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16/8/2018 - Road safety

Posté sur reflective tape

According to a recent report, 23% of traffic deaths occur among motorcyclists.

Around the world, 3,400 people die every day on the roads. Recent studies have shown that 23% of traffic deaths occur among motorcyclists. In Cameroon in general, and in the city of Douala, in particular, the figures for motorcyclists' accidents are becoming more and more important, because of the limited knowledge that drivers of these two-wheeled vehicles have about road safety. Still across the national triangle, 70% of the causes of traffic accidents are human. "Motorcycles face higher hazards than cars and other vehicles. In fact, the reduced size and less stable nature of the motorcycle, the potholes, uneven height between the tracks and other irregularities or objects expected on the road pose a serious threat to the safety of the motorcyclists, "Kaman observes. Irony Maura, Managing Director of Guinness Cameroon SA.


The boss of the brewery apartment company Diageo group was speaking during a sensitization session for motorbike drivers organized by its structure on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in Douala. The event is chaired by Kim Nana Thierry. Secretary general of the Littoral region and representative of the governor in the proceedings room of the company based in Basso district, gathered more than a hundred drivers residing in Douala. Guinness Cameroon SA also took the opportunity to give these carriers safety vests. According to the boss of Guinness Cameroon, this is an effective tool for reducing the risk of accidents because the vest which sewn-on reflective tape allows day and night for the person riding the bike to enjoy greater visibility on the road.


An initiative that beneficiaries has not failed to salute. "Your commitment is proof that we can count on Guinness Cameroon," said Willy, president of the motorcycle drivers of Douala 5th district. The latter took the opportunity to call the brewery to accompany the " bounciness" of Douala in the process of obtaining driving licenses. While recalling the importance of the mode of transport by motorcycle in the city of Douala and in the remote areas, the secretary general of the Littoral region called the beneficiaries of these chasubles to make good use of it. "These chasubles are not just clothes. I invite you to make good use of it to reduce the accident rate in Cameroon. "said Kim Nana Thierry.


In five years, Guinness Cameroon says it has already distributed nearly 200 miles of high visibility vests to motorcycle drivers in Cameroon. "We are trying to do our best to assist the state in this effort to secure the road," said the CEO of Guinness Cameroon. Throughout his speech, he has repeatedly called on motorcycle drivers to avoid any alcohol consumption when they are called to drive. The representative of the regional delegation of the Littoral transport at this event hailed this initiative which frame according to him with the objectives fixed by the Ministry of Transport.

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10/8/2018 - Traffic Safety Warning during Dragon Boat Festival

The Ministry of Public Security issued an analysis on the traffic safety situation during the Dragon Boat Festival on the 12th and issued an early-warning warning for traffic safety. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, China will usher in the peak of travel, and road traffic safety risks cannot be ignored. It is best to wear a safety vest for travel and give safety protection.


According to the research and judgment, holiday travel, family visits and other short- and medium-distance travel increases during the Dragon Boat Festival this year; tourism demand after the college entrance examination and examinations are over; some places will hold large-scale temple fairs, dragon boat races and other activities, the traffic pressure on rural roads and traffic safety risks are obvious. Rising; Dragon Boat Festival holiday coincides with the World Cup, the game time is mostly concentrated in the night and early morning hours, drunk driving, fatigue driving and other illegal risks have increased significantly. In addition, according to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, during the Dragon Boat Festival, some areas in China may experience relatively strong rainfall, which overlaps with the peak time of holiday travel, which will have a relatively large negative impact on holiday travel security. Xiao Bian also hopes that everyone can go on trips with reflective materials, so that travel is more secure.


The Ministry of Public Security reminded drivers and holiday travelers that they should make reasonable arrangements for travel time, plan and familiarize themselves with the route ahead of schedule, check the vehicles carefully before going out to ensure good operation, observe the traffic safety at the same time, and drive without drinking or drinking. Do not drive; drive through the rural roads should pay attention to observe the situation on both sides of the road; in the case of steep bends, steep slopes, long downhill and other roads, pay attention to slow down; take a bus to go to the passenger terminal to select the regular operation of passenger cars, do not take the private source , no operating qualified passenger car; security guard, everyone is responsible. It was found that traffic violations such as overcrowding, speeding and fatigue driving of buses can be reported to the public security traffic control department through telephone, SMS, Weibo, Wechat and other channels.


Reflective vests bring more safe driving quality. Our company specializes in the production and management of reflective products such as reflective materials, reflective fabrics, and reflective thermal film.

