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stella's blog

28/4/2017 - This reflective spray makes us shine


Reflective material Marking Spray

They are often in the dark on the road? You want to be more visible? Then this new spray is perhaps the solution: It reflects in the dark and can be attached to clothing or belongings.


True to the motto "You decide what lights", the Ludwigsburg surface specialist launches a new product on the market, which is unique especially in its flexible application. With the Reflective Marking Spray bicycle commuters, joggers, bikers or school children can reflect individual spots on clothing or on the bike. The spray is easy to apply on clothing and other materials and unfolds when illuminated its reflective effect, for better visibility and greater safety in road traffic.


Flexible reflection

Sales Manager, Dr. Conrad is enthusiastic: "For the safety of cyclists, walkers and joggers on the road, this is a quantum leap." The Reflective Marking spray is much more flexible than normal reflectors to use and also large areas can be sprayed easily. Who does not want to apply to sport, functional clothing or hats, the spray can spray on his bike, on shoes, helmets, gloves and backpacks with reflective tape. The spray can be easily removed with conventional cleaning agents and detergents.

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27/4/2017 - Older people at risk on road without reflective clothing


All 52 seconds had to take a traffic accident, the police in reflective vest in NRW last. And every seven minutes a man came in road traffic damage. On Monday the NRW Interior Minister Hunter presented the statistics for 2015 - with remarkable detail.


Especially the increased by seven percentage of pedestrians killed in accidents was worrying, said Interior Minister Ralf, when he introduced the accident rate. In any case, this second pedestrians had caused the accidents themselves." Senior is more often than average injured as a pedestrian or cyclist or killed," the minister drew attention to older road users.


Last year, 9,561 seniors were an accident on the road, 173 of them fatal. Only 66 died when they were walking on the road. Of the 68 killed were 38 cyclists older than 65 years, 26 more than 75 years.


Tighter controls

Leading cause of death in accidents remain too high a speed, stressed hunters. "One in three road fatalities are a victim of speed." In 158 of the 521 total deaths (2014: 522) had this relationship clear. This applies even when compared to 2014 by 13 to 83 increased numbers of fatalities motorcyclists. The Minister announced tighter controls.


A high risk goes according hunters from mobile phones: 339 Smartphone have the police ensured in 2015 in the presumption that they have been used shortly before the accident. In 182 cases, the suspicion was confirmed that they are the cause. 146 000 cars and cyclists caught the police by mobile phone at the ear - 14,000 more than anything, 2014.


Pay for Munster

In Munster, police in safety vest recorded 9,735 accidents involving six deaths and 235 serious injuries. The total number of accidents on the highways is 3932 - those were seven more than last year. 786 people were injured, including six killed. Three of the six dead are victims who were captured on the hard shoulder, in stationary vehicles or pedestrians. Excessive speed and insufficient distance remain on the highways main causes of accidents.


Particularly at risk: Two cyclists and pedestrians

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, shows the accident statistics for the year, 2015.

what the image draw the number of victims is?

Among the 521 killed were 123 pedestrians, 68 cyclists and 83 motorcyclists - more than half of those killed. Although the total number is virtually unchanged from 2014 (522), but the number was in 2013 even dropped to 479th

After all, more than 2.7 percent fewer people were seriously injured in accidents last year than a year earlier at 13 159, said Interior Minister Ralf.


what the police against high pace is?

Not enough says the police union: is the cause for the continuing high number of victims that the controls were scaled back. In town had been carried out 30 percent less speed measurements on the highway 24 percent. The Minister announced that again this year, NRW will participate again at Blitzer marathon. Plans - as discussed in Munster - for 30 kph in the city he assessed cautiously. The flow of traffic of a big city should not be slowed down; speed limits would need effective controls.


Why are pedestrian died?

Poor visibility, dark clothing, and risky behavior: This combination led last November to a devastating series of accidents, as within 24 hours seven pedestrians were killed, said Hunter. Many of them would want to cross the streets of graphical locations. Especially among the elderly, the police will now intensively promote more precautions such as highly visible or reflective clothing.


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26/4/2017 - Children can’t be seen in the dark without reflective clothing


In autumn and winter children in road traffic are particularly vulnerable, a reflective vest can make children be seen and be safer. But for a safe way to school in the dark, rain and ice, parents can do a lot - even without "Taxi services".


They draw early in the morning: packed with heavy backpacks school children, on foot, by scooter, skateboard or bike. Located in the busy rush hour, it’s rain or shine - in the fall and winter, even at dusk or even in the dark. The danger of being overlooked in traffic is even greater than for adults for children.


