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18/10/2017 - A good canal worker in reflective vest

Posté sur reflective vest

Everyone runs or runs daily, but hardly anyone has any idea what a channel system is located below the roads. Only when the disposable protective suit is overstretched, the helmet sits on the head, and the two ropes are hooked to the safety vest, the crampons in the canal wall are three, four meters deep. Below the 2.50 meter high, rectangular channel flow a brook in a ten centimeter deep channel. "This is the normal dry weather drain," says Arno, when he has the opportunity to get an insight into the canal system below the city with the specialists of the urban drainage Reutlingen (SER) at a press office.


Here, below the Emil-Adolf-Stresses near the Bauhaus, the entire waste water of the inner city runs together. A few meters further there is an underground rainwater basin with 1000 cubic meters, and then the sewage flows to the Bet zinger sewage treatment plant. The Reutlingen canal network is about 600 kilometers long and comprises about 18,000 shafts. A catchment area of ​​approximately 3200 hectares is drained. The pipes range from the non-accessible circular profile with a diameter of 20 centimeters to the accessible rectangular channel with a cross-section of 2.40 to 2.40 meters. One of the few sections in which the persons responsible can descend is the one below Emil.


In the brown broth, which flows unceasingly, the toilet paper floats? Accordingly, it smells in this underworld. One gets used to it, says one of the workers of the city drainage: "Here it does not stink - unlike. They really stink! “A good canal worker in reflective vest always knows how late it is, even without a watch, says Jorgen Hirsch, master for pipe, canal and industrial service. In the morning it smelled like shower gel, then the sewage came from washing machines, and then follows the food and so on. Around 8 pm, the amount of wastewater will be declined. Rats are not to be seen below, although the surely in the Resulting underworld also had to be on the road. Because the rule of thumb was that a rat would come to a citizen of a city, says civil engineer Vain.


The canal system must be constantly monitored and kept in a shot - also so that no waste water can enter the ground. For this, the SER has two ultra-modern dishwashing cars, two TV vehicles and a factory car. Only recently, a highly modern dishwashing car, which can blow up the channels with up to 200 bar pressure, has been purchased for 500,000 Euros. "These are individual products," says Hirsch. The tubing has a maximum length of 240 meters.


The law stipulates that the sewer network should be completely cleansed every ten years. Again and again, the tubes, which are not accessible, are controlled with camera robots. Up to 140 meters wide, a cable of the TV cart reaches into the tunnel. Before the robot is used, the pipe must be cleaned with a rinsing nozzle by workers in safety clothing. As exciting as the explanations in the Resulting underworld are, after a few minutes the experts of the city drainage again ask for the top. The safety ropes are hooked up again, only when they are tight, it goes up over the crampons through the narrow shaft. And somehow the fresh air somehow smells so good as rarely.

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17/10/2017 - Wear a safety vest to visit the bridge

Posté sur Safety vest

Wherever cars drive over, curious people could visit the exciting inner life of the over 30 years old Goodwill Viaduct as part of the Open Bridge Day. But visitors need to wear a safety vest to keep safety.


Many interested in the day of the open bridge. Since 2013, the viaduct has been renovated, for example the street covering has already been renewed. Now corrosion protection work is done in the steel hollow box. Those interested could get an insight into the hollow interior of the bridge. Due to the large crowds, there were waiting times for the visitors, because for security reasons only twenty people per group could participate in a guided tour.


Before anyone could climb the scaffolding of the bridge, everyone had to wrap themselves in an orange safety jacket with helmet. The waiters did not have to be bored, however, because they expected a free snack at the tables.


Engineer B + S then looked at the groups the inside of the bridge and part of the technique being used. It was explained, for example, how the rusting and brushing of the steel box takes place inside the bridge. In the cavity of the bridge, where there is not much space, the grate is removed with high pressure water jets. Since it is so tight and the temperatures rise quite a bit while working, there are clear guidelines for working hours and breaks. Since even asbestos has to be removed inside the viaduct, there is an ion shower for the workers at the end of the day.


High-tech equipment

It becomes clear that everything works with high-tech equipment and machines, project manager of the civil engineering department of the canton, tells. "There is an ingenious system for the water that is used. Because otherwise a lot of drinking water would be wasted, it is here in the circle. There are filter elements made of stones, sand and carbon, which are washed out using special methods. The disposal of the substances also takes place in a suitable way ", he explains. Through this system the same water can be used 15 to 20 times. Another conspicuous detail is that the large vacuum cleaner used to allow the necessary vacuum within the scaffold enclosure consumes as much power as 150 industrial vacuum cleaners. According to the current status, work on the bridge should be finished next year.

As only twenty people in reflective vest per group were able to participate in a guided tour, the waiters were busy with a free snack.

