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15/6/2018 - Reflective clothes protecting the privacy of the stars

Chris Holmes has created a collection of clothing that stands on the celebrity privacy practices. Reflective clothing in contact with the flash react and irreparably spoil the pictures. Will nosy paparazzi lose music with creativity? Paparazzi is a word that causes allergies in all stars. They accompany them everywhere: during their stay in the restaurant, shopping and in the park. The more intimate the photo, the more its value on the media market increases. The ending of photography was set by musician Chris Holmes. All thanks to the design of clothing(which is made of reflective fabric) destroying the quality of the photos. The inspiration for Holmes was his own experience. After finishing one of the concert tours he came to the conclusion that his pictures are overexposed. Their poor quality was influenced by suits in bright colors, which x-rayed the photo relation. The musician turned a bad experience into success, creating the Anti-Paparazzi collection. It included a jacket with a hood, sweatshirt and shawl. Each element contains bright threads that effectively x-ray images. Publication of such photographs will certainly be refused by any publisher. In addition to Chris Holms, Safi Side qui, who designed Eshoo's reflective scarf, was among the designers who value privacy. As it turned out, this is a gadget perfect for celebrities. In his wardrobe he already has it Nick Jonas, Cameron Diaz and Major Laser. Inspired by the positive acceptance of the concept, the designer has extended the offer with ties(especially sewn-in reflective tape), panties or phone cases. We wonder if the native stars would choose this collection in their wardrobe?
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13/6/2018 - Intensify the distribution of reflective vests

Posté sur Safety vest
Traffic agents are intensifying the distribution of reflective vests, within the campaign for all Galicia at this time of year, but with greater concern after the rebound of abuses in the province. The last cost the life on Saturday to a woman of 76 years in A Valens (Barbados). The action is part of an awareness and awareness campaign that also includes talks aimed at the elderly in the different councils. The most common profile of fatalities caused by collisions in Galicia is usually over 65 years old, dressed in dark clothing that walks near their home on secondary roads, without a reflective safety vest and that crosses outside the pedestrian crossings. However, Traffic remembers that, so far this year, three of the four road accidents in which pedestrians killed by a vehicle died took place in urban centers. To this day, the total number of fatalities due to road accidents in the province of Orense amounts to 12, which means that 33% of them were pedestrians, to which are added another 20 that were injured in varying consideration. For this reason, the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, together with the Traffic Sub-sector of the Civil Guard of Orense, is carrying out a campaign to raise awareness among pedestrians about the importance of pedestrians being visible to drivers. 500 vests(especially sewn-in reflective fabric) will be handed out until the end of this year and talks will be held in the town halls, especially in those where there are more abuses. Every year Galicia is 5 points above the national average in terms of death due to abuses and, therefore, the Civil Guard wants to highlight "the need to insist on the use of high visibility vests, also day and not only at dusk, when it is mandatory, in order to avoid any mistakes or errors that the approaching driver may have. "
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11/6/2018 - The Oren Department tests connected clothes for its agents

The Oren Departmental Council has just formed a partnership with the Kip lay company, based in Saint-Pierre. He will test the connected security reflective clothing designed by this ornate company. Last December, one of our teams devoted a report to the parka "knife-Swiss" designed by an ornamental company. Kip lay, based in Saint-Pierre. The company has just formed a partnership with the Department. She gave him four "connected" parkas (bright LEDs, heated, geo-localizable), five bright, high visibility, heated with removable sleeves, as well as 10 high visibility vests. These innovative clothes (sewn-in reflective fabric)are intended to equip road agents. They are supposed to improve their security. They can thus light up at night and send a signal when the "carrier" is immobile for more than 30 seconds. All the functions of these clothes can be controlled via an application on a mobile phone. For now, this is a test period. Department employees will provide feedback to the company so that it can improve its products.
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7/6/2018 - Are you well equipped to ride safely?

