space.

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11/8/2017 - Waterproof material and reflective fabric for wet days

Bike shirt Shield jersey with reflective element won home the best performance in the "performance" category at Europe's largest sports fair, ISPO, this weekend. Shield jersey is a high-innovative garment that gives a dry experience on the bike in rainy conditions.


Shield jersey is made of windproof and waterproof material and reflective fabric for wet days, which at the same time have the ability to transport moisture away from the body and tolerate tough bikes on the bike.

Developed by professionals in the ORICA-Green EDGE bicycle number, Shield jersey guarantees a good fit through ergonomic design including 3/4 long sleeves that are designed and sewn after your race position on the bike.


The award-winning bicycle shirt will be seen as a hybrid between sweater and jacket with a zipper in front of reflective prints for 360 degree visibility on the roads.


Shield jersey is available at Swedish dealers in autumn 2015.

Craft is a Swedish brand that develops designs and manufactures clothing for fitness sports where function and comfort are crucial for a good result. Through close collaboration with elite riders all over the world, Craft offers training and competition clothes in the highest class.

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10/8/2017 - The workers in safety vest of armed institute

Posté sur Safety vest

A man died in the morning from Friday to Saturday in an attack registered in Santa Marta de Fabio, Bergamo. The victim, D. Mazola, was 38 years old and was a resident of the Cambers parish of Célèbre. The health services that moved to the point could not do anything to save the life of the man. Firefighters in safety clothing had to release the body, which had been trapped under the vehicle.


The attack was recorded shortly before six o'clock in the morning. The driver could not avoid the man, who came across a curve in the middle of the road "braking", according to Civil Protection said the driver to the Civil Guard in the report of the accident. The woman, a young woman living in Bergen municipality, about five kilometers from the accident site, according to municipal emergency personnel, said she had not given her time to dodge the man or slow down to avoid the accident. The young woman suffered a major anxiety crisis in the moments after the incident although she did not suffer injuries due to the impact, they say.


The tourist driver herself, who was on her way to work at the time of the accident, contacted the regional emergency coordination service 112. They went to the point, as well as firefighters and Civil Protection, 061 toilets, Attests and Guard Civil Traffic.


At the moment the reasons are unknown that the victim was in the middle of the road, at a point with little light. The man invaded the road without wearing a reflective vest, says the Civil Guard. At the time of the accident, the man was wearing work clothes. The troops failed to identify in detail the garments but ensure that both the pants and the jacket were working and wearing safety footwear, details Civil Protection. The security and emergency bodies double-checked each of the three ways man could proceed to try to discover the reason he was at the point but did not detect "any anomaly."


The workers in safety vest of armed institute have opened an investigation to clarify what happened. The team of attestations of the sub-sector of A Corunna instructs measures to determine the causes of the incident. The competent court is the Guard Instruction of Botanizes. The accident occurred, specifically, on the AC-614 road, at kilometer 2,100, about two kilometers from the access to the AP-9 motorway, according to the Guardia Civil.

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9/8/2017 - The importance of wearing reflective clothing

The technical state of the vehicles worries the popular Spanish runners. And is that poor conservation a risk factor for runners even with safety vest, who live and share with the use of the road network.


This is one of the main conclusions of the Race of the 2016 Workshop. Led by the Association of Workshops of Madrid, whose motto is "For road safety from the responsible maintenance of the vehicle", includes the updated guide «Run Between cars: tips for the pedestrian runner and responsible motorist »prepared by ASETRA, Stop Accidents and the Macomb Foundation. Each year, more than 11,000 pedestrian crossings and 5,800 traffic accidents involving cyclists are involved in Spain.


Train between well-maintained cars

Running is a healthy habit however not risk free if done close to cars. What do the popular riders think of their habits when training together and sharing motorists with the road network? How do they assess the state of the vehicles with which they intersect at intersections such as pedestrian crossings, exits from garages or traffic lights?


The above mentioned guide lists the most dangerous factors for these athletes when they run alongside the road traffic, either in cities or outside. "Running between cars" examines, among others, the importance of wearing reflective clothing, the convenience of not running headphones and music when approaching intersections with vehicles or the effect on the perception of the risk that fatigue causes on the runners. But, undoubtedly, the most relevant data arise from the survey conducted by the corridors themselves.