In the dark season parents should look for in their children bright, best fluorescent or reflective clothing. This glow in the beam of the car up to 160 meters fluorescent materials in orange or yellow as well as large-area reflector strips are already prescribed for the market today satchel. Parents recognize this satchel on the DIN standard 58124 and appropriate safety clothing to the designation DIN EN 13356. But normal jackets, hats and bags can be easily retrofitted by reflective material figures or stripes or sews. For added security worry dangling "cat's eye" pendant whose additional movement particularly draws attention to itself?


Helpful in fashionable concerns that sometimes already have five-year refuse any cooperation, are fun experiments: the mother or the father has been raised in different clothing to the curb, trying the child in the car with the other parent, she or recognize him. The concrete experience helps the child to understand an otherwise abstract context.


For children aged six to eight years of close to other, if they themselves can see an illuminated car well, they assume that the driver sees them. Younger children interpret the spotlight often referred to as eyes that can see everything - like their own children's eyes. But even in the bright kids are hardly properly evaluate capable of distances and speeds. In darkness, it is virtually impossible for them. And the reaction time of children is about three times as long as the adult.


Training takes taxi

No wonder that more and more parents chauffeur their kids to school by car. A poll by the Forsa Institute showed that in 1970 made in Germany alone on the way to school 91 percent of primary school, in 2012 there were only 50 percent. But the family taxi is dangerous: On the way to school children come not only on foot or by bicycle to harm but also by the car. And the traffic is just too close to the schools where many children are traveling. In addition, it lacks many children to move, which in turn is important for the formation of psychomotor skills - a prerequisite for a safe movement in traffic.


Also, traffic psychologists call: Parents should trust their children something. Already six to seven year olds can handle the way to school alone. They exert to move in public space and to bring critical situations. "At first, parents should accompany their children and indicate possible harm," said Dr. Ralf, psychologist at TÜV NORD. However, children get distracted quickly and behave willing to take risks, especially in the company of other children.


"Often the children's attention diminishes when they feel safe and in the dark, fog or snow also very familiar paths are dangerous. It is therefore advisable to check from time to time whether the once learned permanently will be implemented. In particular, in the fall and winter, when dangerous in fog or snow also familiar ways parents should accompany the school children again and this particular attention to the traffic behavior." Especially in the dark winter months, it is important to let children wear reflective clothing and send off the child in time. Without time constraints, a child may perceive the road better and it will remain on the safe route.

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25/4/2017 - Road safety - Three pedestrians captured by cars

Posté sur Road Safety

Three accidents where pedestrians have been caught by cars have been taking place since Sunday. A 16-year-old was seriously injured. The police in safety vest are appealing to the public in the dark season to be particularly attentive.


On the accident at the Parks, where a 16-year-old pedestrian was captured by a car on the early Monday evening, the police reported further details on Tuesday.

The Ludenscheid, who was taken to the Mariachi Kinkier by the rescue vehicle, was therefore seriously injured, but not life-threatening.


Accident equipment searched

The 48-year-old driver of the participating Mitsubishi, also Ludenscheid, was traveling from the direction towards the city center as the darkly dressed young people stepped onto the roadway. He had not noticed her, according to the police.

The police estimate the property damage on the car at 2000 Euro, and the car was secured for further police investigations.


Similar accident at the Freighter Street

Already on Sunday a 36-year-old, also darkly dressed peasantries was caught by a car and slightly injured. She wanted to change the side of the road at the pedestrian street at the Freighter Street, even though the traffic light already showed "red" for her.


Pedestrian slightly injured without reflective vest

A similar accident occurred on Sunday evening around 20.25 at Antennae Strafe 31. The 23-year-old driver of a Seat Leon turned off onto the Antennae Strafe, ignoring a 25-year-old pedestrian, the "green" at the pedestrian's streetcar to change.

She was touched by the car and slightly injured. The seat suffered a loss of about 1000 Euros. A police officer, who had witnessed the accident, confirmed that the woman went "green".


Police give behavior tips

After three accidents of this kind happened within two days, the police reminded of traffic regulations - especially in the dark season.

"More attention is needed both for drivers and pedestrians," the police said. And also a flyer from police, traffic guard and ADAC provides some hints.

Fully freeze the discs


Drivers should therefore keep distance, be ready to brake and slow the pace. In the mist, they should not turn on the high beam because the fine water droplets reflected the light and thereby worsened the visibility.

"In frost, all iced slices are completely free-wheeling and do not drive with misted discs," are further recommendations.

Do not miss distraction by mobile phone and music


Pedestrians recommend the police to wear light or reflective clothing, to use existing crosses when crossing roads and not to be distracted by the mobile phone or loud music via headphones.