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16/10/2017 - The worker in reflective vest notices

Posté sur reflective vest

Leif Tulle takes a pair of earplugs from a small plastic container and passes them over. "Please clean up," he says, waiting briefly. The man with the yellow safety vest pulls up a heavy iron door. We are already standing in the middle of a huge factory hall. It's hot and steamy. And it booms from all sides! We go up a narrow staircase. At the top, Leif Tulle points to two large tanks of steel. "These are the resolution drums. There is the old paper in it, "the specialist betrays. This includes, for example, old newspapers, school notebooks and brochures.


Leif Tulle knows about old paper. He works in a large factory where old paper is made anew. It is recycled. The expert points to the drums. There, just the waste paper is mixed with a lot of water and crushed into tiny pieces.

The next station is called Flotation. "The entire printing ink is removed there", reveals Leif Tulle in yellow vest. Carefully, he opens a small hatch. Inside is black pulp. He bubbling and foaming. The foam with the printing ink is later skimmed off. This station is enormously important.


But how is the real paper again? "In short, the water is squeezed out, and then the paper is pressed and dried," says the specialist. In reality, it is somewhat more complicated. You need a huge machine with countless rollers, rollers and presses: the paper machine.


There the paper is drained and injected onto a conveyor belt. Then it is pressed with rollers - and pressed again. Then it goes to drying and smoothing. It all happens at a crazy pace. At the end, the finished paper comes out of the machine. The worker in reflective vest notices it. It is rolled up to a big role. Now you can reuse the paper.

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13/10/2017 - The police in reflective vest in Hanover

Posté sur reflective vest

How hard this safety vest in the mission is, "asks the guest from Berlin the present policemen.”Six kilos," is the answer, which can hardly be heard in the photographers' flashlights. "Oh, it's still possible, I had a vest in Afghanistan, which was even heavier, terribly difficult," says the guest from Berlin. As a vice-chancellor of the republic, Sigma Gabriel has already had to shoulder a lot. During his visit to Hanover, he does not need any safety vests. They are all dear to him.


Gabriel informs about the state of the police

On Thursday, Gabriel visited the Central Police Directorate of Lower Saxony, not only informed about the latest weapon techniques, but also about the state of the police, which is currently subject to special requirements. He has redirected his "summer trip", which he concludes with many journalists from the Federal Press Conference in Hanover, for a visit to the police department and has left a university term canceled. Right now, according to Gabriel's message, it is important that the politicians showed themselves to the police in reflective vest. As a former prime minister and a former interior politician of the SPD, he has already seen many a police district from within, he does not even know whether he has ever visited the Police Directorate of Lower Saxony, where almost 2100 civil servants work in the north of Hanover.


An hour Gabriel talks with the police - the Berlin journalists, who have appeared with a touring coach, have to go outside the door. Inside it is about the new challenges like the terror or also amok runners. Or even insults, which police also learn from politicians after nerve-racking missions. For instance, if the police get caught between autonomous and armed extremes and have to listen afterwards to have appeared too martial. Gabriel shows understanding of such complaints.


Quickly a word about the current Turkey policy and one against a possible deployment inside, and already Gabriel's employment for the police with safety clothing in Hanover is finished. When Lower Saxony's Minister of the Interior, Boris Histories, reads a carefully elaborated ten-point plan "for a strong and sensible domestic policy," as if he were the new Federal Interior Minister, the federal press conference has already gone.

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12/10/2017 - The captain in safety vest accompanies the train on the way

Posté sur Safety vest

On the Easter Monday started with the weather handicap. While the excursion traffic has become established, the long-term perspective of the subway is still uncertain.

Get out of the train, get to the Easter eggs, and quickly into the tent or back into the train. This is the motto for more than 130 passengers in safety clothing, families with children, who made their way. In heavy rain, nobody is after a long search. Sahara and Noah do not waste time.


"Found", call the children. Dozens of colorful Easter eggs have spread the helpers of the sponsoring association more than hidden. Mother Isabel Christine carries the weather with version. "We are on the road for the first time," says the Michelin. For the children the rail bus is an attraction.


The railway vet from the 1950s will be transferred near Stuttgart to the Karachi on this Easter Monday, where he will take part in the regular excursion on the 17 kilometer route from April 30th. Nearly 70 members of the Association help with the operation of the railway traffic. "There is a lot of heartbreak in it," says Lars in reflective vest, like Dieter Roller, drove earlier to the school by train. "Engender," remembers Roller - that was what was called Bangle.


How is the train going on?

The poultry kept their feathers regularly during the encounter with the rail bus. How is the train going on in the Valley? "That is in the limbo," knows the chairman of the association Hans-Joachim Vogt. "In September we know more." Is the route for a regular passenger transport? Is electrification an option? The expertise will decide the future of the route.


Originally, neighboring communities and counties were to declare by the end of 2016 whether they would leave the cooperation agreement concluded by 2018. This period has been extended by one year.

What is clear is that as the traffic continues, there is a great deal of investment in railroad transitions. The owner of the line, the Neckar AG, has pushed the plans forward. In the neighboring communities there are also critics. At the end of the year, an application for an immediate exit from the railway financing sector failed only marginally.


