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9/5/2018 - The most common excuse that people have for not having a website

  Double color shingle tiles Suppliers You've designed your logo, and you're ready to print your business cards and other marketing collateral materials. You want to include your website address (also called a URL) to build your credibility. However, you're not quite ready to write and design a full website. At the same time, you don't think it's a good idea to distribute your new printed materials showing your website URL and to have only a a blank web page waiting for your potential client's inquiries. What to do?

  Does this sound familiar? for visit to:-www.instant-video-streamer.comMany entrepreneurs who are starting small businesses find themselves in this position. We suggest that you build a one-page website to use in the interim. Elements to design into your one-page website include:

  Your brand identity graphics. Include your logo and visual vocabulary elements on your website for a consistent look and feel across your materials and to build your brand recognition.

  A short description of your business. This description should be between one paragraph and one page in length when typed into a Microsoft Word document, and it should also be concise. You don't want your one-page website to be a scrolling monstrosity, website visitors will read the content of a shorter page. And, the ultimate goal of your page is for people to read it and learn more about you!

  Your contact information. It's very important to include information about how to get in touch with you-in case someone stumbles upon your website, more visit becomes interested, and wants to hire you! It will also serve as a great reference for any of your current clients or anyone you meet while networking who loses your business card before they have a chance to call you.

  A testimonial from a client, to enhance your business's credibility. An enthusiastic, signed testimonial by a real person-you provide a link to their website as "proof" of their existence-will begin to calm any fears that a potential client may have. This makes even a basic one-page website compelling.

  You will see that even a one-page website can bring in new clients and help to convert prospects to clients. And, since having a website is a "must" in today's business world, your marketing package will be up to date as well.

  You can use a one-page site as a starting point for a much larger site in a step-by-step manner. Writing one or two web pages at a time and developing a five- to six-page (or more!) site over a period of time is a much less daunting task than developing a full site all at once. Even my 330+ page (and counting!) website started as a one-page site.

  The most common excuse that people have for not having a website for their business is that they don't know what to include on it. If you have a hard time writing a single page about your business, try recording yourself talking to a friend or client about your business-it's often easier to tell someone your story than to stare at a blank page.

  Wood tiles Suppliers Another reason to have a one-page website developed would be to get a jumpstart on building search engine rankings. You can include search engine keyword phrases into the text on the page, and then submit the one-page site to the engine's ranking software. You'll get established in the search engines and will be able to begin building your site's search engine profile and history. This is the beginning of excellent search engine optimization and the first step on the path toward great rankings that will drive many visitors to your site.

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24/4/2018 - The total cost of a manufactured home

  Today, the price of manufactured homes is generally less than homes that are built on site. The construction prices in your local area, and the extras and style of the particular home sets the price.

  The total cost of a manufactured home, relative to the cost of a site-built home, is a major factor to consider when considering the aspects of a manufactured home. With some extra investigation, the amount of money your can save will become apparent.

  Regional labor rates and material costs will cause actual construction costs to vary. So, to state a general rule of thumb across the nation would be quite misleading. Indeed, once you compare all the costs of a manufactured home to those of site-built homes, in your particular area, the numbers are clear.

  Few of us are professional homebuilders, but if you know people in the field, they can be valuable sources of information. Keep these things in mind when researching the different construction methods:

  Something to keep in mind when comparing home construction projects is that, site work generally has the same price for both types of methods. Every home, no matter the method of construction, must have a water source, septic system or sewer utility hook up, power, grading finish, and landscaping. The costs for these services and utilities will be similar regardless of the type of home being built.

  The cost differences show up in the actual construction of the structure Traditional Tiles Suppliers of the home. Although a manufactured home will consist of regular building materials, it can offer certain advantages due to its construction in a controlled factory environment.

  When the project is started, the first cost savings are accomplished. A manufactured home is built in the factory, there is no need for any outside architect or design service, nor is there any other need of outside resources as all engineering is done 'in house'. The home's plans are approved by the federal government, thereby eliminating need for local building authorities to review construction prints during the permit application and review process. This can also decrease the amount of time needed for a package to go through an approval process.

  Manufactured home builders get deep volume discount pricing, because they Roman Tiles Manufacturers buy their materials and appliances in large quantities. This is passed on to the consumer, who will pay a lower price for the house.

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