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24/4/2017 - Good visibility with safety vest to school

Posté sur Safety vest
The first years of Loader Elementary School were happy with Birgit, Cordial Lindeman, Margareta Busch, Beaten Gondi and Christian Wenzel over the reflective vest. The school path can be dangerous. Every year, particularly in the "dark season", many children under the age of 15 are killed in traffic.


"This is why children on the way to school should wear reflective clothing, such as a safety vest," explained Busch of the Motorsport Club in the ADAC Weser-Ems at Loader Elementary School and handed over the West to the first years.


The aim of the ADAC is to drastically reduce the number of children involved in road traffic accidents. "Be seen arrives. Through the reflection material of the safety vestiges children in the dark are seen well from 140 meters away, "Busch made clear. In normal light clothes, this distance is reduced to 40 meters; children with dark clothes are even perceived only from 25 meters away. The ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel" has already carried out the campaign several times. Lemoore’s first graders have been equipped with the free safety vest for seven years each year.


The key to success, however, was the fact that the children would also wear safety vests. Teachers and parents should therefore ensure that the children wear the West daily, the specialist made clear.


Loader primary school pupil promised headmaster Beaten Gondi as well as the class teachers Loader Elementary School and Christian Wenzel as well as Birgit Wilber, as head of the school nursery school, to think about the well-visible yellow outfit every day.


At the same time the Brocken first-graders received the safety vest from their class teacher Ursula Meyer.

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22/4/2017 - Trying to save life with this reflective dress


If you like black bear, live in the winter of dangerous, says Larraine. That is why the Miss Switzerland will soon generate more safety on the road.


"Look, if you wear in the dark only black that can be dangerous on the road," Larraine explains the message of the awareness campaign, the Canton police Freiburg. From November the Miss Switzerland radiates from posters in their home canton and advises the public to attract bright and reflective clothing when they are out after sunset.


The pink, reflective dress she wears on the campaign subject, there is, however, not to buy. "It has been specially made for me," she says, "and I was allowed to keep it." At a preventive use it will not come: The part hangs currently with her in the closet.


Uncertain future

There are projects of reflective material like this that are the 23-year-old at heart: "I am happy when I can do things that might change a little bit the world." And it is also what the task of modern Miss Switzerland is since the choice was taken in summer by entrepreneur Guido. Instead of beauty and entertainment charity and commitment have ever since been on the agenda of the official holders. But sponsors can therefore no longer be attracted.


"So far I have invested more than five million francs [out of pocket]," Florin reveals in the latest issue of "Schweitzer Illustrierte", "if we fail to make the choice on a broader ownership, we must decide whether I am committed again "until the beginning month said Nick Schwab, media spokesman for the Miss Switzerland organization against the Switzerland on Sunday." As long as Guido Florin is the owner of the Miss Switzerland is a remain "Should Florin the line Make the image of Miss could be so changed again, as PR expert Ferris Buhler or 3+ boss Dominick Kaiser recently demanded.


Part-time Miss Switzerland

If and when a change of leadership is pending, is currently unclear. Larraine Salina one-year term would end in November, but because no successor was chosen because of uncertain financing still makes only times further. However, it is may be only until February 100 percent Miss Switzerland.


"It was from the beginning, my deadline," explains Laureate in reflective dress, "I go back to university and want to finish my archeology degree." "I do not know when the next election will be, and that's no longer my business," she says.

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21/4/2017 - Pedestrian: Reflective clothing or markings in the dark


The Czech Republic is a popular destination for many hikers - particularly in the border regions of Saxony to Liberec, Cesar Lipan and Usti Labem. Since February 20, 2016 change in the law must be followed hikers and pedestrians in the Czech Republic holds.


On traffic on roads in the Czech Republic stipulates in paragraph 53 that pedestrians significantly on roads outside built-up areas in darkness or reduced visibility reflective elements at or on their clothing must wear visible. This can be either factory-processed reflective fabric, or reflectors such as "cat's eyes" and special wristbands.


Anything less this determination, not only endangers his safety, but also an administrative offense. The Czech police may impose a fine penalty of up to CZK 2,500 for the punishment. This value corresponds depending on the exchange rate of a total of up to 100 Euros.

Police of the Czech Republic carried out in 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport; numerous information campaigns have been prepared with the pedestrians on the constitutional amendment. While police have many places away reflective bracelets and pendants.


The aim of this measure is to increase the safety of pedestrians in road traffic and minimize serious, often, unfortunately, tragic traffic accidents between persons and motor vehicles. Especially in darkness or reduced visibility motorist can often perceive very late people crossing the street.


An expert study says that pedestrian can be recognized with reflective elements for car drivers over a distance of up to 200 meters. This distance would be a sufficient distance so that the driver can avoid a collision with a pedestrian.

