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27/3/2017 - Reflective vests reduce the risk of traffic accidents


Entry to the school for each child is a big life change. However, brings many positive changes, such as new friendships, new knowledge and skills. Not only stay in school but also to the way it can be difficult for a child. Therefore, we should prevent all risks, including conflicts of a child by a moving vehicle.


Many of the accidents occur in poor visibility, easy way to protect the child in this case is the use of reflective elements such as reflective vests, belts and other materials that can be attached to clothing, shoes and school bag. These materials allow the driver to register the pedestrian at a distance up to 200 m, while the walker dressed in dark clothing is seen at a distance of 18 m and in light clothing at a distance of 55 meters.


"Because all of us to lives and health of our children depends receive from us all Prague first graders reflective vest, which will guide and protect you during journeys to school," said Deputy Mayor that the lives and health of our children, are the most valuable and most important what we have. Therefore, it is in all our interests to protect them at all times.


The main town in Prague this year, we have prepared for all first-graders in Prague reflective safety vests. Distribution to individual schools provides municipal police officers.

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25/3/2017 - Driver without safety vest hit an old man

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Dragon, 26 years, common Galicia led yesterday afternoon a car DJ 678A, direction Galicia - and in the area Pelosi, hit the front of the car to an old man of 75 years in reflective vest in common Galicia that traveling on a bicycle in the same direction of travel.


No clothes bicycle head with fluorescent-reflective elements, and an examination of the bicycle, it was found that it does not have the appropriate signaling on the spot not detect any reflective element.


The driver without safety vest was tested when etiolates, the result being 0.00 mg / l of pure alcohol in exhaled air and the blood sample was taken to determine the alcohol. At issue was a criminal case against the offense of manslaughter.
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24/3/2017 - Police officers in safety vest patrol crossings near schools

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Patrol made up of retirees, which safety vest would protect children on their way to school before careless drivers, brings together the town hall. It would be deployed from September 1 this year. At pedestrian crossings currently patrolling constables, but there are not enough to cover all the dangerous places


"Parents have a habit of starting patrol especially school children to the school gates, to protect them as much as possible," said Deputy Mayor Ivan.

"They contribute to the risk of accidents increases significantly. Concentration of cars is in the school's morning rush hour tremendous."


Liberec took the example of the United Kingdom or Australia, where patrols made up of retirees there for many years. "Acquired the nickname lollipop ladies / men, who is associated with large traffic signs to wield in his hands," said Langer.

"They remind lollipop (lollipop in English). In the Czech Republic the senior patrol in basketball. "

In Malta Boleslaw cares about the seamless way the children to school fifteen retirees? "They were reflective vests, caps and targets on stopping vehicles," said deputy director of Malta police. "We will possess all the transitions in the schools themselves would be enough for them. They help not only in the morning, but at noon and in the afternoon. "


Seniors would not only guard in the morning

Liberec yet allows patrols made up of pensioners only in the morning, around schools should be moved about half to three quarters of an hour.

"The policeman has more weight than the pensioner, but any help for children to cross the street is good and we welcome it," said director of elementary schools Liberec. "Some drivers behave recklessly, sometimes even crossing at the school park."


Retirees train officials of the transport department of the Liberec City Hall and give them a mandate to patrol in front of schools. Members of the senior patrol will do the same thing as kindergarten teachers, transferring across the street kids. With the target overhead enter warily before crossing, traffic stops, and then releases the transition schoolchildren.


"Some time before the volunteers we get, but we would like to have trained at least during the summer holidays," said the director of the Liberec municipal police. "The patrols seniors before school, I was initially skeptical, but convinced me that our colleagues are satisfied with them."

Liberec retirees are first incorporated in joint patrols with the police. Once successful, they will remain at the crossings themselves.

In Turnover volunteered only one senior


Those interested patrols near schools may contact the Community Center in Liberec Contact. "Senior are very responsible and if you commit to something, complies with the word," said the director of the Contact Michael. "We would like to roost in places where live." Contact already speaks up first volunteers. Langer hopes the city gets them to start at least ten.


"Children show that seniors are not far from somewhere on the margins of society, but rather is a need in retirement," said Langer.