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8/8/2018 - Reindeer Antlers with reflective materials

If you are driving at night in Finland, met a group of sparkling reindeer to run to you, do not think that you have met the supernatural events. This is the latest move to reduce traffic accidents caused by reindeer in Finland.


A comprehensive report from Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press said that the idea came from Finland reindeer and herdsmen Association. Since last week, the association began to spray on two kinds of liquid reflective materials in 20 Reindeer Antlers, so that the driver will be able to pay attention to when driving at night. Once the test is successful, the rest of the reindeer will be sprayed with these reflective materials by next autumn. By then, visitors traveling to the Lapland area in Finland, which is the hometown of Santa Claus, will see sparkling reindeer running at night, like wearing reflective clothing on them and this population is a large population of about 200000 reindeer.


Lisa Anne O, the president of the reindeer and herdsmen Association, said that every year there are 3000 to 5000 traffic accidents in Finland, and the death rate of the reindeer is much higher than that of the drivers. Previously, they had found reflective tapes on its horn, but were pulled off by the reindeer. In addition, roadside signs which used to warn drivers are often stolen by tourists as souvenirs.

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6/8/2018 - The municipal employees have new equipment

Up to 22 different garments are included, both during the winter and summer seasons, as well as the PPEs required in each case, high-reflective materials are prepared for rainy days.


City Council is in the process of changing the safety clothing, footwear, accessories and personal protective equipment for personnel employed in its different areas, with the exception of the Local Police, which is renewing it through another contract different administrative, whose contract is two years renewable to two more, with an annual expenditure limit of 35,000 Euros.


The material was presented by the councilman of services, Francisco, and the head of the area, Pascal. Up to 22 different garments are included, both during the winter and summer seasons, as well as the PPEs required in each case, high-luminosity material are prepared for rainy days. It is delivered depending on the position in which you work: garbage collection, street cleaning, gardens, custodians, assistance at home or other staff of services.


Gonzalez noted that: "So far there was only complete clothing for the officials of the area and for the contracted boots and reflective vests. Since we started in the government, we were including more clothes until getting all the employees well equipped ".

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2/8/2018 - IMM delivery the cyclists with free vests

On the side of the street, at the roundabout of General Flores, a group of inspectors was stationed on the morning of yesterday. The objective: to check if motorcyclists wore helmets and reflective vests with reflective materials. Some of the officials, in addition, held in their hands a sound level meter to control that the noise of the motorcycles did not exceed the allowed decibels.


Marie, Transit director of the IMM, who was present during the procedure, said that "there were few" cases of barricades that exceeded the limit of 100 decibels. "When we find that infraction, what we do, before putting a fine on it, is to give the driver a period of 10 days to appear in the municipality with the repaired exhaust pipe, otherwise the file will be applied. It is 10 Resettable units ($ 10,200) ". In the event that in another procedure it is detected that the vehicle is in the same condition or did not make the repair, the motorcycle is directly removed.


As explained by Bate, the largest number of complaints of annoying motorcycle noise are given at night or at dawn, when there are almost no sounds in the streets. "Many times it happens that we take the measurement of noise and do not exceed 100 decibels, but it annoys the escape because of the silence that there is in the streets, although we cannot sanction if that level is not exceeded," he said.


Half an hour after the start of the operation, each of the eight inspectors had arrested more than 10 motorcyclists. None refused at the signal of the agents. First they asked for the documents, they checked them with the license plates and then they were asked: "And the reflecting vest?"


The majority tried to give an excuse to get away from the moment: they said that they had stolen it recently, that they had fallen down the street or that they had forgotten it.


When the inspector went to a box they had on the sidewalk and grabbed a vest to give it to him for free, and proceeded to give him a little talk about the importance of wearing it, the motorcyclists were sincere and admitted that they had never bought the vest or They did not know that it was mandatory to use it.


"Even though we worked on this issue all last year, we have seen many people without the reflective vest," said Bate. He added: "What we are looking for is your safety and that of the rest, since a person wearing a vest is 17 times more visible than one who does not wear it".


Another of the complaints that IMM commonly receives is about the deliveries that often commit infractions: they pass with red light, they do not use all the required protection systems and they circulate at high speed. Bate explained that Unsaved is working "directly with them", conducting training courses.


"They have identified them and they know which companies have hired them, but what that job has to be that it is not permanent: Today a person is delivery and not tomorrow, so it is difficult to have them controlled," he said.


"We criticize motorcyclists very much but we also complain when the food is late or cold, I am sure that none of us when the food arrives with a delivery we notice if it has a helmet or if it has a hi vis vest. We need them. "he said.