For white clothing of pedestrians without reflective markers, the visibility in the dark decreases very significant at about 50 meters. At the same time thus the available reaction time, which is the driver for an evasive maneuver shortened.


Red or even dark clothing of a pedestrian again reduced the visibility considerably. Here a motorist in the worst case remains a few meters and only fractions of a second to one - often tragic ending - impact.

Recommend traffic policemen to wear the reflective strips on the right arm or in the ankle on his right leg. Moving limbs give the driver additional visual signals and are to recognize quays good from the front, from the sides and from behind.


Even if such a scheme in Germany to date does not exist - it all makes sense, in the dark as pedestrians or cyclists clearly visible to. These road users are particularly vulnerable as easily in traffic accidents. Here was appealed to the good sense of the citizens without government regulations contribute something for their own safety on the road.


In the Czech Republic you can buy reflective tapes and other reflective elements, for example, in bicycle shops, drug stores or on the Internet for sale.

A similar obligation to wear reflective clothing at reduced visibility, there is for example in Poland, Spain, Estonia or Slovakia.

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20/4/2017 - Two scooters are injured without safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

It is about 10:30 p.m. Sunday night in Saint-Denis. Two scooters without wearing reflective vest travel at high speed, each with a passenger on the latter center lane of the avenue in Saint-Denis, near the pool of the Bittern, in an ordinarily reserved bus lane. Several witnesses describe them as being “push".


A vehicle coming down the road to the Dam going towards the sea through the avenue Latter when arrive two scooters. The driver in reflective jacket thinks that the head gear is avoided but the driver does not deviate from its course and strikes the car at the back, before rebounding and driving the second two wheels in his fall.


The driver of the first scooter was seriously wounded. He suffers among other injuries to the face and leg fractures. His passenger is slightly wounded.

The driver and passenger of the second scooter least injured were identified and preferred to flee at the sight of the beacon of the first fire engine arrived at the scene.


Several witnesses also reported that two scoter not wearing a safety vest or a helmet on his head. They had a good, but wore the arm...

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19/4/2017 - Cyclists in safety vest in Lorraine

Posté sur Safety vest
There are more and more cyclists with or without safety vest on the roads of our region. But according to Catherine Colin, bike specialist for the association Eden, there is still work in terms of fittings.


They are always more numerous in the streets of Grand Nancy. Cyclists take ownership of the public space: "It can be seen on bicycle paths, greenways and parking lots because the arches are often saturated," explains Catherine Colin.


This bike specialist for the association Eden (Entente for the defense of the environment Nancy) welcomes the developments carried out in recent years. "What we like," she says, "is the layout of the neighborhoods of the 30 zones with bi-directional bicycles and right turns panels to the fire that really make life easier for cyclists." But Catherine Colin in reflective clothing has some reservations: "We regret the lack of structuring facilities in town with separate tracks continuous and secure on the main roads."


Three Euros per year per capita

In Nancy, the annual budget for cycling infrastructure is € 740,000. That is € 3 per year per inhabitant. Not enough deplores the cyclist Nancy: "The cities where the bike's share really progressed are cities like Nantes who have invested from 10 to 15 Euros a year for 5 years," she explains.


Develop cycling tourism

Cycling is also the way to bring tourists to Lorraine. Information panels on the heritage have just been installed along the Canal des Vosges on the Charles le Temerarious bike route.


Share sound on:

An initiative welcomed by the activist of the association Eden which highlights the possible consequences on the local economy: "On this kind of roads, there is an immediate impact in the neighborhood shops, restaurants, cafes, Accommodation ".


"A bike, you have to see and be seen"

Today, cycling in cities can be dangerous. Catherine Colin particularly advocates the wearing of the reflective vest by all cyclists. It also wants to create a "street code" with "mutual respect for all users".

An evolution is organized in Nancy on May 30th: a festive gathering of cyclists to request new developments.

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18/4/2017 - The new crazy race of runners in reflective vest

Posté sur Safety vest

The sports association and leisure attacks in late November to the first trail of anguish in Thorny-Harcourt. The 1200 registrations are parties within hours. They will attend this race with wear reflective jacket for visibility.


We already knew the dessert scary "THE PIE Tanti"! Now there will be running that Terrifying: trail of anguish. It will be held Saturday, November 29, at night, from Thorny-Harcourt.

The principle is simple: a group of 40 runners, trail runners equipped with headlamp follow a course in forest "where they will make encounters that will make them more or less afraid. It will be a kind of ghost train“, announced one of the organizers, Vincent Richer.

The latter is a member of the sports association and leisure. Hundred members are found three times a week to train: Monday and Wednesday evening. Like any racing association foot, the desire to create a germ test. Following a request from the town hall, since 2010, the classic passes to epic. Since then, about 10 km, the competitors cross the main sights of the city at the mercy obstacles and crazy adventures: foam baths, mud, water, straw climbing ropes, crossing the town hall, theater, BBC ...