Senior Patrol last year tried to create Turner - a town about seven times smaller than Liberec. He failed, however. "He applied a single candidate," said Mayor in reflective jacket. "But we do not give in. We will try in cooperation with the Labor Office to get the unemployed who were patrolling near schools as part of community service. "
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23/3/2017 - How to measure the rate safety on Czech roads

Posté sur Safety vest

Perhaps we all have some experience with speed measurement. Whether measured and the police in safety vest stopped us directly, and we just saw the car standing somewhere radar. Or we go to places where the operation of section speed measurement. Some people agree with measurements, but a lot of people perceive that the speed is usually measured just make it as easy chosen as much money, not make it good for safety.


That suggests the number of unmarked cars that exist for "covert surveillance", but this supervision is usually only measure the speed, nothing else. While on the roads every day we see things that are dangerous or annoying more than speeding. However, aggressive and reckless drivers who while the speed limit rarely exceeds we see on the roads every day enough.


Perhaps we all have some experience with speed measurement. Whether measured and the police in reflective jacket stopped us directly, and we just saw the car standing somewhere radar. Or we go to places where the operation of section speed measurement. Some people agree with measurements, but a lot of people perceive that the speed is usually measured just make it as easy chosen as much money, not make it good for safety.


That suggests the number of unmarked cars that exist for "covert surveillance", but this supervision is usually only measure the speed, nothing else. While on the roads every day we see things that are dangerous or annoying more than speeding. However, aggressive and reckless drivers who while the speed limit rarely exceeds we see on the roads every day enough.


Second laser speedometers

Laser meter, a device based on the issue and return receipt beam of electromagnetic waves with wavelengths in the near infrared region of the spectrum, the Czech police used to measure the increasing use since 2008. The use of laser measuring municipal and state police, but each has a slightly different device. Their range is about 1000 meters, but they can reliably take the photo roughly 200 meters.


Some laser meters are also able to recognize that he was disturbed by jet, and you cop the display message. In contrast, some jammers are able to interfere with the laser beam so that it did not recognize the device. All of these meters in the service of the state police are portable, sometimes standing on tripods, sometimes holding a policeman in the hand. There are many reportedly estimated around 100, which would soon be interchanged within the purchase of 103 new "pistol”.


Municipal police forces also used in addition to Truce meter Polaner III, which operate on the same principle of the laser beam, just a little different look. Work by a policeman in the viewfinder will choose a vehicle that wants to measure, aims mostly at the license plate because it is metal and straight, and pull the trigger. The instrument sends laser beam that bounces back and calculated according to the measured speed of the vehicle.

Previously, it was approved up to 100 m; today it is permissible to measure up to 400 m. At a distance of a man police hardly notice, even if he was wearing a reflective vest. Modern laser meter, for example. Truman said; also have a video mode that is used for documenting offenses other than the measurement of speed. Not giving turn signals. Even they can work in automatic mode, thus completely unattended.

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22/3/2017 - Children in safety vest visited the Police Department

Posté sur Safety vest

In June this year in the morning the children with wearing reflective tape from Kindergarten visited Lawrence local district police.


Children and their teachers are welcomed by a local police officer who then accompanied throughout. First, the department carried out and then showed them the service equipment and weaponry. Present mainly attracted business handcuffs, baton, reflective vest with the word POLICE and bulletproof vest. They enthusiastically looked at the officer in a special suit member riot unit.


During the meeting, the children learned how and according to what know a policeman and hear advice on how to behave safely in traffic, with a focus on the right crossing the road.


Policemen in safety vest at the end of the meeting handed out small gifts to children and answer their curious questions.

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20/3/2017 - Police handing out reflective vests instead of fines

Posté sur Safety vest
The basic rules of the road "safety vest - see and be seen," warned the driver Hoar police during Thursday's pre-emptive action. This event joined the Police Presidium, in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau from 15 November nationwide preventive actions focused on increasing visibility for motorists.

Traffic policemen together with the spokesperson of drivers talk on the subject and gave them high visibility vest with reflective tape, which is designed for co events on the road.