"We are confident," says Jorgen Hess. The captain's cap on his head, the safety vest, he accompanies the train on the way, where for the first time the Fix figure theater plays for the children. The start in the rail season makes any sense of courage. Hess has counted 132 passengers, significantly more than there are seats. There remains only one wish for the next trip on April 30th: better weather.

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11/10/2017 - Safety vest marches in the opposite

Posté sur Safety vest

Mark Frankenthaler in reflective vest works as a tractor driver on the rolling field of Düsseldorf Airport. The former locksmith of the Lekberg colliery pushes the aircraft from the gate towards the runway.


The sticker "Hagar the Terrible" on the dashboard has something to do with the weight of the vehicle: 400 hp with 7.2 liters displacement and 14 tons weight are necessary to move a jet. At the wheel is a Dinslaken.


Mark Frankenthaler, former locksmith of the former Zech Lekberg, works as a tractor driver for the Lufthansa subsidiary LEOS at the airport Düsseldorf. He works with wear a safety clothing and pushes the aircraft on the runway to the start or park area. "Hagar the Terrible" is a medium-sized towing vehicle - what is the name of the biggest one with a weight of 60 tones?


On the rolling field it is loud

The engines of the Airbus 330 are already rotating at idle - 2.50 meters in size. Motors running, something beeps: It's loud. From the windows high above the rolling field, silent faces look. They are waiting for the departure. Some had a stressful morning. Their air-Berlin flight to New York was canceled; they had to switch to the Lufthansa machine.


Mark Frankenthaler can only guess the faces. "To see her, you'd have to walk away a bit." The 46-year-old in safety vest marches in the opposite direction: under the plane. No airman starts without the tractor driver approving the last inspection.

Radio connected to the pilot


The Dinslaken puts the headphones on. He is in contact with the pilot, who is sitting 15 meters above him in the cockpit. Frankenthaler runs around the aircraft: 60 meters long, 60 meters wing span - much to control.

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10/10/2017 - Cyclists in safety vest are supposed to be on the road

Posté sur Safety vest

Pleasure and frustration on two wheels: The police in safety vest reported an increase in accidents with cyclists in the previous year. The causes are manifold. Only where there are still blue signposts, the cycle path has to be used.


The police have no reliable figures. "But the share of cyclists in traffic is increasing," said Jorgen Hageman and Reinhardt Grumman of Paderborn police. Hageman has for many years been head of the traffic management department of the police, Grumman is a traffic safety consultant.


An increase can be observed in the group of those who regularly drive to work with the wheel. Since they were on the road in any weather and were not deterred by rain or snow, they would have correctly equipped wheels with intact lighting. And they wore helmets and high visibility vest. The city of Paderborn in the Paderborn district is at the front of the accident. Two-thirds of all accidents happen here - and a total of 50 percent in the core city. The number of accidents with cyclists rose by 12 percent in the Kris area last year with 523 compared to 2015 (466). There were 397 cyclists injured 14.1 percent more than 2015 (348).


Accident causes are manifold

According to the police, the causes of accidents are manifold and begin with the behavior of the cyclists and their self-perception. Thus the occurrence of the cyclists is quite criticized by the police. They often acted as pedestrians, the insight that a bicycle was a vehicle was not so pronounced. "It's about having your own behavior in mind and reflecting," says Hageman.


The main sources of danger are the prohibited driving on the sidewalk, driving on the cycle path in the wrong direction (ghost driver), errors in turning, alcohol and individual driving errors. The use of Smartphone on the bike is also increasing: those who are caught must pay 25 Euros. The evaluation of accidents shows that the majority of accidents involving cyclists are caused by them, according to the police.


Very important: "Within the city the cyclist belongs to the road", says Hageman. However, not every road could be equipped with a protective strip for cyclists. Often there is a lack of space for the necessary width of road and protective strips.

Blue signs must be observed


The blue signs, which prescribe the use of a cycle path, have disappeared in the last few years from quite a few places. Hageman and Grumman, however, emphasize the fact that there are banners: "Where they stand, they must also be respected." If cyclists share a path with pedestrians, they would have to take reverence. Here the weakest is the standard.


There are no roads that need to be used, for example, but these roads can still be used. However, a healthy self-esteem is important to drive with the bike. "He who knows what is to be done is self-assured," says Hageman. Whoever carries a reflective vest is also perceived by drivers differently. Such a vest signals a danger. One of the reasons why accidents occur more frequently in these areas is, according to the police, the many adjoining shops on these streets as well as landings.


In the past year, 61 children aged between 14 and 19 years of age died in the Paderborn district, while 36 were between 15 and 17 years of age. 53 people who were injured in age group 18 to 24, 59 were older than 65 years. For the age group in between, there is still a lack of broken data. Potential for dangers includes a development which is designed to provide relief and provide for: electric bicycles. Even if the users are not all too old for classic cycling, the interaction of higher speed and decreasing reaction time is a source of danger.