"In fact at the time we wanted to make a different race”, says Vincent Richer. This year, 2,500 runners had fun at the Bold in May. "In 2015, there will be a nice surprise”, one that promises, with his comrades in safety vest, has been working on another project fife. "We wanted to start another project shifted. We thought and we heard of a race in the United States run a zombie. And as I am of Thorny-Harcourt and I know the roads of the area, we decided to make the race from there. "

The only date free of foot racing calendar opens a window of opportunity: Saturday, November 29. "It's true we said: the end of November, a Saturday night, it certainly will be cold, with rain, why not snow ... It was a good surprise, people were not put off ".

The" lingerie "race was a hit: with the only mailing the Bold and a Facebook account, the 700 seats are available parts in 48 hours last week.”It's pretty impressive, it was the first surprise. You reap the fruits of success of the Bold. . It means that race is well organized " Last Friday solicited from all sides, the sports association and leisure Hovel decides to accept another 500 inscriptions in one hour, all parties are sesame ...

The trail of anxiety is already a success, but Vincent Richer insists: "the sinews of war, it is the volunteers. And ours, those of the Bold, are fantastic. On 29 November, it is the sixty enthusiasts that will ensure the busy trail of anguish." With the same philosophy, you die ... laughing.


The 1200 registrations are parties like hotcakes for this trail of anguish that offers two distances: 8 and 16 km. It asked competitors to bring: "1 headlamp with charged battery and 1 bracelet or reflective vest. Trail of anxiety is self-sufficiency (water, food). We recommend you to a small reserve of water. A charged mobile phone can be useful. "

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17/4/2017 - Marathon man running at night with reflective vest


Regional Champion, winner of multiple races, wearing reflective clothing, third in the Bowl Trophy, Sebastian Pele, who lives in La Croix-en-Touraine, near the Loir-et-Cher, proved untouchable in the regional scope. He really turned a corner as also indicated its eleventh-place finish at the France championship marathon at the end of 85 km from the Jura very difficult course, "Extreme sure Loupe."


The development, at age 28, this follower of the toughest races is the fruit of a long work of patience. "I started in the chick cycling school at UC Nacelles, reminds the licensee of the US Joule-les-Tours. I also ran the VC Amboise. Only twenty years ago that I started mountain biking. The good results were waiting. Between training and recovery, I was looking for the right balance. I knew I could do better; it was enough that I correct my faults. "


And to manage its preparation, Sebastian Pele has never had a coach attached to his person. This is a self-taught he was perfected in peasant the cyclist's perfect manuals. Especially in terms of training, he has no choice: it must focus on quality over quantity, because time is running out. Craftsman painter and decorator in Calvary-de-Touraine, it needs above all to run his business.


His sporting life starts only late in the afternoon, not before 18 hours. The time at which, in the dark, headlamp battery reflective vest on the back, it hits the road accumulates kilometers.


The lengthy trials enroll prominently in its 2015 program "In the Cross Country, shorter, more nervous, I lack technique, perhaps a little reckless, analysis Sebastian Pele. This, I think, having started late this practice. Marathons, often consisting of a single loop without prior identification, suit me better. My goal is to get a top 10 in the championship of France in 2015, instead allowing me to participate in the world championship to be held in Italy next year." said Sebastian in safety vest.

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15/4/2017 - The test of the reflective jacket Under Armor Chrome Run


You are looking for a reflective jacket for your workouts? Pierre-Yves you detail the characteristics of the Under Armor Run Chrome jacket he tested.


Writing Leaped-info told me the Chrome Run jacket of the Under Armor brand to test for a few weeks. Luckily and thanks to our beautiful weather, I could test this jacket in different conditions (rain, wind, cold, etc.)


First I will say that this jacket perfectly bears his name. Indeed, thanks to its super reflective fabric could well find its place in the glove box of your car instead of the famous yellow jacket, or just on the back of an agent of roads and bridges. When night comes up or the day falls, or as soon as the sun rises or night goes down ... in short all here to tell you that this jacket is very safe at night and offers maximum visibility while keeping a maximum 'aesthetic.


During the first stride jacket fits snugly to the body and allows a total mobility of the body and of the upper limbs due to the elasticity of the tissue ideally positioned. Template rather small (1m73), the jacket down a little lower on the body is compared to a conventional jacket Running.

I've tried this jacket in different conditions. The magic of the new tissue is a real barrier to wind and rain. Although sweating is removed, this jacket is worn in cool weather (10 degrees max) to avoid overheating. The jacket is a comfort and is very comfortable to wear. I have seen no friction and no irritation, so it is quite possible to wear directly on the skin.