For example, if a driver for the technical defect or traffic accident rises outside the village on the road, they must always wearing a reflective vest, which is required to be in the vehicle. Ongoing preventive action aims to remind drivers that obligation and also draw attention to the security of the vehicle crew.

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17/3/2017 - A special safety vest packed with chili

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In Finland Norms they have a problem. Wild wolves attack pets, especially dogs. Finns therefore devised a special safety vest packed with chili powder that is sprayed into the attack in the neighborhood and discourage potential attackers.


To test the new dog vest prompted dog owners still propagating attacks by wolves. Only this year has been attacked thirty dogs in the area. Residents also fear their children run outside.

The author of the idea is Jesse, which is similar to the attempter’s Amendment already past decade. A testing it chose the city of Norms where most attacks occurred. "It's kind of my own war," he explained.


The vest is of solid, reflective material and has therein trays with a burning chili powder. When the wolf to pet attacks and bites into his vest, magazine launches cloud chili, which hits him in the mouth and the nose, which at the moment employs his senses, and it can not deter the attack.


A more radical solution would not be possible in Finland performed because the wolf is protected in the country, so it cannot depict the trap or kill him. In Finland, according to the census of about 250 wolves, though this year the government praised controlled blasting about 50 pieces of individuals to regulate conditions and also prevent illegal poaching.


Life reflective jackets will be tested by this spring, when they will be ready for screening. Here are the numbers of wolves and significantly lower his time even disappeared. The last wolf was killed by Czech Imperia December 2, 1874 bullet builder. Moravia was shot last loner 1914. Wolves in recent years began to appear again, currently only in the number of individual items sometimes identified.

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16/3/2017 - The reflective vests to increase its passive safety

Posté sur reflective vest

Temperatures started dropping below freezing point and weathermen promise that he will be better. With time, we have a full fat autumn and with him ever shorter day and dark and dark evenings. We runners do nothing else than to accept the situation and change to the dark side of the Force - to start running in the dark. Whether we give our portion of kilometers in the morning before going to work or coming home from her evening, the dark queen of our favorite lines, because the darkness is probably unavoidable. Let's test it one of the reflective vests to increase its passive safety!


It may not be exactly shrouded as Eskimos, but the T-shirt he also will not be right. A good portion of the thermal protection as well as excellent passive safety ensures a reflective vest in the decathlon.


Reflection eyes to merge

For cross-country vest that I was still wearing, this is no exaggeration best equipped in reflective material. Reflective surfaces found on the back, shoulders, armholes, at several points on the hips, abdomen and lesions on the cover fasteners. Runner becomes one huge, visible in the distance reflector.


The manufacturer guarantees a minimum visibility from a distance of 120 meters, in the range of 360 °. While according to some sources, the 120 meters was a personal vehicle enough to stop even a speed of 130 km / h on a wet road. Reflective material manufacturers certainly spared no expense; moreover, it used high-quality production from 3M.


Delight but also a selection of other materials and their processing. The entire back, with the exception of the uppermost parts reflexive implementation are led in reflective fabric. Decently mesh is also areas in the armpit. Which is not used or reflective mesh material, you'll find a bright yellow polyester fabric. It adds to the visibility and safety as well as daylight.

Indeed for runners


In testing, I felt as if the man, who designed this vest, was himself a runner. He thought about everything. Vest adequately ventilated while the right places to protect athletes from the wind. The back is nicely extended and more so protects some parts of the guard.


Pockets, mesh inside, are large enough to accommodate even the largest mobile phone, handkerchiefs or a handful of energy gels. The entrance is guarded them quality YKK zippers and cover extension. In addition the pockets are sewn so that it can also be used inside in which actually consists of two other pockets. Though not closing, but if necessary, represent an additional storage space.


Quality and sturdy zipper is also used to fasten the vest. Cover Legume form a mutually reflective material. In addition, placket at the upper end creates a so-called garage, so after you complete tensioning zip will not rub on the chin. The collar is worked into the collar. Protection from wind and nowhere nor avoids stiffness.

Good price


The vest is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. My person short little over 170 cm sizes M fell like a glove. A very pleasant surprise was the price. Less than 650 crowns came to me for this piece. Basically for the same price I was on sale (!) Once he bought a reflective running safety vest from one world tinged manufacturer. Scanty reflective elements and bad treatment from her soon made a hated piece of equipment.