Last Saturday, according to information released by our colleagues of the Popular Center, a cyclist aged 15 was hit by a car while driving in Saint-Laurent-les-Eggless. The teenager died Sunday from his injuries. He was not carrying a helmet and safety clothing, and his bike was not equipped with headlights. What are the mandatory bike equipment? Did you know that wearing a hi vis vest is obligatory when visibility is insufficient? "The lack of a vest is liable to a fine of 135 Euros," says Hervey Home, commander of the departmental road safety squadron of Haute-Vienne. "As for the cycle, it must have front and rear lighting, as well as reflectors on the sides, all of which lead to a fine of 11 Euros for each one of them" recalls -he. Here is the list of mandatory equipment, prepared by sécurité-router.Gov.Fr 1. Two brakes, front and rear. 2. Yellow or white front light and red tail light. 3. Buzzer 4. Reflectors (retro-reflective devices): red at the rear, white at the front, orange at the sides and on the pedals. 5. Wearing a certified retro reflective vest mandatory for every cyclist (and his passenger) traveling outside town, at night, or when visibility is insufficient. 6. Mandatory helmet use for children under 12, whether drivers or passengers.
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4/6/2018 - Racers pay for safety vests

The safety vests are distributed free of charge. Subsidized traffic safety training courses are also offered. "Super action," says Fritz Meyer. The fit-skinned pensioner cycled on Friday to the weekly market by bicycle. Back we went with potatoes, apples and a brand new safety vest. At the beginning of the cycling season, representatives of the district, the police, and the Ampersand traffic police had distributed yellow safety vests to the visitors.


"That really brings a lot to safety," says Elson, head of the police station. "Cyclists, but also scooter or moped riders can be seen much better," said Elson. Even in bright sunshine, the reflective stripes would increase visibility. Rudolf from the Ampersand adds: "Good visibility is often vital for the so-called weaker road users."


3000 vests will now be handed over free of charge at various prevention events or markets in the coming weeks. The necessary 6000 Euros come half of the National Traffic Watch and the district. He specifically uses revenue from traffic monitoring for such purposes. Not only are the safety vests financed by flashed Riser, but also other measures.


"For example, we regularly offer driver safety training on the air base. The participation fees are largely financed by the district's traffic monitoring revenues, "explains prevention expert Hermann Nee of the police. Also at the spring meeting of motorcyclists on the weekend, he will again be present with colleagues at a preventive stand. Further distribution activities from the west are also planned in all other municipalities.

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31/5/2018 - Avoid accidents on road with wearing safety vest

It also recommends helmet on and safety vest or fluorescent textiles on. "Responsibility and mutual care are essential in road traffic," says Professor Dr. med. Joachim, Deputy DGOU President, and President of the German Society for Trauma Surgery as well as Director of the Department of Trauma and Hand Surgery of the University Hospital Dusseldorf.


According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, in 2016 there were a total of 81,272 bicycle accidents in which people were injured. 393 cyclists died. The main cause of serious bicycle accident injuries was a car crash in 74 percent of the time. In accidents involving a car, the cyclist was only 24 percent the main cause of the accident.


A collision between cyclists and turning car or truck drivers is one of the causes of serious cycling accidents. Therefore, Dr. Christopher, Head of the DGOU Prevention and Senior Physician Section at the Department of Trauma Surgery, Orthopedics, and Plastic Surgery at the University Medical Center: "Attention and respect for cyclists must become even stronger." Do not forget to turn your shoulder glance and seek eye contact with the cyclist. Eye contact ensures mutual perception. If it does not come about, the cyclist should drive restrained, in order to be able to react to a dangerous situation in time - if necessary by stopping and turning the vehicle. Sparing advises: "For their own safety, cyclists should not rely on their right of way." This applies especially to truck vehicles. Cyclists need to be aware that they may be in the blind spot and the truck driver cannot see them. Remedy here provides technical turn-off assistance, but with which trucks are so far only sporadically equipped and on the cyclists should therefore not rely.


In his own interest, the cyclist should also ensure that other road users could recognize him quickly at any time of the day or night. In addition to the traffic-safe bike with lighting is suitable to wear reflective clothing. One option is the safety vest, a simple but very effective means. Reflective straps or stickers also improve visibility. "On the other hand, car drivers must not rely on this provision. Their perception for cyclists should always be sharpened - especially at intersections, "says Sparing.


