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27/6/2017 - Reflective vest - you can save a life

Posté sur reflective vest

It is getting dark already getting used to, which has a negative impact on the number of traffic accidents; it’s not better for the road safety. Last year, a third of tragic accidents occurred at night, while driving fewer cars. Attention would however not give only drivers but also pedestrians who are in similar collisions due to poor visibility frequently die. How does one properly dressed to be clearly visible from a distance? Here are some tips.


It’s the worst part of the year for both drivers and pedestrians. But why in the winter months on the road were dying so often? Blame the time change, which comes with earlier.

While last night when accidents killed an average of 31% of all fatalities in November, were 47% in December and 56% in January to 50%. Much less the contrary, it was in May (8%) and July (10%).


Like the last dying

* Traffic accidents killed 131 pedestrians 72 in the dark.

* Outside the resort at night killed 38 pedestrians without safety vest in the village 32nd

* Some 47% of accident victims died on the highway at night. In villages, it was 28% and the roads I to III class around 30%.


"The night of the accident is really dangerous. All road users without distinction should strictly abide by the principle of see and be seen," he advised the Aha!


Do you feel that you will not save any yellow reflective stripe? In that case, you should know that in the dark the driver sees pedestrians with reflective accessories to ten times greater distance than without them. Best thing, if you wear bright clothes and combine it with reflective tape.


The law then states that as a pedestrian, you must have reflective elements, not only at night but even in poor visibility conditions such as at dusk and dawn, or even in the daytime, when visibility is affected by heavy rain or fog. And whenever you go outside of the village in a place where there is no street lighting.


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26/6/2017 - The best element of reflective vests

Posté sur reflective vest

Almost a year pays for pedestrians moving outside the village are required to carry in the twilight and evening reflective element. The police are the most visible luminous vests. But the results of testing, which was also the Czech TV show many of them after a few washes loses luminosity. People within them while doing their duty, but are easier to see.


The requirement is that 25 vests withstand washing, said lab Textile Testing Institute. Although the test vest declares is that the last 50 wash, after the first visible signs of wear. Material vest according to the head of the certification department TZÚ not suitable because it is very thin: "Already after the first wash is on a reflective strip to see the damage." Vest would accordingly did not pass the test.


"The fluorescent strips are susceptible to wear during washing and maintenance," explained Hockey. The materials accordingly destroy abrasion or bending. In the constitution, therefore, they simulate the friction jackets, which occur during movement of the pedestrians.


At the last check did not pass inspection every third vest

For cycling jersey or children's clothing no limits on the properties of the material apply bright color is in these cases only advantage. On the contrary, the strict parameters are required by law for work clothes, just therefore necessary for reflective vests.


According to experts, on reflection it is one of the most important data conformity mark, thus marking. "There are in our jackets that have the brand and look very similar. But it really cannot be guaranteed that the reflective properties of the fine, "said an authorized employee of the Research Institute for Occupational Safety Karle.


However, the test did not pass TZÚ not reflective vest the stand that the brand had. Czech Trade Inspection performed the last inspection focusing on these goods in 2012. The error found for each third-party.


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23/6/2017 - The Bering reflective jacket for winter

It's not quite the end of the cold season, but it's already a little late to be equipped with a reflective jacket traditional winter ... To overcome this problem Bering takes up the idea of Newton jacket offers here, with the Tempo jacket, a garment that can fit virtually all seasons.


With three liners including 2 removable and fixed mesh lining, jacket with the cut roadster Bering Tempo meets the requirements of technology “3 in 1 ", to meet the biker during the fall, winter, and spring and almost summer. To do this, the French brand has relied on the following characteristics:

    Removable membrane BW2 Tech 500: 100% waterproof and breathable

    Removable inner lining micro fleece for the winter

    Outside Fibrotic: high resistance to abrasion

Hulls Knox® CE protectors on shoulders, elbows and back

Reflective tape type 3M Scotchlite.

The ADS® (Air Dynamic System) manages the flow of air into the garment (once removed linings): input and extraction are optimized for optimum ventilation.

Outside SOFTSHELL: new reflective material whose flexibility allows a good level of fit and comfort.

Claws Beat proof biceps

Tightening waist and cuffs

Gussets elbows

Large outside pockets + 3 interior pockets for phone, wallet...

Pants and zip connecting loops

Available colors: neon yellow / black or black.