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31/7/2018 - A kayak with high-visibility colors and reflective material

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Coast Guard crews were notified early Sunday morning that a 55-year-old kayaker had left from Bear Creek ramp near Hoboken and was late on his return time.


A crew from Station Hoboken and a helicopter crew from Air Station Elizabeth City launched to help search efforts with North Carolina Wildlife, Pamlico County Sheriff’s department and Pamlico County Emergency Management personnel.


The Pamlico Emergency Management boat crew located the kayaker with his kayak partially submerged. The kayaker was found without any working means of communication, hi vis vest, high-visibility colors or reflective material on kayak. The man was also suffering from cold and wet exposure.


The man was transferred to local EMS and released shortly after. 

“Wearing a safety vest while out on the water may be the difference between life and serious injury or death in an emergency,” Cmdr. Matt Morag said. “Kayakers should also carry a VHF-FM radio and a cell phone in a waterproof container to alert authorities quickly if assistance is needed.”


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27/7/2018 - Reflective elements can save life

The village has been involved in the road safety project and equips citizens with reflective tapes.


Even they know that the most frequent accidents in the Czech Republic are clashes with pedestrians, where the guilt is inconsiderate on both sides, but also very often the poor visibility of pedestrians mainly during the morning darkness and evening darkness.


You should wear reflective vests moving in an unlit section of communications outside the village according to two years of valid law. "When I registered that the Association of Local Authorities of the Czech Republic, to which we are a member, offered a free set with five hundred reflective tapes, I immediately decided to ask for it," Yaroslavl stated on Tuesday, saying that for the safety of pedestrians in the village Two transitions are illuminated.


To increase pedestrian safety, member clubs can freely obtain from the association a set of 500 reflective tapes that will ensure that the wearer's visibility is not overlooked. The project is part of Esker. Tubing with a reflector magazine and a sticker on the self-adhesive tapes has a community logo as well as tapes. "These reflective stickers meet high reflectance and luminance standards. The visibility of certified elements is guaranteed to be at least 80 meters in normal visibility, "says the mayor, saying that anyone who wants to be seen in the evening simply pulls a reflective sticker from the bottom of the magazine and sticks it to the jacket sleeve. This ensures better visibility. "I think we will increase the security of our citizens in the evening," says Yaroslavl Binna.


These cans with a reservoir of reflective tapes can be obtained free of charge by municipalities that are members of the Association of Local Self-Governments of the Czech Republic.


These cans with a reservoir of reflective tapes can be obtained free of charge by municipalities, which are members of the Association of Local Authorities of the Czech Republic.


Bohemia praises the idea: "Right on Monday I gave my 13-year-old son a belt on his jacket." "I leave them for children. For them they are very important," said Bohemia.


Also Mayor Piton, last year's Village of the Year of the South Bohemian Region, Yaroslavl Havel asked the association to send a set. "We installed it at a bus stop Monday, and the first ones were children who used the tapes immediately," said the mayor, saying that if this method of distributing the reflective materials is proven, the village buys one device for the other three local parts.


It is best to fasten the strap to the leg. According to the BESIP coordinator Vaclav Kava, it is visible before the army, as the approaching car illuminates us from the bottom.

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25/7/2018 - Fear and big damage to a family

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Fear and despair for a family, who lives daily with the fear that a car can enter any fence and house in a dangerous curve in the commune.


The owner, Paul Simian, complains that in the past few years, he had about 10 such events, which he had to bear for the damage caused by the escaped cars. All attempts to signal the fence of the house with reflective tapes or to install a grocer to make the family household more visible has proved to be futile, a last crash produced on Monday morning destroying the fence and the pillar again.


A new accident on Monday reopened talks about finding a protective solution


The problematic curve is on the communal road 74, which connects commune, a road used as a bypass and circulated intensively by vehicles of all categories. Repeated accidents occurred in a cave near the cemetery in the commune, permanently affecting the Simian family home. One last crash occurred on Monday morning when the 50-year-old Volvo truck driver did not adapt speed to road conditions, braked late, and entered the lighthouse pillar and the fence of the Simian family house.


Witnesses say the man at the wheel of the car was talking on the phone when the impact occurred. "I was going out of the sledge and suddenly I heard a bang and say alas, I was left without light. The driver was down and had no business. I thought he had something, but he left the phone and went down without any work. "said Elena Berar, a neighbor who lives across the street.