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9/10/2017 - A safety vest is not enough for visible

Posté sur Safety vest

"This would not be possible with us," says Peter Pram in reflective vest, spokesman for Munich Airport. Anyone who passed the barrier that led to demarcated areas like a freight center would have to show their identity card in Munich.


As yesterday reported, he has entered the Cargo City Nord with a yellow safety vest by entering the airport and has reached the airport fence without having been checked. Here, however, it did not go any further. The supposed gap in the fence, which the reporter believed to have recognized on the Internet, does not exist. "The employees have still checked on Saturday," said Marco Kreutzer, spokesman of the Hessian transport minister Tare Al Weir (Greens). His ministry - from the fence - has the responsibility of safety on the apron.


By bike to the fence

"Open gate for terrorists" is the article in the Sunday newspaper overwritten. Freeport spokesman Christopher Holster notes: If you cycle around the north-western railway or who is scanning the aircraft on the A 5 north of Cargo City, this is also located directly at the safety fence. "And the reporter did not come any further than the fence." That would not be possible in Munich, assured Pram. "Everyone on the site needs to have an ID on the jacket. If you do not, you will immediately notice. "A yellow safety vest, as in Frankfurt, is not enough in Munich to not attract attention.


Holster considers it possible that there are other regulations in Munich than in Frankfurt. "Gate 26 is not guarded", he confirmed the newspaper article. "At the gates, only vehicle drivers are controlled for their authorization, just because there are not many parking lots." Behind the barriers there is a factory site where the Freeport builds the streets, but otherwise they are resident companies themselves responsible for safety. However, other access routes to the cargo cities are more strictly guarded. According to Holster, this is due to the fact that Freeport has its own properties on the property behind it and therefore has a more stringent control.


Compliance with the companies

They did not want to make a statement yesterday. It has the supervision of the security measures in the cargo cities, but still outside the fence, and clarifies with the individual companies their control duties. These also depend on the safety regulations for the freight being transported.


Air Canada is, as described in the article, the closest to the airport fence. Here the reporter came up to the fence and then reversed. At the barrier he was kindly asked by a guard, where he was going. Air Canada was still dealing with the internal audit of the incident yesterday and could not take a position.


The representatives of other German airports did not want to comment on the process at all - such as Cologne-Bonn. Kasha Broom from the airport in Hamburg differentiates between zones with passenger and visitor traffic, operating zones with limited access possibilities and safety zones. "The reporter in reflective clothing was probably never in a security-sensitive area," she said, "but only on the operational areas." She did not want to comment. Also Pram from Munich airport does not want to say anything to Frankfurt.

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28/9/2017 - Provide every first-grader with a safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

121 first-graders have been going to school since Tuesday. To prevent them from happening on their way, police in reflective vest, traffic guards and parents help the girls and boys.


Of course, all first-year students and students are sure to come to school and safely back home. Nevertheless, accidents happen again and again on the way to school. The district is on the right track. Many information and actions as well as the ruthless behavior of the traffic have a positive effect. As every year, the kick-off event contributes to the school start "Safe to school - safe home". Many parents came on Wednesday to find out about road safety for their children.

Lord Mayor Oliver Weasel assured him in his greeting that the city administration did everything to ensure that the 121 riflemen would surely come to school and back home. In doing so, the city works closely with the other leaders.


Horst, the school director in the district, summarized the essential aspects of the elementary school age. He reminded the parents that with a positive attitude towards their child and school, they can contribute a lot to a good school experience. "This always means that the parents are a good example for the children," said Scissile. And parents should consciously use this role as a role model in road traffic. The traffic educators of the police, Sonja Bauer and Dug Fakir, contribute with their colleagues to a correct behavior of the pupils. If the parents stick to some important rules, they could do a lot for their children. They ask that the parents observe the entry ban into the farm road to the primary school. Next Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm, the two policemen in the Cocaine shopping center (KEC) will provide further information on traffic safety. They hope that many visitors will come to their stand. There is also a raffle with attractive prizes.


The Fichtelgebirge operates reconnaissance work on the subject of safe road traffic all year round and is aimed at all traffic users. An important aspect for the chairman, Herbert Fischer, is to provide every first-grader with a safety vest and safety triangle. The triangle is worn over the jacket and is easy to see in light, because of its neon color, as well as in the dark because of its reflectors. His special thanks go to the sponsors, which have been working together with the ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel" for many years. Fishermen are essential for schoolchildren who ensure the safety of the children throughout the school year at the beginning and end of schooling at the traffic routes and bus stops. In particular, he thanked Elena Braun, Manfred, Karin Hoffmann, Carmen Peonies, Helmut, Horst and Peter for their service. He asked the drivers to follow the directions of the school helpers so that the children could safely cross the street.