Price: 249 Euros TTC public.


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22/6/2017 - The trendy reflective accessories for your bike

Posté sur reflective tape

With the return of warm weather, the bike has a storefront. The Grand Morning team selected accessories and equipment for you to be the best, head to the grindstone.

With the arrival of the fixit there some time, the bikes have become trends objects. Everyone customizes. For you to be the best Grand Morning has selected a few reflective accessories.


Above all, to have a beautiful bike, you have to maintain. So you have the Nutter multirole Full Windsor , it weighs 110g with a tire iron, a screwdriver, a wrench ... you become a mechanic for 49 Euros.


Then on your bike, you install the lamps Copenhagen Magnetic Lights and other reflective element, discreet, minimalist, they light up when they love the frame (30 Euros a pair). Because that arriving full of tasks in the back to work, not class. So put the "Ass Savers" They come in many colors.


Then, as you are not alone on the road, invest in backpacks that prevent those around you, all your actions. First backpack GB Led home Port Designs. It signals your turns and your braking using pictograms that appear on the back pocket. They are triggered by remote control attached to the handlebar. Same principle for the backpack "Brake Pack" except that here it syncs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.


Finally, you can dress stylish and technique trousers Levi's switch. A special bike jeans, stretch, is reinforced crotch with a padlock pocket and reflective tape in the hem, 79 Euros. And to complete the whole, the jacket of the same collection is always with reflective strips.


Finally, this innovation the Grand Morning team loved it, suggested by a listener, Sarah.


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21/6/2017 - Reflective jacket keep you visible at day and night

This is a jacket with reflective material that should appeal to both fans of daytime discretion as fans of the high nighttime visibility. The MACNA Concrete Night Eye will make date in the motorcycle and scooter equipment.


Jacket motorcycle and scooter reflective MACNA Concrete Night Eye This is not because the idea of imposing biker’s retro reflective elements (day ...) is - fortunately - suspended the ability to make themselves more visible when conditions warrant is totally crazy. Dutch brand, MACNA recently presented the Night Eye technology. Placed on a tool and it can be more visible when it is in the headlights of another vehicle and totally unobtrusive the rest of the time. We tested the Concrete jacket equipped with this high only night vision technology.


Jacket motorcycle and scooter reflective MACNA Concrete Night Eye If the Night Eye looked promising at the Cologne Fair, the MACNA stand, we especially wanted to know what it looked in real conditions. Indeed, in the studio, the jacket goes from gray to bright white when it is taken in the flash.


During our first night travel with this reflective jacket, people seemed a little surprised, even in urban areas, strangely fixing the Concrete once stopped the fire. Under the streetlights in the city, the jacket is not noticed much as the surrounding brightness is ultimately quite important. But when we find ourselves in a less lighted area (which is always the case on the road), the MACNA jacket equipped with Night Eye seems to be lit from within. From the front, it will obviously never more visible than the beacon of motorcycle or scooter, but as soon as one is monitoring or lit from the side, the visibility offered is unrivaled even at long distances.

To find out what effect the Night Eye technology, so we made a few pictures from a distance of 50 meters and set a Go Pro HD Hero2 camera on the hood of a car. The result would happen almost comment.


It is clear that the jacket already reflects light when the car is simply code. As soon as it goes into high beams, the MACNA Concrete Night Eye becomes highly visible. And while the distance is greater than 100 meters and the position imposed on a sport bike offers less reflective surface.


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20/6/2017 - Acerbic Braid textile reflective jacket

Jacket Acerbic presents the Braid textile reflective jacket, a model between sport and touring for a price of 169 Euros, available in a male and female version.


Minimal look, discreet colors (gray / black), the Braid boasts simplicity first and foremost. However, the exterior is made of high density polyester, as well as X-Flex technology, an elastic reflective fabric that adapts to the driver and facilitates movement. It is equipped with several vents that allow it to be used throughout the year.


Despite a discreet look, Acerbic promises maximum safety with this jacket. Reflective tape equipped with shoulder and elbow pads, it also features EVA reinforcement on the back, expansive foam designed to absorb shocks while offering the possibility of accommodating a level 2 backpack (sold separately).


It will be noted that the woman version starts from the size XS while the men's sizes go up to the triple XL.