In the life-threatening injured cyclists, the major traumatic brain injury is the main injury. "Every cyclist should therefore use a protective helmet," advises bicycle accident researcher and DGOU prevention expert. A bicycle helmet protects the head by reducing the energy that acts on the skull when impacted - helmet wearers thus suffer less severe head injuries. In 2017, 19 percent of cyclists wore a helmet. That is an increase of two percent over the previous year. In 2010, it was 9 percent. "The increasing acceptance of the helmet is very positive. Overall, unfortunately, there are still too few people using a helmet, "says Jurua.


Helmet, safety reflective vest, and a look at the risks in road traffic are measures that cyclists can implement on their own responsibility immediately and at any time - but which cannot prevent every accident. "For more safety for cyclists, further measures such as infrastructural changes in traffic are therefore necessary," says Sparing.

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29/5/2018 - Round Table 47 donates safety vests

The Service Club Round Table 47 has equipped four urban day care centers with safety vests for the children. Not only children, parents and educators were happy about the reflective vest, with which the Katanga groups can be seen, better during excursions and traffic exercises.


Round Table is an international association of young men with around 3500 members in Germany. "RT is born of the spirit of the English club life, the membership ends automatically with the completion of the 40th year of life, and thus a permanent influx of new ideas is secured. Round Table 47 was founded in 1969 in Monchengladbach to cultivate contacts, professional Exchange experiences and start repeatedly non-profit projects.


Traffic safety consultant Erwin Henchman from the police is also enthusiastic: "Even the youngest children often wear dark clothes today - that looks chic, but makes them almost invisible in twilight and darkness."

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24/5/2018 - Nine year old Nance gets reflective vest

This afternoon, nine-year-old Nance got fluorescent vest to clean up trash lying on the street. In mid-November, Nance Borers (9) sent a letter to the city council. In this letter, she said: "I think that too much waste is thrown out on the street. Here in Vendome I want to do something about it.” The area where, according to her, a lot of waste is thrown out of the street is around the Deer Camp.


Nance came to Herten with her parents this afternoon. Council member her, in response to her inspiring letter, with the cleaning supplies she requested. "We think Nicene’s letter is a great initiative and we hope that more children will follow her example," says Alderman André. He handed her a grab stick, some small presents, and a reflective vest with her name on it.


Nance becomes a bit famous at once; because Koki from TV Norm also reported on the delivery of the cleaning stuff.

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22/5/2018 - How to stay safe on the road

September 29 students from the first grades of Primary School No. 4 Nicolas Copernicus participated in the "Safe Way to School" campaign. Police officers in safety vest carried out a well-organized action.


During the meeting, the first graders had the opportunity to check and broaden their knowledge of traffic regulations. The students were eager to answer the questions asked and listened to the lectures of police officers with interest. Everyone received reflective bands and promised to wear them always with them, especially during the evening autumn walks.


The police officers made the students a huge surprise bringing with them a large, mascot-like - POLMISIA. The children were very pleased with the presence of the mascot, who along with them set off to the streets. The students together with the police officers checked the acquired knowledge in practice. Dressed in reflective vests, they passed the belts using the current traffic rules.


The first graders also arrived at Mug, where they were greeted by the Mayor, presented with sweets and wishes for a safe road to school.

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18/5/2018 - Children and adults shone with reflective vest

"Reflective be it safe to live" - such was the slogan of the celebration of the Primary School. Marcie in Grab, taking part in the competition "Reflective School".


The students and their teachers promoted the wearing of high visibility vest wandering through the village, among others to the House of Culture, where the main part of the celebration took place.


During the meeting, the art contest "Reflective Owl" was summarized. The students took part in a game about the rules of road safety; there were also thematic artistic presentations.


There was also a ceremonial fit for the pupils of the youngest children, who on this occasion received not only school ID cards and commemorative diplomas, but also reflective vests.

