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Gallipoli in turkey21/8/2014
Canakkale ferry from the city center and went to Gallipoli peninsula of Gallipoli peninsula, gallipoli war in 1915, which made ​​my stay there are many military tunnels and trenches. ANZAC Gallipoli peninsula in first for the military and the Turkish military, there are graves and statues. Between the years of the First World War 1914-1918 war they have been very severe. The first was attended by all the British and French warships sunk or has been enormous damage. Consisting of australia and new zealand British sömğürge there were wars between ANZAC soldiers. Gallipoli battle is known as the last gentleman's war. Finally Anzac Day commemorations on April 25, as is airport transfers
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Troy and Gallipoli Tours and Holiday20/8/2014
Approximately 4 hours after a very nice bus ride to the city center we have come to canakkale. Canakkale which is a very quaint seaside town. Our tour guide We went with the ancient city of Troy. The goods in the excavations made in Troy sculptures are exhibited in museums monuments Troy goods. Since 1986, a very large excavation and restoration work is being done and is spread over a very wide area. Troy is a fortress with the first 90 meters wide, the last layer is a true city of the Roman Empire. Numerous documentaries about Troy, starring Brad Pitt in 2004 and has a very nice movie. Used in the film at a seaside park sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale. Troy horse statue soldiers secretly tucked away on the castle gate enters and opens the door to the castle, and thus became the winning side of the war. In 1915, war has been the Gallipoli. Between 1914-1918 a snake for 4 years has been the first world war. If the Parties to the group of Germany and Hungary, the Ottoman Empire Britain France Russia participated. Gallipoli wars first lead hellespont steeped in British royal ship gets damaged or has too large. Sea Land battles after the war began. So create zealand australia and British colonies with the ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military to fight very hard, and even the last gentleman's war gallipoli war is called. April 25 Anzac Day commemorations are made very large. Gallipoli left from the war, many military tunnels and trenches are. Turkish military on the peninsula of Gallipoli for ANZAC soldiers and many statues and monuments are tombs. antalya airport transfer
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