Paul Simian complains that over the last years in his fence, many vehicles have entered and no one has taken any protection from his home: "There have been a lot of trouble and no one is doing anything. I'm going to have a concrete wall here to be good. He skidded the car and tore down the right pillar. The pillar is in the yard and I was lucky he did not fall on the house. I mounted the reflective fence. I put a blue giraffe to look like the police. I also signal how the drivers can take safety measures, believing there is something in the area, including the police car, to slow down the speed and not get into the fence. The last event here was when a small oak entered the small gully and entered the courtyard. If it was me, the children or the wife in the yard made us dust. "


As a result of Monday's impact, the concrete pillar collapsed over the house's fence, destroying it for a length of 5 meters, and the homes in the entire area were left without electricity after the cables broke. The driver of the truck was fined, with the elite test having a negative result.


The homeowners near the curve live at any time with the fear of a new danger


Affected by these repeated casualties, Paul Simian tried to take various steps to solve the problem in some way. He contacted the National Roads, who directed him to get in touch with the leadership of Scalia City Hall, and from this he was told that the decision to mount a guardrail belongs to the police. Eventually, those in the leadership of Cheat City Hall promised to solve it, but time passed without anything happening.


"Every snow, every stronger rain, a car is either in the garden, either in the yard or under the window. He is the father of two children and cannot let the children run or play in the yard, they do not enjoy the countryside garden. She is afraid to stay in the house, and in the yard, when you sit down to relax, it rains your pillar. And you have to wear a reflective vest when you go outside." told us intrigued Alana, another neighbor.


We also took the connection with the leadership of the Mayoralty and Mayor Vaile said: "In the spring we will build a wall in that curve or we will install metallic parapets in concrete with reflective materials. We will see the best solution. What is important is that we have to do something to protect the lighting pillar and the household exposed from the dangerous curve so as to bring peace to the locals in the area. "The people in the area hope to find a solution for the protection of lives and homes in the shortest possible time there.

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23/7/2018 - Yellow vests for all schoolchildren

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The commune emphasizes security. And decided to provide all schoolchildren, a yellow reflective vest.


As part of a comprehensive policy on road safety, the municipal team led by Mayor Noël Le Loir decided to fund 240 hi vis vests for the children of both schools.


Security is priceless, says Noel Le Mingo, referent road safety of the municipality that led this operation.


If there are very few accidents in the town, the municipality nevertheless wants to work on prevention. "essential to precisely avoid accidents, reports the chief magistrate of the town. Even if those who take the bus already had one, it seemed important to us to generalize this equipment because the children here at the private school, for example, have to cross the main street to go to the car park where their parents are waiting for them. ".


It is not for nothing that various security arrangements have also been made recently near the two institutions. "We still have to install a Berlin cushion at the public school level."


During the distribution of the vests, the elected officials preached the good word by reminding the children that it was essential to put it every day. To parents who have received a letter to inform them of the importance wearing safety clothing, and to do the same for the safety of their children.

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18/7/2018 - These railway workers are ready to extend the strike

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This Monday begins a new episode of the strike of the railway men. If the movement does not seem to be running out of steam, some are considering pursuing it for several more months.

Nicolas Wert does not consider himself a "die-hard", he says. But "I'm ready to hold," says the 37-year-old railway man who always wear a safety clothing, father of two, it's obvious. With his colleagues at the maintenance center in Metz, he will go on strike on the evening of May 7 for the eighth consecutive time against rail reform.

A special day as the Prime Minister receives all the social partners at a meeting that promises to be decisive. "The government seems to want to go a little too fast, deplores the man, unionized at Sod Rail. That I lose one or two months of salary this year, I do not care. It's a societal choice. I just want to try to turn the tide and have nothing to reproach myself for my children. "says the railway man who wears his fluorescent reflective vest.

A desire is shared by Emmanuel, Thierry or Philippe, who have all been working at the Gore de Lyon for more than 20 years. "The mobilization is not running out of steam. In our station, there were still 70% of strikers last week, "says Philippe, 46, the driver on the RERD which crisscrosses the southern suburbs. "1,000 drivers are already missing on the network"

"I am not an ideologue, but a pragmatist. I am waiting to see what the government will propose. For now, not much. If necessary, I would continue until July ", hammered the forty-year-old who works in staggered hours. When asked why they move, these men, who earn between 2,000 and 3,000 a month, cite "the end of hiring status", "the spin-off of freight" and "the privatization of small lines"...

They are also worried, with the upcoming change in their work rates planned in the reform, for the quality of service, the safety of users. Except using safety clothing with reflective materials, it is also has many dangers in the work. "There are already 1,000 drivers missing on the network," says Thierry. "You have to constantly adapt, Philippe storm, three-day beard and black T-shirt on the back. I'm tired of being singled out as a privileged person. Like thousands of people in this country, I'm doing a difficult job. Every week, my schedules change. I can sometimes get my son to the nursery at 4 pm, but only when I got up at 3 am, "the railroader continues to the disjointed weeks, at family celebrations he has become accustomed to miss, for the two weekends worked each month.