- 60% are aware of being a very special type of pedestrian when training in forced coexistence with road traffic

- Many do not aide the minimum precautions to guarantee their safety in intersections like pedestrian crossings, with or without semaphore, and exits of garages. Even those who in two-way ways do not value the importance of moving on the left shoulder

- Most runners in reflective vest still think it's better to run down the road than on the sidewalk. This is because they suffer fewer joints, although the risk of abuse increases exponentially

- More than 90% are clear that, in case of crossing a vehicle, it must go at the appropriate speed to the track and be in perfect maintenance conditions, especially with regard to brakes, tires and shock absorbers.

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8/8/2017 - The clothes with reflective tape

Posté sur reflective tape

The cyclist Bautista, 37, wear reflective clothing, died early yesterday after being hit by a vehicle that was fled. The sportsman, an amateur from small to the bike, was hit against the protective fence of the highway of Toledo (A-42), which made him lose almost in the act the life. It was a brother of the victim who recognized him in the same place of the incident. About five hours later, the Civil Guard of Traffic arrested the alleged author of the accident, a truck driver from the municipality of Hernia.


All life on two wheels

"Oscar had had some scares with the cars, but never anything serious that made him leave the bike. He was in love with her and did not leave her at all." This was expressed yesterday Luis, the brother of the cyclist who died after being hit by a truck driver on the Toledo highway.


Born on January 3, 1976, Oscar Bautista was married and had a nine-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. He resided in the Toledo municipality of Yelets, as well as part of his family. In his Facebook account, he kept some photos of some important climbs he had done in his career, such as the climb to the top of bisque, one of the mythical summits of the Tour.


Oscar worked in Balata, Bautista and sons, a family business founded more than 30 years ago by the victim's father. "He always came and went on a bike, because he was very comfortable and it was not an especially long ride. It had become his great passion, "explained his brother Luis.


"I feel a lot of helplessness and indignation over the way he has died. You can run over a person, but at least I could have stopped to help you, "he continued in a telephone conversation with this newspaper.”I nevertheless cannot believe that. I work with him every day and it will be very hard to have to face the day to day without being at my side as always, "he added. Soon, the arrest of the alleged author of the accident, the truck driver of Heritage, was confirmed.


Oscar Bautista always used the bicycle to move from his home in Yelets, in the province of Toledo, to his family's industrial building, dedicated to the repair of bumpers, in the polygon of Las Agendas, in Torreon de la Caldara. The distance is about 12 kilometers; and for this athlete it was a small tour. Yesterday, like every day, he wore his helmet and safety vest to be seen from afar. In addition, he had installed a taillight in the saddle.


Civil Guard sources explained that the use of motorways by cyclists is prohibited, except in the case that there are no alternative routes nearby. Only and exclusively they can circulate by the shoulder without entering in the lanes destined to the rest of users, like the automobiles.


At 7.37 yesterday, the emergency services received the call of a person who said that a man was lying in the gutter, on the entrance lanes, at the height of kilometer 28.6 of the Toledo highway, in the term of Torreon de la Caldara. When the emergency services and the Civil Guard of Traffic came, they realized that it was a cyclist.

The first investigations indicated already from the beginning to which some vehicle had hit him laterally and had projected against him to the quarters. That caused him serious injuries and left him lying on the asphalt. The physicians of a mobile UVI of the Summa appreciated throughout the body and certified his death, according to an emergency spokesman 112.


Luis, one of Oscar's three brothers, recognized the corpse in situ. He also went to the family business, which was less than 500 meters away, along the deviation to the industrial zone. The accident had happened a few minutes ago. "When I saw the clothes with reflective tape on the floor, I realized that he was my brother. I stopped and made myself available to the Civil Guard, "Luis explained.


To the place moved the holder of the Court of Instruction number 6, that yesterday morning was on guard. He ordered the removal of the body and the transfer to the Anatomical Forensic Institute, in the University City, where the autopsy was performed.

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7/8/2017 - Working with safety vest in the last months

Posté sur Safety vest

Responsible of the Municipal Police of Madrid have been working with safety vest in the last months with the unions in the election of the new model of work clothes that will look the agents from next year. The former PP government team already tried to change uniforms, but finally parked it because of the proximity of the elections.