The theater group gave a lesson on how Lisa Lusting was completely unconcerned on the way to school. Her prudent girlfriends, however, show her how she should behave better on the road even with wearing reflective clothing. The choir had brought a rap to the stage: "If you cross the road, take care that you do not drive a car!" "Look up, look to the left, look right, look straight ahead, and then you'll come home safely." The performances were tailored by the music teacher Judith to the beginners of the school. They explained the most important rules to them in a childlike manner.

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25/9/2017 - They are calls for wearing warning safety vests

Posté sur Safety vest

A good example: Volker, sport coordinator of foxes Berlin and passionate cyclists, today made a free bicycle security check in Berlin. As part of the traffic safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas", the former national player is taking on more safety in the autumn road traffic - and calls cyclists to make they visible with the right equipment.


Federal Minister of Transport Ramseur: "Safety vest can save lives."

Berlin is also a city of cyclists: More than 1,500 kilometers of cycle paths lead through the metropolis. In the past year, however, 5199 cyclists died in the capital, fifteen of them fatal. Particularly in the now starting dark season it comes again and again to serious accidents. To this end, Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Rombauer: "Mopeds and cyclists have no crumple zone. They should be particularly protected during the autumn and winter months. A reflective warning vest can prevent worse and sometimes even save lives. My appeal is therefore to all cyclists: make you visible! And for all transport users, it is also true: to exercise more respect and to work together to reduce the risk of accidents. "


In use for more visibility: handball legend Volker Zebra

With his 2.11 meters he is hardly to be overlooked: Volker Zebra, since the summer of this year as sports coordinator with the foxes active. But the former national player, who likes to explore the city by bike, knows that his body size alone is not sufficient in the road traffic. "Especially on dull days, at dusk or night, cyclists can easily be overlooked by car or bus drivers. Therefore my advice to all cyclists: always make you visible! "


Also Dr. Walter, President of the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR), emphasizes the importance of the right equipment for cyclists and pedestrians in autumn and winter: "Especially in bad weather, reflective and fluorescent materials help to be perceived as early as possible by others. Well-suited for visibility in road traffic are safety vests of the DIN EN 471 standard with high-quality reflective strips all around. "


Free autumn check for cyclists

Today, Volker took the first step towards more safety in the dark season. Result: lighting system works, reflectors available, brakes in order - the wheel of the handball star is traffic-safe! Until 17.00 hrs, the ADFC's adolescents will check the bicycles of interested Berliners for traffic safety and sensitize traffic visibility. The bicycle check takes place every year in spring and autumn.


"Down from the gas" events of the countries on the topic of visibility

The use of Volker Zebra is just the beginning: From October to December 2013, the road safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas" brings visibility into the federal states. The event "Bremen makes itself visible" was launched in September, followed by Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saarland.

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22/9/2017 - The example of researchers in safety clothing

Posté sur safety clothing

Inspiration from nature: After the example of researchers in safety clothing has developed from a light-sensitive film. Thanks to a built-in light probe, the small gripper automatically detects when an object enters its "field of view" and engages - driven by the incident light of the object. The new technology could pave the way for autonomously interacting robots, the researchers report in the magazine "Nature Communications".


Plants hold many surprises. Recently, scientists found new evidence of plant memory. This discovery could also be the amazing ability of counting of Venus flies. The carnivorous plants can remember the number of prey contacts and are famous for their refined fly-fishing mechanism.


When an insect arrives between the two leaves of the plant, three senses of hair register their presence on each side of the leaf, and the trap snaps like a mouth. Owes Wangi and his colleagues in safety vest from the Tampere University in Finland have now been inspired by this catching mechanism and developed a light-sensitive miniature gripping arm that snaps like the Venus fly trap.


Light as a drive

The gripper of the researchers consists of a flat film made of a liquid crystal elastomeric. This plastic contains elongated crystals arranged in the normal state: one behind the other on the upper side of the foil and parallel side by side on the underside. By incident light of the appropriate intensity and energy, the order of the crystals is mixed. This causes the upper side to contract and the underside to expand. The result: the film bends.


In order to construct the gripper, the researchers have fixed the film on the tip of a glass fiber. They can send light through the glass. When the gripper approaches an object which reflects the light adequately, this scattered light causes the deformation of the foil - the artificial Venus fly trap folds.


Flexible and selective

Thus the technical development differs from its model from nature: Unlike the trap of the plant, which reacts only on touches on the inside of the catch leaves, the artificial recognizes objects without contact. Instead, she "sees" the objects in the emitted light cone. In doing so, it reacts to the returning scattered light and thus can distinguish reflecting objects from transparent or absorbing objects. This allows a selective selection of objects based on surface properties, as the team reports.


The bending of the liquid crystal film is reversible. As soon as the light supply is switched off by the glass fiber, the gripper releases and resumes its plate origin - just as the leaves of the venue fly trap reopen after the meal is complete.

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21/9/2017 - Many children in safety vest attend

Posté sur Safety vest

The enrollment is an event that many children in safety vest attend for a month. Even parents are deeply moved by the idea that the guarded nursery school will pass. Long before the big school day, parents, grandparents, godparents and, of course, the shooters themselves ask themselves what should be done for the school start. Advertising information gives the impression that school beginners need complete office equipment. But what is really necessary and what is superfluous?