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15/3/2017 - Routinely to mandatory reflective safety vest

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In the most popular Italian destinations Babine only last season came to over 30,000 Czechs. Many drivers run regularly through Austria and among them are increasingly bikers too. This year they must, for example, know where to stick his bike may vignette and what belongs to wear uniforms with reflective material.


Bikers for ten pay around 140 crowns and now it must stick prominently on the front fork, or face a fine of the equivalent of up to four thousand crowns. Police can check not only signs, for example, binoculars, but also using radar. If there are no sign placed at the right place, at the policemen checking automatically taken that the driver does not, and besides fines may require the purchase of new stamps. 


Biker applies mandatory equipment. Today we routinely to mandatory reflective safety vest bikers must not forget the first aid kit in a special package in which it may not penetrate any dirt as dust or mud. And it must have a new biker spare fuse and recommendations are still spare bulb.


A speeding not only between two tunnels in the Austrian Alps, police rigorously punish the equivalent of up to sixty thousand-fine. For example, on the A10 motorway towards Italy must closely watch the bikers sign, because some sections have daytime bikers permitted maximum speed of only 110 km per hour. The same rate applies to all during the night from 22 to 06 hours. New police officers in reflective vest can also check safe distances and you should have the bikers by Igor orphans from ÚAMK at least three seconds.

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14/3/2017 - The driver is wearing a reflective vest with reflective tape

Posté sur reflective tape

The road safety actions on the visibility of the vehicle crew in emergencies at the start of the weekend involved police officers from across Central Region.

A police Michael Richter in safety vest said: "We also check the technical condition of vehicles."


As given in the Act, if a driver for the technical defect or traffic accident rises outside the village of vehicles on the road, must always wearing a reflective vest with reflective tape, which is bound to have a vehicle. "we informed also the driver of the need for their proper disposal," stressed Michael Richter that if a motorist in solving technical malfunction or traffic accident the car will perform, and must wear it, so should he have at hand, not in the trunk.


"We spent also increased attention to winter tires, mandatory equipment and the technical condition of the car," said a police spokesman. That is, for example, vehicle lighting, cracked or damaged windshield, darkening the windscreen and front side windows.


The aim of this event was by Michelle Richter, not only to remind drivers of their responsibilities, but also to draw attention to the safety of the entire crew of the vehicle or retrofit other reflective vests designed just fellow passengers, that they were in an emergency standstill and when moving around the vehicle is parked in a safe and well visible.

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13/3/2017 - The use of yellow vest has unleashed

Posté sur yellow vest

The use of yellow vest has unleashed all kinds of comments and jokes. Some of them can see them in this note.


The regulations in force since January 1 on the wearing of reflective vest in the car have generated several comments.


The law has not been very clear in its use, but that every motorist should keep it in an accessible place in the vehicle, which has led to the inevitable memes.

Dozens of Twitter users and other platforms have developed their photos and comments on popular safety vest, which must be yellow and also took social networks.

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10/3/2017 - Safety vest and patents for the roofs

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The concessionaire of Port San Antonio Terminal International, as part of its zero accident policy, is conducting a campaign to enhance safety and efficiency in the transport of cargo and those who perform; for it are making a partnership work with the Association of Carriers (APSAI) who during the day on Friday were handed out safety vest and patents for the roofs of their trucks.


"We take months already working about five months, working with an open and sensible dialogue between the leaders of APSAI and area managers, executives and managers STI, basically to work hand in hand, trying to find bodies to improve issues of terms operations, security so that they can use their time to the fullest and we also ours. We believe that way, working together, we will achieve this port remains is the main port of the country, "he said commercial manager of STI, Cristobal.


Jaime, president of the Association of San Antonio this is a job of communication that allows them to solve the problems that are faced as carriers into the port.

"The work we are doing with STI is basically communication to view the topics of the logistics chain, the problems arising in transport and solve them, and we inform our partners as is the procedure that takes STI against different issues, and thus have a news channel , "Jaime said.


