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11/7/2018 - Safe and yet chic in the dark

Posté sur Safety vest
To be well perceived by motorists helps bright clothes. Reflective clothing increases the likelihood of being seen many times over. These include safety vests. Safety is also available in fashionable elegance However, they are the opposite of chic. But there are alternatives. If you look around, for example, in sportswear. For joggers, cyclists or mountain bikers, the sportswear industry has outdoor jackets, hats or scarves in neon colors, or jackets and trousers with reflective tapes. All this can also be worn well in everyday life. In normal everyday clothing without reflectors, additional light bands with Velcro fasteners and so-called blinking with snap hook and LED light can be attached. Both are available, for example, in the bicycle trade. Reflectors should be standardized In the 1960s, a Finnish farmer developed reflectors that you can hang on your clothes. In addition to the classic snowflake shape and simple advertising reflectors from companies, there are now many different designs. Reflectors should not only look good, they should above all fulfill their purpose and comply with European standards. There are jeweler reflectors that cannot be seen at night from a sufficiently large distance. Therefore, you should pay attention to the CE mark. The important thing is where the reflector sits The reflector must be installed correctly. An important body, experts suggest, is on the right about knee high above the ground. A jewelry reflector should also not be attached to the lapel but on jacket sleeves. The test to see is the reflectors, hanging from a chain or a band and rocking freely back and forth. They are visible from all directions. In addition, you should wear several reflectors on the clothes. Also, bags and satchels can shine When buying satchels, parents should make sure that they meet the DIN standard: this provides that ten percent of the front and side surfaces are equipped with reflective materials. And as a fashion accessory, there are now also chic, reflective bags.

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A Propos specializes in reflective material and safety clothing design and manufacture, including reflective fabric, reflective tape, reflective vest, hi vis jackets and more.

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