"My balance of life is already fragile. I do not want it to deteriorate. Trainer in Lorraine, in a "kind of garage for trains", Nicolas was first a driver and then trained to become a team leader. Today, he earns an average of 2,000 Euros per month. "This job, I love it and I chose it. I want to defend him, "he says.

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16/7/2018 - The "Safe pedestrian" action

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On Thursday, from the early morning until late evening, Pomeranian policemen will conduct the "Safe pedestrian" action. You should wear reflective vest which sewn-on reflective tapes when you go outside the streets. Officers will pay special attention to offenses committed against pedestrians and cyclists. We will meet foot and motorized patrols in places of heavy traffic and the main communication routes. The aim of the activities is to ensure safety and order on national, provincial, podia and commune roads, especially those where serious accidents occurred. The campaign was aimed at revealing offenses committed by drivers towards pedestrians and cyclists, as well as by themselves. When approaching a pedestrian crossing, you should slow down and exercise extreme caution. Under no circumstances should you avoid the vehicle, which stopped to give way to pedestrians - remind police. - Keep in mind that pedestrians and cyclists are full-fledged road users. During a collision with a car vehicle they have very little chance of avoiding serious injuries - they add. Reflections are the foundation! After dark, on an unlit street, in a dark jacket or coat, walking is very poorly visible. The driver of the car notices such person from about 20-30 meters. This distance is five times greater when the pedestrian has a reflective material on the outer garment. Then it is visible even from a distance of 150 meters. The provision of road traffic law obliges the pedestrian, who moves along the road after dark outside the built-up area, to use reflective vests in a visible way for other road users. An exception is when a person moves on a road intended only for pedestrians or on the sidewalk.
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11/7/2018 - Safe and yet chic in the dark

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To be well perceived by motorists helps bright clothes. Reflective clothing increases the likelihood of being seen many times over. These include safety vests. Safety is also available in fashionable elegance However, they are the opposite of chic. But there are alternatives. If you look around, for example, in sportswear. For joggers, cyclists or mountain bikers, the sportswear industry has outdoor jackets, hats or scarves in neon colors, or jackets and trousers with reflective tapes. All this can also be worn well in everyday life. In normal everyday clothing without reflectors, additional light bands with Velcro fasteners and so-called blinking with snap hook and LED light can be attached. Both are available, for example, in the bicycle trade. Reflectors should be standardized In the 1960s, a Finnish farmer developed reflectors that you can hang on your clothes. In addition to the classic snowflake shape and simple advertising reflectors from companies, there are now many different designs. Reflectors should not only look good, they should above all fulfill their purpose and comply with European standards. There are jeweler reflectors that cannot be seen at night from a sufficiently large distance. Therefore, you should pay attention to the CE mark. The important thing is where the reflector sits The reflector must be installed correctly. An important body, experts suggest, is on the right about knee high above the ground. A jewelry reflector should also not be attached to the lapel but on jacket sleeves. The test to see is the reflectors, hanging from a chain or a band and rocking freely back and forth. They are visible from all directions. In addition, you should wear several reflectors on the clothes. Also, bags and satchels can shine When buying satchels, parents should make sure that they meet the DIN standard: this provides that ten percent of the front and side surfaces are equipped with reflective materials. And as a fashion accessory, there are now also chic, reflective bags.
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6/7/2018 - Hamburg police wear neon colors from now on

The new West must carry police officers on patrol. So after the New Year's Eve attacks, the feeling of security should be strengthened. Hamburg. A fashionable change should provide more security in Hamburg: The police plan to equip their officials in the entire inner city area in the future with neon-colored signal safety vests. "We want to increase the visibility of the police in busy areas and thus strengthen the security of the citizens," said the police spokeswoman Tanya of the Ache. Police showed high presence on St. Pauli after New Year's Eve attacks The officials are to wear the West in patrol service and in special missions "for tactical considerations" over the uniform. Even outside the city, riot police in so-called face-to-face services will become much more visible in the future. Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) described the acquisition to traders as a "simple and useful idea". For example, victims of pickpockets in the city center could detect the closest police officers much faster than before. After the attacks on New Year's Eve, the police had already shown a massive presence in St. Pauli with reflective jackets. Public traffic collapsed massively at the beginning of the year but has been recovering for several weeks. "It's very important that you can see the officials well in the dark right now. The fact that the victims on New Year's Eve did not come directly to the officials at the end of the Great Freedom has made things even worse for us, "it says the police headquarters. Police unions see the new dress code with different eyes Already last year, police chief Ralf Martin Meyer ordered after a trip to America for a pilot project on the subject. Recently, various colors and materials were used by police on a trial basis. "The final decision on a model is yet to come," says spokeswoman for the Ache. Once this was hit, a corresponding amount of jackets would be purchased. The costs could not be estimated yet. The police unions are inconsistent with the change. "Against the introduction of such West is nothing wrong," says Joachim Lenders, National Chairman of the German Police Union. "West brings but no additional police." Similarly, it sees the national chairman of the union of the police union. Gerhard Kirsch: "I would prefer also the reflective tape back to improve the visibility. With the actual problems, such a measure does not change anything. "
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4/7/2018 - The children's police were operating

