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FIFA 15 Coins refers to city30/3/2015
Taiwan media said the anti-corruption sword FIFA 15 Coins refers to city, General Administration of sport. Mainland media reported that city, two total Lottery sales have reached trillion yuan, but the huge chest go confusing; widely hailed as fond of football matches has been awash with management turmoil, not only does not go on, became a hotbed of unhealthy tendencies and corruption. Recently, the Aquatic Center water polo, synchronized swimming and former Director Yu Li, was taken in for questioning Taiwan according to the China Times on November 5, citing Xinhua, Shanxi people recently scored 5.200 million yuan of Lottery Awards, press attention. Actually, city welfare Lottery and sports lottery cumulative sales has respectively up more than 1 trillion yuan and 735.4 billion yuan, raised chest respectively up more than 310 billion yuan and 211.9 billion yuan but, media questioned, cannot learned that huge chest whether for social Fu and sports, social public career, accounts shàng very general, also not announced specific audit results reported said, not only Lottery management chaos, football management mess like is city people heart of pain. Many punters are themselves fans. However, the continental football professional reform in more than 20 years, hosting the majority of fans at all levels of the national team does not live up to expectations, not to force, riddled with match-fixing, also black whistle, players, referees, club directors and football official betting and bribery, according to Hong Kong's Oriental daily reported on November 5, mainland's anti-corruption storm sports, while aiming to play match-fixing. By the head of the Central Commission for discipline inspection to the China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper recently published articles criticizing corruption in Chinese football, a football professional reform in China niàn duō Nián, not only does not go on, became a hotbed of unhealthy tendencies and corruption. Problems at every level in the game: some parents to get their kids to reuse, to coach gifts, donations and rampant match fixing, unfair; there's football officials are uncovering the receiving team giving away expensive gifts and even cash.

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Wildstar Gold China Group 4-year sponsorship23/3/2015
In 2001, Philips Electronics Wildstar Gold China Group 4-year sponsorship contract with the Chinese Football Association, one of the participants of the ISL's exit, to a certain extent, affect the Philips and cooperative attitude, so this was supposed to be a 4-year contract ahead of death. According to the agreement, Philips sponsored the China Team during invested hundreds of millions of dollars of sponsorship each year. For two years, Ford Motor Company benefited from about $ 400,000, according to when the dollar and the Yuan's exchange rate, about 3 million Renminbi Yuan. Two years later, Siemens and "China Team" business promotion agency Ford treasure of China football Industrial Development Corporation formally signed in Guangzhou, Siemens mobile became "China Team" 7 team's main sponsor. According to industry analysts, Siemens two-year sponsorship nearly 100 million Yuan. To estimate, for two years, Ford Motor Company and get about 20 million Yuan. In 2004, "China Team" main sponsor and signed a 6-year, $ 60 million (about 500 million yuan) of sky-high contract. Includes 2 million to 3 million dollars a year in cash, as well as equipment worth about $ 4 million. This estimate, Ford got a treasure in this cooperative of about 25 million Yuan.In 2006, in line with the development trend of the Professional League, Super League company came into being. This is a another company separated from the Ford Motor Company, is responsible for the business operation of the Chinese Super League, exactly like the Ford treasure. It is learned that the Chinese Football Association is the largest shareholder of the company, holds 36% shares. 16 Super League club holds 4% shares. Maker is simply the Football Association in order to "follow the reform trend" formed part of the rights to the Club, but actual power was the Football Association charge.
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