The PP focused on the renovation of the cars, which finally the Manuela Carmen team backed off and bought the vehicles instead of resorting to renting, which was returned to BBVA. The new clothing will be dark blue with capital letters and some of the garments will wear a white stripe, which in the case of the jackets could be reflective. Unions are generally satisfied that they have been consulted.


A spokesperson for CSIT-Union Professional explained that there has been a dialogue on the technical characteristics of the garments with reflective material. They are also satisfied with the fact that every operative agent will have their own bulletproof vest and not as to date they were one size fits all and use for all cops. There is a point where unions and officials themselves have shown their strangeness and discomfort.


The new cap will carry the number of agent, something that the regulation only says that it should appear in the chest of the clothes.

The new cap will carry the number of agent; something that the regulation only says should be on the chest of clothing. The policemen already had the number in their cap before 1993, but with the new regulation only it was placed in the clothes. Among the five measures that Manuela Carmen promised for the first 100 days was "to ensure that police officers are visibly identified and facilitate their identification at the citizen's request."


It was one of the requests that were included in the open electoral program of Agora Madrid. Those who have expressed their protest over the ways in which the subject of reflective clothing has been worn are the commands of the body. In the letter sent to Manuela Carmen asking for the dismissal of her senior officials, they say: "The new uniformity has been presented to the Technical Scale with the absence of the Director, who was on vacation, without having had the opportunity, to think, but to see some prototype before making the decisions ".

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7/8/2017 - Working with safety vest in the last months

Posté sur Safety vest

Responsible of the Municipal Police of Madrid have been working with safety vest in the last months with the unions in the election of the new model of work clothes that will look the agents from next year. The former PP government team already tried to change uniforms, but finally parked it because of the proximity of the elections.


The PP focused on the renovation of the cars, which finally the Manuela Carmen team backed off and bought the vehicles instead of resorting to renting, which was returned to BBVA. The new clothing will be dark blue with capital letters and some of the garments will wear a white stripe, which in the case of the jackets could be reflective. Unions are generally satisfied that they have been consulted.


A spokesperson for CSIT-Union Professional explained that there has been a dialogue on the technical characteristics of the garments with reflective material. They are also satisfied with the fact that every operative agent will have their own bulletproof vest and not as to date they were one size fits all and use for all cops. There is a point where unions and officials themselves have shown their strangeness and discomfort.


The new cap will carry the number of agent, something that the regulation only says that it should appear in the chest of the clothes.

The new cap will carry the number of agent; something that the regulation only says should be on the chest of clothing. The policemen already had the number in their cap before 1993, but with the new regulation only it was placed in the clothes. Among the five measures that Manuela Carmen promised for the first 100 days was "to ensure that police officers are visibly identified and facilitate their identification at the citizen's request."


It was one of the requests that were included in the open electoral program of Agora Madrid. Those who have expressed their protest over the ways in which the subject of reflective clothing has been worn are the commands of the body. In the letter sent to Manuela Carmen asking for the dismissal of her senior officials, they say: "The new uniformity has been presented to the Technical Scale with the absence of the Director, who was on vacation, without having had the opportunity, to think, but to see some prototype before making the decisions ".

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4/8/2017 - Safety vests' attachments that can avoid collision

Posté sur Safety vest

San José, April 5 Of the 126 road traffic fatalities in Costa Rica in the first quarter of this year, 54 were motorcyclists, representing 43 percent of the total, said Mario Calderon in reflective uniform, director of the Police of Transit.


In a press conference, Calderon described the statistics as very regrettable, since they reveal 14 motorcyclists who died in traffic accidents between January and March 2017, compared to the same period last year.


'When we analyze the data, we dimension the problem in all its magnitude. Motorcyclists killed on the road doubled those killed in a car in 2017. Last year they tripled them, "said police chief.


Those 54 dead on the roads represent more than 15 per month, said Calderon, who insisted on the need for information campaigns to reduce this scourge in Costa Rica, which shows a worsening since 2014.


He recalled that the Road Safety Council recently issued a very strong campaign on the need for motorcyclists and their companions to wear helmets.

However, he continued, in the first two months of this year we imposed a thousand 67 fines for not carrying it and 797 for not wearing clothing or safety vests, attachments that can avoid collisions or serious damage to the injured.

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3/8/2017 - All of them are dressed in reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

Hiking, with wearing high visibility clothing, one of the star activities in the program of promotion of the sport of La Region, Orense + D, could not miss in its calendar.