Facing birth of a project, the commercial manager of STI said that he was born into the terminal, which takes about two years, where the main goal they have raised is to have zero accidents: "We want all people entering the terminal, leaving the same way, healthy, as they arrived". "In that sense we have integrated preventers, improved our equipment, we have made risk matrices; we are always working with our employees, open tables, with good dialogue, so that all work in a safe manner, " said Cristobal.


The aim of the materials delivered Friday porters: patent self - adhesive, to be installed on the roof of the truck, in order to improve the safety of themselves and the load outside the terminal, and that the cranes can see much better truck registration, so that the container is delivered to the vehicle that corresponds more accurately. In turn they were given a reflective jacket for safety in case they need to come down from the truck, and also a flayer containing relevant information for its port operations. About the delivery of this material president APSAI said "is an important contribution to our partnership, give our associates its implements, we know that they have them, but these serve to aviator the partnership we have with the different actors port logistics chain ".


Present at the event was in charge of Public Affairs at the Port of San Antonio, Carlos, who congratulated STI and APSAI by the associative work being done, and in turn said they hope that these jobs remain in time. "As port authority, first congratulate the STI dealer, associative work is the way, this is a port that receives a lot of trucks every day, and of course as important as the load is who brings in that sense our drivers, as we saw today, are on a road safety. What sucks STI is to work and be productive, but surely, so we have seen the delivery of tools, and we have witnessed a conversation always with the spirit to operate maintaining security in all lines inside the port, we hope this partnership work continues," Said Monaca.


Jaime explained what the role of APSAI and few partners have for the moment; those waiting are increasing over time. "The role of APSAI is to represent the bearers of San Antonio, which so far are 78 partners and a total of 250 trucks. We are those who work in the area, from Melville down, everything related to issue and movement, either Central Puerto or STI, to have this representation we can reach the authorities our concerns, we have enough problems with parking lots, community we have situations that affect it, the idea is to channel and seek solutions to these issues, and it is the association," said Cristobal in reflective vest.

On the work carried out indicated that after receiving the news that they are formally an association, which was published in the Official Journal this June 9, will be held elections to choose the new policy, according outlined in the bylaws.


"The first thing is to make the formal meeting with our partners once they're made, proceed to a new election of directors democratically people to choose their representatives, and hence the new directive will determine the next steps; meanwhile we are leaving a working structure, channeling delegates by sector, we are forming an internal newspaper where it will report news and porters situations, "he explained.

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9/3/2017 - Bands of retro reflective material is mandatory

It is mandatory that is yellow, and must also have bands of retro reflective material.

From January 1, all vehicles must carry a reflective vest, as it seeks to reduce traffic accidents and violations of drivers when they descend cars.


Those who do not comply with the regulations will be committing a misdemeanor and must pay a fine ranging between 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.

In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the vest must carry.


Features safety vest

-Material Fluorescent yellow

He must have bands of retro reflective material of a width greater than 50mm

-The Vest must be in a location accessible from inside the vehicle, so the driver to exit the car do with this element.


According to the decree, these alternatives can be used:

Two horizontal bands along the torso separated by a minimum distance of 50mm and bands that join the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder.

-A Horizontal band is encircling the torso, and bands that join it from front to back over each shoulder. You should also keep 50mm distance.

Two horizontal bands are encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm. The bottom of the lower band should be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the reflective vest.

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8/3/2017 - The element par excellence is a good reflective jacket

To go well warm in winter there is no doubt that the element par excellence is a good reflective jacket. Here we give you the advice to buy the one that best suits your needs.


Elegance is not incompatible with protection; the inner liner, such as elbow pads, shoulder pads and trellises, must be present in our jacket. Within the sector urban abound three quarters types jackets, biker whose appearance is not perceived instantly and yet provide a great to move around the city without worrying about the cold or adverse weather performance.


- It must be proven quality material, brand if possible, because they are the most experience.

- It should be as light as possible.

- It is important to be waterproof. You will not buy winter material that does not repel water -nothing jean jackets.

- Should equip breathable and waterproof membrane.

- It is worth having removable / thermal safety vest lining materials.

- Must have at least a pair of external pockets with zipper or Velcro, waterproof seal.

