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13/3/2018 - For our second little pig with his or her house of sticks

Apparently the first two of The Three Little Pigs werent so silly after all. The age-old childrens story would have you believe that building a house out of straw or sticks is just a silly way to go about constructing yourself a home, but it just so happens that those two little pigs were on to something with their unusual construction methods. These pigs not only could build sturdy homes out of these materials, but they also have the advantage of being environmentally-friendly materials as well.

If you remember, the first little pig built his or her home out of straw. From how the story progresses, its pretty evident that this little pig just really had no idea how to properly construct a home using straw as a building material. When properly constructed, walls are made out bales of straw and covered with some kind of sealer, often plaster on the inside walls and stucco on the outside walls. The tightly compressed straw bales are large rectangular shapes that stack together easily to form outer walls; some straw bale builders also use bales in the floors or ceiling to provide insulation as well. Bales should be staked together to provide extra stability, especially if your area is prone to renegade blow-hard wolves. If you live in an Bond tiles Manufacturers area that doesnt recognise straw bale construction as a viable construction material on its own, you may be required to provide extra stability with wooden framing as well. Be assured that no wolf will blow down a properly constructed straw bale home.

For our second little pig with his or her house of sticks, it is also the case that there are ways to construct a home out of sticks that holds together very nicely and is also a great use of sustainable building materials as well. While villa tile company it is common for homes to be wood framed, or stick framed, a more eco-friendly way for you to build a home like this is either to make sure that your wood (or stick) vendor has sustainably sourced materials or use an alternative method like cordwood construction which uses short pieces of wood or logs that would otherwise not be useful on house building.

With all the concerns these days about building more ecological friendly homes and using sustainable building materials, it is interesting to see how in some areas there are being homes built using materials that many people wouldnt consider to be home building materials at all. Seems that at least two of the little pigs knew something that were just learning now!

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9/3/2018 - Kitchen tile does not necessarily have to be made from ceramic

 Roman Tiles Manufacturers

When someone thinks of a modern kitchen, very rarely do they think of tile backsplash ideas to incorporate into the room. There are, however, a few different types of tile that go perfectly with stainless steel appliances and granite or marble countertops. These materials may all be found online by doing a quick search.

To begin with, just because a kitchen is considered “modern,” there is no reason ceramic tile cannot be incorporated into the design to enhance the look of the kitchen. There are many different types of tile that accent the more modern look without looking out of place in the modern kitchen. Tile backsplash ideas using a matte finish ceramic tile of the right color can make it become a part of the counter rather than looking like an addition.

Kitchen tile does not necessarily have to be made from ceramic. There are a few varieties of metal tiles that may be used to create a unique look in the modern kitchen and blend in perfectly with the stainless appliances or brass fixtures. These are available in different types including stainless steel, copper, and brass, with varying finishes from brushed to polish.

The metal tiles are quite easy to work with because they are thin enough to be cut with a set of shears rather than the saw that is required for cutting ceramic tiles. The tiles may be attached to the wall by using either double-sided tape or, for a more permanent installation, regular tile adhesive. Tile backsplash ideas that incorporate these types of tiles are much more desirable because the average homeowner can install these with little to no tile-laying experience.

Tile backsplash ideas for the modern age include using metal and other non-traditional materials to implement them. This can help to give a kitchen a unique look without much effort and at a lower expense than some of the ceramic backsplashes that may be found. There are many websites that supply these tiles and a few should be looked Bond tiles Manufacturers over for some comparison-shopping.

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