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16/5/2018 - New reflective clothes for employees

The employees of MPK received new outfits by reflective fabric. The Tallymen Company designed them for dispatchers of the Traffic Supervision of MPK. The employees of the Traffic Supervision of MPK have the uniforms that distinguish them for the first time in the history of this Department. Until now, they were dressed the same as drivers and drivers, and the only element that distinguished them were the characteristic hats.


New tickets for MPK in a few months Telecommunications Association Tallymen S.A. designed and sewed clothing for public transport enterprises, among others. The City Transport Company also joined this group, which is why the company has a special satisfaction as a Lodz-based company.


When designing the outfit for MPK employees, it was taken into account that business clothing will be used in various climatic conditions (seasons, simultaneously outside and inside vehicles - objects), therefore it should be universal, lightweight, durable (long and intensive periods of use), aesthetic, easy to maintain, comfortable.


MPK employees received a multifunctional, waterproof jacket made of laminated fabric with a vapor permeable membrane and reflective material. It can be worn alone or in a set with a fleece blouse, that forms part of it. The set also includes polo shirts with short or long sleeves and trousers like a trousers and footwear.


The clothing has been kept in navy blue with reflective details (including the words "Supervision of Movement") and with licking in red. Many reflective elements are aimed at increasing the safety of employees in street traffic. A distinctive element of the uniforms of the Ruche dispatchers will be a cap with a visor, a reflective vest and gloves.


MPK plans to introduce new business outfits for all employees. Due to the large scope of changes and the number of operators (over 1800 employees), new items of clothing will be introduced gradually. The tender will probably be announced in the second half of 2017.

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14/5/2018 - Policemen persuaded pedestrians to wear reflective tapes

Police officers serving on the roads not only controlled yesterday how the pedestrians care about their safety on the road, but also gave the inhabitants reflective material. All this is as part of the "Keep an example on the road" action.


The aim of the police action was to promote the use of reflective elements by pedestrians moving not only outside the built-up area, but outside also where it is not required. It turns out that often accidents involving pedestrians also occur in the city. In many situations, they are invisible to drivers.


Yesterday, the police officers from the Citrusy unit controlled places of increased pedestrian traffic and checked whether the residents were complying with the rules according to which they should ensure that they were visible along the road. Pedestrians moving after dark outside the built-up area should wear a reflective clothing in a visible way for other road users.


During the action, police officers made pedestrians aware that this is not only a requirement of law, but also common sense, and the pedestrian-worn reflex is an expression of conscious, responsible participation in road traffic.


During the inspection, the officers handed out pedestrian reflective vest prepared specially for the occasion. The idea is to reach as many people as possible, so the subject of pedestrian safety is discussed during meetings with residents in various places in the podia. Police officers remind to see - it is not the same as being visible.

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10/5/2018 - The figure in a reflective vest can be seen at night

For some time, mysterious characters can be found on the main roads in the Karenna commune. They look like real people from a distance. Being closer, we notice that these are only wire-shaped silhouettes that have been put on real reflective clothes. Residents wonder that they are metal pedestrians.”


We managed to find three places where wire people were set up. They stand by the road leading from Karenna to the village in Niece, and at the stadium in Korea. Perhaps there are more. If you met them at other points, let us know or send a photograph.


In none of these places, the men are not lonely. They always appear in pairs. One is wearing reflective clothing; the other is wearing a dark blouse or T-shirt.


It is not difficult to guess the goal that guided the inventors of the mission of the mysterious characters. We guess that they are to get drivers to take their feet off the gas and give them food for thought... It is enough to pay attention to their clothes. Both men are quite visible during the day. At night, however, the situation changes dramatically. From a distance, we can see the figure in a reflective vest, while the second one can be noticed only from a close distance.


Who "sent" the wire people to the side of the Root Road? Whenever we solve the puzzle - we will let you know!

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4/5/2018 - What you need to know when cycling on the public road

The Romanian police in safety vest recall the rules that cyclists have to respect on the public road. First, in order to drive a bicycle on public roads, you must be at least 14 years old. It is not enough, however. You need to know the traffic rules and be adequately equipped.