Two hundreds of checked cars. 160 breath tests for alcohol and then finals mostly for the poor technical state of the vehicle and do not wear safety clothing. This was the result of the Children's Shelf in the streets of the city, which was told by the Zlin.CZ server, the spokesman of the inter-municipal town hall Renate. Its forces were joined by the municipal police, the regional police department of the Czech Republic, the Transport Inspectorate Vesting, the town of Valise, the elementary school Kina and the school for the hearing impaired. The event was organized by being sip at the Council of Valise. Children from elementary schools were part of the police watch on Tuesday morning. Groups of children, along with policemen and policemen, alternated on five sites, at the elementary school in Kina, at the Pouty sports center, in Nikola Ale, Plucky, and Abacus. "The inspection focused on the technical state of the vehicles and measured the speed at two stations and checked whether the drivers were not drinking alcohol before the ride, and the check was also mandatory," said Soda, head of the traffic administration department of the inter-municipal town hall. "By the way he fell, he got a small gift from the child policy. Mostly smiley with a smile or a cloud. " "In total, more than 200 cars were stopped, ten drivers paid fines of approximately CZK 3,500, mostly for the poor technical condition, missing documents, and safety reflective tapes, and 160 breath tests for alcohol with a negative result, only one driver test was positive for addictive substances, " Soda said. The action with child police officers was good. As a gift, they took off a t-shirt or a cap with the children's policy and safety vests. A small gift was also rewarded by drivers.
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2/7/2018 - The reflective vest belongs to the car cabin

Central Bohemia - A reflective vest, which is part of the mandatory equipment of a vehicle, belongs to the cabin of the car and not to its trunk. This is the basic lesson of which motorists could meet (and meet in the past few days) in traffic checks around the metropolis. The Central Bohemian Police have engaged in a preventive action aimed at increasing the visibility of motorists. Its mission is to remind motorists of the use of a hi vis vest every time a driver leaves the car to solve a technical defect or traffic accident. That's why he should have it - and not in the luggage compartment, Monika Shined reminded her. There is a duty to have one vest intended for a chauffeur in the car - police officers draw attention to the need to ensure safety for the entire crew. The ideal one is for Uncle Unseen to have a reflective jacket in the car for everyone sitting in it. Not just words. As part of the preventive action, police officers will hand over another vest to the inspected driver. "It's just for the passengers," Shined explained, adding that the drivers had a very positive reaction.
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28/6/2018 - Be careful, look for reflective reflectors!

Only a few days remain until the amendment to the Road Act comes into force. Among other things, it is obligatory for pedestrians to refer to reflective vests in reduced visibility. What is the best? Where to find? How to wear them? Advised expert... The amendment to the Road Act will enter into force when it officially comes out in the Collection of Laws. That's about mid-February. In particular, pedestrians, especially those in rural areas, should prepare for the news. The law will give them a new command to wear reflective elements to be visible to the driver. The first thing to note is the fact that the headlight or flashlight does not replace the reflective elements - paradoxically, even though the pedestrian is much better saw it. "Different sources of light are also a good option, but it is stipulated by law that this is to be a reflective element that reflects, so the law does not speak of a flashlight or a headlamp as a substitute, and it is really a reflection element, it is a fact that if we go with a headlamp or a flashlight, we can see it for a longer distance, but it is good to combine it with a reflective element, because otherwise the driver can be confused with a cyclist or a biker, "said Pert. So how can reflective elements look like? "They are reflective tapes, stickers, or there are patches, and reflective bags for seniors are also considered, so it's just something that reflects more light than regular classic clothes," said The minimum reflective area is not specified by law, but it is recommended to have at least a reflective tape that the pedestrian attaches to the hand, or to have more reflective patches on it. Look out for the dark colors. "It is recommended either white, yellow, red, green but not darker," said Pert. What is important is the location of the reflector or reflection strip: "If such a reflective element or stripe is placed on the body, it is good to make it visible to the driver - to put it sideways on the road, not vice versa. The element should be seen both from the front and the back, so we recommend placing the strip on the forearm or around the wrist, then to the ankles or simply to the bottom of the foot. It's always better than less. " And where to buy reflective elements? They can be found in almost every supermarket, in traits, in pet stores, in drugstores, at post offices or at petrol stations. It is also important that the obligation to wear reflective elements does not apply only in the dark, but in diminished visibility in general, which is even dark, fog, heavy snow and so on. It is also a good idea to warn against too cheap reflex vests. "In some cases, it has already been shown that some reflective safety vests have a reduced reflection to the norm that defines it, a standard EN 471 which determines the width of the reflecting surface and the reflectivity of the material, and these extremely cheap vests, as it turned out, do not meet this standard. We recommend that the customer be sure that the EN 471 standard is marked on the sign, "says Pert.
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26/6/2018 - Wear in the dark also in the city, experts say