The second edition of 'Orense + Evening Night Walk by couple' returned to the University Campus of the city in the epicenter of the sporting activity of the province.

Faithful to the call of this already consolidated activity and with the collaboration of Extra and the Campus were more than 100 present pairs who enjoyed two routes with different extension, all of them are dressed in reflective vest.


The first of them, six kilometers is taking advantage of the last hours of the day and the areas of Mendes and Castro de Santee while the second, of 21, also crossed the banks of the Mino through the hot spots of A Chaves and Ontario.


Draws and prizes

As it has been usual in the activities organized by La Region, participants in safety vest who presented the coupon published in the previous days were given a bicycle drum ideal to carry during the sport. In addition, there was also time for the already traditional raffles. This time there were five stays for two people in a spa that will enjoy the graceful.

The next appointment of Orense + D will be back in the city, on the 31st with fitness as the protagonist.

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2/8/2017 - The reflective clothing for prostitutes

The arrival of Expo Milan 2015 to the homonymous city of Italy exploded the increase of the tourists, but also of the prostitutes. The government will force the use of safety vest for prostitutes.


According to the English media The Independent, more than 15 thousand sex workers arrived in the city to provide their services, which also caused traffic problems.


This is because the streets are crowded by women, who are mainly located on the motorway from Milan to Cremona, and are exposed to accidents or to accidents. It’s very dangerous and be influence for road safety.


It is to avoid such situations that the municipality of Milan is evaluating to create a law that obliges women workers to wear reflective jackets or pants and avoid accidents.


Women who do not comply with this provision must pay a fine of between 360 and 500 Euros.

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1/8/2017 - Cyclists and cars on the road: safety vest and rules for cycling

Posté sur Safety vest

Cyclists, along with pedestrians and motorists, are the most vulnerable users of the streets and highways without safety vest. In addition to its sports, more and more people use the bicycle as a means of regular travel: it is cheaper, allows greater mobility on short distances does not suffer from traffic jams or parking problems, does not contaminate and improves the health of who uses it.


This increase in the number of bicycles on the streets of cities and on roads entails greater respect on the part of all road users, especially motorists, who must be aware of the vulnerability of these people. Improving the coexistence between the car and the bicycle is increasingly necessary, something that encompasses all those who share the road.


Rules for cycling

Adults are required to wear helmets whenever they ride on long-distance routes, while those under 16 years of age should always use them. It is also important that you use reflective items or reflective clothing to make you see at all times. Our recommendation is to use the helmet on all tracks, as it is an effective protection system against falling even at low speed.


You must respect the rules of circulation in the same way that other vehicles, traffic lights, STOP, give way ... and if you do not you will endanger your safety and you can be sanctioned.

Do not neglect your bike and before driving with it make sure it is well maintained and that the wheels carry the correct pressure.

Mark correctly and with sufficient time the maneuvers that you are going to make so that the rest of vehicles are informed.

When traveling by road, the law allows to circulate in parallel, in a group of two bikes at most, except with heavy traffic or if there is low visibility.

It is forbidden to cycle by wearing headphones, using the mobile phone, after consuming drugs or with a rate of alcohol above that allowed.

Circular by motorway and motorways is prohibited. Only those over 14 years old may ride on the side of a motorway unless expressly forbidden by a signal.


How a motorist should act in the presence of cyclists

The presence of cyclists is greater on secondary roads, so extreme caution must be exercised. Be patient and aware of your greatest vulnerability.

When passing a cyclist or group of cyclists the law requires a lateral separation of at least 1.5 meters. In addition, it is important to reduce the speed so as not to destabilize the rider.

The horn uses it only in emergency situations and do not press it to catch the attention of cyclists who circulate in parallel because it is allowed and the sound of the horn can frighten them and cause them to fall.

Remember that cyclists with reflective vest have priority of passage with respect to motor vehicles. They also take priority when the first of a group of cyclists enters a junction or a roundabout.

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31/7/2017 - A rider without safety vest killed in Navarre

Posté sur Safety vest

A 45-year-old cyclist without safety vest has been killed on Sunday after being hit in Estella, Navarra, by an 81-year-old driver who has been a drug and alcohol abuser and has been charged with a felony murder charge.