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19/6/2017 - Textile of reflective material Equipment Testing

The Swiss brand Assoc has always designed top-of-the-range bike clothing with reflective material. The products are expensive, but above all very technical. Many cyclists who have tasted the brand's products do not want to go back.


The "ALS" concept offers a system of technical clothing for which each item is designed and developed to complement and work together, allowing you to practice cycling all year round. The goal is to insulate the body to retain enough heat and so regulate your body temperature regardless of weather conditions.


If you have read the above, you know that this jacket is intended for use between 6 and 14 ° C. IJ means Insulator Jacket, so it's a windbreaker jacket. It replaces the ASSOS Series element One RX jacket. Although I am not a fan of green, the aesthetics is rather successful and most importantly, the reflective jacket is very visible. The iJ.haBu5 is designed to be worn as a second layer, over an undergarment. If you choose your first coat correctly, you can even extend the use of this jacket until the first cold winter.


Not less than 7 fabrics, 20 panels and 14 components are used for its manufacture. The side panel’s forearm and back are made of breathable RXQ fabric. The front panel, the upper arms and the collar are in stratagem Light. With this material, as the temperature decreases, the permeability of the membrane is reduced, thus retaining body heat.


On the inside, there is a polar type material that allows the body to be isolated from the outside air thanks to the trapped air. Nothing to say side finishes, it is spotless. Everything is perfectly adjusted. The collar goes up very high, allowing keeping the neck warm. A small flap comes to finish the Zip at the top so as not to bother.

The cut is rather typed courier. The L is perfect, it needed no less. But no fear, that's normal. Once in position on the bike, the jacket perfectly matches the cyclist and his movements. Elastic placed at the bottom of the jacket allows the latter not to go up, even if you put yourself in a dancer.


Nothing to say side finishes, it is spotless. Everything is perfectly adjusted.

On the storage side, you are served with no less than 6 pockets! Yes, you read correctly. 3 back pockets, deep and widely accessible, as well as two side pockets, zipped, to protect your keys, your Smartphone (even those of last generation come in) or money.


The fifth pocket is on the right arm. The jacket is very thin and light, so it seems to me that the temperature of use is wrong. 6 ° C seems optimistic while I feel that it can be widely used above 14 ° C. On the road, we appreciate quickly the comfort brought by this jacket windbreaker and its high level of comfort. The insulation and reflective tape is beautiful and well present, while ensuring good breathability to avoid overheating. But the temperature zone given by the Clearance is, at 1 ° C, just as far as I am concerned.


Up to 7 ° C, I felt good with a quality but relatively thin underwear. Below, the first kilometers, which I often attack by a descent, are almost uncomfortable, the time that the body rises in temperature. Once a few kilometers traveled, you feel good.

If the temperature rises during the exit, you will be at ease up to 15 ° C approximately. Beyond that, even if breathability is good, sweating will take over and cause discomfort.


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17/6/2017 - Keep visibility with safety vest in heavy fog day

Posté sur reflective vest

It will be displayed: the local visibility of fog causes decreased below 200 m and 50 m isolated phenomena associated with: isolated mixed low rainfall, the ice conditions

General Inspectorate of Romanian Police in safety clothing informs that at around 20:30 due to icy traveled on numerous difficult road sections in the county.


To prevent road accidents, we recommend drivers to consider the following aspects:

- Even if the road surface is dry, wet portion can meet; there is the risk of the formation of black ice. Therefore, it should not set off even short, if the vehicle is not equipped with winter tires;

- Curves, the risk of skidding is high if the road is wet, especially when the speed is high; as well as after overtaking, when re-entering the original band;

- Where the roadway is slippery, be used to slow the engine braking. In no circumstances should suddenly orders!

- In order to stop safely when the vehicle traveling in front brakes suddenly be increased within walking distance.


Center informs that at around 6:45 p.m., traffic is carried in fog on DN54 Caracal; visibility is less than 50 meters. The phenomenon is encountered in ship DN54A - Inca (visibility is less than 50 meters). The Center also advises drivers moving on DN26 to exercise caution while driving wear a reflective jacket and reduce speed as the section signaled portions covered with ice.


Center General Inspectorate of Romanian Police informs that around 17:00 on the A2 motorway, Constanta motorway traffic is being carried out in dense fog, visibility was at times below 100 meters. For the same reason, it is difficult and circulating the A4 (less than 100 meters visibility).