Suspended from a hanger at the end of your workout, it dries relatively quickly and will be operational for your next day's sitting

Two pockets on the side of the jacket allow widely accommodate your smart phone. Too bad the manufacturer is not provided within a small pocket so that it will ride too and a grommet to connect your headphones.


To summarize, this high-end jacket with reflective tape and very wearable, will perfectly suit you during your workouts fresh and moist, or just to replace your jackets to get to your workouts or competitions.



- All season’s jacket

- Protection from wind and rain

- Maximum visibility

- Comfort



- prices a bit excessive

- Unsuitable pocket for using an MP3 player

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14/4/2017 - First glimpse of the shirt black with reflective logo


The fans of Chelsea in reflective clothing will take full eyes next season. At home, Adidas reserve their bold design with crowns printed everywhere on the classic club blue background. As for meetings away from their stadium Stamford Bridge they will not fail again, highlight the holding of the players.


Chelsea with a black and neon yellow jersey outside in 2016-2017

Because after the site Footy Headlines, Gus Hidden will evolve in 2016-2017 in away matches with a dominant black jersey with reflective logo. And printed sponsor, the club logo or brand flocked neon yellow...! The complete set should not be unveiled until late June or July.


Ideal for night driving!

We will then know if the yellow is sufficiently present for this shirt is also regarded by the authorities as meeting the requirements of the emergency reflective vest mandatory in all cars.

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13/4/2017 - Road safety: A young cyclist broke and killed by a car

Posté sur Road Safety

Last night, the young biker died on the side of the road RD 75. On arrival, emergency have done anything. We need to care more about road safety because it’s dangerous.


After a terrible shock, the driver of the car that hit gave the alert. He claimed to have seen nothing, just hitting something. By phone the police, he explained that his companion was injured. Supported by a motorist, the couple was taken to the University Hospital of Besancon. The man has been arrested a few minutes later.


The driver aged 30 was taken into custody a large part of the day.

According to the first elements of the investigation, mountain biking adolescent had a very low lighting. Young was not wearing a reflective vest or helmet. He was dressed in dark color. On the spot, the police found no skid marks. The driver could not see the cyclist. The latter was not under the influence of alcohol.


The victim is a young person living in Serra-les.

His bike was placed under seal. The investigation continues.

When you ride at night, please wear a safety vest or reflective clothing, it can save your life.

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12/4/2017 - Yellow vest - Maurice said no

Posté sur Safety vest

Sensation in Mauritius: more than 1,500 bikers marched on January 7, against the requirement to wear retro reflective vest for motorcycles and scooters drivers vest. A fight is not unlike that conducted by the French Motorcyclists in Anger.


Bond denied!

In Mauritius, the Government has decided to impose wearing a retro-reflective vest to motorcycle drivers from 1 January, according to the newspaper The Daily. Hard to understand in these tropical latitudes an island where the purchasing power already not allowing all to operate a safety helmet and yellow vest...


In the same ills the same remedies and in Mauritius as in France, when the government proposed a draconian measure of road safety, the two-wheeled users show. And they are successful!



"The Mauritian authorities have declined by announcing that the jacket of the port would not be mandatory in daylight", says The Daily. In France, mobilization of bikers under the banner of the FFMC has enabled the transformation of the cuff vest with reflective tape, then its removal. This info end of the world allows us to remind us of good times...

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8/4/2017 - Small Rider manual: rules to know to ride a motorcycle

Posté sur Safety vest

Want to become a biker with in safety vest? You feel the call of motorbikes, but you do not know the rules before you ride your bike. Fortunately, the ACA is here!

You feel the call of motorbikes but you do not have a motorcycle license. What are the opportunities that are available to you?


The different categories of permits

The age of the future rider and the power of its engine determine the class of license to go:

The category A1, accessible from the age of sixteen allows driving a motorcycle 125 cm3 and 11 kW at most, having a power / weight ratio not exceeding 0.1 kW per kilogram;

The class A2, for more than eighteen, allows the operation of a vehicle 35 kW power at most, with a power / weight ratio not more than 0.2 kW per kg;

The Class A opens, meanwhile, the doors of the most powerful vehicles for over twenty-four years and holders of A1 license for at least two years. The latter regulation may, however, be likely to change, a draft decree providing for the mandatory use category A2 (including for more than twenty-four years).


The cases without specific motorcycle license

As an exception to the rules mentioned, it is possible to drive (in the country):

The driving license (driving license) is sufficient or even useless for those born before 1 January 1988 or with the AM license (former Road Safety Certificate).