A room to study

Many schoolchildren must complete their children’s rooms completely, so as to make room for a desk with a suitable desk chair. It is difficult for children to understand that the doll house or the big crate with the building blocks should now give way to a table. Not every child needs a real desk immediately. In many primary schools no homework is abandoned in the first two school years, which could be worked on at such a table. Also, many children prefer to sit at the family dining table to work when mother or father is nearby. Whether your own desk or not - it is important that children have a quiet and charming place in the apartment, where they can do homework, read or simply relax, without being disturbed.


The backpack

A school bag with reflective tape and the school bag are indispensable components of every enrollment. While the school bag can be made and decorated by itself, as explained in this manual, for example, parents should carefully inform themselves which model is most suitable for their child before purchasing a schoolbag. The satchel should be made of harmless materials. Equally important is its weight. Unfortunately, there are still models that are so hard with books and notebooks that they harm the child's back. How hard a satchel may be and why parents should check the weight of the schoolchild over the entire primary school period regularly can be read in this article.

Reflective materials or reflectors on the satchel ensure greater road safety. Since school beginners are not well-behaved because of their small body size by drivers, any improvement in visibility by reflective materials is welcome. If you would like to be guided by the judgment of experienced testers during the purchase of the Ransom, you will find the results of the current -Test.


With the purchase of fillers and pens waiting

Even if relatives and friends ask what the Sagittarius needs for schooling, you should wait with the purchase of fillers, pens and staples until the teacher presents a list detailing which materials in the first School year.

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20/9/2017 - Police in safety vest said that he had the right to do so

Posté sur Safety vest

Our reader recorded a police car in Gdynia when he was controlling speed while standing in a stoppage place. Police officers in reflective uniform say they were allowed to stand there because they were doing their duty, which meant that "there was an out-of-court counter-offender for the offense."


Our reader registered an unregistered police car on Friday morning when traffic policemen controlled the car radar driving down the street. Flyers see the map of Gdynia in Gdynia.

- Do not the police have traffic regulations? - With such a question he sent us a film.

What about the police? - The actions of the uniformed officers of the road traffic department consisted in controlling the speed. Officers had reflective vests and used a tagged police car. Speed ​​control belongs to the statutory tasks of the police, aims to protect life and human health as a priceless good - explains Michal Ruska from Gdynia City Police Headquarters.


He points out that in recent months there have been 19 accidents in the city, caused by excessive speed. One person was killed and 22 others were injured.

- The activities of the police officers should be interpreted as a non-partisan counter-offense in respect of the exercise of their right or duty. The speed control location has been selected in such a way as not to expose the remaining road users to any danger, Ruska explains.


But there is some reflection. The stop sign was set because someone thought stopping at this place was dangerous. Does the parked police car in this place such a danger to traffic does not cause? And would the driver who would be detained by the police in this place also not threaten the traffic? As traffic officials in safety vest say two cars on a stoppage do not pose a threat, then maybe the sign of the ban is unnecessary?

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15/9/2017 - A high visibility vest can enhance the bright

With fast dusk and limited visibility, driving in the autumn and winter time requires more attention and skill behind the wheel. A high visibility vest can enhance the bright can keep you safer. In front of us is increased traffic on the roads due to Christmas and New Year holidays and trips to the holidays.


Remembering your own safety and other road users, pay attention to the state of the lights in our vehicles:

- The driver must always have lights turned on - according to the road conditions

- Lamp shades should be clean

- The lights must be set correctly - otherwise they will light up too close or dazzle other drivers

- The lights are always replaced after replacing the bulb, reflector, safety vest, cullet, repairing the suspension. We recommend using incandescent lamps approved by approved manufacturers - do not install LEDs and xenon bulb substitutes.

- If the reflector or diffuser is frayed and the light is shining poorly or the beam is blurred, it is safer to replace the reflector with a new one.


- Remember that most of the lights in vehicles at night do not guarantee sufficient illumination of the road, because the range of correctly positioned lights is between 20 m and 70 m on the left and rarely exceeds 100 m on the right. It is worth remembering during the overtaking maneuver.

- When driving at dusk, with the passing beam, be careful and safe, which is often well below the maximum allowed. The light of our car may be much weaker than other cars, sometimes for our own safety we should go slower than others.


- Adjust the speed also on the corners - the passing lights are asymmetrical, so when turning the corner is much better lit the turn to the right, and at the turn to the left the road is lighted closer and we are much dazzle

- We appeal to pedestrians to use proven reflective surfaces as large as possible, and placed low, reflective bands on their feet. Attested reflective vests are best seen. The fact that pedestrians see the car lights does not mean that the driver sees the pedestrian - it is safer to go down the road.