The cyclist has been identified as D.H.H., a neighbor of the nearby town, who has died by hitting his head with the curb despite wearing a helmet and reflective vest, according to the Feral Police. The driver of the vehicle has had the corresponding alcohol and drug tests, which have been denied in both cases, after which he has been charged with a crime of serious recklessness.


The attack has taken place at the roundabout that links the streets of San Francisco Javier, La Merida and Arietta, near the Municipal Sports Hall of Estella, according to the police, which indicates that the accident occurred when the car was accessed at the roundabout while the cyclist circulated by it, and not to notice its presence without any reflective sign.

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28/7/2017 - 31% of the folding posts of route require replacement

The accelerated deterioration of the folding posts that began to be placed a year ago in 37 kilometers of the route 32 is evident. In just 12 months, 626 posts (31%) of the 2,000 installed on that road leading to Limón, require replacement, since they lost their ability to get up when struck, or were cut off or taken off the road altogether.


LEA: Flexible poles would avoid speeding en route to Limón

The doubts about whether the damage presented by the structures is caused by poor quality of the reflective materials causes a dispute between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the company Jull.

According to Traffic Engineering Manager, Junior Araya, Jull Signals certified that the posts had to withstand up to 200 blows before losing their ability to return to their original position. However, damage to the devices was visible from the first few weeks of installation.


"When the project is executed, the inspection is done and it is verified that all of the posts were installed and appeared to comply with everything, however, there began to arise the question of the performance of the posts by an accelerated deterioration that occurs in The site and before that doubt proceeded to coordinate tests with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica to evaluate their performance, "explained Araya.

Mauricio Araya, from the School of Engineering in Construction of the ITCR, confirmed that the studies were done and were delivered to the MOPT, but claimed that he could not divulge the results by confidentiality. For its part, the company claims that Ingénue signed a final receipt that legally closed the contract since December last year.


LEA: Route 32 folding poles no longer seen at night

"The useful life is in the poster and is associated with a technical standard, it is not in months or years, but in the amount of impacts that supports a post and the poster says 200 impacts and the standard says of a sedan vehicle," he claimed Adriano, spokesman for the company. According to the lawyer, the poles were damaged because they were not suitable for the place where they were placed (a road where 4,100 heavy vehicles circulate daily), in addition to the vandalism and bad faith of drivers who passed them.


With these statements, Junior Araya said that the administration can carry out tests or tests to verify the quality of the product, and that having signed the receipt does not imply termination of the contract. In addition, the results of the ITCR have yet to be analyzed in the Board of Directors of the Road Safety Council. An elapsed year and many posts damaged later, the question is whether this device was suitable for route 32. By that route circulate 13,600 vehicles a day, and 30% (4,100) are heavy trucks, according to MOPT data. And to answer, Junior Araya is sharp.


LEA: MOPT supposes 'hidden interest' in damage to folding posts

"There is no such post, which can withstand 200 strokes of a trailer, and from the beginning I did not know that people were going to get over them," said the hierarch, who defended that it was a pilot plan.


"The poles are not placed so people are hitting them," Araya added.

According to the official, because it is a road that does not have shoulders and in which it alternates from one to two lanes per direction along the mountainous part, it was necessary safety devices of this type to tell the driver how the demarcation goes, Because by the conditions of the climate in that sector, the painting is constantly erased.


Araya ruled out the possibility of replacing posts with New Jersey barriers, because in case of collapses or accidents would completely block the passage. In the MOPT, they say that the neighbors of sectors such as Potosi have even sent letters requesting that the damaged posts be replaced, because they did stop the fatal accidents.


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27/7/2017 - Transit Authority initiates inspection of school buses

Posté sur reflective vest

The safety equipments inspection of school busies began on the morning of Monday, February 13 as reported by the Transit and Land Transportation Authority.


From 8:00 am, the ATTT inspectors in reflective vest are in the parking lots of Rommel Fernandez Stadium, in the Juan sector. In the province of North Panama, the operation takes place in the parking lots of the Chillier Gymnasium and will conclude on Friday, February 17th.


In the country there are a total of 5 thousand 243 buses of collegiate transport: 48 in the province of Bocas del Toro; In Coclé, 164; 344 in Colón; Veraguas with 218; Chiriquí has ​​521; Darien has 5 bursitis; 125 in the province of Herrera; 122 in Los Santos; There are 3 thousand 269 in the province of Panama and 427 in Panama West.