If a road is provided with a special track for the circulation of bicycles, it will be driven only on the respective track. Traffic of other road users on the bicycle track is prohibited. Bicycles, when traveling on the public road, must be run in a single row. When cycling PE, do not cross the road to pedestrian crossings! Motorcycles are forbidden by bicycle. You are prohibited from cycling on public roads covered with ice, ice or snow. During cycling on public roads, bicycle drivers are required to have their identity card on them.


How do you have to equip your bike?

In traffic on public roads, the bicycle shall be provided with an effective braking device, with a suitable, functional steering system with audible warning system (the fitting and use of vehicle-specific audible warning systems is forbidden). In addition, at night, the bicycle must be equipped with white or yellow light in front and back with red light and at least one visible, reflective vest, reflective device of the same color. At the same time, the bicycle must be equipped with elements or devices that, in turn, form a continuous, fluorescent-reflective circle, orange, fixed to the spokes of the wheels.


Other Obligations:

Bicycle drivers are prohibited:

- To travel on marked road sections with the sign "Bicycle access";

- Learn how to drive bicycles on highways;

- To run on the sidewalks, unless they are equipped with special tracks for them;

- To move without holding at least one hand on the handlebars and both feet on the pedals;

- To move while under the influence of alcohol, products or narcotic drugs or medicinal products with similar effects,

- To keep on board a vehicle or to be towed by another vehicle or pushed or pulled by a person in a vehicle;

- Carry a person other than the child up to 7 years only if the vehicle is fitted with a special support and when the vehicle is built and / or equipped specifically for the transport of other persons;

- To transport or to shoot any objects which, by their volume or weight, interfere with or endanger the driving of the vehicle or the movement of other road users;

- To run on alleys in public parks or gardens, except when they do not interfere with pedestrian traffic;

- Run at night or when visibility is reduced without meeting the equipment requirements.

- Run with technical failures on the braking systems or on a vehicle not equipped with a buzzer;

- To run on lanes other than the one near the curb or more, unless, before the intersection, it must fit properly to make the left turn;

- Run without wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing, from leaving the evening until dawn or when visibility is reduced;

- Drive the vehicle without keeping the wheels in contact with the ground.

For failing to fulfill these obligations, you are liable to sanction! Comply with the law, for added safety! "
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2/5/2018 - Reflective vests make it difficult for prostitutes to work

Prostitutes in the border area will have somewhat more complex performance of their "craft.” The new rule, which commands pedestrians to wear outside the village in darkness or in poor visibility for reflective clothing, gives police officers and city officials a handy tool for light women to prepare for customers.


"We believe there will be more controls and the presence of the police will discourage potential customers from stopping prostitutes," promises Robert, deputy mayor of the small village, just before the Hate border crossing. She knows how complicated is the fight against prostitution today, when girls exclaim that they do not provide sexual services, just waiting for a bus or other transport.


Police officers plan girls offering roadside drivers to check for sex, whether they can be seen in the dark as the law imposes on them. The only one that has been paid for two weeks, prostitutes and their "managers" has managed to figure out how to get around the reflection rule. Instead of standing directly on the side or strolling out of service stations, they stood in the field and on the field roads.


How to discourage customers

Police officers in some border regions have already begun checking with courtesans. However, according to the head of the Drabber Police Department, pedestrians and prostitutes just do not give up on the equipment and do not pay the fines. Financial penalties, which may rise to two and a half thousand crowns, will only come later, but the checks themselves are unpleasant to prostitutes. "It's another way to fight prostitution," Drabs says.


A new possibility for "prostitution" of prostitutes was also discovered in the novice by the municipal policemen from Viper, which also holds a decree prohibiting prostitution in the city. They know very well that even if she imposes a fine on prostitutes, she does not pay her anyway. However, a police car discourages German customers from stopping girls, and they will give up their services afterwards. Respectively move away.


"In our cadastre, we stand on the outpost to the borders where we will use the controls. I see another sub-lever in that, "said local police chief Peter Majorly, whose officers head down the road to remind prostitutes for violating the decree several times a week. However, police officers also have the experience that brothels, rather than taking a few crowns for reflective strips, for example on their sleeves, prefer to figure out how to overcome the police.