Fog, as well as reducing speed, increasing the distance walking and proper use of lights, in terms of highways and other specific rules must be observed:

- turn off the lanes and the emergency lane!

- in case of power failure or technical failure, turn on hazard warning lights, equip yourself with reflective vest, remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances.


Also, according because of dense fog, they were closed all ports and waterways traffic in Constanta County. Monday, meteorologists issued a quantitatively significant rainfall information and strong wind and snow in the mountains and go, at close range, ice. Information is available until Thursday morning.


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16/6/2017 - Adidas Originals launches new reflective NMD

The year is placed, without doubt, under the sign of NMD at Adidas Originals! After many models unveiled in recent weeks, the three stripes back again with a stunning version of its flagship sneakers: a reflective NMD!


Its two new sneakers feature a basic color way (white and black) Adidas has just unveiled to the public. Very close to what we had been able to see the side of the collar 'with Foot Locker in March, the NMD will have the distinction of having a reflective coating to shine in the night! What delight sneaker addict, always searching for new innovations.


Get ready because this new NMD Reflective R1 will be launched this Thursday in several shops all over the world! You will take a budget of $ 120 to give you your copy. The reflective material of the shoes will give you a big surprise.

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15/6/2017 - Not to be fined with reflective accessories in car

In today's article we tell you what you MUST not miss in the trunk of your car when driving on public roads so you will not be fined by road traffic police.

The Road Code states in Article 8 that, in order to be driven on public roads, any motor vehicle must be equipped with a first aid kit, two reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher.


If you breach this rule, you may be fined with a fine of Class II (4 or 5 points).

Update 2016: A penalty point represents 10% of the gross minimum wage on the economy, according to the Road Code. Given that at this moment the minimum wage is 1,050 lei, a fine is equal to 105 lei.

In conclusion, if you do not have a car equipped with a medical kit, reflective triangles and extinguisher can be fined in 2016 with 420 or 525 lei.


First aid kit

The medical kits you are required to have in the car are regulated by the Order of the Minister of Health no. 987/2007.

According to the normative act, the packaging of the sanitary kits must fulfill the following conditions:


To provide a suitable seal for protecting the content against dust, moisture, fuel and oils through a firm closure system; Be appropriately dimensioned for the purpose of storing and ensuring the integrity of the components of the sanitary car kit contents.


Also, the label of the kit must contain the name of the product, the name and address of the manufacturer or, depending on the situation, the name and address of the person responsible for placing the product on the market.


The minimum content of the sanitary car kit:

1. Instrumental:

    A scissors with both ribbed tips, with a blade cutter for a thick fabric of at least 2

    An interstitial mouthpiece device with a one-way valve or filter

2. Sanitary materials

    A leucoplast roll;

    At least four pieces of rapid dressing (patch);

    At least five packs of 25 pieces of sterile gauze compresses;

    Gauze fosse - minimum two pieces for each of the dimensions: 5cm x 4m and 10cm x 4m;

    Two pieces of non-deformable bandage (as dimensions, must have two sides of at least 80 cm);

    At least two pieces of sterile adsorbing dressing of different sizes;

    An elastic face;

    Two pairs of disposable gloves (can be made of latex or polyethylene).

3. Other materials

    At least 6 safety pins;

    At least one isothermal survival foils having the dimensions of 2.10 m x 1.60 m;

    A first-aid instruction booklet, authorized by MS;

    The contents of the kit


Reflective triangles

As set out in the Road Code, you are obliged to have two such products in the car when you are on public roads.


According to the information on the General Police Inspectorate's website, the triangles of reflective material can be legally marketed if they have an international approval notice given by any of the administrative authorities in the signatory countries of the Geneva Act of 1958.


An internationally approved reflector triangle may be recognized by the approval mark represented by the letter E and the country code that granted the approval in a circle, as well as an identification mark.


Fire extinguishers

Extinguishers are regulated by Law no. 307/2006 on fire protection. According to art.50 of this normative act, placing on the market of this type of product is made on the basis of the conformity assessment against the regulations of the General Inspectorate of the Firefighters Corps, based on the Methodology of conformity certification approved by Order of the Minister of Administration and Interior.

The fire extinguisher and safety vest you are required to have in the car must be under warranty and have the term of validity written.