Vehicles must have insurance policies and college badge, fire extinguisher, safety triangle, reflective tape and jack to change tires. In addition, the "state of the tires, doors of entry and exit, as well as the engine and the chassis" should be in good condition, reiterated the ATTT.


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26/7/2017 - MEPs supported the wear of reflective elements

MEPs supported an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which, for example, authorizes the use of seaway trucks or imposes on pedestrians the obligation to wear reflective elements on the road for poor visibility. The template should also allow for the retention of the technical card due to the poor state of the vehicle. Changes aimed at enhancing road safety should apply from 1 January of the following year.


Pedestrians or other reflective material should be wearing whenever they are moving on the road in low visibility, such as in the fog or in the dark. Sinners will face a fine of up to 2500 crowns. "Being seen at a sufficient distance is a crucial requirement from the point of view of the safety of traffic participants and particularly the most vulnerable participants, among them pedestrians," the Ministry of Transport said.


Seaway is going slower

The operation of seaway trucks, where tourists run through, among other things, in the center of Prague, should be generally allowed but municipalities will be able to ban the road sign. Restricting traffic to municipalities is, according to the Ministry of Transport, a compromise solution balancing the interests of state and pedestrians, while less restricting the interests of the operators of trucks. The prohibition by law of the law would make virtually impossible the operation of these trucks. Adjusting the speed at which the seaway can travel. On the sidewalks, people would only be able to move on the speed of walking, only on cycling paths they could ride without limits.


This amendment also imposes an obligation to clean vehicles from ice or icing. The driver will not be able to drive the vehicle on which the ice is or if the ice is on its cargo if the release of the ice would endanger road safety. This will not affect the common icing on the vehicle.


Watch out for bikers

Drivers will not be able to endanger cyclists who cross the road at the crossing for cyclists. This will not apply to situations where the cyclist is approaching the crossing.

The amendment also proposes the possibility to withhold the registration certificate for a motor vehicle, the so-called small technical license, when the police on the car find a dangerous defect in the inspection or in the explanation of a traffic accident. The policeman in reflective jacket will have to state, because of the failure of the certificate.


If the driver does not have a certificate with him / her, the vehicle operator will have to hand over the certificate within five days to the appropriate municipal office. It will get it back if it proves that it has removed the defect or that the vehicle is technically operational. The new detention facility will not apply, for example, to firefighting vehicles or rescue services.


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25/7/2017 - The Road Safety Coordinator especially to pedestrians

Posté sur Safety vest

Police officers and policemen will create joint patrols and go to the streets to talk with pedestrians to equip some reflective vest or tapes.


See, you survive! This is reported by police officers together with the Road Safety Coordinator especially to pedestrians. They will head to the streets this week and address pedestrians who need reflection signs. Police statistics speak clearly. The crash of the pedestrian with the vehicle usually protects the driver by not seeing the pedestrian or suddenly running into the runway.


The most risky groups are mainly seniors. The latter have the advantage over others that the garments and school briefcases have been reflexively labeled mostly by the manufacturer. Skolt does not forget even the smallest. For several years, the smallest in kindergartens have reflexive vests on common walks. And try to reach even the creeping fellow citizens who are especially small on the weekend in the evening.


"The most risky group is seniors. They think they have absolute priority and do not look to the right to the left, "says Tomas, head of the district department, and this group of people go in clothes that are mostly inconspicuous colors and shades and lack reflective elements. And they will address pedestrians, giving birth in the form of small animals, tapes, stickers, smiles, and of course all the aids contain reflective elements.


"I am always waiting at the pedestrian crossing, when the arriving car stops. I never go there without a look. The shining tape on my coat would probably not mind, "said one of the senior maids yesterday afternoon, who crossed over to one of the busiest intersections at the Town Hall.


"Delivering things is one thing. However, the dialogue with addressed citizens is also important. That is why we are going to be among them, "explains Bissau, as he has stressed several times, it is important to see and be seen, and participates with Bessie and spends ten thousand crowns on the event. The pedestrian has seen himself as a driver at the last moment, especially in the fall, winter and dark, "says councilor Jan.


"The event will run until Sunday. This weekend can be a problem with moving pedestrians leaving restaurants, cafes or bars. We try to reach out to you too, "says Petri, who tells police the crisis times from 6.30 am to 7.30 pm and then in the evening from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Last year there was a collision of a vehicle with nine pedestrians five of these cases happened, others in surrounding communities.