This is why they are a few steps away from the road on forest roads, field trails, or field exits, and they are excusing themselves. The law is that pedestrians must have reflective elements outside the community if they are moving along the edge or edge of the road in a place where there is no illumination. In addition, there may be a problem.


"If you stand a meter or two from the road, the situation is questionable. A certain advantage to curb prostitution is, of course, but it will depend on the specific situation, "says Rader Plata, deputy head of traffic police in Prochoice. Drivers of trucks or buses, who ride along narrow roads at the border, welcome the checks. Women at the roadside without reflective vests are often at night, fog or gloom, and there is a risk that the drivers will collide.

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26/4/2018 - Walker does not have a chance in a car crash

Taking dark clothing in November with no reflective material and going out on the roadside, on the road, can be a gambling with life. Has the new duty of wearing reflective elements helped reduce the number of pedestrian and car crashes, which usually ends tragically?


"The duty to wear reflective elements on clothing is valid from mid February this year. People seem to be observing and observing the law, "said Martin from the Malta Transport Inspectorate of the Police of the Czech Republic.


He pointed out that, while last year, forty-five accidents were caused by under-lighting for pedestrians, this year's police have recorded forty cases of vehicle drivers not being able to avoid traffic on time. He reminded everyone of the recent accident that did not go unheeded.


"In the evening, the car driver overlooked a pedestrian who was on the D10 motorway in the section of the reconstructed Bride Bridge and did not wear reflective vests. He was also under the influence of alcohol, "said Martin. According to him, the most risky season is coming in the autumn, the place, and then the crossing behind the roundabout. Pedestrians should pay attention to where and how they are going.


"It is important for the driver to make eye contact, so he registers that you are going to pass," advised police spokesperson Lucie Novak, saying that reflective tapes should be worn on the part of the body you are facing towards the center of the road.

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24/4/2018 - Pedestrians should remember to wear reflective vests

The number of pedestrians hit by cars has increased dramatically. For example, Lithuanian rescuers in safety clothing are talking about an increase in such cases by 700 percent. Crash cars with pedestrians go daily - and Friday was not the exception.


The accident happened on Friday at about half past eight o'clock in the morning at the London Street in Liberec. "My girl suddenly appeared in front of the car and it fell, and I started to brake, so it was not a big shock, but she hit the head and probably got something with her leg," the driver said.


"The patient suffered moderate injuries, she was conscious and communicated with the crew and was transported to the traumatic center of the Liberec hospital," said Michael, a regional rescue service spokesperson. Rescue workers in safety vest warn of an increased increase in similar clashes, which usually end very badly. "We got a lot of it, by the way we rode once a week to one thrown pedestrian, and now we go every day," added Gergiev.


According to experts, most pedestrians in the Czech Republic die from November to February. This is related to reduced visibility and earlier dimming. Critical places are surrounding schools or large corporations where the shift works. "Seventy per cent of pedestrians die at a time when they are poorly seen," said Roman, a transport expert.


Therefore, pedestrians should remember to wear reflective elements, which are mandatory outside the village, in places where there is no public lighting, reduced visibility, and walking along the edge or the edge of the roadway. For example, in Labem on Friday the police checked the unmarked pedestrian. It turned out wrong. Not every other pedestrian was marked. Still, the cops were lenient; they were talking to sinners and giving them reflective tapes.

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12/4/2018 - The pedestrian on the highway without a safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

The main working hypothesis of the agents states that José, 77 years old and neighbor of Liston, in the Cori stanza parish of Valens, would have joined through the Aguilera link, about 300 meters from the accident site. The pedestrian was hitted on the highway because he walked on the road without wearing a safety vest.


While awaiting the conclusion of the report of reports for subsequent referral to the court, the proceedings carried out so far by the agents of the traffic group. Point to the man who died hit by a quarter past nine on Wednesday night on the highway of the Costa, it passed through the middle of the two lanes, in the direction of Festers. The main working hypothesis of the agents states that José, 77 years old and neighbor of Liston, in the Corrientes parish of Valens, walked at night through the middle of the two lanes and without the reflective vest by away by which Pedestrians cannot walk. It would have been incorporated through the Aguilera link, about 300 meters from the accident site.