- Inside the jacket always must have an inside pocket with Velcro fastener or zipper. Pocket is important that both the jacket and removable lining.

- Zippers should be waterproof. They must be covered and not stay on the air.

- Fists should be adjustable by Velcro or clip, to keep out the cold and falling well within the glove. Some wear elastic material that conforms to the wrist.

- The neck should be adjustable by Velcro or clip closure. It should be neither too high nor too low, and cover the neck.

- A waist adjustment is always recommended. The jacket should not be separated from the body to keep heat.

- Check that the sleeves do not fall short. Better to be a little long to fit well in the glove and you cover the wrist. Ponte jacket, stretch your arms forward, as if you were on a motorcycle. Your wrists should be covered.

- If you go on like scooter you want to buy a long jacket that will cover the knees when you're sitting. It is very convenient.

- Pay special attention to Velcro closures. It must be strong union, because over time it loses properties.

- The seams must be heat - sealed s to prevent the ingress of water.

- Should incorporate protections on elbows and shoulders. You must have pocket to insert a trellised if not had.

- To improve our visibility it is advisable to insert a reflective material.



A fully valid option is urban raincoats or rain pants, as long as the forced take under protection jacket. Waterproofs does not protect in case of fall... If the jacket with reflective material is waterproof, you do not need a raincoat, so you can buy a pair of waterproof pants simple for them in case of rain.

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7/3/2017 - The breathable reflective fabric avoids too much sweat

A windproof and waterproof product that can easily be taken into a pocket as this reflective jacket is wrapped around itself. A product intended for outings where the weather is uncertain but also to face the fresh descent of mountain passes, without being too crowded.


The ideal complement to the Sportful R & D Ultra-light jersey, which is very light and airy but which could prove to be just right when the temperature drops, even if its price seems slightly excessive.


By taking out this jacket from its packaging, one is immediately surprised by its lightness. No wonder, Sportful only advertises 50g. My copy, in size L, weighs only 55g, thanks to the use of a fabric of only 7 deniers (1 000 m of wire weigh less than one gram). Laser perforations are present in the back to ensure good ventilation. Around the back pocket, a reflective material edge allows to be better seen. As you can see on the pictures, if the photos of presentation reveal an opaque cloth, realized, the jacket is almost transparent. So that will not hide your swimsuit.


The cut is close to the body, which does not cause too much noise at high speed in descents and therefore does not slow down. Windproof, but also water-resistant thanks to a water-repellent DWR finish. Thanks to its water-repellent finish, rain is pearled without being absorbed, and anti-wrinkle treatment prevents wrinkles from forming. Not enough to face a big storm, but at least not to return soaked in case of drizzle or road simply wet.


The elastic cuffs prevent the wind from entering the jacket and act as a parachute. Same as the waist, an elastic allows the jacket to perfectly fit the body.

The collar (lined) raises high on the neck, so as not to get cold at the throat.

The big advantage of this jacket is its compactness. It is possible to fold it on itself in its pocket.


In the end, you get a small "pack" that stays in place and that measures only 14cm x 9cm. What to easily take place in a pocket next to energy bars.

On the road As always with Sportful, this product is very close to the body. You do not feel like you have a garbage bag on your back that yawns in the wind.


The windbreaker aspect is present. After sweating in the climb of a pass, you can quickly put on it so as not to catch cold in the descent. On the other hand, with the bare arms, these will tend to stick to the fabric, which will make the removal of this jacket rather delicate.


Against the rain, the Ultra-light Hot Pack is surprisingly effective. Not enough to face a big storm, but a temporary rain or the drizzle often present at the summits will be stopped. The breathable reflective fabric avoids too much sweat and keeps the windbreaker on the back for a long time.


An excellent product remains the detail that annoys the price. For more than 120 € (a sleeveless version exists at 110 € but seems to me less useful), it is relatively expensive in my opinion for that does not have a frequent utility.

A perfectly designed product, but would probably be better placed at 80/90 €.