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14/6/2017 - Over 120 fines for cyclists without safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

Road Police officers wear reflective vest organized for two days control actions focused on checking bicycle and moped drivers. The action took place between April 5-6, between 15:00 and 21:00, and resulted in the application of 121 fines for bicycle irregularities. The 121 fines have a value of over 22,000 lei.


Such actions are a priority of the road police officers, as many accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles, bicycles and mopeds are happening in our county. Regarding the cyclists without reflective clothing, in recent years the traffic mistakes committed by them were the third cause of serious accidents in County.


Also, in the context of the "Crime Prevention Week" campaign, the police officers of the Crime Prevention and Analysis Division have carried out preventive actions, especially in the area. Preventive materials were distributed to young people identified on public roads by bicycles.


Police officers offered over 150 safety vests to cyclists, but also other preventive materials. "There were talks with cyclists to raise awareness of the dangers they face in disregarding road legislation," said Commissioner, the coordinator of the Department of Crime Analysis and Prevention within the county police.



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13/6/2017 - Grandma Emma wear reflective vest to pilgrim

Posté sur reflective vest

It traveled over 1200 km across Argentina to reach a famous Marian shrine. Emma Moraine, 91 years old in January, wear a reflective jacket, is almost fully Lujan, where he intends to arrive tomorrow after traveling from Argentina 'extreme north of the country until the province of Buenos Aires.


The story of the "Nona pilgrim", as they nicknamed the local media, has aroused curiosity and admiration in the villages where Emma Moraine has stopped in recent months to spend the night, and then resumes his way. Game last December 27 from the province of Tucuman, was planning to arrive March 17 in Lujan, not far from Buenos Aires around 1250 kilometers, to go with a good rhythm and serenity. He did remind the media," Accompanied by a small trolley with water, bread and milk, plus a reflective vest with no sleeves on the shoulders portrayed the Pope's image".


A journey not without its setbacks, as when Emma fell and was hospitalized in a clinic in San Andres de Giles. Assessed his condition, the "Azuela farfetched" resumed the journey and tomorrow, with several hours of delay, it will be in Lujan. "Walking happy," said the Argentine Catholic agency, take a bag with reflective tape, adding that he plans a meeting with the Pope on April 22. In recent years he had walked several shrines dedicated to Our Lady including that of Lourdes in France, Fatima, in Portugal, and Czestochowa, Poland.

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12/6/2017 - Reflective vest is a security alarm on road

Posté sur reflective vest

A pool of blood, his head almost severed from the body. He went to Murielle with his bicycle, on Monday, no lights, and no reflective vest. In a dimly lit straight stretch of highway 115, a Fiat 500 "Barth" took it in full. Needless braking Marcel, 43 years, took the car windshield, sending shattered. Then, after being dragged for a while ', he remained motionless, lifeless on the asphalt.


Maybe she was going to work. A job in black, like so many in this South where those who want to work are often forced to give up any protection.

In Romania, his native land is perhaps leaving a wife and a child. The same code is often not respected by those born here and there on the road has killed or caused the death of other people. In Cases which reflections about helmets or heavy foot on the accelerator were almost always clouded by legitimate flood of condolences and memories of loved one or friend who is no more?


In this case, however, we are faced with a fact that, sadly skimmed from the emotional component reserved for the "villagers", it is presented in all its rawness and puts those central questions at the heart of a tragedy that more people have termed “announced ".


In many, along the highway, they are in fact found to dodge at the last moment the cyclists (especially among migrants) in the dark without lights or reflectors. Accidents avoided by a hair that led people to wonder why, in spite of what has long been known, the competent authorities have not moved effectively to solve the problem.


Less than a couple of weeks ago, but the day was going to the same thing in the same state for Murielle. Fortunately, however, it seems that the car would respect the speed limits and there were no serious consequences.

Even the world of politics had been made of the pressing demands that, beyond on the general approach to immigration, cannot but make people think.


“The danger of a lack of respect for the laws on highway 115 for Murielle - had written a little less than three months ago, Francesco, provincial coordinator of Italy - where our guests circulating without the slightest compliance with the rules of the road, in the dark and without safety vests, could have dramatic outlets. "

Dramatic opportunities that have unfortunately occurred on time and that will result in predictable rebounds of responsibility, in the maze of confusing responsibilities between municipal administrations.


