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if you want to wholesale vanity countertops with factory price, please choose our granite countertops factory.

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The difference between man-made marble and natural marble

(2) B class marble: a kind of marble stone, marble granite bay area close to the quality, but slightly worse compared to the former processing quality,
(1) A group Marble: high-grade marble, excellent processing quality.
There apologetic flaws, the significance of a bit of separation, glue filling.
(3) C group Marble: Marble capable, processing quality large blemishes, pores, ARTWORK break is more widespread than the first two differences fix difficult.
(4) D class Marble: Marble qualified, more defects, processing quality difference larger, more challenging to fix.
2, artificial marble divided into four types (light weight, wear resistance, pollution, easy building, the design can be artificially managed, low-priced).
(3)sophisticated man-made marble (processing complicated, use less).
(4)Sintered manufactured marble (processing complex, less use). Fourth, how do the resort marble maintenance: daily cleaning as well as maintenance. Timely cleaning, first, regular push dust. Second, every night (after 0:00 am),marble granite bay area and with a slightly moist cloth with a light detergent marble, then clean with a soft cloth to polish.

Posté: 12:14, 27/3/2017
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Which are the features of History Quartz Stone

History Quartz jewel is the nature of hardness only to diamond, corundum, topaz as well as other minerals of natural minerals, the surface hardness of Ta Mok's hardness of 7.5, considerably larger than the regular use of knives and other sharp spade, even with a sharp knife on the surface across, it'll not leave marks. Its melting point as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, will not result in exposure to high temperature combustion, also with high temperature features of the quartz content of other man made rock unmatched. History Quartz jewel hardness and wear resistance tend to be more superior to acrylic stone, good heat resistance. Whether History torquay quartz countertop or acrylic stone, aren't able to wok kettle, etc. right on the table, the instantaneous temperature variance will cause the two materials to generate localized thermal expansion and contraction, it'd stress the local substantial changes generating blast. Whether History quartz acrylic stone or rock, in the event you do not use pot holders, hot things CAn't be set directly available. And the place in connection with hot objects will be part of other glowing light mesa mesa region and certainly will produce color difference as time went by.

Posté: 04:36, 23/3/2017
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