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What is the best way to ensure the best wedding photos are taken?

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Wedding photos bear the happy memories of the new couple. For a girl, it is necessary to take wedding photos before marriage. So what do we need to prepare for wedding photos? This is a question worthy of our attention. Let's take a look at it.

What is the best way to ensure the best wedding photos are taken?

1. Take care of wedding photos.

The first: it looks good, the likelihood that the photograph looks good is big, want to cooperate the work of the photographer actively, don't put too much hope in later.

Second: what is the style of photography that you look forward to, and you can collect your favorite photos in advance and show them to the photographer so that he can understand your requirements better.

Third: I want to avoid the most, can communicate with the photographer in advance, and communicate more effectively in advance.

Fourth: be happy that day, because happy or depressed will actually record the lens.

Fifth: the groom must smile. If you are not used to it, practice in the mirror every day until you are very skillful.

2. What should I prepare for wedding photos?

(1) the bride

1. Hair -- please wash the hair the day before the shooting. Do not apply any styling products after cleaning. It is best to keep straight hair and make up the make-up artist.

2. Make up -- our makeup artist is wearing makeup all the way, and she must not wear makeup on the day. Skin has an allergy history of MM, the suggestion comes with foundation, and the initiative to make up the makeup artist.

3. Body hair -- before shooting, please remove the body hair that may be exposed during the photo (armpit hair and obvious hair on the back, etc.). After scraping, you can use the lotion to relieve the skin.

4. Fingernails -- please tidy up before shooting. If you go to a nail salon for a manicure, your nails will be as elegant as possible.

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5. Skin -- please do not choose acne during the three days before shooting, so as to prevent the infection caused by cosmetics. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your skin before shooting in the summer to avoid sunburn.

6. Underwear -- please wear the underwear with the right shoulder strap or strapless, the color is good with meat color. In summer, wear a light-colored skintight sweatpants (that's what you do), and it's easier to change your wedding dress and make certain moves.

7. Clothing -- it is recommended that you choose a simple wedding dress with a short trailing line. Bring your own matching outfits, with the same logo or the best suits. The casual outfit that oneself bring, colour is best concise and lively, avoid design color is multifant.

8. Socks -- wear long silk stockings, and pay attention to the color harmony with your skin tone, not too thick and dark, while the outer length of the silk stockings can protect your legs from harm. Sometimes, though, the barefoot effect in the water is good.

9. Shoes -- you can wear a pair of trainers when shooting white yarn, and it will be easier to walk. Men and women can have a pair of delicate slippers or loafers, which are used when making a couple.

10. Food -- with some chocolate, you can replenish your body. Can bring a bottle of water, prevent when thirsty buy inconvenient.

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How does the bride choose a wedding dress to help you choose the right wedding dress?

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On the wedding day, the bride is the most beautiful heroine, so many brides are very cautious in choosing the wedding dress. Today, the bride will tell the bride how to choose the wedding dress.

One: the bosom plump bride-to-be.

1. You can choose some off-the-shoulder cut wedding dresses, and move your visual focus to your shoulders.

2. The design of the chest is appropriate to the sharp line, avoiding complicated.

3. If the waist of MM is relatively slim, you can also choose a belt or some waist decoration to lower the visual focus. (not high waist)

How does the bride choose a wedding dress to help you choose the right wedding dress?

Two: princess taiping's bride-to-be.

1. Use lace and other decorations to cover the thin breastbone and bring out the overall three-dimensional sense.

2. If the clavicle is badly dented, it is advisable not to show it.

3. You can choose the design with xiaogao waist, such as the popular Korean wedding dress and Roman wedding dress, which can highlight the chest.

Three: the bride-to-be of the meat of the waist.

1. Straight tube wedding dress. For example: Roman style, Korean style, cake layer.

2. Waist-waist design on both sides of the waist.

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3. It can choose the design with special features of the upper shoulder or chest to avoid the heavy burden of the waist. Naturally let your visual center shift, ignore your waist.

Or, it is the dress that has special treatment under the skirt, can extend on the vision. But don't think that there are fancy design, can have the effect of 1 + 1 > 2, in so doing, will only make the line of sight of people in your meat meat waist oh ~ so, MM can choose ~ many MM feel waist thick, so they do not use the waist have radian's wedding dress.

Actually, also not quite, a little radian, relaxed and appropriate wedding dress, also can make MM look very thin.

The bride-to-be.

1. You can choose a long wedding dress. If the MM hip is appropriate, the fishtail style can also be considered.

2. You can choose a wedding dress with extended effect. It is well spread out from the outside of the legs, and it is good to use the MM leg meat.

Five: the barefooted bride-to-be.

In addition to the long money can choose, also can choose short style gauze.

Put 3 different styles of wedding dress, they give a person's feeling or gentle and graceful or lovely.

MM can combine oneself personality and preference, for the wedding day you acquire a different beauty.

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