He accused the mayor Happy Wanderer rejected with a comment piqued, where he also writes that hosted the migrants " have done a course for the use of bicycles ", which were given them visibility vests and even that was obtained " by centers that host immigrants, collaboration to minimize the outputs of the guests during the evening hours . "


But something did not work the same. Of course, the victim was not one of the applicants referred to, but until yesterday the results of the course for the use of bicycles and reflective jackets were not seen by anyone.


Currently, the accident happened Monday night is still ongoing investigations by law enforcement. It will be necessary also to understand what had been the speed of the car that hit Iona Marcel, led by merchant Gaspar Como. And for how many meters the cyclist was dragged before falling on the asphalt. But beyond the safety of those who go by bike, unfortunately dead on the streets of the Belie Valley were many, crossed almost all the usual red thread made of speed and recklessness.


2014 was marred by serious accidents and in 2015, until today, was not far behind.

Only in April, there has been two incidents that should perhaps be given to whether the sanction of excessive speed and dangerous behavior: an accident between a car and a scooter (always on highway 115), with a man in a coma , and a car ends up against trees, with a 20 year old boy who loses his life.

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10/6/2017 - Every student has its own reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

Especially with the arrival of spring, there is no better way to go to school except with a nice walk: and so the administration a few days decided to extend one of the Pedi bus lines up in places Cabining, also equipped with reflective safety vest.


The aim is to push the "dragon" (that's how it is nicknamed the Pedi bus, also thanks to the logo) farther and farther away from the center, in order to limit the radius of action of the school bus only to peripheral areas. In 2008 by the will of the Councilor to education, the service works like a real bus (walk), with its route three lines covering the entire historic center, times, and stops indicated by reflective signs.


During the journey from home to school to have fun with his friends, they exchange the figures, and with the help of the guides (parents, grandparents and other volunteers) will have returned verbs and tables, and you learn to cross the street. All while they are standing in line, each with its own reflective vest, to start the day full of joy, movement and ecology.

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9/6/2017 - Deadly accident on Siena Florence

The man, walking along the freeway, realized that he had broken a rope that supported the iron load of his car. He then approached, put the four arrows, wearing the reflective jacket. An accident at work, as it happened when the unfortunate was doing his job.


Further information on the deadly incident occurred on Sept. 22 in Siena-Florence at the height of Cole (mid-morning). The disadvantaged was Leonardo, born and resident, 45 years old. The man, walking along the freeway, realized that he had broken a rope that supported the iron load of his car. He then approached, put the four arrows, wearing the reflective vest.


However, the scars were not enough and Leonardo was pierced by a six-meter-long (allegedly 10-pound) whiplash carrying. We do not know how the rope supporting the load broke, or however the long line slipped.


On the spot is where the Carabineer, the Road Police wear safety vest, the Labor Police (as a work injury). Tomorrow, September 23, the Magistrate will decide whether to do the autopsy.



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8/6/2017 - Keep reflective jacket when you load luggage into car


When you go on a long trip and we decided to use as a means of transport’s car, there comes a time when you have to face the difficult problem of how to load the car. If you are not careful, in fact, there is a risk that the luggages from falling during the journey or to take away the rear views of those who are behind the wheel even you have the safety vest. So it is vital to fix all of the objects that we decided to take with us, especially when they are so many, so the smartest possible. Let us, therefore, to see some simple tricks for the guests in our car without too much stress.


Some useful tips

First we must place first the heavier luggage on the luggage compartment floor, making sure that they adhere as much as possible with each other and with the back of the seats. In this way, in fact, not only will you save valuable space, but this foresight will also allow a safer drive, with no poor balance problems in the guide, precisely due to the stability in the car's center of gravity.


In addition, if we have in particular a station wagon, a trick is to use a network or the bus bars metal to divide the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment. In this way, in fact, there will be less risk that objects can fall on passengers in an accidental manner (for example, due to an abrupt braking).


Also for the risk of accidental braking, with consequent falling objects and heavy luggage, it would be better for safety reasons that the parcel shelf to remain free. If the lack of space permits it not, however, a tip is to only place small objects or light (as may in fact be a hat) and engage on the other hand small objects but heavier among the larger size of the luggage inside luggage, after closing them in envelopes.


An additional tip is to keep always within reach of the warning triangle and reflective jacket. Not only because they can serve in the event of engine failure or accident but also because, if the traffic police stops there for a control, it could ask you.


Do not leave so important that these objects end up under a mountain of luggage.