Drivers in Devin have already been hit by seven people for worse visibility. Outside is dark or dark, the man is on the edge of the road and he's wearing dark clothes. The nightmare of every driver. Such a pedestrian has a chance to see just a few tens of meters in front of him and has a fraction of a second for the reaction. During the first nine months, the cars in Deinks collided in the darkness or the darkness of seven pedestrians. Most of them are in cities where they do not need reflective materials. It was only in Devin that four cars were struggling for worse visibility, another three in the slunk region. A similar situation exists in all districts. People who are precipitous while traveling between villages are an exception. Very often the role of bad visibility plays a role. Although the law inflicts reflective elements on pedestrians moving outside the municipality, they do not have to wear reflective vests in cities and municipalities. Even there are very dark sections of roads. "Maybe the road to Brazen around the agricultural school, where people often walk on foot. You're still in the city, but it's not really there. It was a mistake that when approving the new law it was not remembered that the reflective elements would be obligatory in the municipalities. "said BESIP transport expert Jan Pitchout. According to him, the problem is that the law does not determine the quality of straps or vest, that is, how much they reflect light. Their quality is often a significant difference. "I wore the reflective tapes before. Now I have a variety of reflective pendants both on my back and front. So I can see everywhere. "says Lucie. Pitchout along with police officers in the last few days sped into dark streets where the pedestrians control whether they are wearing reflective tapes. During autumn inspections, 171 pedestrians approached. 37 of them had no reflective elements. Walks are only 200 meters away. On the contrary, in blue clothing, it's just under twenty feet. Before the driver who drives 90km/h realizes that pedestrians can see him, he will be about 30 meters away. According to BESIP, it starts to shy away after more than 120 meters, at which point the pedestrian in white clothing, which is visible at 60 meters, would already be crossed. "There is no need for regulation to wear reflective vests. Only common sense and the self-preservation instinct, when one is afraid of his life, "concluded Pitchout.
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22/6/2018 - Do you know what to do when you ride a bike? Read it with us.