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6/3/2017 - The lights on their bikes with in safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

ELTEN "We find the class," the brothers Niles and Peter say, 15 and 13 years old. And the 12-year-old Yves nods his head. They are three of 100 boys’ football youth from Fortuna Ellen and just about to let check the lights on their bikes with in safety vest. For this purpose they are in front of the cabins of the sports field, where Georg Lang, leader of the 20th turn checked the wheels at the Martinis-shooters, with nine comrades and repaired if necessary.


"Especially the truck traffic in increasing gradually," explains Ascham. Therefore, they came with the idea to do something for the safety of young people. "We have addressed the leaders of youth soccer and instantly receive enthusiastic approval to our plan," said Brother Master Heinz Vienna in reflective vest, which also belongs to the 20th Riflemen. "We are excited," confirms Managing Director Norbert youth Rosin, who is also the place where the makeshift" was workshop ".


Defective every fifth wheel

Monday began the action. And it ends today. Always 18 to 20 o'clock compartmentalized by youth leader Herbert Steering group to review the bike lights. It turned out that the lighting was poor on every fifth wheel. The men of the 20th Protect train are indeed not experts, "but such trifles can probably fix any man," smiles Georg Lang. And if it turns out other technical shortcomings, the boys are sent to the bicycle dealers locally. The event is to be repeated in the autumn, so that the minors come safely through the then dark season.


And best of all get paid a high visibility vest with reflective strips so that they are easily seen in the dark. But during the day it should be taken to find the shooters, because in bright light they also have a ripple effect.


But this action within the framework of "My train" is not the only activity of the group. This naturally also includes Carnival celebrations, bicycle tours, boat and canoe trips, golf, archery, mustard production and of course the shooting. Ten times a year, the members of the 20th train meet in addition to the meeting. As a highlight of the year a project carried out jointly with the 43. Train football match with rubber boots is considered. Thus the joy and friendship in no way leads to short.

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3/3/2017 - Clothing with reflective tape can be vital to traffic

Posté sur reflective tape

In the context of increased and sometimes tragic accidents with pedestrians, the police point out that especially in the "dark season" bright clothing with reflective tape can be vital to traffic and is therefore absolutely desirable.

Vehicle drivers, pedestrians on the roadside, do not look so light. Driving between parking vehicles is particularly dangerous, because pedestrians are often recognized by the drivers very late. Especially in winter, pedestrians should be aware that they have no crumple zone and are the weakest link in the traffic area.


With constantly recurring actions and folding sheets, the police persistently points out and tries to sensitize the traffic participants in the long term, to be aware of the dangers of the winter season.

Under the motto "safety through visibility", the awareness of the traffic participants is to be directed specifically to reflective garments and reflective vest, thus contributing to the prevention of serious accidents. An extract can be found below.


It should also be pointed out that drivers who are driving on the roadside because of a breakdown or other urgent matters should wear a warning vest. The legislature has already enacted co-responsibility, but only by wearing is the desired protection achieved by better visibility. This also applies to traffic accidents.

90% of all important information on the road is initially taken with the eyes - "seeing and being seen" is therefore the decisive basis for the safe participation in the road traffic.


Fluorescent colors provide high luminance and color contrast for daylight.

At night, human vision decreases to 5% of the daily value. For low-contrast, dark clothes, pedestrians are only perceived from a distance of approx. 25m. They are well dressed by drivers at a distance of about 50m. Reflectors / reflective clothing (for example, warning vests) increase the perceptibility of pedestrians considerably or up to a distance of approx. 140 m. Typically, the reflector should follow pattern arms, legs, and the body. Then it is immediately clear: a person! - Vehicle drivers can react in time.

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2/3/2017 - Backpacks should include reflective material surfaces

Johannes was consistently in 1st class: If he ran in the morning to school, he sat on his red cap and put on his yellow safety vest. "Excluded because respects John of it alone," his mother Mira added. Motorists should recognize him better, says the seven year old who lives in here. "The Lisa from my class has also worn the vest, but not as often as I," said the Runt. As soon morning worsen the lighting conditions in the fall, John tappet returns to this outfit to school. That this is necessary, his father Bastian explained with the fact that just in the morning reign heavy traffic in front of the schools. Recently he had seen for the first time that a car had stopped by itself when John was a good five minutes on the sidewalk and was about to cross the street. "Many children in its class do not walk to school, they are brought by car and have therefore the safety reflective vest not," his mother added.


occur daily between 7 and 8 o'clock in the dark winter months significantly more traffic accidents with children than in the rest of the time, explains Christine Retting, the ADAC spokeswoman for Lower Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt. Compared with the spring and summer months from March to August increases the number of six- to 14-year-olds whose lives are lost at this time of day as a pedestrian or cyclist, erratic, sometimes doubling on. At dark children can speed and distance of oncoming vehicles assess worse than usual and also overlooked faster because of their size.