Another caution that you must always remember is that you have to adjust the position lights once loaded the entire luggage. The weight distributed more in the rear part of the car, in fact, can drive up the front of the car thus making annoying dipped headlights to other motorists.


With regard to luggage loaded on the roof, however, it is always necessary to stabilize before the roof rack. Also try to distribute all the weight evenly by fixing the objects accurately. In particular, with regard to the fastening system, we recommend use of the ratchet ropes that hold well than the simple elastic cords.

In short, a careful arrangement of objects and baggage is critical not only for the safety of passengers and reflective material for the driver's visibility but also for that of other motorists.


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7/6/2017 - Beware the scams of technicians fake with reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

In recent days, two individuals pretended to Hera technicians dressed in suits and jackets with yellow reflective material, they played at the door of a building via 24 Maggie, asking to enter to carry out some of the control technology heating. A woman, however, did not confide and threatened to call the police, resulting in the immediate escape of two technicians fake with reflective vest. But not only were they also made attempts to telephone scam with the car crash gimmick. Elderly achieved with calls from fake members of the police informing them of an accident in one of their children or a relative, uninsured: with this excuse the elder is asked to pay a large sum, up to 500 Euros, to prevent the person involved in the incident have trouble with the law. Attempts are always intensified at the beginning of the month, when the elderly have greater availability of money, after the withdrawal of the pension.


To combat scams, the Carabineer organizes information events to the population: the last to the weekly market, frontlines Officer Silvia Guerin in reflective clothing, Captain of the Society, just at the end of November. They are also printed leaflets were also part of the Provincial Command of Rimini with all the advice to defend them better by fraudsters and raiders from the apartment.

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6/6/2017 - Fireflies with reflective jacket: the order set a trend

The mayor of Zeal seeks guidance. Meanwhile, there are five fined of PIER GIORGIO RUGGERI.


Five fines fireflies that do not comply with the order to wear the reflective vest and pants. "And this is just the beginning because soon we will begin a campaign much more effective control," says the deputy mayor. But the administration's complacency has also several aspects because this ordinance, designed, voted and then applied, is giving satisfaction. Beyond the fines, it is becoming an order for export. In fact, the mayor, Angelo, plans to also promulgate it for its territory. "I must say that we do not count much on fines - but on the ability to clear the streets in the neighborhood of these presences that would define annoying and inconvenient, as well as amoral." And, after years of ordinances against customers, about thirty fined, without arriving to free territory, that's required to wear pants and reflective jacket, in the name of security is of fireflies, both of motorists, performs ( almost) the miracle.


"At first we thought of going to alert directly from the participants to remove them the alibi of misinformation. Then, for black day fireflies stationed outside the town, we thought of giving them the jacket, which actually wear. The problem of beautiful night, however, remained. None wanted to adapt and, a little 'surprise, going to check on the spot, we noticed that the fireflies had shifted. “That’s right. The half-dozen girls changed air. Some are finished in the territory of Dover; others have passed the bridge, landing in Zeal. A Dover girl clashed with the ordinance punishing customers. Hence eight fines detached in two months and the mayor's proposal to extend the order for the first three months of next year. At Zeal, however, they would like to solve the problem at the root of the fireflies, and since the ordinance in Spine works, here is that in this country there is going to promulgate it. As for Spine fined, "it comes to newcomers unaware of the Ordinance. They arrive without any reflective clothing, are fined and go away." There remains only one doubt: the money will be collected?


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5/6/2017 - Pedestrian died in the dark without reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

Welcomed the use of the motorist convicted of manslaughter for having invested a pawn without reflective vest.


Criminal Court of Cassation, with sentence no. 35834, filed 08/30/2016, accepts the appeal of a convicted motorist for manslaughter, for investing and thrown into another vehicle a pedestrian who circulating in the same direction without the vest was prescribed by law. While the lower courts had emphasized the excessive speed and the lack of main-beam headlamps given the poor visibility on that stretch of road, the Supreme Court attaches decisive importance to the behavior of pedestrians who walk in the same direction of travel of the vehicles and failing to wear the device required by law to report their presence, he has implemented a so anomalous behavior and unpredictable, to constitute by itself the cause of the event, or in any case it is impossible to move a rebuke to the investor. The process will then need to restart from the Court of Appeal of Salerno, with a different composition.