Clothes The leather is firmer and safer, but at first, it is certainly less comfortable. Also, select according to the type of motorcycle. The sports bike used on the circuit deserves a quality single piece overall from renowned manufacturers. For a ride on the road, get the two-piece overalls - more comfortable and more practical. Textile clothing is more comfortable. It can be a lot of waterproof and provides better ventilation on hot days due to better material throughput and opening exhalations. But it cannot protect the quality of the skin, either. If possible, choose clothes at the store where you can sit on a motorbike and try to feel good and do not overwhelm you anywhere. All protectors, inserts, and protectors should have their security attestation. At exposed locations they must hold tight, otherwise, they will not protect against the accident! More uppers you have, the greater the protection. T-shirts and shorts mean a lot of pain in a small fall and we see very often that bikers run without gloves. Do not do it. Never! It is advisable to choose clothing that contains reflective elements. Most renowned manufacturers are already counting on it and the reflective materials are integrated with such products. Otherwise, ordinary green chests will suffice. Being seen is important! Helmet When riding a motorbike, the helmet and reflective vests are obligatory. Make sure it has a European homologation. Not all helmets are available and are careful when buying overseas. When choosing to take a rather tight, it squeezes in time. On the other hand, you have to be well in it, and nowhere must it be a strong push that it would be unbearable for a long time. Helmet always buy a new helmet, not second-hand, because you will never have to hit your head. Make sure you see it well. You should have eyes in the lower half of the window so you do not have a limited view in the bends. When you put it properly, you cannot see its top edge. The most obvious is open helmets or dummies. Glove Without them, not even a meter! If you do not believe it, climb on your chair and jump your hands to the asphalt. Then you understand why. There is a huge selection, including a number of different protectors on them. Sports gloves have a coupled little finger with a finger for better protection during fall. They will not be on long journeys but as comfortable as gauntlets. Gloves with shorter wrists are suitable for the city. The water process and the ability to hold hands warm, but it is a compromise, the gloves should also be ventilated so that the hand does not sweat and slip. The idea is to have two gloves, one to warm and the other to cool weather. The hands must sit perfectly on all the fingers, and on the palms, the material should not be summed up. More expensive models can have integrated rubber on your finger, which can be wiped with water drops while driving in the event of rain. Accessories Protecting the back in the form of a spine guard should be a matter of course. Some jackets have it already built. The chest protector is also often used on the racing track, which is fastened under the overalls. There are also special airbags in the market, which inflates in the event of an accident. Some manufacturers can now integrate airbags into reflective jackets or full outfits, but count them at a higher price. Winter and cold worsen the work of the muscles - from fingers to hands, for example, stiff neck or cramps increased feet. Think about it, again, it's better to have it wearing more than less! Do underestimate the protection of the neck, which is much exposed when driving. The bracelet or just a simple scarf or helmet helps with warm weather. If you cannot put on your trousers jacket, get the kidney belt to keep it from blowing on your back.
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20/6/2018 - Well-lit up the street is really not crazy anymore

DEN BOSCH - It is December 21, the shortest day of the year. Let light, early dark. It is all the more important for traffickers and cyclists to stand out in traffic. Even the dog can put a light on the collar. When Rite Heymans pulled on her reflective jacket three years ago, she was laughed at by her daughter. Is not that a bit exaggerated, then asked her. "Nowadays she does not say anything about it anymore and she goes on the street in a well-lit way", says Heymans, who on this cold December evening, together with José van den Heave, walks on the Liberation Path, on the border between Rosalyn and Den Bosch. They wear a yellow reflective vest. Everyone does his best to be visible in the dark with illuminated straps and/or vests. Maarten and Keeps make sure they are visible when they start running. While the ladies from Rosalyn talk about the usefulness of their reflective clothing, a group of runners passes by. Yellow and red light flickers in the darkness. Some have their arms covered with reflective strips. A little further a red light flashes around the neck of a dog. It is striking in these dark days: many walkers and runners wear fluorescent clothing and even dogs are clearly visible. Very good, but the cyclists stay behind. That turned out last month when the police in Den Bosch wrote more than fifty fines for driving without light in a few days. She already announced that she would continue to carry out inspections in the context of the national campaign I am falling on. But the animal department of Tubingen trump in Den Bosch has also increased the demand for lighting animals, says employee Patrick Tile. In the case, there is a shelf for decorated: from safety light and reflective tapes to luminous harnesses and illuminated collars that can be charged via a USB stick. "The products are getting smaller and easier to carry," explains Tile the increasing demand. "The safety of an animal is just as important as ours."
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15/6/2018 - Reflective clothes protecting the privacy of the stars

Chris Holmes has created a collection of clothing that stands on the celebrity privacy practices. Reflective clothing in contact with the flash react and irreparably spoil the pictures. Will nosy paparazzi lose music with creativity? Paparazzi is a word that causes allergies in all stars. They accompany them everywhere: during their stay in the restaurant, shopping and in the park. The more intimate the photo, the more its value on the media market increases. The ending of photography was set by musician Chris Holmes. All thanks to the design of clothing(which is made of reflective fabric) destroying the quality of the photos. The inspiration for Holmes was his own experience. After finishing one of the concert tours he came to the conclusion that his pictures are overexposed. Their poor quality was influenced by suits in bright colors, which x-rayed the photo relation. The musician turned a bad experience into success, creating the Anti-Paparazzi collection. It included a jacket with a hood, sweatshirt and shawl. Each element contains bright threads that effectively x-ray images. Publication of such photographs will certainly be refused by any publisher. In addition to Chris Holms, Safi Side qui, who designed Eshoo's reflective scarf, was among the designers who value privacy. As it turned out, this is a gadget perfect for celebrities. In his wardrobe he already has it Nick Jonas, Cameron Diaz and Major Laser. Inspired by the positive acceptance of the concept, the designer has extended the offer with ties(especially sewn-in reflective tape), panties or phone cases. We wonder if the native stars would choose this collection in their wardrobe?
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