Although would always advised to wear bright clothes, but the games in everyday school life hardly matters. "It would be nice if all the children and parents would then approach the road safety as the family” says Gemini Kerrie.

Fact: In this and last year a total of 19 children were injured in traffic accidents. Among other things, as around 7 am a child was seriously injured in the road in Number Seitz on February 21 last year. As reported by the police, the girl wanted to cross the road and ran it directly in front of a car. The student was taken to the hospital by emergency medical Seitz supply. Apparently, the eleven year old had seen her waiting on the opposite side of the street at the bus stop school bus and was then immediately run into the street. A parked vehicle was the girl probably also block the view. The car driver (47) recognized by the child no longer timely.


"Sometimes children are inattentive or may the road not overlook because of their own body size," said the police commissioner. They are often overlooked by drivers. "Traffic accidents with children who are on foot, occurring mostly on the school of the child," explains Christine Retting.


To protect their child, parents should select in the clothes of young bright and colorful colors, eye-catching colors make the child previously visible. The spokeswoman draws attention: studies show according to the ADAC that a motorist brightly dressed road users from a distance of about 80 meters recognizes dark clothes until about 25 meters. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, this is too late. Besides clothes and schoolbags, sports bags or backpacks should include reflective material surfaces as possible.

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1/3/2017 - The police in reflective clothing inspectorate of Regenstein

A tragic accident occurred on Sunday evening at the B16 near Regensburg. A helper in safety vest of the ADAC was caught during breakdown assistance by a passing car. He died at the accident site.


The 42-year-old ADAC helper, as the police superintendent reported, was about to tow a leftover Opel. The vehicle was on the early Sunday evening on the green tire and suffered damage to the front axle. The accident site had been professionally secured by the ADAC helper: The hazard warning system of the towing machine lit up, a warn derrick was put up and the man himself carried a warning reflective vest.


Nevertheless the driver of an approaching golf overlooked the accident site. The 42-year-old was caught by the car, bounced against the front disc and was thrown through the air. He remained lifeless in the street. The emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man. The driver of the gulf suffered a shock and was sent to a nearby hospital.


Rescue workers prayed for their colleague

The three inmates of the breakdown car from the area were at the time of the accident outside their car. They were standing on the green tire next to the road and had to look at the happenings, but remained uninjured. They were psychologically supervised on site.


The police in reflective clothing inspectorate of Regenstein have taken the investigation. On the order of the public prosecutor, an expert was consulted. The B 16 was completely blocked during the accident and rescue work until approx. 22:30 clock. After the rescue work the rescue workers stopped. Together with a pastor, they prayed for the accident victim.

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28/2/2017 - Warning reflective vest is required in the car

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Starting in the holidays, but beware: in many countries of Europe, warning reflective vest is required in the car as well as daytime dipped light dimmed. From 1 July 2014, drivers in Germany must also have a warning vest in their vehicle.


Anyone who can not present a vest in Germany after 1 July 2014 will be penalized for a Euro 15 fine. Also in many other European countries, a reflective vest must be carried in the car or worn when leaving the vehicle, for example after a breakdown. This applies in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary.


The penalties for infringement can be quite high in the individual countries. In addition to the obligation to have a safety vest or carry it, there are a total of 22 European countries with a light during the day. Since this year, this also applies to Switzerland, which had hitherto given a recommendation, but not a commitment. In Germany and France there is no light duty, but the recommendation to drive with the light also in the day. It can be particularly expensive in Norway without light: there are fines of 245 Euros. So, with wearing reflective clothing will be a good choice. Here you can see the European countries with light duty on the day and the fines in case of violations at a glance.

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