A light two-wheeled up to 125 cm3. The B permit must be held for at least two years, provided they have undergone practical training (7 am) or to justify a practice of driving a light motorcycle or tricycle (more 50 cm3 or top speed of origin at 45 km / h) in the period of five years prior to 1 January 2011. Regarding the passage of events, it is interesting to note that obtaining a category allowed for five years or less, exemption from passing the theory test.


List of mandatory motorcycle equipment


It must be approved and attached by both the driver and the passenger. Besides the obviousness safe, the e non-helmet is punishable by a fine of € 135 and a loss of 3 points of the license if the offense is committed by the driver.


The high visibility vest

The driver must have close to a reflective vest to be able to put in an emergency (immobilization of the vehicle in case of failure). Otherwise, the fine is 11 € (135 € for non-use situation).


The breathalyzer

Excluding moped driver, the driver has to prove the possession of a breathalyzer (not used if it is disposable), available immediately. However, the lack of possession of a breathalyzer is not verbalized.


Summer, winter, insurance guarantees the seasons

If the warm seasons are conducive to motorcycle escapades when coming cold seasons, climatic conditions make this behavior less attractive and make you a standstill.


Thus, insurers can offer, for those periods, suspend the different cover taken. It is understood that by choosing such a formula, you must remain insured under the minimum guarantee liability, which is mandatory.


The registration plate

Your vehicle must have a license plate, yellow or white with reflective material, set highlight at the rear. It must be irremovable and measure 21 x 13 cm (mandatory single format since 02/18/2015). Vehicles that already have plates do not have to change given that since 2009, both formats prevalent: 14 x 12 cm for mopeds and 17 x 13 cm or 21 x 13 cm for motorcycles. In case of non-compliance, the fixed fine is 135 €.

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7/4/2017 - The mandatory yellow vest for two wheelers

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It should have a yellow vest and wear it in case of emergency stop.

From 1 January 2016, the bikers will have to hold them or in storage their vehicle a high visibility vest, commonly referred to as "yellow vest" or "safety vest."


In case of emergency stop, they will wear during the descent of their two or three wheels to improve their visibility. Compliance with this requirement may be checked by the police and fined by a contravention of 1st class for non-detention and 4th class in the case of not wearing the reflective vest as a result of an emergency stop (11 Euros for the absence of the vest up to 135 Euros if it is not worn in case of emergency stop..

Reminder: the night of cyclists riding on open road or day by poor visibility should carry with them a fluorescent safety vest certified with CE mark on it. The possession of this retro-reflective safety vest is mandatory for all motorists.

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6/4/2017 - Wear a reflective vest when the morning still dark

Posté sur reflective vest

Road safety has stopped in the center Jean-Marie, medico-educational institute that receives children and adults with disabilities. Young people who in safety vest, like all children of age, also take the bus during outings off-premises. Christian, the head of the Road Safety and Robert, one of the volunteers of the association, had prepared an identical program to the one proposed for years in conventional schools. "First we watched a movie and then up to practice directly on parking. Then it was, in almost exactly the same arguments elsewhere, and these children are very reactive. We use, for the year; they take the bus every day. For them, it means something, it's real. "And from the beginning, the involvement of everyone is all in good humor when Christian gives safety instructions on the bus where the driver took Place: "we sit properly and belt loop is, it's for your safety."


Well instructions included

It also explains the need to be seen, on foot or by bike, with a reflective vest because "right now, the morning it was still dark and it takes drivers see you. With this, they can see you 150 meters. "After the inventory of objects vested in safety, like the hammer to break the windows in case of accident, fire extinguisher or first aid kit, he should come "neither deteriorate nor break because they are not toys, "Christian asked to evacuate the bus in less than 30 seconds when a fire simulation with a first down almost on time. "You're out in 44 seconds because you rushed; we redo it and applying the guidelines." The second run was good with an exit peacefully in 29 Seconds children, delighted, walked away with the precious booklet bringing together the themes they discussed in theory and practice. A useful exercise for all, as pointed out by Guillaume, a professor at IME: "We have already had this procedure last year. It interests many children and teens as it concerns them; it is also a preparation for the exits. The interventions of outsiders, such as the police in reflective jacket and the Road safety today, these are things that they like, because it emphasizes the practical aspects. "

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31/3/2017 - Ride a bike – be light and be safe

Posté sur Safety vest

Cycling is good for the environment and the physical. Here's how to do it safely avoiding fines from driving on sidewalks and in the wrong direction.


All go up at least once riding a bike, I play the most desired object from the children in safety vest and the means of transportation more green that exist for adults. And 'maybe because of this overlap whatsoever that many underestimate the potential of the bicycle, a vehicle for all purposes and as such, its use is subject to specific articles of the Highway Code. And 'it allowed going against the direction of travel? If it is when you can share the sidewalk with pedestrians? Let's see in detail what you should know to be of cyclists in order and above all safely.