The tragic incident occurred when a BMW 640 D, at the controls of J.? A.R.?R., Neighbor of Bail, circulated in the Festers sense. When reaching the height of kilometer 47 rammed against the pedestrian with the left rearview mirror. The passer-by ended up lying on the ground very close to the median. He died almost immediately. Meanwhile, the car driver had to be attended by 112 of an anxiety attack. Traffic agents in safety clothing conducted the breathalyzer test, giving negative in it.

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11/4/2018 - They want to regulate safety vest and helmet on motorcycles

Posté sur Safety vest

Deputies will address the issue in this period, because these vehicles are used to commit all types of crimes. The obligatory nature of motorcycles being sold already planted and that drivers wear a reflective vest or helmet with the number that matches the plates for easy detection, are some measures that local deputies seek to make law, with the use more and more frequent of these vehicles to commit all kinds of illicit.


In this regard, the deputy of the Labor Party, Martin Palacios, considered that this will be one of the issues that will have to be addressed with greater urgency in the regular session of the Congress, taking into account that the police authorities State Highway, reported in circulation more than 150 thousand motorcycles without license plates.


"The motorcycle park that circulates without license plates is quite broad and the assaults and executions that have been seen in recent months. In which a motorcycle has been used to commit them, leads us to think of a regulation of this type of vehicle, which could start with an obligation for motorcycles to be sold already empanadas", said the deputy.


Palacios noted that in states such as Guanajuato and Veracruz, it has been proposed to use reflective safety vests that have the number that matches the license plate in legible size and in Tabasco this measure could be applied or the number can be worn on the helmet. In addition, in case of non-compliance with the Law, apply the respective sanction, said the legislator.


"With this goal of regularization, the measure is justified to safeguard the integrity of Tabasco, since recently there have been illegal acts by motorcycles as an escape tool, therefore, it would seek to establish vehicle identification parameters that drive drivers, so that it allows identifying without problems the plates of the vehicle,” explained by police in safety clothing.

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10/4/2018 - Teach cyclists to wear a reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

Although the use of bicycles contributes to improving the environment and the standard of living of Bogota citizens, and it is essential to promote it to improve mobility and road safety, the recent registered accidents show a problem of citizen culture of the users.


The numbers

In 2016, according to Bogotá Como Vamps, in the city 71 cyclists died 730 injured.

In the last 5 years, the number of injured people has risen by 227 percent.

8 percent of the Bogota population moves by bicycle.

According to the Bicycle Management, Bogota citizens make around 700,000 trips a day.

In 2016 in Colombia, 379 bicycle users died and 2,748 were injured. So far this year, 227 cyclists have died.


The sins of cyclists

Like a part of private drivers and public service, pedestrians and motorcyclists, some of the cyclists do not respect or do not know the traffic rules so they put their lives and pedestrians at risk.


Ignore the red lights, the pairs and the crosses.

Drive without the proper equipment: Helmet, gloves, lights, reflectors, whistle.

Cross the pedestrian bridges mounted on the bicycle.

They exceed the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

Do not give way to the pedestrian.

They do not circulate one after the other.

They do not communicate maneuvers with the respective signs (arm extended to the right and arm extended to the left to turn).

Drive with headphones and listening to music with high volume.

They carry things that can affect the stability of the bicycle.


Juan, leader of cyclists

"There is a war between cars and bicycles. We need awareness programs that teach cyclists to wear a reflective vest and to use the minimum elements of personal protection."


"I think you have to work hard on pedagogy of bicycle road culture. As the German sociologist Norbert Elias says, the civilization of a society can be observed in deaths in traffic accidents.”


Orlando Milano, director of IDRD

"We still need all the actors on the road to be more aware of the importance of respecting the other. Although they are vulnerable and deserve that drivers protect them, it is necessary that they also do their part respecting traffic regulations. Keep wearing a safety vest on the road. It is a matter of attitude and we know that we can. The good behavior of citizens has been demonstrated in massive events such as the Pope's visit to Bogotá. "

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