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14/9/2017 - The leading driver in safety vest is Wroclaw

Posté sur Safety vest

Numbers are appalling. We lose PLN 14.6 million a day, PLN 321 million a month, and over PLN 3.8 billion a year! Yes, these are measurable losses caused by traffic jams in the seven largest Polish cities. The inhabitants of these through traffic jams lose eight hours a month! Also the traffic jams is not good for road safety, it easy to occur the accidents.


This is the fifth edition of the Deloitte and Target advisory. Compared to previous years, the situation is getting worse.

- Compared with 2014, this is a 12% decrease, which is more than PLN 1.5 million a day, PLN 34 million a month and PLN 400 million a year respectively. Moving on to the microeconomic level, the cost of traffic congestion for a seven-city passenger-traffic driver increased by as much as 18 percent and on average PLN 3350 per year compared to PLN 2848 in 2014. In nominal terms it was an increase in cost by PLN 502 per year, Member of the Board, Deloitte Consulting.


Most capped cities in Poland

The report includes traffic analysis from the following cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, and Katowice.

It turns out that the capital is not the worst at all. In this respect, the leading driver in safety vest is Wroclaw, whose drivers spend 8 hours and 52 minutes a month in traffic. Another is Krakow - 8 hours and 36 minutes, and then only Warsaw - 8 hours and 12 minutes. The fourth place is Poznan with an average time of 8 hours and 9 minutes. Significant improvement is seen in the case - 6 hours, Gdansk - 5 hours and Katowice - 4 hours and 57 minutes.


Unfortunately, if you look at the situation in terms of losses in the financial dimension, the first place is Warsaw. Its residents lose $ 3976 a year. On the one hand, the highest salaries (the authors of the report accept average pay in the enterprise sector) in the capital raise the estimate of the costs of lost benefits, but on the other hand, the longer time spent in traffic jams makes the drivers in Warsaw lose 70% annually average monthly salary.


In Poznan time in traffic jams is similar to Warsaw, but due to the relatively large number of drivers and lower wages annual cost of traffic jams for residents of the capital is as much as 74% average of Poznan wages.

The lowest nominal cost of traffic jams, similarly to last year, was charged to drivers in Lodz and Gdansk, respectively, PLN 2,187 and PLN 2,223 per year. However, compared to the average pay in these cities, the annual cost of traffic jams in Nod amounted to 57 percent average monthly salary, while in Gdansk it was only 43%.


Wroclaw's record-high cost of traffic jams is as much as 81 percent. Average monthly salary per year, which consists of relatively high nominal cost of traffic jams (PLN 3 549 per month), relatively low base of remuneration (PLN 4,368 per month gross) and high and increasing time lost in traffic jams.

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13/9/2017 - Take tests on reflective safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

On the Ankara Square (next to Saturn) in the Katowice gallery of Silesia City Center we organized a final of the "Be visible" (with reflective material) with the Katowice WORD and police on Sunday. We have to admit that we did not expect it immediately after hours 10 such assault on our posts.


We waited for you in the chair 10-18, inviting you to many attractions. Among other things you could see how the world sees the driver sitting behind the wheel with a drink of alcohol. Simulation is possible thanks to special glasses called algae.


They could also take tests on reflective safety vest and reaction times during a roadside crisis.

The study was conducted by Westlaw Mingo and Arcadias Helladic from Katowice's WORD.

- The test consists of pressing keys as fast as possible. Within two minutes the device generates 240 of them. Most often, the results oscillated around 150-170 points, which is very good, "Helladic said.

The first decided to test the equipment prepared by the WORD experts to study reflexes and reactions on the way Stanislaw Organdy from Katowice. Just behind him was a queue.


And here a surprise! We have a new record of Poland!

This is Mr. Gregory from Raciborz, who on the reflective device received a score of 209, while the manufacturer of the device factory set the scale to only 203. It turns out that our Raciborz reader broke a record that no one even dreamed. Its result is sensational.


The visit to our SCC Sunday picnic was also a chance to get gadgets, but the main aim was to promote safe road travel, which was reflected in reflective and reflective vests. It was enough to fill in a brief anonymous questionnaire.

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12/9/2017 - All bikers receive their own reflective vests

Posté sur reflective vest

On Sunday, 19 June, the fifth edition of the Family Cycling Picnic, a popular family-oriented recreation event, everyone wear a reflective clothing.


The organizers of the picnic are local socialist Mares and TPD Circle at the Special Schools Team. From the very beginning of the event the slogan "Be visible on the road" is being propagated. Already in the collection site, which has been a market for years in the Pisano market, all bikers receive their own reflective vests (last year they were distributed almost 500!). Then, under the escort of the city police and police, they go to Cold Bottom, between Absence and Palsies Gorsy, where many attractions are waiting for them.


This year, a bicycle market, firefighter in safety vest shows and a Scouting and Medical Scout Group, as well as animations for children. You will also be able to sign a bike, have a pea soup, a sausage from a bonfire or choose one of the tour operators. - We are looking for sponsors who will help us make the program more attractive - says Mark. The picnic will begin at 9 (collection under the fountain) and it will last until. 17. Bad weather will not be an obstacle because there are several roofs on the site.