"Of the five, four were aged 14, 18, 56 and 67 years old. The men were 76 years old, "said police spokeswoman and her colleague Hanta from the city police pointed out that the protective elements had been given away earlier." The seniors received a security package; all children in their mothers are equipped with reflective safety vest marked with kindergarten.


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24/7/2017 - Police respond the plan for city safety

Posté sur reflective vest

Today, the guest of the online interview of the Boleslaw was Chief of the Police of the Republic of Poland, who wear a reflective uniform. The readers asked him not only why he was interested in the position, but also about what changes in the city he is planning.


How do you like the position of Chief of the City Police? As far as I know, you worked as a line guard before, so that's probably a big difference...

The work I'm doing now is very interesting, but it's also challenging. Yesterday before I was elected to the City Police Chief and subsequently appointed by the city council, I worked for seventeen years as a line guard. The difference in both positions is that I have a greater responsibility in this position. This means not only communication with citizens within the service, but also a lot of administrative activity (budget, services breakdowns, etc.) and communication with city management.


The city police in Munich Hardiest had never had a good reputation according to citizens. Is it true? And what have you done to improve it?

As in any other city, there will be people who will be dissatisfied with the work of the city police, but I think most of the people who can appreciate our work predominate. Therefore, to improve, we have done a few things. For example, security precautions for children and pensioners are taking place, we have set up a Facebook profile to allow police officers to communicate at any time, staffing has also been modernized, and overall we are trying to improve the view of the city police.


I heard you'll get one more policeman and reflective vest, so you should be nine if I'm wrong. Is this the optimal number for you or would you need the officers even more? Yes, at the present time, a tender for the position of a police officer is announced. The number of officers should therefore increase to nine. In order for the city police to manage what is required and what they want to do, the optimal number of officers would be at least twelve. The main reason for the increase in the number of police officers is that we want to keep the traffic uninterrupted; another reason is the large cadastral territory and the ever-increasing traffic in the city. It is also necessary to devote more time to preventive action.


Recently, a group of people we are afraid of at the train station at the train station. In the summer, we always went out for a walk with the kids, but now we prefer to go elsewhere. Please make this site safe again.

The officers devote themselves equally to all the parks in the city. Their checks are carried out at regular intervals. Currently we do not see this site as dangerous, but it is possible that you could see this site as dangerous beforehand due to the occurrence of so-called problem people, but we have succeeded in eliminating this site from our site.


Why did you apply for a new Chief of Police at the Tender? There is a lot of talk about the fact that the new composition of the town hall has great demands on the officers, and that's why your predecessor ended.

It is true that the current management of the city places great demands on me and the officers, but I am not competent to express myself to my predecessor. I have enrolled in the selection facility to improve the overall view of our city police.


Are you getting in the new position in the field, or are you shut down in the office and you're doing clerical work, or maybe in the service you jump off colleagues when they cannot?

It is true that the new position requires me to devote more attention to administrative work, but I still try to work in the field. And since the number of officers is low, I normally have to do the work of a line guard.

We are currently preparing a contract for the provision of radar for speed measurement and we will try to start measuring the speed of the vehicles as soon as possible.


How often do you check the city area? Sometimes I see that if you arrive, you just slow down and you will not get out of the car. I understand that the cadastral territory you are in charge of is vast and you cannot be everywhere, but it does not avoid criminal activities in the villages.

Compared to the previous period, the police officers started to drive more often to suburban areas, three times a week. Control is preventive if the officers do not record offense, so they check this area only from the vehicle, but sometimes these areas are also walking


I heard you got new uniforms. What's different and why the original ones were not enough? What did you do with the old ones?

Yes, we have new uniforms. It varies with its functionality, material and appearance. The policeman feels more comfortable in this uniform; the new uniform is multifunctional and meets all the requirements that a police officer can spend twelve hours in this facility. Old uniforms did not fulfill their functionality, parts of equipment such as jackets and shoes are still being used. Shirts and trousers, neckties were removed.


It is almost entirely the rule that new leadership always introduces changes. Will you also change things or have you changed? What can we look forward to in the city?

Some changes have been made, they are put into practice. In the future, we are going to measure vehicle speed, carry out controls on alcohol pouring for juveniles, we will also be giving out reflective tapes, and we are going to make more frequent playground controls.


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