THE DEFINITION OF "velocipede"

First, what are the cycles? They are vehicles with two or more running wheels propelled exclusively muscular, produced by means of pedals or similar devices, from the people that are on the same vehicle. So, they are vehicles, and these must comply with all rules laid down in the rules of the road for vehicular traffic, especially with regard to standards of behavior and road signs. Although the bike is a passé partout of the city, it is not always possible to turn the pedals where you want. Such vehicles, in fact, are obliged to operate on the so-called cycle paths, paths that are reserved exclusively to guarantee the safety of the cyclists themselves. If these paths do not exist, the cycles can ride on the road, usually in single file, without being towed and as close as possible to the right edge .When circumstances require (crossing the road with heavy traffic and fast or in conditions poor visibility), the cycles must be conducted by hand according to the rules that apply to pedestrians. So using pedestrian crossings, and - if present - respecting the green light pedestrian traffic lights.


The bone of contention between keener cyclists, pedestrians and motorists is probably the bike on the sidewalk or transit "in training" occupying a large part of the roadway. 143 of the highway code, in this regard requires vehicles without engine, and therefore also to the bike, always march as close as possible to the right edge of the roadway, so as not to hinder the transit of motor vehicles. So the general rule according to which the cycles, when marching on the roadway, "must proceed in a single row in all cases in which the traffic conditions so require" .When, however, there are no particular situations of hindrance to the movement cyclists can marching side by side, but never more than two numbers . As for the possibility of riding on sidewalks is the intended use of the raised floor to impose the ban. The sidewalk, by definition, is the area for the exclusive transit of pedestrians with reflective vest. So cyclists cannot pass - according to the Highway Code - because the bicycle circulating on the sidewalk, in the middle of pedestrians, of course, creates a dangerous situation and uncertainty of road traffic, and in particular the pedestrian. Moreover, such conduct is prohibited by the rules of the road and sanctioned with a 41 euro fine under Article.



It was said that bicycles must proceed in a single row, in all cases in which the traffic conditions so require; otherwise, may circulate side by side, never in number more than two: this last rule, laid down by the Highway Code, it is exhaustive, and does not allow any more favorable interpretation. But when they are permitted to ride bikes side by side in pairs?



Despite various ministerial interventions in order to clarify the rules on the movement against traffic of cycles, and the insistent demands of some associations, it should be specified that, to date, the bikes cannot move in the opposite direction to the running direction of the other is vehicle. None even thinkable that we can approve a rule like that, because it would threaten especially the safety of cyclists as well as the safety of road traffic. For this reason, except in the case of the presence of a special bike path, duly separated from the roadway and well protected, the cycles must circulate on the roadway itself, maintaining the direction of travel of other vehicles. Anyone caught with a circular bike to the contrary is punishable by Articles. The circulation within the roundabout with a bike undertakes to comply, always, the general rule established by art. For vehicles without engine, it is always mandatory circular as close as possible to the right edge of the roadway so as not to hinder the transit of motor vehicles. So, always, but especially at a time of high traffic, it is forbidden to bikes to transit in the inside lane of roundabouts.


It should be noted that such devices must be present also on bikes used for sports competitions, in the case in which circulate on the way out from these competitions. In addition, you should always wear high visibility clothing or reflective elements so they can be spotted before even at a distance from the cars that come in, especially when driving on roads without street lighting or in rain or fog.

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30/3/2017 - Neighborhood watch officially launched with in safety vest

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On October 31, the neighborhood watch team started. Mayor Ger van the Wild municipality handed safety vests to the members of the neighborhood watch team.


Then a part of the team ran the first round. The municipality and the police to prevent a neighborhood watch team burglaries. After the information meeting on October 10, 2011 and the kick-off meeting on Monday 24oktober started on October 31, the neighborhoods watch team. The neighborhood watch team consists of volunteers who are committed to their village. On October 31 handed Mayor Ger van the Wild officially their safety vest.


These reflective vests, they are easily visible in the dark. "In a short time we have, the police and the community, a population willing to jointly contents to the first neighborhood watch team focused on residential burglary in the region. I am proud of it! The members of the neighborhood watch team make a very positive contribution to the sense of security in their own heart, I'm convinced. It would also be nice if there would still report a number of people as volunteers." said Mayor.


The members of the neighborhood watch team walking at night in groups and report unsafe or suspicious situations to the police in reflective clothing. They also remind residents to unsafe situations around their home. Through close cooperation and short lines of communication with the police, they want to prevent burglaries. Neighborhood watch means' neighbor to the neighborhood are. That brings the neighborhood movement and delivers concrete results.

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