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11/9/2017 - A woman died in an accident with wear safety vest

Posté sur Safety vest

A tragic accident occurred on a Sunday evening in Josef in the Stain. The 62-year-old cyclist in safety vest was hit by a Volvo. The woman died.

On Sunday before 19:00, the policeman on duty was informed of an accident in Josef. According to uniform arrangements, a 26-year-old resident of the municipality of Stain traveling by personal Volvo struck a 62-year-old from the Suchow municipality, who was riding a bicycle. The cyclist died in place.


The injured woman was wearing a reflective vest at the moment she was hit by the car. The Volvo driver was sober - informs Marci.


Cops explain the circumstances of this tragic event and call for caution and consideration on the road. The autumn aura makes the conditions on the road more volatile, more treacherous and dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians - they adhere to the reflective uniform.

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8/9/2017 - Set up a safety vest with the inscription

Posté sur Safety vest

On Tuesday (26.07) the District Court in Bialystok discontinued the proceedings against 8 All-Poland Youth activists, who during the January demonstration CODE set up a safety vest with the inscription "Committee for Debate Protection".


On January 9, demonstrators of the Democratic Defense Committee held "in defense of the public media". In Bialystok, the slogan "Jar slaw Polka leave" was scribbled under the seat of the regional branch of Polish Television.


At one point among the participants also appeared 10 activists of All-Polish Youth, who created reflective vests with their own extension of the CODE - "Debate Defense Committee" and surrounded the demonstration. They were quickly turned over by the police, some of them fined.


Before the district court, proceedings were held in which the Allies were accused of obstructing the course of an unreported assembly, for which they could be punished by deprivation of liberty or fines.

- The time has come when it was impossible to express their views freely. It was on the first day of the march that all were unanimous. In this case, COA activists should count on their counterparts, "he said at the defender's defense meeting.

The All-Polish Youth activists who appeared on Tuesday (26.07) in the courtroom unanimously claimed that they did not interfere with the manifesto's course and quit it after they had asked the police to do so.


The court decided to discontinue proceedings in this case, the costs of the process by the State Treasury. His decision motivated the fact that freedom of speech was the right of every citizen, and the Allies did nothing to disrupt the Democratic Defense Committee's activists in expressing their views. The demonstrators pushed them, covered the inscription on their reflective waistcoats, directed offensive words to them.

- Judgment is a testimony of reason. We did not want to disrupt the demonstration in any way, but to express clearly our views, hence the inscription "Committee for Debate Protection" - concluded Nydia from Bialystok youth district of the All Poland.

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7/9/2017 - Young people dressed in reflective vests circulate

Posté sur reflective vest

The guide in reflective clothing told me that after a few minutes from the entrance came a group of several bodyguards. The first question she heard was whether she was allowed to run a business.


Nearly a month ago, Igor Rakes wrote about the text of the Nod Fabens train station. Here is a fragment of it: "There are times when there will be no crowds, tree-lined squares and secluded spots in Lodz, where in the summer you can hide from the sun, dust and noise. Luckily we have Nod Fabens train station. Anyone who is on it knows that it is a temple of pride, a solitary refuge and a perfect reading room. (...). Factory Station is a narrow category of empty places, but not abandoned, because first someone would have to fill them. There is a difficult atmosphere of waiting, abandonment and longing in the train station. The pair of bodyguards, sunk in the conversations, makes more loops. They protect the station, although almost no one wants to get to it. From the distance the laughter of the cleaning team is heard. Young people dressed in reflective vests circulate in search of thrown paper or crumbs. They wash the floors, though no one wants to get them dirty. "


The shortest, summarizing the entire text, is that the station is simply empty.

"Deregulated Occupation"


Over a month ago, the Lodz guides from the PTTK branch initiated an alarm. As they told reporters, during the meeting with Janus Rau, the new manager of the train station, there was an opportunity that fees could be introduced for the station. However, PKP assures that such a solution will not be introduced. But that does not mean, however, that the cooperation between the guides and the train station manager is seamless. An example of this is a recent tour, which was led by the guide Magdalena. He remembers that the people walking with her could not believe that the station was already open because there was virtually no one on it. However, she warned that during the visit can approach to protect them. And so it happened. The guide told me that after a few minutes from the entrance came a group of several bodyguards.


The first question she heard was whether she was allowed to run a business. Then she was asked about the guiding powers and permission to visit the station. I was surprised, because the guide is a deregulated job, and today it can be anyone. It is also not required to run a business, because the guide can be on the contract-order.


Eventually, the group was allowed to continue the tour. However, the situation was very awkward and surprised the visitors. They dressed in safety vest and said that they had to be in tsarist times at the station and decided that they did not want to see him again. - And for a group that runs a lot in Poland, and for me it was a shock. Such an attitude of the manager is an image shot in the foot - judges Parson.

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