The victim was left without petrol, a distraction that cost him his life. Dropped out of the car to search for a distributor, it’s committing a second recklessness, not wearing the reflective vest which in the dark to the vehicles in transit. Finally, at the time of the accident, he was driving along a deceleration lane in the same direction of travel of vehicles can transit, instead of always walking in the opposite direction, as prescribed. On the aforementioned deceleration lane came that night a car, which seems to go too fast and without high beams, which hurled to the ground causing the pedestrian overwhelmed by an oncoming vehicle in the opposite direction. The Matera Court and Court of Appeal condemned the power motorist first investor pedestrian manslaughter.



The convicted motorist's defense was centered on the liability of the pedestrian. As written above, it is not difficult to find violations of traffic rules in a motorist who had broken down, continue walking without wearing the required safety devices (reflective safety vest) and without walking in the opposite direction to the moving vehicles. The point is whether such conduct could be regarded as the sole cause of the tragic event, or if the motorist could still be moved a reproach. The Supreme Court, in this connection, criticizes the decision on appeal; it did not analyze sufficiently the “causality of guilt." Thus, it stresses the lack of investigation of the concrete possibility for the agent (in the sense of one who acted) to keep a diligent conduct and to avoid the event. The avoidance of the event calls into question the predictability of the conduct of the victim. The Court of Appeal would have to clarify whether it was possible for the investor to predict and thus prevent a more appropriate conduct, the presence of a pedestrian not visible on that dark road section and thus investigate whether the diligent behavior of the accused would have avoided the event. The rule of conduct which the Court of Appeal took over as violated, or Article. 141 Cads, in fact, would not be applicable in the presence of a totally unpredictable behavior, and the behavior of the pedestrian in the present case, well could configure such a hypothesis. Based on these considerations, the welcome the use and refer to the Court of Appeal of Salerno, which will focus on the predictability of the conduct of the victim, and not on generic investor violations.



While in Italy 1 of 2 motorists does not respect the rights of pedestrians - read here the investigation, it is true that it is widespread belief that upon impact the blame will always motorist. In fact in many cases the motorist's responsibility is excluded (read here a case similar to the one in question). Undoubtedly those who put themselves at the wheel of a car has huge responsibilities, considering that if a pedestrian misses out pens just a percentage of any guilt finally convicted for manslaughter, you need not be solely liable. It 'also no doubt that the lack of driver education is perhaps more serious if regards vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists wear reflective clothing, which in a collision risk serious damage even at low speeds. What pedestrians have obligations as well as the sacred rights when they are on the street, it is little known fact to the majority of Italians, and would certainly be appropriate to multiply as much as possible the information, including ad hoc campaigns to warn a people ancestrally unaccustomed to respect the rules, even when there is at stake their lives.

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3/6/2017 - Bright jackets to prevent migrants being invested

The City of Lodi writes to the cooperative "The Beech" inviting to raise awareness among migrants about the reflective clothing to be used to be more visible in the dark. But what sounds like a gaffe, or almost involuntary joke of the man dressed in black color that does not stand out in the dark, it is, however, a need highlighted by many motorists. Moreover, a few months ago, SK, migrant Pakistani origin, host of the cooperative "The Beech" at the Lox hotel, was hit and seriously injured while he was driving on the state 490 on board a bike, it apparently without any kind of signal light.


They write, then, by the city: "This is to inform MISUSE Cooperative that have been presented to the City several reports of the potential hazard to the safety of persons caused by foot traffic on Sp11-Plodio Carfare of migrants currently housed in the City of Lodi, because without any clothes act to promote their visibility. During the night hours, and in shaded areas, such a circumstance causes a safety hazard, often aggravated by the fact that pedestrians walking past the roadside of the roadway that in some areas does not present particularly wide and straight. It therefore requests that want to raise awareness adequately migrants with special reference to the need to have clothing with reflective tape for night visibility; and walk on the roadside also in "single file", so as not to occupy part of the road surface traveled by the vehicle. "


He explains: "If, for safety reasons, I signed an order on the need to have lights on bicycles to travel at night, regardless of the color of the skin of the rider, it would seem a strange thing? At the same Highway Code is not expected to automobilists to come out from their car, even just to change a tire, please bring a special reflective vest? Or jogger does not use those yellow jackets highlighter? Given that migrants circulate especially walking, it is right to be concerned for their safety and that of others. "

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